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Dating scammer CHARLSE CLEMSON


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charlse clemson strikes again in australia
he got me too with the hole load of crap he saids . i dont think he is capable of loveing some one when he treats us like this....
i will never trust a man again ........

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2008-02-13, 10:57:32
Aussie_Cowgal from Australia  

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Dating scammer Olga

2008-02-13, 10:58:06
Aussie_Cowgal from Australia  

2008-02-13, 11:02:30
Aussie_Cowgal from Australia  
Thats all the pics of him that I can find, there are more, but, I just couldn't be bothered finding them, I would rather find a noose and a strong branch!

I have all my msn and yahoo convos that I have had with him, what a charming cur he is. Karma will get him back in a major way and I hope she does real soon.

He is due to phone me in the next few hours, this is going to be one very interesting phonecall..........

2008-03-18, 19:01:21
anonymous from Australia  
aussie cowgirl and other, thanks for putting this information here, My sister is being scammed by this guy and her sons and I are horrified but these pics will help her see sense.
2008-03-19, 04:36:23

I've watched this guy at work,and am really not shocked that he has screwed over so many people. Seems so convincing,so sweet-but anything that makes you suspend your belief in reality has to be dangerous and a little bit silly.
It really is a pity that people have been hurt by this man,and have had their trust and open heartedness damaged.....But have any of you wondered what kind of man manipulates a little girl,his own child (apparently) to take part in a scam such as this? How many women has she been told to call 'Mummy' ?? What else is she being manipulated in to? And more to the point, does anyone have any REAL information on this waste of space guy, whereby the little girl involved, can be protected from further harm?...........................Here's hoping it's just adult women he is screwing,eh? Thought for the day : Learn how to change a tyre---don't rely on the kindness of passing psychopaths.
2008-04-15, 13:01:09
anonymous from United States  
2008, 02, 13, 10:58:06

Aussie_Cowgal, have you found out where exactly Charlse Clemson lives?.. It seems he is everywhere going places around the world.. Could this house be in London, Houston, Texas, Hartford Connecticut, Buena Park, California where he says he's at?.. Since he travels a lot as he says he do, I wonder where he's staying permanently.. Are you actually talking to him?, if you are put him in his place, I did after having my heart broken.. And I'm still hurt but not because of me, I'm hurt because he is doing the samething to every woman out there, he make them believe he loves them and 'we woman fall for it' and we end up screwed.. He have a new profile in myspace as Kelvin with a younger photo of his, of course woman are going to fall for him, young, good looking guy if I didn't knew better I would've fall for him again, but I already know how he looks then and now.. He will get what's coming to him sooner than he thinks and when the least expected.. What we need is someone who can trace him down with all the fake profiles he uses in myspace,, personals in Houston, Tx., and in every other dating website he is in.. He is always putting his profile private so no one can find him that's how he gets in touch with every woman and then delete his profile so no one can find him.. He's pretty skeaky and knows how to do his stuff but one thing he's not sure is that we all are getting to him one way or another and he's going to be caught.. If he's really here in the US it will be more easy to find him with the FBI and their resources and he would not get away with it, all we need is someone to put a bulletin in every website and groups to let everyone know about him so if someone gets in touch with him they'll know what to do next without letting him know.. If I find out anything about him I will post it here to let everyone know.. Thanks everyone and take care.
2008-05-13, 15:11:00   (updated: 2008-05-13, 15:17:09) from Australia  
wow what a mind blower he certaintly gets around ,,, can anyone with any other info contact me please , i need as much info as i can get on him
aussie cow gawl i know how ya feel he has my kids schatted also the dog
2008-05-17, 19:11:02   (updated: 2008-05-17, 19:16:00)
ausiebabe from Australia  
hi girls ausie babe here... well im the one who put the artical at to of page...
i had put up with chalses crap for a year and i finally had enough when i found this site and i put the artical on here ....
he made my life hell .....
no more im over the ass hole and i have a new man in my life and im finally happy.
take it from me no womans need the unhappynesss he puts you through...
he spoke to me on yahoo this morning .... when he saw that i had a message about my new man and he kinda mean about and i said to him you never loved me you just wanted my and my olderly mums money .... he said you are wrong ... what a shame i dont beleive a word he saids..... cos its all LIES .....

im a good , kind and loving person and i didnt deserve to be treated that way ...
so now hes lost his aussie babe for ever ....

this is his new hotmail id and he still used his yahoo one

thats girls for showing me what a low life creep he is ....
i said good bye and now im free of him for ever YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no more crying in the shower or crying myself to sleep at night over him.

see yas
keep up the good work in letiing other woman about him ......
2008-05-19, 16:57:40
It appears Charles Clemson is a Nigerian scammer
He met me on My Space and soon began to talk to me,.
Our chats have been going on for the past 12 months
We had things in common , so our conversations very nice, he said he worked for unicef in Houston, and that he travel to lots of countries regarding poverty , etc,
He said he was from Houston Texas , and that he was a single dad, his ex wife is off somewhere in Mexico with another man , she is a drug addict, and that he also has 1 brother who is also into drugs , so they don’t talk , because he is worried about the influence it would have on Marie.
He has a horse, dog, and cat.
He said due to work and looking after his property he never got to social much this is why he tried MySpace and other internet sites, and since meeting me he doesn’t need to do that anymore
He also said that he has a caretaker named Sam who looks after his property whilst he’s working as he travel with work as unique sends them lots of places.
With in a couple of weeks he said ( I love you) I questioned him on this as he hardly new me and he said since meeting me his life has become happier and he feels that he is finally finding happiness with falling in love with me...he would send me pictures all of himself. I would ask where some of Marie is and he would say they are not on his work computer, it’s only for work purposes, and that I will have her with me soon so I don’t need photos.

