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Dating scammer eunice ?


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Name: eunice ?


She ssay she live in scotland ?Oris it Ghana

Other Comments:
Who is she? I.m a right its a scammer, or rong , meet her of datingsite, .
She say she is scotland, she want to come to holland, but first visit fhather in ghana, and then she tell when she is there , she have accedent, and ask for me to pay , dokter bills, think she book feak trip( i foon airport), everthink look very good organyst, olmost true, later when she better she want money money for tripto scotland.
Is the dokter and hospital fake? everthing look so real , fond no misstaks from here. was i missing a very sexy girl or was it fraude, hwo no the story or now this girl?


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2008-01-13, 13:24:06
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Hi again!
I never saw 'my scammers' on web-cam. Always have some reasons. They dont have a PC too.
One of them http://www.delphifa..2589.shtml I saw many the same letters here from another names.
This scammer keeps writing me despite I dont answer.

Thanks Google that I could find this site.
2008-01-13, 13:32:12
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Добрый вечер Россия,

Благодарите Вас! Есть только один способ бороться с этим: объединенный. Добро пожаловать! я надеюсь прочитать больше комментариев вашей руки. Поздравления из Нидерландов
2008-01-14, 10:19:28   (updated: 2008-01-14, 10:40:18)
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Спасибо! Я добавила ещё одного мошенника, первого и наиболее серьёзного, теперь надеюсь, что информация о нем здесь скоро появится.
Этому голландцу лучше удалить порнофотографии, это неприлично. Напишите ему об этом, пожалуйста, на Вашем родном языке :-)
Перехожу на английский, а то меня не поймут :-)
The first my scammer is most dangerous, good actor and can be very nasty. Very persistant, he still bothers me and threatens. Its so stupid because he blames that he spent all of his money in Nigeria FOR ME to establish own oil business!!! Its amazing! Now he demands I pay him back! I didnt tell him that know he is scammer. I reported to Nigerian embassy. Will see what is gonna happened. May be nothing.
Usual chain of lie - born in UK (or in Spain, Italy, Poland, Mexico... to explain bad english and strange not AMERIAN AND NOT BRITISH spelling), moved to US, now in Nigeria. I have read plenty of that kind of stories here. Its a first RED FLAG: person is in West Africa for any kind of reason. Its scammer for 99%.
2008-01-14, 13:06:28
anonymous from Netherlands  
hello dirk , ik weet dat scammer is , maar ik wil kijken hoever ze gaat en hoelang ze volhoud , meestal stoppen ze snel , maar deze blijft doorgaan , en ik blijf meesspelen, ,haha ik stuur geen geld , wees gerust, maar bedankt voor advies gr
2008-01-14, 16:04:18
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Russian Federation,

Нет ничего, чтобы волноваться о. Какой Вы объявляли?


Goed zo.
2008-01-15, 11:13:56   (updated: 2008-01-15, 11:49:05)
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I added scammer here but I did not get answer on my e-mail and scammer is not posted yet. May be should try one more time?
I even have found his photos on my work PC. From my own notebook I deleted him as soon as I understood that he is a scammer. I blocked his calls, I blocked his Yahoo IM name. Sorry that I didnt know about this site before - I would have more information.
His name is
He gave some other name (may be its real) to receive my money which I promised to send over Western Union (like many victims here).


His e-mail is CHARLES KELLY <>
His Yahoo IM name charlesryan_01
His phone number is +2348024659576.
His is extremely relentless. He was very sweet and now like another person at all have become very nasty after I told him that I wont send money. He send me messages over my cell phone. I cannt stop it, just dont answer. He is my 'bad habit' now.
I am putting on his photos here.
He have found me on Singlesnet. His screen name is ryantkoo7. His profile is still there.
Later I have 3 or 4 more scammers but I already can spot them.
I deleted most of his letters. Two of them

My one and only one that i have in my whole life how are you doing over there,guess you are very much okay?Honey i sent you a message through your cell phone number yesyeday and still no reply yet? Honey dont let people here laugh at me i so much belibve that you will do something about what am passing through.
Honey please you are my last hope that have gotten for now i know its not easy to for you as well but i want you to know that its what i will definitely pay back to you within a shortest time just needed some money to make up by bills here in the hotel.
Am strongly beliving in you cause i know you will be there to help me right now in any way you can assit please do and i give you in return honey,you just have to assit me here just something that you think i can use in making payment of my bills here.
i do count on you so much honey just asit me cause right now am in a finaciail crisis.
Love you honey,


2008-01-15, 11:35:13   (updated: 2008-01-15, 11:45:35)
anonymous from Russian Federation  
One more letter from the scammer Charles
'Honey how are you doing over there today? i woke up this morning with a tot of you and then i ask to bless you the way he hasnt done it for you before,in my previous night i reallt felt about you so much that i diint rest well just thinking about you defarmes me so crazy, i hope even in dreams we are together.
Honey once agian i want to say a very big thank you to you for makinmg us to have what its on ground here in nigeria,its my desire in life to make you very happy at all times.
Honey here are the details when you are about sending me the money:
Honey as soon as you make the payment let me know on time so i can pick it up i might send my personal seceretary to pick it up here are his details .

N:B you can make use of any one you choose to but i would prefer its own name so he can collect it from the bank as the receiver cause i might be very busy here to received it honey but he is always free with me to pick it up.'

I think this scammer should be added because he is very good actor, creative, nice.
But he has usual scammers problems: bad spelling, has schedule for chatting, no web-cam, small strage things like no laptop when he claims that was establishing his own oil company, wife was unfaithfulness with the best friend, his mum cant wait to see me, quick fallig for me, promise to by a car for me immediatly as soon as I tell and in a few hours - ask me for money. Promise to marry, called himself 'the spous', no direct answers, cant find important letters in mail box, etc. Went crasy when I answered him that I dont love him cause its too fast for love.
He created many different reasons to convince me: pay bills for hotel, pay to military officers who excort him, pay some brides to state people, for ticket to come to me, for ticket to come to UK (He claims he is originally from UK, moved to Brooklin, now is establishing his own business in Nigeria), for living...


2008-01-20, 10:13:13   (updated: 2008-01-20, 10:24:54)
Moskva,Droog from Russian Federation  
Its true, Tony. I saw here female scammers with the same size of pictures. And I have one more scammer with the same tiny photos. We just started. I will wait till he asks me for money. According to scenario he should moves soon to West Africa (I guess Nigeria) from LV. And then I will post him here. His profile says that he is from Canada. Its first criteria - confusing with location.
My Refugee scammer from Senegal http://www.delphifa..589.shtml
2008-01-24, 07:28:01
This my scammer Charles Ryan have sent me yesterday usual every day short message over my cell phone and promised me to hang himself because I dont answer. It would be just great! :-)
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