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Dating scammer Anna Kolesnikova


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Name: Anna Kolesnikova

Email: and

Date of birth: March 5th, 1987
Address: The 16th Line, st., 76, Lugansk Ukraine 95487

Other Comments:
I contacted Anna Kolesnikova in and I would characterize her as a gold digger. She eventually answered my question about her name after several attempts. As expected, she stated that she did not know anyone and has no relationship with an individual by the same name. Back then, I was a rooky and I bought the answer. As time went on, I became increasingly suspicious. She responded to my email so quickly that I thought to myself how could she has time to write me in such a short time span. When she finally asked me for money, I did a quick search in Google and I found that the name had been listed on blacklist of many anti-scam websites. These are International Fiancee,,, Marriage Agency Scams, Scam Alert, UA (pro)filer and In these anti-scam organizations, I also discovered the following:

Anna Kolesnikova soviet st house64 apt8,Cheboksary Russia.

Anna Vladimirovna Kolesnikova:;, and
street Lenina 35 apt 10 (bogus address), Magadan Russia. The pictures of this Anna Kolesnikova listed in UA(pro)filer do not match the Anna Kolesnikova who wrote me.

It is also interesting to note that when she first wrote me, the BAT did not show. Only after she changed her email that the BAT showed up.

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Letter 1

My darling XXXX,

The miracle of life shone in front of my eyes when you entered my life. Nothing can be compared to this feeling of filling up somebody's life. The excitement, which tortures me while waiting for your letters every day. The feeling that you know every corner of my heart. All these things are the most beautiful signs of my love for you. Every single word you write every day is a part of my soul, as if I already know what you are about to say. Every step I make is safe, because I feel you around me. When we first met on the internet, I didn't even suspect what a great person you were. But apparently life can show us such wonders, that we can stay amazed like children, wondering how this could happen to us! Well, I want to thank you for being my best friend, for being my angel, for being my soul, for being my life! And I want you to know, that I have never felt like this before. Nobody has taken me so far, except you, my prince from the clouds. You brighten my days and give me the strength to carry on, fighting every day for you. You revealed the deepest emotions and feelings I've kept inside of me for so long. Feelings I didn't even suspect to be. But most of all, you showed me the real taste of love. You are my best friend and the one I want for life, my yesterday, my today and my tomorrow. You are the one I love and I want everybody to know it! I love you more than anything! I haven't had a stronger feeling than this one I have now, that I want to face eternity with you by my side I want to wake up with you. I want to lay by your side, I want to feel every beat of your heart And throughout the night I want to hold you tight. All the love inside me has been sleeping and waiting till you came along. My darling, you know, yesterday I was doing some shopping with my friend and we entered a lady's shop and there I saw really wonderful dress. This was really beautiful little balck dress, but when I saw how much it costs I felt really sad that may be I will never buy such wonderful dress. It was $400, You know, I will have my birthday soon, next Monday and it will be really great to get such beautiful dress as a present. Can you make such a present for me??? With all my heart, Your Anna.

Letter 2

hello my honey XXXX,

how are you my sunshine, i hope your day was good and you'll be glad to get my letter, i was missing you, i'm lack you very much, i so would like to be near you, to feel your tender care about me, to share with you my feelings, my dreams, my wishes, all myself... my honey be sure nobody and nothing will force me to refuse from you, you're my everything, i wanna be with you with all my heart. I really love you and I am thinking about you all the time and you know I completely sure about us, because for me the marriage is very important and responsible step. I m not from such women, who get to marry because of white dress, or because of money, expensive cares or beautiful houses of their future husband. All this are not really of big importance and will never can replace the real happiness with beloved man, will never can replace good strong family, will never can replace a great feeling of happy to give children to close man. And looking at my parents I will never agree with people who say that a marriage deprives the relations of two loving people of a romance and turns love to habit. I think it can say only a person who is selfish and who is not able to love and to give himself completely to beloved person. My dear how do you think is it true that marriage can make a love weaker and tedious? May be sometimes people think so because for them the marriage was not responsible step. And they get to marry because of white dress, speaking about women, or because of money, expensive cares or beautiful houses of their partner. But indeed all this are not really of big importance and will never can replace the real happiness with beloved man, will never can replace good strong family, will never can replace a great feeling of happy to give children to close man. . It seems to me that love is based on the faith and to begin to trust a person with first sight is rather difficult. And my honey I want to hope that Ill be this lady whom youll keep from all bad things. But please dont think if Im a woman, Im weak and Ill not be able to protect you. Though a man is master and warrior, but he also need protection. And this feeling only a woman can give him, caring about him, making him happy, feeling his inner world, guessing his desires, occupying him of warmness, tenderness and of cause love. I am missing you so much and thinking about you all the time,
Your Anna.

