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Dating scammer Eketarina


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Name: Eketarina



Other Comments:
Hello my dear (what is your name?), thank you for your answer!

At first I think I have to say that I am new in internet and I have only good intentions.

you should know that I am not very good writer in english, please be patient to read my

messages and see many mistakes. to be fair I don't know what you want to know about me,in principle

I am usual girl.I think I should tell you about me, my interests,tastes and hobbies.I think I will tell you

about things I want to know about you and you will know my future questions.

I am 25 years old,my birthday is on April, 25th, 1982. I so much don't want to get older ,when I can see old women I am

getting crazy to think that it is my future .I do all the best to keep my youth and I keep my body well.In spite of all

difficultes here I am trying to be in good condition and I do a lot of exercises to be in good shape!

I am about 172 cm tall (5.6) and my weight is about 56 kg. I've been told I look well enough ,

and I think that all women have own beaty. I have never been married and I don`t have children.

I have one youngest sisters and it is great problem for us because we have only two rooms can't imagine what does it mean to be born

in small town in Russia,there are not any chances to live well,to get a good job.All young people leave towns to search

great luck in big cities but nobody waits for them there. I want to leave Russia,I know it sounds ugly but I know that I

will be lost here like many young girls before me. It is not place to grow children and have stable future.I want to meet my right man .

I think in future I can work as fitness trainer I have a certificate. My mother is my great problem too,she has a great dream to see me

married and she wants to make me happy but I think it is only my business I am not a little child. She tells me every day

that I should get married very soon... To be fair I am not sure I am able to explain all in first message I

want to say so much! I just want you to know that I am not afraid to work,I am fairly goal

oriented and I am sure you will be not disappoined to meet me in real life.I am going to spend three months

abroad to work in any good place,agency promises to help me because it is only the way I can leave Russia.I will have all documents

to travel in a few days and i will travel to St.-Petersburg then,from St.-Petersburg I will travel to you and they ask me about name of the city i am going to work,

if you don't mind to meet me please tell me the name of your city and nearest international airport! I will book my flight from St.-Petersburg!

I think it would be so great to meet my love and stay there forever.I know that it is not so easy like I think but I think it is possible that I meat my real love.

I want to love and to be loved I want to build our own happiness,only me and my man there. I don't smoke,I tried to smoke when I was younger.

I may have a glass of red dry vine,sometimes it helps to relax. I try to take care of my body and face. I know it is all I have.

My soul may have any itnterst for you later, I thinkso.I am not a little girl and I know that at first almost all men look

at body ,legs and face.God created males such persons. Well,I think I am lost in my letter,I am not sure you

understand my goals,please feel free to ask.

I live in Russia, town Shelekhov, Lenina street 9, flat 37 ,it is near big city Irkutsk.

My town is rather far from Moscow. Moscow is a capital of my country. I want you to reply if you understand my mind,my intentions,my soul,if

not please reply too, I will continue my searching. Well, I will close this letter,I think you are tired to read

it.and If you think that I should write shorter letters please tell me. I write from internet cafe in

Irkutsk because there are not cafes and possibility to use internet in my small town,we have 4 digital phone number and we

can't call abroad.Even to call in any big town here in Russia I have to order the call in advance.and I would like to say

please don't worry if I keep silence sometimes I have no time to travel ,it is about 25 minutes by bus from my town till Irkutsk

Please tell me more about you,your tastes,likes and dislikes .also I have a few impotant questions do you

like strong drinks too much?can you be very drunk?very ofthen?can you be rude with women?

