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Dating scammer Kennedy Ned


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Name: Kennedy Ned



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This man on the picture ist not Kennedy Ned, this is a scammer from Nigeria.The pictues are stealed from He used the picture from model James Bill and his daugther Ashley is Wailea from kids models.

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2008-04-03, 11:20:38
anonymous from Austria  
Be sure, the pics are all stolen from fucus hawaii, a model agency. Be carefully, she/he is a scammer.
2008-05-02, 14:13:09   (updated: 2008-05-02, 14:23:16)
anonymous from New Zealand  
Wow, add me to the list peoples!
I heard from this Predator on I had signed up looking for love, my profile talked about my christian/ spiritual beliefs, why is this relevant, read on.

This Predator identified himself as DR JOHN ZEUS, he liked to be called 'JAY' by his friends (I learnt this week, Jay Zeus is slang for Jesus, he's got a sick sense of humour too!). After working out he had a number of gaps in his story, similar to the above. His current story is: ....on his own for the past 10 years, raised his daughter on his own, living in Ireland, Lecturer for Queens University, Belfast, his daughter, Pearl, goes to boarding school. He is consistent that his story that his mother and daughter are important to him. His wife died in an auto crash years ago. His next companion cheated on him with a best friend - he doesn't make frieds easily, his daughter is his best friend, he has a dog named Farook, a Jap nanny, teaches Year 2 students, majors in Biology and all of this. His approach was full on love from the moment we started talking - being a skeptic, I stayed cool about his approaches until he made a fatal mistake of getting tetchy with me when I pressed for more information re. his daughter, his life, I wanted more detail - he let me know he wasn't going to supply it. The alarms bells started ringing. Through people at work, I was able to ascertain something wasn't on the up and up. Suddenly, he had to go to Africa for a 3 day seminar, afterwhich the plan was to come here, check me out if we had a future together, sounded all too good to be true. We left things for a day, I checked out a few places where he could stay (yes, I know... silly girl), but, this was a good thing, when I revealed to him what i had done, found accommodation that he could afford, his reply was he would sort out his accommodation with a much better option, my choices weren't good enough?? More alarm bells. I ignored him for a day, got back, just to say hello, he replies with this long tale about problems with Immigration zzzzzz another email tells me he needs 1000 euros (NZ$2,008.00 I learnt). So that was it for me, his long declarations of love stopped after my response to him was basically... 'Let's leave this in God's hands, let's wait on him for an answer' if he is was meant to be here with me! Which hasn't gone down well for Mr Zeus, in fact, I'd say he's still quite confused by my response, my lack of love for him to come here.

Dr Zeus is keen to visit New Zealand too! hahaha His email address is

OK. The 'daughter' I located her picture by sheer fluke, she is a model on the Focus International, a Hawaii modelling agency, she has a whole lot of other pics - very beautiful girl. Her name there is 'Christian' - oh the irony.

Aside from being on this website, I just wanted to say, if you have any information that would be useful to help others, e.g. I contacted Queens University, Belfast to alert them to this fellow, they might want to pursue some legal action against him if they can locate him. I also contacted and informed them of the same thing.. for me it about being proactive in stopping these Predators from hurting anymore people. Turn your anger into something like this, be active in trying to catch them.

2008-05-07, 11:51:54
anonymous from Auckland, New Zealand  
UPDATE: The Predator is still at it. DR JOHN ZEUS is now operating as LINCOLN KENNEDY, claiming now to be a resident of Auckland, New Zealand. You can find him on, he is now a Single, Caucasian.

His favourite hot spots on his profile, translate into his favourite places to scam are: Sydney, Adelaide, Las Vegas, Fiji, Kuala Lumpur, London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Johannesburg etc.

His profile reads: About Me and who I'm looking for:

'Hi, I'm an honest noble man who sees life to be incomplete without the right woman. I believe a woman makes a man and a man makes up a woman (Right!). Without the other half, life isn't and won't be complete so I'm all here to see that blessing who is my soul mate. I'm hard working (yes he is!), very responsible and I does what I do. If you think its time to achieve your New Zealand love dream and make your love dreams come true, experience more than love, then lets give this, a chance to workout and see where it goes'

There is a pattern to his declarations, here it is... A couple of emails later, I twigged (all in the same night!). Eventually, I responded with:

'Hello Lincoln or Jay or Neld or Ned... so which is it?!?

Your english language skills are the give away, that's how I could tell, it was you... I note too, you don't answer my direct questions, you distract and ask questions yourself... another clue...

So why do you do this... I know that's a pointless question, its all about the money... that's what you mean by being ambitious, hardworking - scamming is hard work, pouring your efforts into hurting people emotionally and scarring a few for life... all of this for money. Is this something you are really proud of... clearly it is...???

I have to ask, what heartless soul would do this, someone who clearly hates people with a vengeance... is that really you?!? Is money all that matters to you?!?