Letter 3

My sweetheart XXXX,

You can't imagine how happy I'm reading your letter. We become closest people and it's wonderful to have someone on the other end of the world who thinks about me and takes care of me. You must know I think about you every day and every moment of my life and when I feel alone I think about you helping me in hard situations of my life. There is wonderful weather here and I dream to walk around the park with you listening to birds songs. It's very romantic to walk under the moon light and to hear the roar of the waves. Unfortunately, I live far from the ocean and even far from the sea, but I see us together in my dreams and it's so wonderful. May be I'm too naive and too romantic, life is so cruel and, unfortunately, not all our dreams may become true. But you know I'm optimistic person and I believe that one wonderful day all our dreams will come true and all people in the world will be happy. And I'm sure that I'll be the happiest woman because I'll see you and we'll be together for all our life. I want to have one heart for two people and one soul for two people, only then we'll be the happiest people and we'll be able to understand each other without words, we'll see everything in our eyes and we'll feel each other. When I read your letter I dream to be with you, to feel you, and to feel your hair's smell, to feel your strong arms on my body and to kiss your lips. Love you, Your Anna.

letter 4

My darling, my sweetheart XXXX,

How are you? I hope you are well. What a pleasure it to be able to read your letters. Have it is the day, which I lived through with you or without you. Yes, that is it you are not near me, but I constantly feel your presence. You are in my dreams even in my doings. Just, before to make a decision or to do something, I think, what you would do if you were I or how you like this. Thank you, that you exist in my love, it seems to me that the world becomes kinder and cleaner. I want to believe, that people, no matter what they are, bring a spark of hope, love and beauty, I want to open my heart, full of love and nigh feelings to share them with you and maybe in this moment the wars will stop and all the women of the world begin to present to women flowers and bring them in mens arms, old men begin to smile, because their children and grandchildren will take care of them, and it will never be like babies have no parents. See, my love, what kind of thoughts and feeling are born in me, thanks of your presents in my destiny. I want to believe so that I found in you my happiness. You mean fro me very much. I understood that lucky person must try to happy other people and sharing their happiness; he will share the happiness of other people and become twice happier. You far away, yet ghost love gives me the power, hope, warmness and happiness. Thank you that you are in my destiny. Love you so much, Your Anna.

Letter 5

My dearest XXXX,

You mean so very much to me. You are my sunflower delight. Just like this beautiful flower, you make my days so bright. You show me such tender loving care. My days are never blue. I can't begin to tell you, just how I feel for you. I give you all my love. My heart belongs to you. And every day I hope and pray, that you feel the way I do. I always dreamed of finding someone really special who would come into my life and love me, someone who would understand me, encourage my efforts and share my dreams. As a child I dreamt of a man that would make me smile and laugh. Someone I could trust, someone who would never hurt me. I dreamt of someone who would hold me close when we danced, someone I could be myself with. You have made my dreams come true. You are my dream. I promise to share all my hopes and dreams with you. I promise to share in the joy and happiness life brings. I appreciate your love and support. With you by my side nothing is out of reach. May our lives grow together and our love bring us closer. I promise to always honor and listen to you. I chose you because no one else me like you do. No one else could understand and support me like you do. No one else could be as giving and supportive as you. I wouldn't share my heart with anyone else but you.I chose you to share my life and love with. I would choose you all over again.

My darling XXXX, you know, I don't think that culture and raise is a problem for tow beloved people. For my beloved husband I will do anything to make him happy. And, no, I don't have any relations and I even don't know who is Anna L. Kolosnikova. With all my heart, Your Anna.

P.S. Be my Valentine: What does that mean?
Each of us must walk through life alone,
More deeply desolate than we have known,
Yearning for a truth we've never seen.
Valentines are from beyond that dream,
Are like a sunrise on a world of stone.
Little on this journey can we own
Except as miracles might intervene.
No way but through loving might we give
The freedom of our being to another.
In such a sacrifice we hope to live
No longer bound by dreams of flesh and bone,
Even as we bind our lives together.

Happy Valentine, my love!
All my love is yours.
Praised be love that brings us home,
Pilgrims to these shores.
Yearnings here find harborage;
Vanities, sly smiles.
All that righteous anger rends,
Love here reconciles.
Even in the darkness where
No bitterness finds rest,
Thoughts of you are like a dawn
Intent on happiness.
Nor would I have so light a heart
Except that I am blessed!

Letter 6

My darling XXXX,

I can assure you that my life has change after your appearance in it. My mood is good and fine, because Im waiting for your next respond and I know that Ill receive it. Now I began to love and to value life more because I realized that there are so much wonderful things and remarkable people in it. I read your letters and I feel your energy in my heart, inside me. Dear if you can value a woman, if you look for warmth, passion and caress, if you can love and want to be loved then our meeting may become a gift of Fate for both of us. And I am very happy to know you are romantic person. If you look for a woman who would make your blood run faster and your heart beat stronger then you might have found what you searched for. I'll be glad to share with you my warmth and saved passion and tendered. I can be an embodiment of your hidden desires. My romantics and tender raised by your love and desire may turn into intoxicating magic cocktail with the taste of happiness. You'll become an owner and tactful keeper of secret nectar of love. I'll of romantic and woman secret. We'll present a new world to each other full of bright colors on the shining lights. We'll rise to the top of love on the wings of passion. Do you want there with me? Do you share my thoughts? Have you saved the passion and desire I search for? Do you want to try to create a new world with me? My darling XXXX, I am so sorry about your questions, but due to the problems with my e-mail address I lost all your letters. Please, can you resend me your questions and I will answer on them, I promise you/

My sweetheart, Ill be waiting for your letter. I miss you so much. Your Anna..