Well,I have to stop or I will write without ending.Kiss you !see you later. In my next e-mail I will write you more things about myself and

more details about my trip and work. I will miss you, your Ekaterina


2008-02-02, 11:15:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from Thailand  

2008-03-05, 04:42:04
anonymous from South Africa  
I have received and exact e-mail as above and photos from this lady(if she is a lady and not some dude trying to scam somebody) only using the name Olga instead e-mail adress: . I just wonder how these poeple get hold of gauys like us.
2008-03-14, 07:14:18
anonymous from United States  
she is a very beautiful woman would like just to know who she is dont care about the spam i just block it.mabey its her robing ppl who knows i work for the government not worried.she is a godess!
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2008-03-28, 10:48:10
[hidden] from Belgium  
She said she was Oksana Soutjagina in my case, but all her letters are just the same.
I have to say that I can fall in love of such a beautiful girl and I'm just wondering if she is really or not. I mean if she gives this photos of her or they were stolen...
No they allowed me to dream a few days, allthough I feeled from the first letter that it was not true
2008-03-28, 14:09:15
Peter from Germany  
In what case she would be real, Belgium?
If she knows what her pics are taken for? If she even took advantage of giving her photos? No, I would say she is real if the pics are stolen.
I pity I am not longer sure that it is very easy to steal a complete and fitting scam picture set.
2008-04-20, 23:15:12
anonymous from United States  
2008-05-01, 08:36:05
anonymous from China  
I have got the mail from Oksana Soutjagina. And finally I didn't send any money.
2008-08-08, 05:42:48 from Indonesia  
i was frightened when the first letter come to my e-mail, surprised but i 'm happy. we correspondence for several time and she told me that she need someone beside her. and she asked me to help her, and she need some money from me. i don't have money that she need, $990. wow its much money...and she make sure to payback after she meet me. she keep me to sent her money with all reason and dreams.she want $500, cause her mother was sent her money $300 to plan gathering with me. i trying to find out who she is, what is happened to me. i surfing the google and type her name, and i knew what's happened...
2009-08-15, 20:05:59
anonymous from San Francisco, United States  
Women this smokin' hot don't stay single for too long. If she were my girlfriend, or wife, I'd never ever ever, EVER, let her out of my sight.
2009-12-14, 15:53:30
anonymous from Canada  

Darya Shlyapnikova

and i got the EXACT e-mail that you got here on the site... i hate this women for doing what she does... may she burn in hell for the rest of her life!!!

this was the first e-mail.

Hello it I againYou have received my letter?Darya

second e-mail

Hello!!! Its Darya (This my real name) writing to you! I decided to send you more info about me.It is my first time I try to correspondence with man in internet world.I do hope you will be enough patient to understand my writing.I want you to know that I have only good intentions and I don`t have big secrets.The thing is that I will work abroad for three months or so and I would like to meet a nice man tobe my guide or just be good friend to spend time with.I think that it is hard enough to live in foreign townwithout friends and also I have never been abroad. I am from so small town here in Russia,I am afraid to be lost.I want to see real life and it is impossible to see withoutperson who knows all sides of the life. It doesn`t matter what age is he or what is his eyes color, I just want to know that he is kind and open-hearted inside.I don't want to live in Russia because I have not any chances here,itis hardly possible to explain it by the first time but I want you to know my plans.In Russia many young girls also want to start a new life abroad, so many of themused a special program 'Work and travel' for young people who wants to work abroad.I also decided to do so and to use it. This program just helps to register documents and givessuitable work in your area. I already started to registerdocuments and now I need to decide in which city I want to work.I`m 25 years old and I`m not afraid of work (I will work as a dance teacher).You know, I`m a professional dancer, I dance in group on festivals, wedding celebrations etc.But when I will arrive (I will travel alone) I will work as a dance teacher (instructor), I have an international certificate.I think it is the right way for me, I am lost here, and I think that I look pretty enough to find a better place.I never been abroad so I decided to find a friend abroad and make his city to be my destination.I want to repeat the same way,it is my only chance to change my life. I am full of plans and different dreams.My hair is blonde and I have blue eyes.. I think I look very good, butfirst of all I want to be beautiful inside.I do hope that you will be not disappointed to meet me in the real life if we will meet.Well,I will close this letter and I do hope to get your reply.I will leave my town in a few days or so (I can't tell you everything exactly right now) and I would like tobe sure that I have a man who waits for me there. I will work all day and I would like to find aman to spend all free time together to get to know each other better.if you have any interest to meet me I will be more than happy to meet you too.My be it sounds silly but I just don't want to be alone in the evenings,and I want to be surein advance that somebody waits for me! I think that my e-mail starts to be too long so I will tell you all details about me and my lifethat you would like to know in next e-mails! Today I send you more photos.You know, my mum likes to make my photos, because she thinks that I look very good on it!I hope we will like each other and will be able to meet! With best regards Darya

