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Dating scammer Marriage Agency NiceBride


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Name: Marriage Agency NiceBride



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Yes, gentlemen! An entire (official) Russian Marriage/Dating Agency this time! NiceBride uses profiles of innocent ladies to make men pay for their services. The women in the profiles are totally unaware of NiceBrides activities. They probably don't even know this agency exists.
In this Thread I will use a womans' name and the pictures NiceBride sends me of her: Angela from Yoshkar Ola. I found Angela (39) on DateMeFree. I made the first move. The answer, however, did not come from Angela (or DateMeFree). It came from NiceBride...

Van: 1265
Datum: 11-1-2008 14:11:57
Aan: Dirk
Onderwerp: Hello Dirk!!

Hello Dirk!
it was really nice of you to write me and to make the
first step. It's really hard to tell about myself,
but I will try not to make my letter boring Dirk :-))
Please write more about yourself next time, ok? I know much about
Netherlands this is a good country. Do you know much about Russia?
I live in a small Russian town, called Yoshkar-Ola. It's really small,
but sometimes I think that this is exactly what attracts
me. sometimes it feels like all the people here know each other.
You will sure meet somebody who you know if you go somewhere. :)
Besides we don't have traffic jams
on the roads...:-) and it keeps calm a lot of people,
don't you think so?
Dirk can I ask you how long are
you looking for someone through the Internet?
From the beginning, I would like to tell you that my
English is bad. I don't know it. that's why i use the match
making agency to make translations of my letters from Russian to
English and back. i do hope you don't mind??
You must be thinking why I decided to look for someone
through the Internet then? I do believe that I will find someone special
somewhere far away from me. i can't explain it, I just feel it and
that's all. Besides I have heard about lucky marriage when
people met each other through the Internet.
When I was 11 years old, I fell in love for the first time.
Of course it was not the love of a woman,
but of a little girl, but it was my
FIRST LOVE. At that time I was naive and innocent. I thought that
everything would be fine in my life. I would get married and have a
lot of children and my husband would be my only man for the whole
life! I am more than 30 now. And what did I have in my life???
I didn't have
even wedding with beautiful white dress. Of course I am
an adult now and life made me down to earth, but I feel that the
little girl still
live in me and all the dreams those didn't come true
still don't let me sleep at night!
I had some dates in my past but I didn't feel
that I could be near the person for the whole life. It's
not good when
you feel that the man who is near you doesn't know you at
I don't like men, when they want just a nice toy, that's
why I want my
man to be kind to me, because only a person, who knows
life will appreciate my love and my friendship.
I am old-fashion as I won't make any tattoos or piercing,
as I won't meet with the man who is much younger me,
as I won't have any intimate relations on the
first date. But I am not old-fashion as I follow the
fashion, I take a good care of myself and of my body.
What about you? do you have any tattoos? if so, I am not against
of it. i was trying to tell that I don't have them at
my body.

I hope you are the person with serious intentions and you
are not dreaming
about 20 years old ladies with models' look. I am nice
looking woman, but I am not young already...:-(
What woman needs in my age? not nice looking man, believe me,
but the man whom you would feel that you are weak woman. the woman,
who needs love and protect. So i am here do not play any games with
feelings. I simply want to find my soul-mate. I want to
feel protected.

I am a mother. My daughter's name is Vlada. I am
sending you
the pictures of us together. The one picture was made on
the day of
her graduation the school. Looking at her, I still
can't get used that she grew up so fast. She is 19 years
old already!! May be for me she will stay
as a little girl. For example, i can't imagine that one
day she will come at
home and tell me that she is getting marry, although she
is adult
enough for making such decision.
I hope that I didn't shock you, may be I was too straight
in my words,
but I think that from the very beginning we must clarify
everything. I got used to be myself in any situation.
So it's the first page of our book and I hope that the next page won't
be shorter. Our book shouldn't miss any of the Internet dates we had:))
Who knows may be you will be the part of final chapter of my life??
With best wishes to you, my friend Dirk.
Don't forget to go to the photographer to tke pics for me, ok?? :))
I'm writing to you just in the beginning of New Year, I have many hope
for new Year, it has come but what will he bring with it?
I hope that much happiness for both of us. And I hope that our
correspondence will bring us to beautiful and stable and serious
relations. I do hope.
With nice hopes and dreams I end this letter and wait for yours.