Letter 7

My dear XXXX,

how are you??? How were your weekends??? I just wish to say hello and to tell you that I changed my e-mail address as I had huge problems and a lot of spam with my previous. Please, write me to my new e-mail address that is

Waiting for your reply,
Your Anna

Letter 8

My darling XXXX,

I want you know I really like you and it is impossible but this night I saw you in my dream and it was wonderful we walked on the beach of the river under the stars and it was beautiful night for me, I could feel you near me. I know you're the most wonderful man. When I woke up I was the happiest woman in the world. You know it's difficult to be far from each other and we can dream about our meeting only. I believe you dream about me as I dream about you. There is nothing more wonderful then to be together to feel your arms, to see your beautiful smile on your face. My honey I want to see you, to feel you and to be the happiest woman. I want you to be the happiest too. I see my heart is not mine it become yours and only yours. I want to receive your heart to receive you all and to say that you're mine. I feel so lonely without you. You are so far from me. Very often walking along the overcrowded streets, looking at the quite unknown people, staring at the shops' windows I suddenly understand that I am the loneliest person in the world. People are constantly hurrying somewhere, looking for something, working, running, crying. And I am walking quite alone, in the almost different world. I look up at the houses, see lights in the flats and understand that nobody is waiting for me, that nobody cares me. I wish to disappear and not to disturb others, but it is impossible. Off course I have family, parents, some indifferent friends that are good for mirth, but not for grief. Yes, I have them, but I am still alone. I am tired of empty bed and one tee-cup on the table. I open the door of your flat and cold, damp air hit me into the face. I want to cry, but you already don't have any tears; I want to sleep, but you already don't have any dreams; I want to die, but you already don't have any strength. There is one more little thing that lives in the corner of my room, it is HOPE. Earlier it was a hope to find someone in this eternal changing world, but now I can feel that this hope becomes a reality now. I can feel you in my heart and hope that my cold and empty bed will soon become our warm little world and that one more tee-cup will appear soon near mine. Missing you so much and thinking about you all the time, Your Anna with all my heart.

Letter 9

My darling XXXX,

Thank you so much for your letter. I am so happy to know that you are thinking about me. In my previous letter I promise to tell you more about my country and my town. I really hope that you are very interesting to know about it, as I am very interesting to know more about your country and your place. May be you could tell me also about it. Do you know something about my country? The name Ukraine is of Slavic origin and comes from the word okrayina which has several different meanings: country in general; any remote area; border-land. In Russia this name was the symbol of the Ukrainian peoples struggle for the independence. It was therefore abolished and replaced by Malorossia. During the independence of the Ukrainian National Republic in 1917-20 the following national emblems were adopted: the golden trident on a blue field, the yellow-and-blue flag, and the anthem Ukraine Lives On. Tryzub-Trident- one of the family symbols of Prince Volodymyr was impressed on his gold and silver coins. Ukraine is one of the largest countries in Europe. It has its own territory, constitution, higher and local bodies of state power, its own government, national emblem, state flag and anthem. Ukraine has many industrial raw materials; it has rich deposits of iron ore, gas and other natural resources. Its an agricultural country. The scientists of Ukraine make great contribution to science. Ukraine has a lengthy history. It has its own culture, and arts.
During recent years the people of Ukraine have displayed a keen interest in Ukrainian history and their cultural and artistic heritage. Now Ukraine is establishing new relations with countries throughout the world making direct contact with them and signing agreements and treaties. As for my native city, you know It's not very big and at the same time is not small city, which is situated on the east of Ukraine. May be there are more beautiful cities in the world and mine couldn't astonish you a lot of its architecture, but I love it very much. I love its streets, I love its parks. One of my favorite is situated in the center of Lugansk. There are a lot of chestnut-trees in it, the shadow of which protect you from the hot sun in summer. And it also looks very beautiful in autumn, when the trees are in gold leaves and in winter, covered by white, downy snow Also in this park there is a small cafe, but it works only when the weather is warm. It's open in the end of spring and is closed in the beginning of autumn. As you understand it's situated in the air. It's very comfortable and you feel calmly there. In my Lugansk there are a lot of wonderful fountains. And it's so funny to see as children play with their streams. And when the drops of water fall on their faces, they begin to shine under the sun. There are a lot of cinemas, theatres, night clubs, restaurants, boutiques, shops, museums, monuments, everything what you ever want you can find in Lugansk. My darling, I really hope that you will like my country and my place, Waiting for your letter very very impatiently, With all my heart and tender kiss,
Your Anna

Letter 10

Hello my dearest XXXX!