There are lots of people on this site who are looking for love, if you had an ounce of decency, you would leave them be to get on with it, while your at it, leave me alone as well.'

For what it was worth, I signed off, blocked his emails, this morning, got onto and laid a nice big juicy complaint...
2008-08-08, 13:15:13
I believe he's trying to scam my daughter. He's going by Jay Zeus, from London, England. He has a daughter, Pearl, who is 14. Claims his wife was killed 10 years ago in a car crash, and he's raised his daughter by himself.

2008-09-05, 22:10:37
anonymous from Canada  
I'm certainly glad I found this site! I didn't even know it existed. I received an email today from this guy on where his profile name was oldjay48. By the time I read the message, his profile had been removed but he gave me an email address on yahoo. I decided to google him and that led me there. Thank goodness.

He is using the name Jay, has a daughter named Pearl and lives with his Mom, says his wife died 10 years ago in a ghastly car crash. I think he is actually just cutting and pasting his emails since mine sounds almost word for word like one I already saw posted on this site.

Here's his first contact email:

hello pretty

hello sweetie, hope u don`t mind me calling you angel,i was just surfing through profiles and i guess your picture captured my eyes, i kept asking myself what will a pretty woman like you be doing online,do you mean to tell me that all men around you are blind and can`t just tell a true beauty when they find one, am Jay,am new here and am hoping you could say hi and lets see what fate and God has for us,do u believe in fate?Sweetie ,why don`t u tell me a little about yourself,u know what they say about the journey of a thousand miles always beginning with a step,i really wish to get to know u and start correspondence with you to see what we can make out of this.

PS:u can reach me via my private email id so we can chat and get to know each other,my yahoo id is john_zee47 and the domain is yahoo dont com

love and blessings

and here's his second one:

Dearest Angel,

Thanks for writing me from afar, am sorry that I disturbed you with my letter,i have removed my profile from,wrote to u and u never responded,so i thought it was not real,thanks for clearing my doubt with u email..... anyway I believe anyone online has a reason to be there, if you ask me my reason I will tell you that am online to search for my own true bride and love, a woman I want to spend the rest of my life with,but i guess the best thing to do now is to tell you more about myself so u can have a little insight of what am all about,am ambitious, optimistic, playful, hard working, devoted, intelligent, trusting, genuine, honest, sincere, witty and easy going man with lots of joy,love and happiness to offer to my true love and Mrs right. I'm very passionate and emotional in all areas of my life.I am very responsible and try to eat right,hence i make sure that i keep fit so i don`t get a pot I have always believed in a healthy relationship though i have not had one in a long time,

It is important to be passionate, romantic, caring, with lots of laughter to keep the body and soul going smoothly . I have strong family values and morals and love my daughter who is 14years old,living with me, spends most time with my mom, She is the most precious and only family I have, the best thing that has ever happened to me! am into humanitarian, voluntary works.i have always wanted a good woman, with great moral,cultural and family values...are u such woman?. Am Greek with an American mom,born in ireland and migrated at a young age after my daddy passed away I like playing golf,cooking hanging out.i like the outdoors too,My wife died 10years ago in a ghastly auto crash that left me single and alone in this world and i have spent the last ten years raising my daughter, Pearl,

Sweetie am not here online to mess up with your love and heart should in case we have a relationship,am a serious minded man,and i want to assure you that if all goes positive for us,i will like to meet you someday, so we see what kind of chemistry we have together,i don`t know what kind of relationship u are looking for,just want to let you know that am looking for a long term relationship with the right woman,and i hope i don`t get to look any further cos i believe that there something about u...hope to hear from you later tonight....u can contact me via my private email address so i can send u some pictures and hope to get urs too in response....its jay048 and the domain is yahoo dot com,or meet me online for a chat.
Love and roses

I will be reporting him to MillionaireMatch as soon as I finish this post. Then I will be sending him a reply to his last email telling him to go jump off the nearest bridge.

Thanks again for providing such a great service!

2008-09-06, 07:57:33
anonymous from China  
Jordan B from Focus Hawaii


2008-09-12, 18:03:12
anonymous from Canada  
Thank God! I have had these informations in the right time here! I'm contacted by this guy in Match. com on mid August too! He sent me his photos are older of course! His name is John Zeus, is a Textle business man in London, and called himself as Jay in his emails, same story that his daughter named Pearl but aged 19. He gave me his email address as : for I'm now 58 at age. He is now in Nigeria for business. Yesterday, he sent me an email by telling that he has problem in using his credit card in Nigeria and he has booked tickets to Canada to visit me next week. and would like to live in my house and see what kind of chemistry we together would be etc.... I know his next email to me will be asking me to send him some cash to his account for solving his problem now in Nigeria! Thank God, I woke up now!

From Asian woman


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