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Dear Gentlemen!
New service at the agency!!!
If you don't have web-camera or want to see your lady often and
her voice, you can order a little reel, where your lady tells
you something
pleasant, congratulate you with holidays, wish you all the best.
If you are interested, contact director.
Order special photos of your lady personally for you!


The girl with whom you correspond is a member of
Russian Marriage Agency NiceBride the official
site of which is
We recommend you to visit our site to learn more
about our services and lady.

- director of the Marriage Agency 'NiceBride'

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2008-02-26, 19:46:44
Crikey from Australia  
Lol OJAS and Dirk,

Trying not to clutter the link by posting much while reading Dirks thread ,its a giggle to watch u2 work out the anthem,we arent a republic as of yet,and still have ties to england on a government level etc,our national anthem is the 'australians all let us rejoice ,for we are young and free' etc..however,most aussies dont even know the second stanza LOL..cheers guys,and interesting read on the thread Dirk:)

2008-02-26, 20:40:57
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
It's the first one! I knew it! Nice song, Australia. This Dutch guy knows it by heart already.

Most Dutch know their anthem only by tune!
2008-02-26, 20:57:33
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Here is the complete text of the oldest (official) ones in the world: the Dutch one. It's almost 500 years old. Every Dutchman sings the first strophe when an important soccergame begins (i.e Netherlands-Germany). The morons don't even know what it is about!!!


Am still searching for the music. It's hard to find, but I will find it.

Interesting discussion, don't you think?

2008-02-27, 04:33:54
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Van: 1265
Datum: 27-2-2008 12:23:32
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: Re: Webcam

Hello dear Dirk!

I'm very pleased to get your nice letter.

What concerns web camera I will wait till you

order it and then we could plan the definite time for it!!

I'm really exited to have it. I wish you order it as soon as possible because

I'm really exited to see you on line!

But at the moment I more wait when you arrange the

correspondence so that I could not worry about this.

Do you want me to pay for the letters? Let me know, ok?

I don't want to be in debt to the agency.

Well I will wait for your news on this.

Yesterday was a busy day and that's why I find it so wonderful to be at

home, sitting in a warm dressing gown. I have just made tea(green tea)

and while writing to you this letter I'm sipping it from my favorite


Today I bought a present for my mother for 8th of March.

I bought a watch

with a bracelet made from chrysolite.

I have bought a special book where it's written about every stone and

it's meaning that is addition to my gift :).

Actually for this day women are given flowers but mother is

the dearest person for me and I want to give her a special gift.

Dirk do you belive that stones have

special manning and can influence our life?

For example Jasper is a stone that keeps you from an evil eye,

prevents you from headaches and makes a woman more sexy. It helps to

be happy in a family, it's a stone of stability and harmony.

If a person is wicked and lies then it's not recommended to wear this

stone or otherwise it will bring you unhappiness. And many other

things written about stone, it's history and so on.

Do you know your stone that is good only for you?

If you want I can look in this book,

I just need the time (if you know ) and date of birth to find this out.

There's important event in Russia on 2nd of March the election of

Russian president,

I will work in the election committee for 2 days (2nd, 3rd of March).

I will vote for Medvedev. Dirk, I'm sure you will hear this on TV news too.

That's why this week end I will work at poles.

I will come to the agency before the week end to get your letter.

Miss you and think of you my dear Dirk,

Kiss you and hug you,

Your Angela.

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2008-02-27, 17:27:28
Crikey from Australia  
Lmao at only know the tune,lordy i thought aussies were slack~! yep interesting convo,but of course i read with interest to your latest conversation with angela.cheers all:)
2008-02-29, 08:26:03
[hidden] from United States  
hay all and thanks for all the info im talking to a lady on nicebrides my self and ive been wondering about some things like when i send nadya a email about getting this thing payed with in 30min the manager sends me a email stating that nadya has called and tilled them that i needed the western union info mmm will Nadya told me she would not be in till saterday after noon so how did she know and till them i asked her for it so that was the 2nd flag that went up on them so i google there name nicebrides and i found you all ive been up all night now trying to fine out before i payed the 56.oo usd now im not sure i was really getting to like this lady to so im glad i did fine you all but i might pay and see what happens but i will send here a email stating what i fill and to ask how comes ever time i ask here about something that the manager of nicebrides sends me a reply with in 30mins after i sent her the letter with i knowing she wasnt going to be there and till her i went here to send me a photo holding a note with my name before i pay and see what they do then ,you all thank that will work are what?yet me know what you all thank ok and thanks for everthing here,i just like to know of one good place to meet a real lady from there at it seems that all are scams anymore ..thanks all ,,,
ps i have a few other ladys from cherryblossem i will post that i know are scams and man do they wait for at least 4 to 5 weeks till they ask for money to come here lol
2008-02-29, 15:07:18
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Haven't heard from Angela for a couple of days. NiceBride seems a bit nervous...