As usual today I got your letter and I was very glad. I dont know why but I feel that we get closer and closer with every letter. And when I get your letter it seems like everything is booming in my body, like everything is blooming in early spring. All my problems stay behind, I forget about them. In my life I meet very seldom such people who I can open my soul to. I see that you have good energy, cause it is very easy for me to communicate with you. Maybe you have a lot of friends, dont you? And Im so happy that you have a free minute and pay attention to me, writing me a letter. Your letters support me. You know, while writing you a letter I dont need to think long what to write you, cause all my thoughts appear in my head very suddenly, cause I want to communicate to you, to share with you every day of my life, to tell you everything that happened to me during the whole day. And I feel such a good pleasure inside that I have you who I can speak to, can ask for advice. But Im not sure that you like my attitude to you. Maybe all my letters, where I tell you everything about me and my life, are extra problems on your head, and I dont know if you want and if it is interesting for you to read about all my life and all my problems. I dont know if it is not difficult for you to give me an advise. But I do want it to be such a pleasure for you as it is a pleasure for me to read all your letters to me. You know I do like watching TV programs about your countries, listen to your foreign music. It is very often shown about your culture on TV in our country. And I do like watching it, and what about people of your country? What countries do they like watching most? And is our country often shown on TV in your country? And what about you would you like to know some history about my country Ukraine. If you would like I can tell you a bit in my next letter. And then you will tell me if you liked it. So now I will close this letter and will be waiting for your reply with patience. With all my heart and tender kisses. Your Anna.

Letter 11

My dear XXXX,

Thank you very much for your answer, I was waiting for it with a thrill. I see we will be friends and I hope not only friends. I look for a man, who will love me, protect me, and help me in my life. I want to love and be loved, to wait and be waited, to want and be wanted. Love is the most beautiful and wanted feeling. Be honest, I have never fell in love before and I dont want my heart will be broke. I see you are romantic man like me and I know Ill bloom with you like my favorite rose. If you want I can be gentile and feathery, but if you want I can be like vampire. I just want to have a man near me and Ill do everything you want. Actually, I want ask you about your ideal, I ask you because I want to know more about you. I like you very much and want to be closer to you. You know I dream about wonderful mornings with my dear man, to wake up with him, to kiss him, to prepare breakfast for him. I must say I like to cook, to my mind, every woman must cook very good, beside it I like to cook and do it very good. Every time when guests come to our house I cook something unusual and my friends say its tasty. There are so many interesting things in the world and I want to see it with my dear man. The most important thing for me is to have one heart for two people. My heart is waiting for you. You know Im romantic girl, it will be wonderful to have dinner with my close man somewhere on the beach of the ocean, with candles and champagne, and, of course, there must be my favorite roses, million roses. I hope youll help me to realize my dreams. I look forward for your answer, my dear. Your Anna.

Letter 12

My darling XXXX,

Today I have so hurried so as to answer you, because I know that you are waiting for my reply, you are thinking of me. And I know that it's not very pleasant to be waiting for something very long time. I think one of the most awful things is to be ignorant of something. And I don't want that you feel alone, that some doubts and hesitations will appear in you heart, and I don' t want that you'll forget about me, that's why I want that you'll get this letter as soon as possible. I'm very glad that you don't forget about me and write me such pleasant and warm letters. Do you know lovely, when I am in the computer, writing to you, I am under the impression that you are just in front of me, talking with me. After I send the letter, it seems that you are very distant again. Don't go far away from me, be always near OK. Because i don't want to be alone any more. It's very weightily. It's very hard, when you have nobody with whom you'd like to share your gladness or who feels your worrying. Of course it's big present of life that we met, but however we are still far, we can't see each other, I don't speak now about photos, I speak about personal meeting when two people have the opportunity to understand each other through their smiles, through the expression of their faces and eyes. We can't hear each other and we can't touch each other. And it makes us so distant, and frankly speaking I think none Internet, none words can't substitute all this. And I' m really missing without you here, alone, in the middle of big city. and though we have known each other not long period of time, but i began to think about you often and often. and i'm with great impatient waiting for your reply. My dear, I'm happy that you also think about me and it's important for me, cause it means that i'm really interested for and as woman and as person. and could you share with me of your thoughts? I'd also like to see those colorful pictures, if you don't mind:-) You know my dear when i read your letter, it seems to me that everything about what you say, you at first read in my heart and then expressed in words. It's such unusual feeling. Your words, your phrases, your thoughts are such close to me. As you i also think that only faith can be a ground for good, strong and long relations, without trust the relations between two people are like the castle on the sand. it's not reliable and it can be destroyed very easy under the beat of big wave, or under the strong wind and even under the rays of sun. and also candor make the relations are like sunny, bright day, which warms the both. I am missing you and I'll be waiting for your letter, with all my heart,
Your Anna.