Charles, went to London 2 months ago for the presenting of his proposal this UNICEF, and that they were very proud and excited with his proposal as ,he had gotten them a $ profit, it has taken him over 2 years to put together!! He would tell me everyday that he was working on it as we were speaking, he was working on it day and night and even had to go to hospital because of the stress it was causing. He said the only thing that kept him going in the hospital was thinking of how happy he will be and how to contact me because he wasn’t on line an new I would be worried.
he would ring me of a morning to say hello and also call me during the day when I was at work to say hello and that he loves and misses me and couldn’t sleep unless he heard my voice ,
sometimes at night to say goodnight ,to the kids, if he wasn’t online he would tell me that he just got back from watching a soccer match with Cole , or going to the gym,etc., and tell me to go online. Charles’s said that his daughter Marie , lives with her Grandmother on the weekdays and with him on the weekend ,he would get online and then tell me that they were going to church soon , or going to a barbeque with maries best friend Charlie who is the blond girl in one of the pictures he sent me or home watching movies go horse riding.' Or go to the park, or friends were coming over, for a bbq. As they were getting together to say goodbye as they said that they were leaving to come to start a new life in Australia with me and my family, he would say that he was packing for weeks just getting rid of things he no longer needed and to organize what he wanted to bring, that He would tell me that his friends were excited about him moving to Australia as he was finally happy, and that they were going to visit us when he settled in here.
Then he was ready to leave for London, to stays with his buddy Cole, wife and 2 kids in England, he would be in meetings everyday , almost , some days he got off,
The last 2 months he began to get very stressed saying that the director had said in the meeting that Charles needed to have funds for things that were happening , or that someone else would get the proposal, and that he was devastated if that happened due to all the time effort he put into it, even to the point of going to hospital because he was so stressed over this, and that he had to acquire a lawyer which he said he was meeting to pick the one that would represent him in the proposal over in Africa , he then started saying that he needed money to pay the lawyers fees for his project

I had suggested that he use his own money...he said that he had a $1000.00 mortgage still to pay,
And that they will only loan him so much money, I said sell your cars he said he wanted to leave them there for when we went home, and their wasn’t enough time to organize these things paperwork all in the states,

He said that Cole and Sam had helped him with money, ,and that they also would be paid back when his cheque was cleared and that his bank would only lend him so much money, I said but if they know you are getting a cheque soon get a letter from your boss for the bank , and he said the bank said it wasn’t good enough for the minute, and that he had rang a friend who he helped through a divorce and leant him $ 30.000.00 and that he yelled at him and said he could not help him back, this upset Charles and he played on it .

he kept telling my kids that dad was coming soon and couldn’t wait to be part of this great family, so then he made it harder for me as he would say babe I need to book the ticket soon, the project is started and imp just waiting for the solicitor to return to the London office with my cheque, so I can come to you and my kids, and that marie was so excited about her sisters and her new mum.
He went as far as sending me an airline ticket quote with I adult 1 child business class. And said that all had to be fixed with solicitor fees, or he would loose his flight etc. so he would ask me to put monies in the western union some small amounts for different solicitor reasons, I sent an email to his solicitor, requesting information, and he said that it was a personal matter and that a third party would just cause, problems, he was Charles solicitor,

Here are some pictures I have received

http://profile.mysp..=146938948 charlse clemson

http://profile.mysp..=123101329 Carl

http://profile.mysp..=282483349 Fabian

http://profile.mysp..=353650104 Robert

I have since found information on Mr. Clemson’s multiple identities and found that he is on many dating sites scamming women still.

Please help stop this man as he is hurting a lot of women and its very cruel what these scammers from Nigeria are doing , I have found other sites where he is noted as a scammer,

charlse Clemson the scammer

He is also on under findingmelove22……44yrs old from new york united states
Lavalife. he goes under the name af kary walters, aka nelson mcdaniels sais he lives in mn or Albany new york ,as is construction engineer. Karycares90, and gudtimesinlove. Several names as you see.
girls get this out there and leave any information u can please,,does he still have the same phone number.?

2008-05-20, 18:44:57   (updated: 2008-05-20, 18:46:18)  

2008-05-20, 18:47:17  

2008-05-20, 18:48:06  

2008-07-17, 22:07:00
anonymous from Australia  
This scammer also calls himself Maurice Tristan. Same story and same letter sent. After 4 months of chatting ,he is 'off to London' for his big project and he needs some money to pay legal fees. This is when the alarms are ringing!! Be alert. Do not send any money.
2010-01-13, 20:20:45
anonymous from Australia  
Scammer 'Charlse Clemson', or whoever you are, is still using this email address - and also a new one, amongst other ones. Saying he doesn't do this scamming anymore, do not believe anything this heartless criminal says. This creep is very good at conning innocent caring women and everything he says is a lie, as he tries to rob you and rip your heart out.
There are so many scammers out there looking for the right innocent victim. Why can't these crims be hunted down and locked away forever?
2010-01-13, 22:58:49
anonymous from Australia  
oh i know of this email address is this true how do i contact you please ...
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