Van: 1265
Datum: 29-2-2008 13:19:44
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: manager

Dear gentleman !

Thank you for using our site. You are welcome to use all the services

our agency provides.

We do our best to meet all your demands and hope that you will help us

in this cooperation. On your part we offer you to help your lady to

prolong your correspondence and make it more intensive and serious.

You can pay 56$ or 38 Euro a month so that it will facilitates prompt

and accurate execution of all the services.

After sending us the correspondence fee you get the following :

1. Your lady will have no financial responsibilities for your

correspondence, as the payment includes a month correspondence

for both sides.

2. You will be able to send as many photos to each other as you


3. You will get the translation of letters which were sent to you

(from Russian into English ).

4. Your lady will get the copies of your letters printed specially for


5. Your lady will have a professional translation of your letters in

written or oral form.

6. She will not pay for letters, which we must type and send to you.

The number of letters is unlimited .

7. If your lady wants we can copy your photos and your letters to her


8. If you have any questions, you can contact our manager and get all

the information on our agency and services.

Remember that first 3 letters are free of charge in order to give you

the opportunity to have an idea of your further correspondence. So

that you would run no risk.

You can send the funds online from your credit card using This way the money should be sent to the address

It is also possible to use if it is more

convenient for you. In this case the money should be sent to

(I like this part best. It seems to be what this letter is about:)


To make sure that our Paypal or moneybookers account is not closed any

more we ask you not to send any additional messages with the money

about the services and ladies you are paying for.

It will be enough if you send us a separate e-mail to or and tell us the services you are paying

for, the number of the lady's profile and any comments or questions

you may have.

If for some reason you can't use Paypal please contact us


for getting the details to send money via Western Union.

You are welcome to our agency and if you have any questions or

comments do not hesitate to write our manager. It will be a

pleasure for us to give you an immediate reply.

Thank you for the cooperation.

Sincerely, Nicebride agency.

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2008-03-03, 03:18:11
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Van: 1265
Datum: 3-3-2008 8:09:00
Aan: Dirk van Dellen
Onderwerp: Women's Day

Dear Gentleman!!!

Never forget about 8 March if your girl is Russian. It's an official Women Day,

the favorite day for all Russian women.

It's very important for every Russian woman to feel her man's

love and care.

On this day men give women gifts and flowers.

Men also are supposed to do all the housework this day and

women have a chance to forget about cooking,dishes and so on.

Our agency offers you to visit our Women's Day page to chose the right gift for your lady.


8 March is celebrated everywhere: in offices, schools,

families and, of course, in private.

Students and businessmen prepare nice surprises

for their classmates and colleagues.

Children paint something or do handicrafts as gifts for their mothers and grannies.

Men come home with flowers for their wives and candies for their daughters.

The most popular present are flowers

especially mimosas, daffodils and tulips.

But We are sure that roses are the favorite flowers of any woman. Our agency

offers you lots of bunches. Every bunch of flowers is unique and has its own name.

Please visit the page:


You can also order nice bouquet of taste sweets in holiday basket.

To order other sweet gifts you can visit our Sweet Tooth page


This year we give you a chance to present the tea sets

You can also present your lady with a gift that will be always useful for her

You can order the certificate of local Beauty Shops.

Your lady will be able to choose whatever she will like for the

sum of certificate you order in our agency. Your Lady will choose

any cosmetic of any brand she wants.

You can order the certificates for $50-250

or you can order the certificates in beauty saloon for your lady,

that will be the real pleasure for her.

Order the certificates for $45-105

Please write to to order the present for

your lady.

Please pay attention to the change of the ways of sending money for the services.

If you use paypal , so now the money should be sent

to the new address

You are always welcome with your questions and suggestions.

Sincerely, director of Nicebride.