Letter 13

My darling XXXX,

you cant imagine how I was happy to receive your letter. It was like the first sunshine in the morning for me. I am thinking about you all the time and I am really thankful for the fortune that allows us to meet. My darling you know, I have a dream and I want to make my dream true with my lovely man and to see all remarkable places with him, I want to travel around the world and it doesn't matter how it will be: by bus, by train, by air, by ship or by car. It would be so romantic to have a voyage and to see all sea's beauty, I to feel sea wind and a lot of sea-gulls above us. I know everything has its own smell and sea has too and I want to feel its smell, its character and mood. Traveling by air it's possible to see all world's beauty from heaven, to be on the heaven and to imagine ourselves like angels who look after people and try to help them if we need, I believe every people has an angel near him and we always feel them in difficult times, they help us to find our second half and I know I have an angel too because I find you and I feel so happy and I have no words to describe you my feelings. Traveling by car is the most romantic traveling, I can feel you near me and to do everything I want and when I want, to sleep under the moon and to feel your body near mine and to warm ourselves. I don't want to sleep in the hotel it's more romantic to do it under the moon light and to hear tree's rustling, to hear breathing of nature and to become a part of nature and to become one person in two and to have one heart for two, to see our eyes and to understand each other without words. And to take refreshing shower together and we'll help to refresh our forces to continue our adventures. To me I like traveling and I dream to see the whole world and it'll be great to do it with you and to share with you all my feelings and all my happiness. You know when I was a little girl I tried to watch all TV programs about the world and remarkable places, I always imagined myself in different countries with my lovely man, sometimes we were like pigeons, we had a lot of love and tender kisses, another time we looked for treasure and had a lot of adventures together but it was just dreams. Today I dream about my love and my family, I know if my lovely man wants to look for treasure I'll come with him and will take care of him, if he wants to have happy family and to live our happy and calm life I'll happy to share my happiness with him and to gave all my love and all my care for him and our children. How do you prefer to travel? Missing you a lot and thinking about you all the time, Your Anna.

Letter 14

My darling XXXX,

I want to begin from that when I woke up in the morning the first that I saw was a dove on the windowsill of my open window. And I understood that today Id receive one more letter from you. There is an omen in my country that if a dove flies in the house or if a dove sits on the windowsill it means that it will be good news. I received the letter from you so this day must be very good. And even if there is raining all day, it seems to me that this day the warmest and the most sunny in my life. Thank you so much for your answers on my questions. When I read your letter I feel so similar to you and I am very glad that we have the same targets, goals and dreams. Now I would like to answer on the same questions but I am sure that you have your own questions and Ill be waiting for them. Please, if you wish to ask me something just do it and I promise to answer you honestly. I prefer to live in a town then in a village but I would like to have a small house in countryside where I could spend time with my family. I would like to have this house near the river with a beautiful garden full of trees, flowers and birds. One of my dream is to visit all countries and to go around the world. I have never been abroad. I just traveled a little around Ukraine, most the South side that is near the seaside. But I have a great hope that one day I could go around the world with my beloved person, to meet different people, to see all the beauty of our Earth. Would you like to join me? In my future house my favorite room will be the Living room also known as the Family room. I like it because that is where the couch and love seat are. It is where we can sit together just the two of us and listen to music or watch a movie. Also, when friends come to visit, they can sit with us and enjoy our company. It's nice, I think, to be able to just sit closely to the one you love and share kind words and passion. Also, the Family room is where the kids like to watch TV or play games. It is a place outside of their bedroom that they can share the joys of being part of a close family. Also, when friends come by we can chat over coffee or drinks around the room and share our stories and lives with them. My favorite place is the kitchen. I like to spend my time there, to create tasty and special dishes. You know, when I have a bad mood I always go to the kitchen and prepare something special and tasty. Then I eat it and drink a cup of coffee and I feel a big energy inside and my mood become better. And what about you? Do you like to cook? What is you favorite dish? As for me I like meat in any conditions. As for Georgian dishes I like lobio (its a dish with haricot), hachapury (its a cake with cheese), churchhella (it a nuts in juice) and different meat with special sause. If you try such dish you never forget it. You know, as I remember myself, I never feel myself lonely, but now I feel, because many my friends have their beloved persons and they are very happy. I havent my beloved person and I feel very lonely, but I have a great hope that very soon Ill meet my real love and may be this person will be you? Who knows? As for me, I would like to have at least two kids, a boy and a girl. A boy might be as his father strong, courageous, handsome and clever. A girl might be as her mother pretty, clever, honest, tender and romantic. Just imagine, how it will be wonderful when we together, my hand in your hand and our children walking along the street. And all people could turn around and say, What a wonderful family are walking together along the street! Yes, family. Family, that could support and help each other in a hard minute. I become angry only when I find out that people lie me. I hate lie and in this reason I could be angry. Please, be always honest with me in any situations. Ill be waiting for your letter. Sincerely yours Anna.

Letter 15

Hello, my dear XXXX,

Thank you so much for your letter. It is so warm and nice that I was really impressed. Ill do all my best that youll not be disappointed, because I think one of the most awful and painful things, which can happen with a person, its when his hopes and dreams are broken. But by the other side, our heart can love and forgive and its great. And I wonder to ask you for what you can forgive your close person and for what cant. I like your condor. It gives an opportunity to get to know person better and to avoid of making mistakes. It seems to me that candid relations, when people dont reserve their feelings and intentions, are like bright, sunny day and this sun warm both. I want serious relations. I'm looking not for a boy friend; I'm looking for a husband for me and for father for our future children. You know that my intentions are really very serious. I absolutely don't like when people can't trust each other and I hate when they lie. I think nobody can tell the truth all the time, because sometimes you can hurt someone if you tell the truth, there are situations when you tell lie you'll save person's life or maybe his feelings, but it's also very important. But I want to tell you that I always TRY to tell the truth only. I also want to hear only the truth in answer. I think that it's very important, because every relation friendship and love also has to be built on trust. I think that it's a very good foundation. I also want to create my own family with children, of course. You know I think that children are the best we can have in the life. They are the flowers of our life and our happiness. They are the only we need to live for. So I want to have a whole family, a husband I can trust in everything and he also can trust me and our children. I would like to ask you what holidays and with whom do you like to celebrate? Do you prefer to live in a big city or in a village? Why? Do you want to visit different countries? If yes, what countries? How do you like to see your house? In what moments in your life did you feel yourself very alone? When do you feel support? How many children do you want to have? Why? For what reasons are you become angry?

