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Dating scammer Ksusha


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Name: Ksusha


Date of birth: Sept 3, 1983

Ukraine, Mukacheve

Phone: +3 8095 6200155

Other Comments:
Contacted her in RAL. She did not give me her last name and her address. She wanted money for passport, visa and travel expenses and so on. I offered to meet her in her country. Well! No answer.

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Letter 1


i just don't have the opportunity to go to July to write you because she doesn't at home all the time and that is why I can't reply you at once. Dear, you know that now you are in my heart all the time because I am thinking about you all the time and imagine how we can meet each other in reality... Dear, i have found that first of all need to arrange my International passport, I didn't arrange it before as I didn't travel before. I was told that I can get it within 7 days for 760 hrn (about 155$). And after I can get it I can go to Kiev to the interview to get a tourist visa to your country. The people told me from the travel company where I was that I can get visa for tourist without problems, i just need to order the tickets beforehand as I will have to prove them that I will come back. And after that I will be able to fly to you at once. So, now I just need to start with my passport. So, what do you think about my decision? Do you want to see me in reality? Can you help me with my trip or I should ask my parents? I will be waiting for your letter and hope that it will make me happy:) Kiss you, Ksusha.

Ps.: You can call me this tel. number +3 8095 6200155, this my mobile phone. I was born on 3rd of September in 1983.

Letter 2

Hello my love!

It was great to hear from you again and again...i really like you!!! I have finally found the man that i will spend my life with and have a family with, build a happy life, i only want it with you you make me so happy really dear and i know we are gonna match if we look into each others eyes and hold eachother i know for sure we belong together as soulmates what do you think about it? I hope the time will go fast and we will be together because I cant wait finally to hold you close to me and take care of you dear XXXX! I am sure about all this! Well I hear you soon ok and waiting with great impatience for your answer, i love you with whole my heart my dear and never want to loose you verry bigg kisses from your girl Ksusha.

Letter 3

Hi my beloved XXXX!

You can't belive but today when i woke up in the morning I switched TV and I saw some program, it was about travelling and they told about your country:) do yo believe it??? I just set before TV and listen to them very attentivley. I saw many interesting places and told about ypur culture.

You know since last time I began to belive in signs and my dreams. Last time when I was going to work I just went out and remeber that I have forgotten my umrella because it was raining. And then I return home to take it and at this moment it was explosion 4 flower below, not very big, just 2 flats were damaged, but if I was in the lifet, I would damage also. And after that I know that all that happened with us in our life it is given from the sky. And that is why I thik that today in the morning was my life sign:) dont you think so;)

Just tell me when it will be convinient for me to come to you, ok? and I will know everything at once. As for my work it will be not a problaem at all because I can take a holidays any time, so I just need your answer, when??? You even can't imagine hw much I want to come to you, you know now a lot of my fiends has gone to spend holidays in the Sea in the Crimea, but I don't want to go there once again, I used to be there every year, but this time I am waiting for something special, I want to change something in my life, and not only in the summer but may be my future.... I am waiting

Letter 4

Hello my dear XXXX

Thank you for your sencere letter and answer. As for me, at the moment I realised that I have to make some decision because it is very difficult to write to many guys at once and promise something more then friendship... because I think that any relations must be based only on trustness and faith, I just think that it is impossible to find the only man when you write to many, do you agree with me? I want to concentare only one man and why you? :) I jusy have catched myself on thought that i a mthinking about you a lot, and even more then shopping about:) it is not common for a girl! I just jokking. To be serious, I want you to know that I like you so much and sometimes I think that I have found my belowed man, and that is why I just don't want to be wrong, I hope that you can understand i am talking about. You know, I wanted to tell about you to my mum but then i decided not to do it because I really don't to upset her, I want to be sure in you and that you are not playing internet games, ok? Can you promise me it? And I was thinking about our relations what do you think if I come to you and we can meet there? As for me I appriciate person meeting then writing, and you? You know that i didn't go to some other country and I would like to come to you so much, it is summer now and it is too hot here in Ukraine:( may be in autumn we can come here and i can shaw you my town, but to tell the truth that now is about 30 degrees and all the people just dreaming about the cold water:) So I will be waiting for your rely and answer me soon, ok? Bye fr now, kiss you, Ksusha.