2008-03-08, 02:39:58
anonymous from United States  
hay all and good day
will im still talking to nadya from nicebrides and i made her take a photo holding my name on a pice of paper and she did with her son on her lap to and im on the 10 letter and was only asked so far to help her pay to talk to me and so i dont know who is paying now like i said she sent me 2 photos of her holding her son with the pace of paper with my full name so ill see how long this go;s on lol ill let everone know as it keeps going if you all went
i was going to post the photo but it has my name in full on it so i fix it and if its ok ill post it
2008-03-13, 10:30:09
anonymous from United States  
RE: NiceBride

FYI-I have been to Yoshkar-Ola (twice), and I have been to the NiceBride Agency. In fact, it is through NiceBride that I met my fiance'. I'm sure every agency has a few illegitimate women on their site, but from personal experience, I think that NiceBride makes efforts to make sure their women are legitimate.

If you have not actually been to an agency and made an effort to personally meet a woman, can you decide she is not legit? Just because her profile appears on more than one website doesn't necessarily make her a scammer. She may just be a woman who is making all possible efforts to meet Mr. right.

Of course, the agency has to charge fees for the services. How else can a business stay in business. Running a business costs money, so the aim of business it to make money.

John Fisher
Allentown, PA
2008-04-04, 21:27:09
anonymous from United States  
To anonymous! Are you still corresponding with Nadya at Nicebride? Was contacted by Nadya 1058 who also has a son called Yaraslov. She was advertising on a site I am a member of in USA and says she is paying for our correspondence after the third letter. I talked with the manager and director at the agency and laid the law down about them coming on our sites since we have already paid to talk to the ladies on our site! Just curious if you are still talking to her and what you think.
2008-04-14, 10:00:09
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
NiceBride on another blacklist


2008-05-06, 05:10:42
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Found another one. Contacted her myself on DateMeFree. The answer came from NiceBride...

Van: 1603
Datum: 6-5-2008 10:29:32
Aan: Dirk
Onderwerp: Hi My New Friend!

Thanks a lot for writing me!
You know what? I'm really very happy today!
The reason for this wonderful emotion is your letter which I have
received. I couldn't even imagine that receiving letters is such a
wonderful thing!
I think that even Internet correspondence is very romantic. Without
any doubt it's much more difficult to express your feelings & emotions
just in letters & signs, I can't deny that correspondence is not the
same as real communication. But it's a good beginning. Really good
You are so far away from me, but every time you will write something about
yourself, every time you will make pictures for me, every time you will send me a letter - you will
send me a piece from your life, a piece of your heart. If you will be
sincere - I will feel it.
And each letter will make us closer to each other.
I like writing letters, it's very interesting! It's like writing poems
or novels, the only difference is that I am the main character &
everything what I write is true, not a fiction like in books;)
And I also like receiving letters! I have to wait of course, but
it's a pleasant anxious expectation. I wait for letters like children
wait for Christmas. I even try to imagine - what will be in this new
letter from my far away friend. Will it be news about the place you
live, new pics, or some interesting facts from your life? To cut a
long story short - I'm glad to read anything you write - cause every
even small fact from you let us know each other better. Agree?
So, I would like to invent something original & to surprise you by
telling something unusual... But, well, I think just common opening
words will be more suitable;)
Let me first tell you about me.
My name is Zlata. In Russian it means Gold. My name is quite unusual,
but it's the original one & I like it. I do believe that the name
influences people's character in some degree. And you? Do you share my
So, my friends say that I have a golden heart - it means that they
consider me to be a kind person. I can't but agree with it;)
I'm always ready to help if my friends or relatives are in need.
Besides, I appreciate & respect myself, cause I think 'gold' should be
appreciated;) Am I right? So I'm quite self confident, but not
selfish. I can respect & appreciate my partner either!
I am easy going person, I like to communicate with people.
I have a lot of friends in Russia, but I haven't got luck to find my
soul mate. That's why I decided to try to find my love abroad. The
only possible way to do it is to use the Internet. I think that
distance & language should not be a barrier for people who are looking
for their love. Agree?
It can be so that the God created someone specially for me - and He is
looking for me somewhere in the other part of the world...
It's romantic & a bit silly, but i really believe that I will find my
love soon;) Probably I have just found ( I mean YOU;) but neither I
nor you know about it yet;)
So, I hope now you have the idea why I'm here.
And what intentions do you have? Are looking for serious relations?
It's really important for me! Cause I don't want to waste time on
playing games. Do you see my point, dear?
Well... I guess you have never heard about Yoshkar-Ola city (It's the
place I live) And it's not surprising - cause it's not a famous city.
It's small provincial town with modern architecture. Very beautiful in
summer. The advantage of my city is good environment - pure water &
air. The disadvantage is that sometimes it's incredibly boring to live
here. But I do my best to invent something new & interesting even in my
small city. It's possible to do it;) So if one day you would like to
come & see me we will have a lot of fun together. No doubt;)
Please write me more about the place you live. It will also help me
to know you better. Don't forget to send pictures! Ok?;)
So I think I close my letter here. I think it's high time, cause I
don't want you to be bored. I will write you more in my next letter!
So I send you a picture of me & I hope with all my heart that you'll
love it!
Keep in touch!
Make me smile with your new letters!