My darling XXXX, yes, here is my address The 16th Line, st., 76, Lugansk Ukraine 95487 Anna Kolesnikova Ill be waiting for your letter. Sincerely yours Anna.

Letter 16

My sweetheart XXXX,

How are you? Are you OK? I hope so. I have a wonderful mood because I receive your letter and now I see that you want to have serious relations too like me and it shows us that we have a lot in common and I would like to know more about you to my mind it'll make us closer to each other and may be one day we become closest people in the world. You know I dream to travel and to see all the world and I know that it'll be easy to communicate with people on their native language so now I dream to learn foreign languages but, unfortunately, it's impossible for now but I hope that one wonderful day I'll know all languages in the world (you know I'm optimistic woman and I believe in the miracles). And what about you, what are you dream about? What is your achieve for future? To my mind the best my dreams to have a big and a happy family with wonderful children, I like to play with children and to present them different gifts, there is nothing better then to see sparkles in their eyes and to see their happy smiles on their faces. To my mind children are 'flowers' of our life and we live for them and try to make them the happiest people in the world and I know that I'll do my best to do that. And of course, all these are impossible without my lovely man near me, I want to know that I'm loved and I'll give all my love him, al my heart and I'll devote him all my life. So I look forward for your letter, with al my heart and I wish you wonderful day and wonderful mood. Your Anna.

Letter 17

My darling XXXX,

Thank you for your so nice and interesting letter. It shows me that you're honest and your words are from your heart. It's wonderful that we have a lot in common and we want to have the same to my mind it'll help us to become closer to each other. I know that serious relation needs much time and sometimes people live together for twenty or thirty years and only than they understand that they have nothing in common and they don't want to live together. That's why I want to know my partner better before we'll married and will have children. But I believe that I can't change my life if God doesn't want to change it. But at the same time I'm optimistic person and I believe that everybody will be happy one day. I have my elder sister she is married and she lives with her husband and their little son. I like to visit them and to play with my nephew, I like to present him different presents and to see sparkles in his eyes and at that moment I feel the happiest woman in the world I'm happy because he is happy. And after such visits I always dream about my own family and I know that I'll do my best to make them the happiest people in the world and if they are happy I'll be happy too. There is nothing more important then family, I want to get married only once and I want to be sure that I'll be happy and my husband will be happy too and we'll have a long and happy life (like in the tale). May be I'm too naive but I'm optimist and I'll do my best to make this tale real. But I know that man and woman must want it together and to have one heart for two person, one soul for two person and may be one brain for two person, to live one life for two person. May be it's just a dream but now I look for it and I know that my husband will be happy with me and he'll know that he is loved and cared.

I know that there is no miracles in the world but I'll do a miracle myself. I hope you're not tired reading my letter, so I look forward for your letter and I wish you a wonderful day and wonderful mood, with best regards, Anna

Letter 18

Hello my lovely XXXX,

It's so nice, so great to get from you new and new letters. They raise my mood and with every your letter the smile on my face begin bigger and bigger. And my heart beats with every day faster and faster, waiting for your letter. That's why if you want that my heart will not jump away, please send me your answer as soon as possible. It's not joke. My dear I wanna you know that our correspondence is important for me as I hope for you. And please don't think that it's only empty words. I'm not a chatter. And though I'm rather open person, I always think what and whom to say. And I pay a big attention on words. And every your words, every your sentence pleased me very much. You know which thing makes me very happy woman is you don't forget about me. How are you? In my life everything is as before. I mean my work, my family, sometimes I let myself to drink a little wine with my friends in the evening. After hard day, a funny communication helps to relax. And in the evening my friends save me. And also the thoughts about you. How have you spent your day? What are you doing now? Where are you now? Who is near with you? What is your mood? Do you remind about me? How often? And I began to reread our letters. It gives me a feeling that you are near, not for long, but it's becoming warmer. You know yesterday, in the evening I met with one of my friend, her name is Sasha, and we went to drink some wine, to eat ice - cream and to discus her future wedding. There was music in the cafe. I heard very beautiful, slow song. It reminded me about you. And at that moment I felt such sadness because of you were so far away and you were not here with me. And that such pleasant music was sounding and we were not dancing and you didn't hold me in your arms. We have a lot of common ( for example we are both love children, and we both understand that without them family is not the family, we both are romantic people, we both like to spoil beloved person) and it's not bad ground of relations. Because it's important that two people have something what connect them, something what would be interesting for both and what excite and alarm them. I think when people love each other, they live one life. And it's rather horrible when sometimes one of partners begins to distinguish his life from life of beloved person and says ' it's my own business, it's my life' I think it's not right. Because all relations are based first of all on the faith. It's the ground, which is need for strong and long as friendship so love. Without trust relations of two people are like the castle on the sand. My dearest, what is the faith for you? My dear, thank you a lot for your answers, they helped me to get to know you better and became closer to you. Speaking about me I like to fall asleep on the breast of my beloved man, hearing his breathing and feeling the smell of his hair, his body. And i'd like to be the sorceress, who makes all his inner desires and wishes to come true. the man is master and protector and woman is created so as to care about him and she must know how to make her man to be happy, to feel excitement. A woman must feel her man, his inner world, to guess his desires and so as to occupy him with the warmness, tenderness and of cause love. i think in the relations the mutual understanding is very important, but two people can achieve it only if they feel each other, know what they both need and give themselves completely to each other. I dont know, may be some my words will seem to you rather straightforward, but Im rather open person and dont like to reserve my feelings, may be its my advantage or my short come, I dont know. But I think to hide what you feel means to play the games. But I think that our life is short so as to waist it for it. Its not show and a person cant be really happy if he/she play the role. My dear may be your heard that Slavic women is more open than women from West Europe, does it frighten you? Do you like when a woman doesnt reserve her feelings and emotions? You know my dear as more I get to know about you, as more I want to know. what do you value in people? What event in your life gave you the most pleasure? What present do you like most of all? What do you want that your woman would do for you? My honey I think its enough, because I begin to worry that you can run away from all these questions and I dont want that it would happen. I will not be able to forgive it myself( Im missing you already, please come back sooner. Your Anna.

