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Dating scammer Irina


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Name: Irina



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I found her on another scam site .

Hi my friend Pierre.
With the great pleasure I have received your letter. I want to tell to
you a little about myself. My name is Irina. To me of 29 years and I till now
was not married, but I dream to find second half.
City in which I live Cheboksary, it is very beautiful city, the most remarkable
people, good-natured, affable here live. My city to be in the central part of
I work as the architect, to project various houses, I do drawings of buildings.
Very much to like me my work as since the childhood I dreamed to be engaged in
it, than I am engaged now. In my work is a lot of various. I work 5 years on
this work, I began to work as soon as have finished university. I studied in the
city of Moscow,
As in Moscow there are remarkable educational institutions.
Now I want to tell about that why I have written the letter to you. You know in
my life there were many disappointments in the man. That is why I have decided
to get acquainted with the man from other country. I hope that you understand
it. In the relation I do not search for game, I search only for serious
relations, as my purpose of a life it creation of family,
In which there will be a harmony and love. As I have written to you to me 29
years, and now I want that at me the child was. As I very much want love as I am
already very tired to be one. Because it is very difficult to be one, it is
necessary for me that with me beside which man I very much would be loved also
which loved me with which we would live in understanding and love. As the love
corrects the world instead of something another.
I hope that you will write to me and that we shall continue our correspondence.
With the best regards.

Good afternoon my friend Pierre. I am happy that you have written to
me. It pleases me. Now I want to tell to you about the life. It is
difficult for me to speak about it, but I think that should tell to
you about it. I do not have parents. When to me there were 7 years, my
parents were lost in a road accident. To me has helped my grandmother
preserved. I am grateful to her for it as it is the unique close
person which at me have remained. First time when my parents did not
begin I very much experienced, I did not know that will be with me,
but my grandmother has helped me to consult to me with it, and I began
to forget about it. But now when I write to you this letter my friend
Pierre, me to have to recollect it. You know as me it was hard
earlier. I as want to tell to you that I believe in the god and I know
that my parents are now in the best world and they observe of me. When
I think of it to me to become better on heart. But now I have grown
and now I have work, there are friends, and certainly there is my
grandmother who means much for me. I hope that you are not upset with
that that I have written to you. I wait for your answer. Your friend