Mother's day is coming.....
It's the holiday of all mothers of all nationality.
Our agency offers you to chose nice present for your special one lady
You can find lots of present to make her a nice surprise
on Mother's day!!
Dear Gentlemen!
New service at the agency!!!
If you don't have web-camera or want to see your lady often and hear
her voice, you can order a little reel, where your lady tells you something
pleasant, congratulate you with holidays, wish you all the best.
If you are interested, contact director.
Order special photos of your lady personally for you!

The girl with whom you correspond is a member of
Russian Marriage Agency NiceBride the official
site of which is
We recommend you to visit our site to learn more
about our services and lady.
- director of the Marriage Agency 'NiceBride'

2008-05-09, 11:33:03
anonymous from United States  
Dirk- How have you come to the conclusion these women are not real? How do you know the letters come from an agency and not the girls themselves, since they write them through the agency, supposedly. Also, from reading other anti-scam sites this woman you corresponded with and others on here are real legitimate women! Men have gone there and actually dated them. Many men have actually been to the agency there and dated these women and have talked of the operations of the agency. Personally, I think most of the women are legitimate but some are probably professional daters, no doubt.
I have personally written, talked to, and had floweres delivered and picture taken of one of the ladies there to verify her identity. We have corresponded for two months now. I do believe many popular women there have form letters for the first two or three letters but after that if they still keep correspondence they write them themselves. Just my two cents worth.
2008-05-10, 04:36:14
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
I never said that these women aren't real. I wouldn't dare! Of course they are real. The letters come from NiceBride. I didn't ask NiceBride for anything. I found the profiles elsewhere.



One of many testimonies about NiceBride

Hello everybody

1.- Scammer Agency:
2.- Scammer Lady: Olga Bogachova
3.- Her date of birth: 16/10/1967
4.- Her address and telephone number: Unknown
5.- her email address:

The tittle of my story is:

For 6 months I supported e-mail with a beautiful Russian woman. The letters between us were numerous and very affectionate. I was paying to the agency Nicebride of Yoshkar-Ola (Russia) ( monthly 35$ for their services of translation. I could never get the telephone number of the woman, since she said to me that it was absurd that I was calling her since only she was speaking the Russian language. In spite of her response, I paid to the agency 35$ in order that they were sending to me the above mentioned number, but after fact the payment, they said to me that, without the assent of the woman, they couldn't provide to me the above mentioned information. Then I decided to go to know her to Yoshkar-Ola (Russia). It was 20 days ago. When I arrived to the agency, appointment previous, the woman wasn't there. I was waiting two hours, and only after exercising pressures under the threat of denunciation, the woman appeared, but my surprise was very big on having verified that the woman treated me like a stranger, as if she had never written me. I asked her several questions about her behavior and she limited herself to being silently without answering anything concrete, although there was an interpreter with us. She didn't even want to accept the branch of flowers that I was taking her. After 10 minutes, the woman went away.

From the agency, I only got a response: these things happen sometimes. In spite of the events, the reporting of the woman follows being published in the web page of Nicebride, with the ID nº 1128

I want to denounce to the agency Nicebride, so after the inquiries carried out by me in the city of Yoshkar-Ola, it seems that the agency uses like a attraction some of the most beautiful women who appear in their Web page, who exist really but they don't look for anybody, to do money. If a woman writes a man, the agency earn 35$, but if she do it, for example, with 10 ones simultaneously, earn monthly 350$. Likewise it seems that the agency takes part in the wording and/or writing of the letters, and approaches inside the logic that the woman receives some money from the agency for the given services


One comment from the Site Admin of R/S


Also, the agency that works with foreigners MUST accept other forms of payment, if they accept WU only, they are scam. I don't know if their girls are real or not, most likely they work with them and get their share of revenue. If they are real, they should be more selective to whom they give their photos and personal info. But anyway, what nicebride is doing is disgusting, and even more disgusting is the fact that they KEEP DOING IT! Each and every profile they place on my free dating service will go on the scamlist.


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