Letter 19

Hello my dear XXXX!

I'm very glad to hear from you again. How are you? How is your mood? I'm very glad that I could run away from all my business so as to spend some time with you. It's really true, when I write you letters I imagine that you are near. And you know in this unbelievable and furious speed of life and remind about you often and often. And I always am eating by the curiosity, if you answered me or no. And when I found your letter a smile appear on my face. And you know, when I came home after hard day I tried to imagine that you were near with me. We are sitting near the fireplace. The fire warms us. We are listening to music. By the way which music do you like? You hold my arms and say me 'everything will be all right.. You are strong...I'm with you... And I feel your power in my blood. And then a new day came, I with new power, which I got, thinking of you, rush to it. As you my dear I also want to feel stability and reliability in the life, which only beloved person can give. And Im tired from loneliness. I think our life is not for to be alone. It's for to love and to be loved, first of all. I think if a person hadn't love during his life, he didn't live. Love is life. I think it's awful when near with you there is not a person, whom you can give all your the most beautiful feelings, whom you can give your soul, your heart and yourself completely. It's so great even to sit near and to enjoy that you are together, to hold arms and look at eyes each other and enjoy that you are together, to fall in sleep, listening to the breath each other and wake up from the beating of beloved heart and enjoy that you are together. I think it's very important that two people would be honest and open in relations. And express their feelings, their desires and wishes. That's why I want to get to know more and more about you, your life. When is your birthday? In what position do you like to sleep? Do you want to have children? What is your favorite smell? Do you like to be weaken by the kiss in the morning? Are you passionate and romantic person? Do you like to spoil your beloved woman and how? Im sorry dear, may be I ask a lot questions, and I think its better to stop now. I dont want that youll run away from all them. Ill never forgive it to myself. But I want that you know that my questions are the showing of my interest to you.
Dear XXXX, you are not a fool and I am really lady named Anna that you can see on the photos. I am sending you some more photos with my friend, int he University where I study, on the seaside and you can compare whether it is me or not. Wishing you great weekends,
Your Anna.

Letter 20

Hello, my dear XXXX,

I am so glad to receive your letter and to know more and more about you. I am really serious in my search and it is really important for me to find my beloved person who will full my life with love and passion. It's a pity but men of our country, of course not all, but the most, are not able for such expressing of their feelings, as you. the most of them are rude and impudent. they drink a lot and are so lazy, their inside world and their attitude toward woman is not the same as men, like you. Everything what our man wants is only that his woman will be for him like a servant, which cook, clean, bring up children and plus she must work. But at the same time everything what he can offer her it's rudeness and indifference. But woman needn't it. Of course at first he says that he loves her and will love forever but time passes and former passion disappears and a woman get only humiliation for her love and care. Unfortunately not one my friend had a bad experience in their domestic life, but by the other side some of them found real happiness with a men from other country. my lovely, i say to you again, that for me it's not important form which country you are, for me the most important you. i'm enough self-respected person and i'll not sell my feeling, my heart for the opportunity to go for abroad and i respect you very much and i'll not tell you and assure you in feelings, which i haven't toward you only so as you would believe me and would give me better, but not real, life. But if i say to you that even after rather short period of time, you have become very dear for me, it's really so and that is why for me it's very important that you would trust me. i don't want to loose you, when we have just found each other, because of words people, whom i even don't know. Can you tell me what are you searching here??? Why you are alone? Why you cant find your beloved person there in your country??? Waiting for your reply, Sincerely yours Anna.

Letter 21

Dear XXXX!