Letter 5

Hello from Ukraine, from sweet girl to my dear XXXX

So, how are you? Can I ask you some question, but i want you to be sencere in answering because it is very importent for me: do you write to some other girls?? I need to know it because now I begin to to realise that I think about you a lot and even sometimes I imagine like we spend time together, meet each other in reality... but I need to know that it is not just my imagination and that we can hope that may be our relations can be not just letter by letter... What do you think? I also hope that very soon I will be with my love, may be it will be you? We don't know what will be tomorrow but I can say that I never think about some bad things because I used to be a optimist and I know that I was born because I must be happy!!! And all of us can be happy if he want it very much! Do you agree with me? Because when you think something bad, I used to analise from other people, it happened that are not lucky in life and I thinkl that the reason is in a person. It is very interesting for me to know you, and to know about your country. It would be so wonderful if some day I will have such opportunity to see your homeland by my own eyes, who knows... Tomorrow we are going to have a supper with my mother's sister and his family. And we will be preparing something very tasty for them, I will help my mother to cook something special. So, I will be waiting for your reply, and hope to get answer my questions. Bye for now, your Ksusha.

Letter 6

Dear XXXX,

I am so sorry that i couldn't write you for these days because I had to go to my relatives with my parents urgently and I didn't have even opportunity to use the internet because they live in the village ans there was no any internet clubs there:( you even can't imagine now muhc i miss you and wanted to read your letters and to feel that you are with me!!! you know even when I was there I was thinking about you all the time... I was worried that you wrote me and I didn't reply you:( but now I am here again!So how are you? I hope that you still need me, isn't it? Ksusha.

Letter 7

Hello my sweet XXXX!

thank you for your answer, it was interesting for me to know more and more about you, I hope that you too:) i think that there is nothing importent then to have life values and hold them during all your life. I just came to my friend just to check my mail and get letter from you because I was thinking about you all this time. I like the way of your thinking and it is easy to communicate with you. You know when I came to my friend she was surprised why I can't wait till tomorrow and eagger to answer you right now;)) What about your plans for this summer? Are you going to go somewhere and have a rest?

As for me, i also will take a holidays in 3 weeks and I will not work for 1 month so I can have a rest:) but still don't know where it will be,at this moment I don't have any plans. I like summer so much because it is one season when you don't have to wear warm clothes:) just put on some dress or skirt with top ad that is all!! Today I am going to visit my mother at work because today they meet some foreingers from other counties as customers and she asked me to come to help her to be an interpreter.

What are you going to do this weekend? Do you have some plans? We often go to the river or lake when it is hot outside with my friends, I like to spend time with them but at the same time I understand that I need a man in my life to feel myself completed because non person on the earth can excist along...he needs a couple to leave some track after... I would like to be close to you right now, may be you think that I am rather fast but I feel intimacy in your letter, it seems to me that I speak with your hear and that is why my heart is open for you and I want to share with you only my deepest wish! Yes, I want to be with you and may be...who knows, may be very soon we can seat at the sea side and just talking about our feelings in reality!!:) Think about me and imagine the time that we are not far from, and tell me your feelings then, ok? I am here and waiting... With my kiss, Ksusha.

Letter 8

Hello my dear XXXX!

If you don't mind me to call me that:) You can't imagine how bright you made my day today when I came to my friend July and saw your letter!!! I don't want to be wrong but it seems to me that it is only the beginning of something good and bright feeling:) And you know I bagan to understand that how it is great when someone thinks about you and waiting to know about your news, just what you do during a day. It seems to me that you are a good man and all that qualities that I usually used to value in a man you have! I mean kindness, respectness and just to be a good person, when people want to communicate with you more and more, because all your thoughts are from your heart, I hope that I am not mistaken and that you are faithfl with me! I know this as I feel the same from my side and it is very impotent for me to feel it from you. I can't explain why but I feel like I knew you before, it seems to me that we have something in common that helps us to undertnad our souls. I like to know the world where we live, to recognize everything that surrounds us. It was always interesting for me to read about other counties, their traditions, and I think that it is great when you can travel all over the world and know everything new. I think that when you have some aims, some wishes you can always echieve it finally, it is neccessary only to make all your efforts to eagger it. I always imagine my future in bright colors. I don't mean that I will be popular or reach person, it is not my desires. I dream about my future family, about my loving man who can wake me up in the morning and just say simple words :Good morning, my love, my dear, my sweetheart...', it is so importent for each woman to know that her man loves her so much that ready for everything in order to be close to her. It is so great to hear kids' laughting around and see in the eyes of your child the mirror of your love part... and it is real happiness when you have it, it is my biggest wish to find my loving part and say 'God morning, my sweety, you know that I do love you so much that can't imagine my life without you...' I always imagine that it will be cosy house, full of tender love and understanding, where there will be no place for argues. They say that to be beautiful doesn't mean to be happy. May be it is true, cause I don't need everybody's love, I need love from the only man who can accept all my devoted life to him...

