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Dating scammer Feniya Zavodskaya


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Name: Feniya Zavodskaya


Appartment 34 House 6 Street Lenina City Dimitrovgrad Zipcode-433500

Other Comments:
Hello my love Martin!!!!!!!!!! Lovely I is very glad to see your
beautiful letter! How at you today affairs? At you all is good? I feel
that between us there are very much good relations. I am very glad to
YOURS to the letter. At us today very warm weather, shines the sun. At
me today good mood, from that you have written me the letter, I am
very glad to yours the letter. At my mum too all is good, and she to
you sends the regards, she hopes, that we very soon can meet you, I
too so think! Martin I to want you to speak that I corresponded with
another the man earlier and at me another was email, it is my old email which I already to not use....
And I corresponded with one man which wanted to see from me naked my
photos, and I did not begin to send the man these photos and then he
to me has told that will leave my information on scammers sites. And
when I started to correspond with you that I do new email that he to
me did not write more.... And it is similar that this the man has left
my information on scammers a site. And that for a photo on this site I
to not know.... As I not to time did not see this photo... Can he was
mistaken and together my photo has left a photo of other girl....
Lovely I really to not want you to deceive.... Lovely I to not see
sense to cause you a pain.... All that now is necessary for me it that
we with you could be together! Martin I as was is very glad that we
could to speak by with you to phone! I liked conversation with you!!!!
Lovely at you very good voice!!!! Lovely you to have msn or yahoo msg?
I shall be glad if we with you can speak in online and then I can
speak you more and more in detail!!!! I have understood for me
directly, that I any more do not present a life not only without your
letters, but also and without you! Now for me a life without you not
meaning. I want to be your wife, I want, that we two had one bed that
in us joint pleasures that we were the best pair in the world that all
people looked at us and have been surprised to this we the happiest
pair in the world full with love and trust! They are your friends
looked at us and envied, to that that in you, the remarkable wife that
my girlfriends looked at you and envied this in me the best and the
beautiful husband all over the world! I have understood under your
letters you can grow fond of me as well as I you. I hope, what with
you today all is good, how do you feel? I for you very much suffer.
During ours not the big correspondence I to you had a good feeling, I
even can tell now to you that, I VERY STRONGLY LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel that between us there are very much good relations. I am very
glad to YOURS to the letter. Still I want from YOU the PHOTO smiling
personally to me and for me the man. I am very glad, that you are good
about me respond, I too think of you every day you always in my ideas,
and I want to be with you. I think, that very soon we can meet you. If
I can arrive to you that I can teach you to Russian. I think, that
what barrier cannot prevent us at our conversation. I am glad, that
you have found me I think, that we can find with you common language.
I want, that you to me did every day massage that brought to me every
day a breakfast in a bed, and I would feed you. You became for me most
dear the person on this white light. I cannot present, as I can live
without you. With each your letter I start to understand that I love
you all more strongly and more strongly. I VERY MUCH VERY STRONGLY
that you precisely also think of me. I want to use to know at you that
you think of me? Still I want to use to know at you as far as strongly
you love me, write to me please in the letter. I with impatience shall
wait for your letter!!!!!!!!! Your love Feniya!!!

Hello my dear Martin! how are you? Martin forgive that I did not write all these days to you... I had no opportunity to write you as the software on my computer broke also to me was necessary to establish anew all that my computer could work well. As I saw your letter. But I to not understand about what there is a business as I to not know who to be on this photo. I to want as to speak that I when did not write such letters which are on scammers a site. Martin I to think that this the man which all has placed me on this scammers a site not made.... I to think that he the natural fool as I to not understand from where he took these letters and as I to not know who is represented on a photo..... Lovely I only to want to speak one..., this that name and a surname mine and as email which to be on this site, too my old email, but now I to not use it email..... lovely I to not know in what business.. .... Lovely I to want that I to not want to deceive you, as I to not see sense that I could deceive. Lovely I as today all the evening long wait for you in yahoo msg, but you why that to not appear there..... Lovely I really to want to try all to you to explain.
Martin I to want you will speak that my visa is ready on Monday. Lovely I really to speak you the truth. Dear the agent as spoke me, what I интерbсовалась concerning the ticket aboard the plane. It is necessary for agent to know for what date of a start to me to get the ticket. Lovely, I think that you should solve for what day to me to get the ticket. My husband Martin I really to not want you to deceive. That I now to speak all to you, it is the naked truth. Lovely as now it will be necessary for me to pay for my visa as the agent already spoke me that I this week should pay the visa. I to want you to speak, that if you can help me now and as soon as on Monday I shall receive the visa I at once shall be do a copy of this visa and I shall send you that you really could trust me and I to not want you to deceive how. Martin I shall finish now the letter! I with impatience shall wait from you the answer!!!! Your loveliest wife Feniya!!!!
What she is doing now is to ask for the money (570 euros for a special 6 month Visa) in Yahoo Messenger.I have refused to send the money and a week later she STILL wants to marry me.They must think we are stupid ~ well some of us are.


2008-02-13, 11:50:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-02-13, 11:50:38   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-03-02, 01:04:59
Hi lovely, I am so happy to receive the letter from you, and thanks
for your understanding, it really to speak me about much, that you
really want to be with me as. Lovely I to have very heavy today day,
it absolutely is not present forces at me here, I in fact to not have
absolutely anybody here now only you the unique close person for me in
this world, is not present even the friend here near to me which could
support me a difficult minute, Lovely I want to speak you what now to
occur. Lovely me to expel nevertheless from an apartment where we to
live with my girlfriend as I am not included in the contract on rent
of an apartment. And to me to give term 2 days that I to leave this
apartment, and I shall remain in the street in two days!!!! It really
is very hard for me, lovely I want to arrive as soon as possible to
you and to live there with you, lovely but I to not have at all cent
in a pocket for this purpose, and it is even more difficult for me,
lovely I to you already to write how many to me it is necessary to
arrive to you, and I hope that you can give me it quickly that I to
start to do other documents as the international passport I to have,
with all documents I will be helped by one person in embassy, in
Moscow, this person to have good connections, is the employee of
agency in which I earlier to work, I yesterday to call to him and to
explain a situation, he has told to me that I can take off but only if
will be ready all my documents, but only I should pay for all as soon
as possible, you understand it! Lovely me to hold nothing here only
sad memoirs, and it really very difficult, I am ready to live there
with you? And we shall really have a happy life together,I to
congratulate you with past ' New Year ' and 'Christmas' I hope that
you to have good holidays!!!! I hope that you were glad to my
congratulation!!!! Lovely I shall wait for the letter from you with
opinion on everything, I hope that you can help me quickly, in fact it
for ours with you of the future! I love you, whole yours Feniya
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer feniya Zavodskaya

2008-03-11, 07:42:38

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer feniya Zavodskaya

2010-03-16, 05:32:56
OJAS from United States  
India, This is NOT a dating site! Do you want to get scammed?

2010-03-16, 14:20:30
anonymous from Japan  
@2010-03-15, 14:26:56
anonymous from India

Stupid !

2010-03-16, 14:31:41
anonymous from Japan  
@ fucking India !




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