her third e-mail

Hello (What is your name?). Its me Darya ! I was so happy when I saw your e-mail in my mail box.And it was also great to see your photo! I really like you and I think itsvery important to know how a person looks like whom you are writing! Now I know that you are interested in me and I hope we will be able to meet soon whenI will come to your area. I think I should write you more things about me, Ihope it will be interesting for you to know me better!First of all my full name in Darya Shlyapnikova I`m 25 years old, My birthday isDecember 29.I'm 168 cm tall (5.6.) and 51 kg weight. I don't know exactly my bust-waist-hips measurements, Idon't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my bodyis proportionate )) I take care of my body, for truth its very easyfor me, because I my work - is to dance, so it helps me to keep feet!!!As for my family - I live with my mother and my brother. My mother is46 years old, I love her very much, she works as a hairdresser in beauty salon.I have a sister, her name is Olga, she is already married and she lives with her husband.I also have a younger brother, he is 13 years old, his name is Maksim.He is very clever and he want to be a naval officer like our father. My father was a greatperson, he was courageous and brave. He is an ideal man for me.My father died 3 years ago in auto crash... My mum cried for severalmonths but now she is ok, she will never meet another man, because myfather was only man in her life and now her aim in life is to grow up her son.For truth it was my mums idea to to go to work to another country.She loves me very much and she thinks that its impossible to earn goodmoney in russia working as a dancer or dance instructor. She read many storiesabout girls who found their happiness abroad and now she wants me to do the same.As I wrote you I live in russia, a name of my city is Novolenino it is situated inIrkutsk Oblast' (Area).It will be great if you will also tell me some interesting facts about your city.And pls tell me if you have an International Airport in your city andwrite me its name and code or just tell me in what city is the nearest airport!I don`t remeber if I told you or not but I finished univercity inIrkutsk, I learned enlgish there. I don`t use any translators and I canspeak on english as good as I write on it. I also attended courses ofdance and aerobic instructor, so I have a diploma that will allow me to work abroad.I write you my emails from Internet cafe, I don't have my own computer.If you want I can call you when I will be in Moscow, it would be nice totalk to you. We don't have international calls here. I suppose in few daysI will fly to Moscow and start my trip! Today I will tell my mother about you,I'm sure she will be happy that someone is waiting for me over there!There is no any messenger in this Cafe so we can only keep emailingeach other. I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails?My address here is Russia, Village Novolenino Lenin's street 25,flat 3,So now you have a representation of who I am.I just can tell you that I enjoy life and I try to live to thefullest, I like to try new things. I'm not that smart.. I was not thatgood in mathematics, physics, biology and so on! I don't like to besmart! But I'm very tender, caring, artistic, faithful, decent person.Sometimes I can be not well organized, I think everybody had it's ownminuses and pluses.I don't look any special qualities in a man. I just hope he will befaithful to me and ready to create a happy family with me and I willdo everything to make him happy. I'm looking for a soulmate! bye! Darya