Hello my dear Pierre. I am glad that you have written to me, as I very
much waited for your letter. I think there has come time to tell to
you as I live. Know I live in two room apartment. Certainly I remove
an apartment. I live separately from the grandmother as she lives in
an apartment of my parents. I remove an apartment because I can not
live in an apartment of parents, As it is very difficult for me to
live there. As I was a lot of memoirs have decided to live separately.
All arranges me. As you already know I work as the architect and I in
the apartment I have made all as I would like, I have changed almost
everything, have made all on the design. I do not want to brag, but
the project and the design at me very well turns out. Now about my
hobbies. Earlier when I was younger than now liked to go on discos,
now it does not arrange me. Now it is more and more and more me to
like to go to museums, in theatres. I very much love art, I love
painting. When I look at pictures they as though come to life also I
see that that the artist tried to show, I see all riddle of this
picture. I think that in each picture there is a riddle. Know I as I
like to go in for sports. Three times a week I want in sports club for
maintenance of the body as I like to look beautifully. I like to run
in the mornings on park, to me it to do not difficultly as my
apartment to be about park, so for me it not a problem. Certainly if
you had any questions you can set them do not hesitate. I with the
great pleasure shall answer your questions. I too have questions for
you: 1. Yours hobby? 2. Write to me your full name and the full
address? As I have already written to you that I search serious
relations. 3. Tell on more about itself? About your dreams? I hope
that you will answer my questions. With the best regards your close
Sent : December 26, 2007 10:16:08 AM
Hello my dear Pierre. Today I waited for your letter and I have
received. Know I want to tell to you as I has lead today day. As I am
usual today have risen in 8 o'clock in the morning, have then taken a
shower, it freshens me. Then ate and has gone for work. The today's
working day was very difficult as I had to work much. There were many
orders, for the project of buildings. But it to like me, As I very
much like to work and me to like my work. Were as two business
meetings. But it has very strongly tired me. But I have found in
myself forces to read your letter, and to answer him. How you have
lead the day? How your mood? You know my mood always rises when I
receive your letters. I as want to tell to you that I write to you now
from the work as I now have time it to make. So you should not worry
if I sometimes detain the answer to you, it means that at me now a lot
of work and you should not worry. Now I shall go home as is very
tired. I hope to see your answer. I wish you good day. Irina.
Hello my dear Pierre. Today very remarkable day as I received your
letter. You know today I went to park with the girlfriend. Certainly
at me it is a lot of work, but today I have decided to make to myself
the day off as work tires me. When I was on work, to me my best
girlfriend has gone and has called me to go with her in park. I have
told to her that at me a lot of work, but she has persuaded me to go
together with her. Also know I has gone with her. We have perfectly
spent. We walked, fur-trees ice-cream, then sat on a bench. Also you
know to me only it was bad from that that you were not a number, and
by the way I spoke with her about you, I have told to her that we have
got acquainted with you through Internet. I have told where you work,
and as have told that you have liked me. Certainly I cannot tell that
I love you, but you like me. Probably when we with you at last shall
meet I shall grow fond of you and we shall be happy together. My
girlfriend asked about you. I have told to her all that I know about
you. On it to me to have to finish the letter, but you can ask me
about what I with the great pleasure I shall answer you. I wait for
your answer. I kiss you. Irina.
Hello my dear Pierre. With the great pleasure I have received your
letter. You know now I I want to tell about that what relations want
to find. Most of all I want to find such person which me very strongly
liked. I certainly understand that through Internet to like very
difficultly. I think that you the good person, even very much. Under
your letters I have understood it. I think that if we and we shall be
farther to learn each other it will be very wonderful as you have
interested me. I think that our future together probably. But as I
have already written that through Internet difficultly to like. So I
do not have love to you, you have liked me it precisely but that I
have grown fond of you to us it is necessary to meet for the
beginning, whether only then we shall understand there will be at us a
future. As you know to me 29 years, and I do not want to waste time
simply so, I do not want corresponds eternally. I as want to tell to
you that mine which ideal of the man I search for it that the man
which me will understand and support in all. That is that person which
it will be valid to love me, to care of me. I very much want that of
me cared, loved me, preserved. And I am simple very much I want to
love and be favourite. It is unique desire which I very much I want
that it was executed. I hope that you understand all that I have
written to you. As I want to tell to you that I very much wait for
your photos if it is not difficult for you to send me them.

Hello my dear Pierre. I am glad to receive your letter. Know I hope
that you have understood what relations and what person I want to find
to lead with this person all life. I hope that this person you will
find yourself and at us all will be good. I as want to tell to you
that yesterday I went to the grandmother. As I already wrote to you
that my grandmother lives separately from me. And yesterday I have
decided to go to her as have very strongly become have very strongly
missed. Know we with her spoke about you. I have told that have got
acquainted with you through Internet, you from other country have told
as that. She all over again was surprised that I have decided to
search to myself for the person from other country, she very much
asked about you. I have told to her about you all that I know. I
needed to learn opinion of my grandmother, whether I opinion on that
should correspond with you. She has answered me that the most
important that you were the good person. I know that you the good
person, and that at us in the future all will be good. You know
opinion of my grandmother very much much means for me as you know that
except for her I do not have anybody more. But now as you have
appeared, the person with which I can share the dreams, I do it
because I trust you, and I know that you will understand me. To me to
like to think that you you think of me as well as I think of you. When
I fall asleep, I think of you when I wake up I as I think of you. I
hope that you too think of me. I as want to learn as have passed your
day? Than you were engaged? Yours faithfully. Irina.




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