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Dating scammer Lilia Batsman


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Name: Lilia Batsman


Date of birth: Feb 10, 1980

Address: Leninia St 67, Troisk, Ukraine

Other Comments:
Contacted her in RAL. The usual translation scam. She has since been listed in several anti-scamming websites. These are;; Marriage Agency Scams;, and ALPHA2SCAMFIGHTERS.

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Letter 1

Hello:-) My name is Lilia:-)

I used to be persistent but affectionate when it refers to my private life, I'd like to cherish and make all desires come true. I am a kind and passionate woman. I don't like lies and cheating. In the evenings when it's cold outside I dream cuddling up with my beloved. I also like cooking... I have a lot of good features, but unfortunately I do not have anybody next to me who would feel them, I have nobody to spoil with my love and caring. If you found this surface description interesting, you are free to write me at Hope one day I will find your letter in my mail box, and I am ready to tell you more about myself.

Letter 2

Hi, dear!

First of all, I appreciate your writing me with photo, which is very important when people meet each other the way we did:-) I liked your photo and I wish you liked mine as well, to move our relations further:-) I think, all good relationships start as good friends, and seem to stand the test of time when love develops later. I feel as if I have a lot to offer someone and my life would be most complete to share it with someone special. I know other people can make a lot of
promises that they never keep to us. I think it is very possible to know someone so far away and have a very wonderful, loving, and caring friendship. Commitment is the key and not giving up. I have never felt so good about my decision to meet someone like you over the Internet. I have no doubt that I am doing the right thing in my life. If I felt this were the wrong thing to do, I would not do it.

Probably I should tell something about myself, my family:-) I was born February 10, 1980 in a family of the professional soldier. Dad had to move very often from one place to another (on the territory of former USSR) and of course my mother and I also followed him! One day, finally we settled in a small town named Troitsk, which is in the east of Ukraine, where I am living till now:-) We lived merrily until I was three years old, but then one 'wonderful' day my mother became tired with such life, she took my new-born sister Marina and went away...from that day I have never seen them.. But even after this I cannot say that my childhood was so unhappy! Yes, of course there wasn't such day when I didn't remember about my Mom and Marina and I shed lots of tears especially when I went to school for the first time in my life when almost all of the children were with their Mothers!!! But Daddy tried to turn my life into a fairy-tale!! I do not remember such day when there wasn't a bunch of flowers on my night-table!!!:-)) I am not a little girl anymore, and my dad is retired already. I work as a seller in a supermarket. I like my job, but it takes almost all my time, and I can't find time for personal life. Besides, I have heard a lot of stories about successful searchings of beloved by the means of Internet:-)

One more reason for my daring to look for the man abroad was my closest friend. The matter is that she got married for our man, and I see how unhappy she is (he drinks too much and very brutal when drunk). I have talked with her, tried to convince her to leave him, but she told that there are no better men. 'At least here, in Ukraine', - she added, and it was the last straw:-) And you? Why the man as you are decided to look for his second half using Internet?

I hope that my letter and my photos made you interested in me enough to write to me a reply:-) Anyway, I will be waiting, even if not getting it tomorrow:-) Lilia.

P.S. I play piano, and I hope one day to play for you:-) Do you like this idea?

Letter 3

Hello, long-awaited lily!!!!

I knew, you would reply me:-) I always try to follow my heart in doing the right thing and I know that what I am doing is the right thing for me. I hope you know what I mean and you have had similar feelings. Please, excuse for my not very fast reply. I do hope that someone has not already stolen your heart away from me and that I hear from you again!

You know this is only the beginning, I like our friendship. I am honest, tender, kind, cheerful and sociable person. I love nature; sometimes I like to go to the picnics or just walk in the wood when I have free time. In summers I like to play volleyball and badminton on beaches, although I am not a good player yet. But my work keeps me quite busy and I spend a lot of time on my work. Anyway I like to enjoy the life as it is. I hate lies and treacherous. I don't like any kind of cruelness, maybe because I am too feminine and tender inside of my heart. I love flowers, especially orchids. I like a home comfort, warmth and calm in family relation. I also adore animals, dogs, especially small ones:-) Unfortunately they are very expensive, and I can't allow myself to buy any:-( On the photo I am with doggie-model:-) When taking the photo, I noticed him and asked to take several pics with him. He is so funny, isn't he?