her fourth e-mail

Hello Azfar! It's good to write you again! I think I'm a lucky girl to meet such good
man as you in Internet! I hope I will be lucky enough to meet you in the real
life soon!
Yesterday I told my mum about you. She said that now she doesn`t
worry about me as before because now she knows you are a kind man
and can help me if I will need your help. You can show me your city and
tell me about the life over there!
I think I didn't write you I like cooking. I will cook Russian
cuisine for you! Pelmeni, vareniki, blini, borsch, okroshka! You will
like it! Besides Russian cuisine I like Italian and Mexican. I love
spaghetti and pizzza!!!!! mmmmmmm ! I can't live without it! I like
Mexican food because it's very spicy, although I don't cook Mexican
dishes too often. I've been told my cooking is very tasty!
I like to cook cakes. My favorite is cheese-cake with raspberry! You
know Azfar when I talk about food I'm getting hungry ))) I eat everything
and I'm not on any diets but usually I don't eat after 7 pm. This
helps me not to be fat!
I can cook many tasty things for you when we will meet! You know.. almost
all Russian men are like bears! They are so rude, they can't be nice
and polite, they don't want to have a family. I think you are not like them.
I like to go to the cinema! I really like to watch a good movie with
my friends. 50 percents of movies in our cinemas are Russian and about 50
American. Actually my favorite actor is Johnny Depp and I like all movies with
him. I've watched Pirates of the Carribean (part 3) some time ago! I
think the third part is not as good as the first part. Have you seen it?
Could you recommend me any movie so I can watch it?
What is your favorite movie and actor?
Soooooooooooooooo Azfar what else could I say?
I have a driver's licence but I don't have a car.
I don`t like only cinema! I like theatre and opera too, I like ballet.
Unfortunately there is only one small theatre in my city and there is
nothing interesting. If I want to go to ballet, for example, I should
go to nearest big city (Irkutsk), there sometimes can come famous Russian actors and
dancers but I can't go there often because it's quite expensive.
For truth I want you to know small things about my life, because it
will show you who I am. I think that when we will arrive we could
spend a great time together!
I don`t know exact date of my arrival but I hope we could spend my
next birthday together! Ok, I think I will finish my e-mail for today, because I should go home to cook for my mum and brother!
I`m sending more photos! Tell me what do you think about it?

Love and kisses!
I hope I'm the one for you!


after this e-mail she sent i went on google and typed her name and all this came up
omg what a loser and a scammer i swear she should burn in hell!!! in the deep pits of fire and her face which is soo good looking should be burnt with burning wood being smacked on her face... what a loser she is stealing money from hard working ppl.

however after i got this e-mail and found all this aobut her i sent her an e-mail of cry
that i need her help and i need money


it will be funny to see what she has to come up with... lol
what an evil devil
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2009-12-14, 16:22:13
OJAS from United States  
Canada 2009-12-14, 15:53:30,
2009-12-14, 20:54:48
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2010-01-03, 01:43:07
anonymous from United States  
Darya Shlyapnikova

damn............... i sent her the 1000 dollars.............. (joke)
who knows what she really looks like, for all anyone knows, these are girls' pictures taken out of magazines. the pictures 'she' sent me, are totally different. 'she' is long dark hair, dark eyes, probably 110 pounds, sob story about dad dying, mom is poor, she moved to moscow, school graduation pictures, beach pictures, flower pictures, etc.
if i was guessin', i'd say, it's a 'chick with a dick'.............. sad thing is, i bet there are some poor schlubs who send money!
hey, with hips like this.... i'd think about it! ;-)
he he, i'm fat, bald, toothless, .... what do i have to loose, right? :-)

2010-01-03, 01:46:06
anonymous from United States  
Darya Shlyapnikova

here's a passport picture of her...............
maybe she got pick pocketed, and had her id, family pics, etc, stolen.........
who knows.
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2010-02-13, 16:30:23
anonymous from Portugal  
hello,look out that bitch(darya shlyapnikova) ,she send me few email letters ,pics and her passport picture to send her money for the tickets.eheheheh
so she still email me,at lest the pics are nice, :)
thanks ,who won this site ,if u need some information just email me ,my name is carlos



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