How I was happy to see your letter today. I really made my day. I am like on hevens.. You know words cannot express all my feelings but I will try tell you, I am not for pen relationship but something that could be a reality a relationship that could lead to being together as one, and, share all the treasures in stock. I feel I am so similar to you. I feel as though I'm a fairly simple person. When 2 people 'fall in Love' there are a lot of things going on emotionally, physically and hormonally and eventually this conditions settle down and reality of real life sets in. It is easy to fall in love but it is hard work to stay in love and to keep the fires of passion burning brightly and requires both parties participation to make it work. When we fall in love, we as humans often overlook or not pay attention to qualities or traits of the other person that might be a source of concern. Now that there is mutual respect, trust and unconditional love present, there is nothing you can't talk about, work out or accomplish and there is no limit as to how far your love can be taken because there are two people living for each other and with the desire for the common goal of eternal love for each other. There is nothing more rewarding or satisfying than when 2 people from their love for each other, make love, create love and extend their love through their children. What do you think? Sincerely yours Anna

Letter 22

Hi , dear XXXX!

Thank you very much for your letter .I was so glad when I got it !Its really nice to understand that somebody is interested in you . Thank you so much for your photo. It seems to me that you are kind, interesting and pleasant person. I want you to know that Im really and Im not that kind of girls that playing tricks on Internet. Im very serious and family-oriented, I want to find my second half and be happy. I can promise to you , that I will always be sincere and truthful and expect the same from you. So , I would like to tell you about my native town .Its really nice ,but not very big .There are lots of places , dear to my heart, my friends, that are very close to me and of course my Family, that is the greatest support in my life. But now I feel a bit upset ,cause Im alone here , I mean, there is no such a person in my life, to whom I can give all tenderness and love, that is in my heart, so my mood is not very good. But when I received your message smile appeared on my face and I feel now not so lonely . Thank you so much for it! I think about you and its very pleasant to know that somewhere ,in the other part of our enormous world a person thinks about you and needs you or at least wants to know you better. Im sorry for such pessimistic words .In my previous letter I have written that Im an optimist and always hope for better .Thats true . And I assure you, that you'll notice it during reading my letters.
I do think that life is wonderful and you must be cheerful .But you know ,this moment I need a little warmness and I want my beloved man to be here ,near me ,I want him to hold my hands in his and stroke my shoulders . I want to share with him my happiness and regrets and at the same time to be a real support for him. I need to be loved by someone and need somebody to love. I see the relations between two loving people as two-side connection , the one where both of us will give as much, as get from each other. You know I want to have sincere and honest relations ,full of love ,devotion , candor. The modern world is so severe ,that one needs to feel someones spiritual support .I hope you think and feel the same. How do you imagine the ideal union of man and woman ?And do you believe in true ,sincere relations through the letters ,written by unknown people from different parts of world ?Hope you do .


Letter 23

Hi, dear XXXX!

Thank you a lot for your reply. I was very happy to receive it. I am happy to know that such a person as you is interested in me. I have a great hope that our correspondence will lead us to something bigger than just friendship So, as for me, my name is Ann. I was born on the 5th of March. I am 19 years old. I am young but I have a big desire to find the only one for me and to be happy with him I live in Lugansk. Its a small city on the east of Ukraine. I like my city very much, I think that its rather beautiful small town I am a 3rd year student of Lugansk National Pedagogical University. I live with my parents, mom and dad. I have an older sister and she has a son. He is my nephew. I like children very much and thats why I like to spend a lot of time with my nephew. I think that children are the best what we can have in our life. As for my character, I can tell you that I am very kind, sensitive and communicative girl. I like meeting new people. I am a reliable friend. If my friends have problems I always try to help them. I am very romantic and a little bit naive. But I think that this naivety helps me to be happy all the time I am an optimist and I am proud of it. I begin my day with the smile I like listening to music, I like dancing very much, I like reading, I like meeting with my friends As for the man I am looking for, I can tell you that I want him to be attentive, honest, reliable... I want to build our relations only on trust. I want to find a man who will be a real support in life. A man who will always be with me. I know that life is not an easy thing, thats why I want to step with him into the bright future, I want to face difficulties with him and to overcome them easily with the help of love tell me please what kind of woman are you looking for? What do you expect from the future??? I will be waiting for your letter, with a great hope,

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2008-02-22, 02:46:04
anonymous from Netherlands  
This same scammer now works under the name Olga, email She asked me money to pat for her rent. The letters I received are identical.

2008-06-09, 18:18:20
anonymous from Italy  

DO SOMEONE KNOW HER. write me, please

2008-10-12, 13:57:44
anonymous from Senegal  
my name is Tina, I am very good girl,i feel great joy in my heart: when i saw your profile despite that i have not seen you in email ( so that I will send my picture to you. I will be waiting for your response,Yours ever Tina.
2009-07-25, 17:06:00 from Spain  
2009-08-17, 15:31:35
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Thanks Eddie. I have skyped this girl twice. So far she has not asked for any money, but now I will be on red alert. Cheers
2009-08-17, 21:38:46   (updated: 2009-08-17, 21:46:17)
wanwan from Japan  
@my boys

2008-10-12, 13:57:44
anonymous from Senegal

2009-08-18, 02:35:43   (updated: 2009-08-18, 02:37:22)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-08-18, 02:36:09
anonymous from United Kingdom  
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