I am looking for intelligent, very smart, open-minded person who has a kind heart, a loving and romantic, and good sense of humor. I am going to correspond with and develop the friend first!

I also wanted to tell you one little thing, which I hope won't prevent our communication:-) The matter is that I do not know English enough to write to you myself, besides, I would never understood your letters as well. The translational company help me with this. Their services are paid, but I will do all my best to keep in touch with you:-) And I will try to start learning English to become closer to you:-)

I really hope you are not disappointed this confession of me, and write me soon:-) Lilia.

P.S. By the way, I got know, that Lilia comes from the flower lilium - lily:-) The woman who has the name Lilia is a very fragile and likes being spoiling:-)

Letter 4

Hello XXXX,

I felt you write to me:-) But I will admit this to my dear (hope you won't mind my calling you 'dear'), that there are times when I just don't know what to write to you and it is not that I can't. It is just this, how does one write down ones emotions when it is the feelings that you have that you want sent, not the words. I realize that is something that you weren't expecting from me but after I had read your letter to me, that is how I felt. When starting our correspondence, I couldn't believe that such a wonderful man as you are ever wrote to me, but I am very happy that you did. Actually, I never intended to look for American or Japanese man only. I was looking for my second half who waited for me for sure!!!!! I want you to know that not even language is a barrier when two people love each other, there are some things that are without words, which two people in love already know. The actions of two people in love are the same anywhere in any language and in any culture. Love for each other has no culture difference. But it doesn't mean I do not want to learn your language!!!! Because I really want to become closer to you:-)

Last several days I found myself thinking about you. Do you want we to meet in real life? What will I see when we meet? What will I be able to do with you? These are just some of my thoughts. Some of my more interesting thoughts are, will any of my habits surprise or shock you? And what will happen after that? We all have certain habits that we have grown into, some are good, some not so good and some are just part of me. A lot of questions puzzling in my head:-) But it is naturally, because I want to become closer to you:-)

So, how are you today??? How have you spent yesterday evening? And today??? Yesterday evening I came to my cousin, they live in countryside. Aunt and uncle were happy to see me very much. I was glad to meet with my relatives too. I and my cousin cooked the supper and we ate together. We talked a lot. When the supper finished my cousin and me went to the street, sat on the bench and talked for a long time. We understood each other. I didn't see her for a long time and she told me a lot of new. Ohh, how much I wish my mother was with me in those moments!!!!.....

Today I have got up early and came to the town and went to the work. After the work I came to the translational office. Now I am writing the letter to you and drinking coffee. I will go home soon. And I will start missing your messages again.

I wish I had more to say to you this night but I don't and the reason for this is that I want my emotions to reach you tonight (my tonight, your early morning) so that you can feel how much I miss you and how much I want to know you better. Till then, do take care of yourself.
With love and kisses, Lilia.

Letter 5

we help people to overcome all barriers

Dear Mister,

We represent the firm that deals with translation of different documents and correspondence. We provide our clients with interpretation and sending letters through the Internet. Lilia Batsman is our client. She comes to our firm and uses our service in translation her and your letters as well as she sends her letters and receives yours ones with our help. From the very beginning of your correspondence she paid for our service herself. Now she is not able to pay us further because she has definite financial difficulties. If you are really interested in her and in continuation of your relations with Lilia you can help her with payment for our service. In this case we can put our prices and conditions at your disposal. And one more thing we want you to know that Lilia waits with impatience on your last letter to be translated to her.

Sincerely Yours Principal 'Futures' Alla Mazur


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Is this Model Louise Glover????!!!



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Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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