I will be very happy to get your reply cause I will be waiting for it impatientely, your Ksusha.

Letter 9

It was so nice from your side, XXXX that you replied me so fast!!! It is quite warm here and even I can say that it is too hot and I would like to be somewhere close to the water, some lake or hold sea:) to get cold! And what about the weather in your country? Do you dream about the sea? If not, then it might be cold:) I just come to my friend, i hae forgotten to tell you that I write you from her computer because i don't have my own yet. She is my best frind and we have acquainted with her already for more then 10 years. She lives in my house but on another flore,so it is not very far to go there.

You know, dear XXXX, I catched myslef that it is quite interesting to corresspond with someone from another country. I always thought that people of other culture are quite differ but now i see that I was wrong:) because while reading your letter I understand that we want the same things in this life and have alot of common. When somebody asks me if I am afraid to marry a foreign man I wil answer that it is quite normal and there are nothing to afraid, don't you agree with me? I hae thought a lot about my life and my future and I understand that we should build our future and do the best to make our children's life happier. I understand that here in Ukraine we have so few opportunities to be happier then it is possible because our level of life is lawer then others, and that is why I desided to live in some other country. But it is dificult when you are along and that is why I am here because I want to find my man who can help me to be happy:) As for me I think that every person should choose for himself what is the main goal for him and then do all possible to get it! I know my prioritets: for the first place it is my family. Because I think that there is no anything worst when you have nobody close to you and in you heart, when you are alone. As for me I have alot of friends and we meet very often, I don't feel alone, but at the same time I fell that my heart is alone because I don't have my love, my man, my seetheart... I do hope that very soon all will be changed...

So, some worlds about my life:) I live with my parents, I am the third child in my family amd I am the youngest one. I have also two sisters who has already married and they have already children, so cute:) I would like to have one also:) because I like to spend time with my sisters and their children, i love them so much! They say that children are the flowers of our life and i agree completly with this statement, don't you? My father and mother are workers in the shoe factory, they worked there all their life and even they met each other there:). They loved each other so much, inspide they worked hard all their life. They didn't see anything axcept our town where we live and their factory. If some day I will have the pportunity to buy them a new house at the sea side in the Crimea, I will do that definitly! They worth more in this ife because they did everything for the sake of us, of their children! May be my letter's spirit today is not so high:) and it is bother you a little bit:) but I want you to know that I am sinsere with you and I didn't use to high something deep inside because I think that it is not faithful when you talk with a person and you don't know what is inside:) Besides you know about my intentions.

I would like you to be franky with me in response, share with me your life goal and what you really want in this life and why you decided to look for a wife in Ukraine but not in other country? I have heard of course that foreign man wants to have Ukrainian wife but I still didn't know the answer, can you be so kind to get reply frpm you:) No I have to go, I need to think over some oder that one clint made today. As I wrote you before i work as a disigner and I have to design a room in French stily I like my profession and i do this with a greate pleasure! So, write me, I am waiting already:)

Have a nice day, Ksusha.

Letter 10


It is pleasant for me that you noticed my profile on site. As you saw, I am 23 years old, and I am from Ukraine, Mukacheve town. Have you ever been to Ukraine? I don't know if you have already tried to find your another part here in the ineternet, but as for me it is not for the first time. One year ago I aleady tried to find a man and it was not succesful:) I just corresponded with other men and they want to meet me futher but to tell the truth I was not ready then to change something in my life, may be it was because of my age, and besides I were studing at the University and didn't want to stop it. And now I decided to try again my happiness:) because some of my fried recently was married with a man who she met in the ineternet and I began to believ that all of this not only games.

But by the way, may be it is not interesting for you:) and you are eagger to know more about my life and about me, so I am reay to start.I am Ukrainian girl, I have never been married and I don't have children, but I would like to have in my future. And what about you? I would like to know your points:)I used to lead an active way of my life. I don't like to seat at one place all the time because everything is changed arroun us and we should change also. I have graguated the University this year and I have got Master of Degree by profession as a Designer because I always liked to make something beutiful and styled. And besides, it matches to my changed character:) So by the way, did you choose your profession by vote? It would be great if we can find something in common because i think that it is better to undrestand each other when you like to spend free time the same way and to have the same way of thinking... but from the other hand, they say that extremes meet:) I don't know how is better, may be you can suggest?? By the way, I write you by my own, because I leaned English for more then 9 years by hooby, it is one of it:) but as for my main hoobby I will tell you in my next letter in order not to bother you:) I look forward for your next letter and your answers! want to attach another my photo so you can imgine who writes you:)



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