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Dating scammer Claudia Mensah


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Name: Claudia Mensah



Other Comments:
She contacted me through Her profile is still active even after I notified the administators she was a scam artist. We talked for over 14 months via yahoo and phone. I spoke to a man that was allegedly her father. She even spoke to my kids on the phone. We decided that she should come here for a visit. So I arranged everything from my side with tickets. I stressed to Claudia that I would not send money overseas for a plane ticket. So when she was due to leave, the phone call from Ghanaian customs came at 4am my time. She had been arrested for not declaring gold. Several phone calls later and her father was begging me to help, saying they needed $9000 for her to catch the next flight. I was also told that he would mortgage his house to help me pay. Funny thing was, I was always told by Claudia that they rent. So needless to say all communication stopped suddenly. I feel sorry for the genuine African ladies out there, brcause these scams really make it hard for anyone to trust anything from Africa. I've repoted this to the police here and they have access to the 200 e-mails I've received. So guys if this has happened to you, report it. Don't use being embarassed as an excuse not to. Your short term pain could save others and help re-store a countries reputation. But they were good. I spoke to the Ghanaian community here in Australia and was told that the scam was called a 415. They hurt a little financially, but the emotinal pain was worse. Look out for her. CLAUDIA MENSAH. Father is called ROBERT OPOKU. Immigration Officer is BRIGHT OWUSU.

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2008-02-13, 18:54:01
anonymous from Australia  
2008-02-13, 21:57:54
anonymous from United States  
2008-02-23, 02:51:23
anonymous from Australia  
She is now using a new picture on This is the new Claudia. How much balls do they have. Her user name is joyce4u.

2008-03-29, 08:59:37
Damned, I really felt for her! But then I got suspicious because she was just too perfect. And when her 'father' and the 'head of the family' were kind of pressurising me to send them money to perform a traditional wedding I googled a bit... and ended up here.

However, I enjoyed the online chat with her and I had some nice time - even if it was all a fake.

Thank you for that Claudia (or what ever your name is), but what you are doing is evil.


2008-04-05, 04:44:42
anonymous from Australia  
Well Hagen, I'm glad this posting has helped and your right she is evil. Also watch out, she has a sister called Grace Opoku, so she may turn up and try the same thing. Also glad to hear that she is still trying the same scam, the police will get them eventually if they are serious about cleaning up the scammers. Unfortunately for Ghana, we can trust nothing from there.
2008-05-01, 15:03:02 from Austria  
At present time I have online contact to Claudia Mensah. But her fathers name is now Theo M. Ashley. She seems very patient because we write e-mails since about 2 month. But she was very interested in the first mails to get my phone number (what she not got yet) and I can call her on her daddy´s cellular. Other interests we spoke about in the first couple of mails are: to come with her sister to Austria, and marriage. She loves me, but I always had the feeling that her intention is just to get money from me to help this poor girl.
2008-05-02, 16:52:21
anonymous from Australia  
Theophillus Ashley was also used on me as a friend of the familiy who worked for Fedex and was able to pick up a parcel of a digital camera and I-Pod. She also tried to re-start e-mail and chat again in march when she was no doubt talking to you guys. Do not trust this person in any way. She is a very good liar and manipultator.She does not love you or any of us, she is only interested in gifts and money, she is also very patient, so don't be fooled by the lenght of time she talks to you.
2008-05-03, 00:50:22 from Austria  
Unbelievable that (my) Claudia is a scammer by profession! I had another online contact in Accra/Ghana but it was easy to see through her and recognize her lies. But Claudia is really patient. I only could get her aroused by telling her about my bad experience by getting scam mails form Ghana and surrounding areas like Nigeria and Cote de Ivory. I´m 46 and was not looking for a woman less than 37. But Claudia with 28 cought my eyes, although on some of her pics you can see an evil glance! The most doubts I had on this. Howeve I´m glad to find this reports from other guys. I always reather would go to Australia than Africa. Since now I´m free again for a new relationship!
2008-06-06, 13:53:24 from Austria  
Since the mail contact broke up I found her new profile today in dating 72: Claudia Mensah is now 2 years older than last week, seems to live now in south Africa, and her beloved daddy died many years ago!
Folks watch out, she is just a mail scammer!!!
2008-07-04, 19:27:18   (updated: 2008-07-04, 19:52:23)
Well once again Claudia Mensah is scamming, I was recently going through e-mails and started connecting on chat daily with her and of course she wanted to do the same routines that I've been reading about in this web site. The pictures she used for me was that of the see julie videos. Not looking around the web that much I didn't even suspect anything but I will tell you that I spent plenty to cover her needs everything from the marriage ritual to helping her with her inheritance I won't say what I spent but believe it wasn't cheap. So if any of you come across anyone asking to cover Monthly internet charges, inheritance or any other charges for ipods or general expenses don't do it just stop connecting and don't look back. She or whom ever is very convincing when it comes to supporting her and she will not give in. So do yourself a favor and stay away from international relationships and you will save a lot of money. Another similarity is the name Theo M. Ashley who she said was her brother they both live in Accra/Ghana. If you see a number like 233248139263, 233244012340, 233243907977,233248247534
watch out it could be trouble. Her supposed Uncle's name is Abel kwaku. She told me she was 33 years old and I had her send me a picture I.D. which they can produce like
candy over there. I just wonder who is doing all of this and how big of ring it really is.
2008-07-05, 23:49:52
anonymous from Australia  
To all the guys caught out by Claudia Mensah, please make sure you report the scams to your local Police or contact your Ghanaian embassy for advice on who to contact in the Ghanaian Police force. I would hope that the police take it seriously as business owners will not invest there hard earned money in Ghana and West Africa until the scammers are cleaned up.
2008-08-28, 23:07:22
I think she is named jennifer now (, just chatted with her last friday
2008-12-25, 09:22:46
anonymous from United States  
Is Claudia Menah the same person as Sweeny Yeboah from Accra Ghana??
2009-06-28, 22:13:59
anonymous from Australia  
Claudia is at it again, contacting me via yahoo web chat and e-mail. Tried the scam over 12 months ago and now contacting me to tell me she loves me still. So much for the police doing anything. People, do not trust any one from these countries. UNBELIEVABLE. If it's too good to be true, it usually is.
2009-11-19, 13:38:33
anonymous from United States  
She may also may be using the name of Modelin Ofosuah and using a new picture and you should google that name for pictures and new address
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