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Dating scammer Anna Zelen


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Name: Anna Zelen


City of Kazan
Republic of Tatarstan
Russian Federation

Other Comments:
Received an unsolicited email from this girl by the name of 'Anna', who claims to live in a village called Zalesniy, near the city of Kazan in Tatarstan, Russia.

She claims that she found my email address at an 'agency of acquaintance', when I full well know I have never listed this email address on any dating sites.

She writes: 'Do not worry, I not scam. You ask, as I have received yours email the address! I have gone to my city in small agency of acquaintance, and have asked them about acquaintance to the man from other country! They have shown me your structure and some more structure other men! You have very much liked me, and I have decided to write to you the first letter!
This agency probably cooperates with a site of acquaintance in which
you have shown your structure! I wrote to you, that I wish to get
acquainted with you more!'


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2008-02-13, 16:31:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from South Africa  

2008-02-13, 16:31:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from South Africa  

2008-02-13, 16:31:34   (updated: )
[hidden] from South Africa  

2008-02-20, 05:53:56
Does anybody has more information on this? How do I distinguish between a genuine and a fraud???
2008-02-20, 09:34:43
anonymous from United States  
Yes, I am really surprised now!!! In the world many kind people, but are a lot of people who liked with slander and the insult of other people!!! Here me have offended! I not the vindictive girl. Also I wish good luck to it to the man in searches of love!!!! Anna (Annazelen)
2008-02-21, 11:43:54
She/It sent me the exact same photos. Kinda funny if you ask me.
2008-02-21, 16:41:10
anonymous from Iran  
oh my god oh my god oh my god
I know thid girl. she wrote me many letters, the first was unsolicited.. she is cheating.. she is lie. she send me the same pic as you.. and she said she live in russia.. she is a big lier.. I could send you all of her letters and pictures.. it is my email:

2008-02-27, 20:11:42   (updated: 2008-02-27, 20:16:25)
anonymous from United States  
I have heard from this one myself and actually am in contact with her now. Along with the pictures here I recieved this one. She hasn't gotten to the money yet but should be soon since she already wants to be my girl.
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2008-02-28, 11:25:07
anonymous from South Africa  
I must say, I'm not at all surprised to see the responses here. So my instincts were correct after all!

I'm new to this site, but is it normal for scammers to actually defend themselves here, as this person has done? This brings me to the next question: How did 'she' find out that 'she'is listed here, or did someone notify 'her' of the fact?

I did receive another email from 'her' after making the original report, where 'she' accuses me of ruining 'her' life. I guess 'she' has a point. After all, 'she' is losing out on all the money 'she' would've raked in from unsuspecting men. Shame.... :-(
2008-02-29, 14:36:25
anonymous from Egypt  

2008-03-07, 10:07:12
ANNA from Russian Federation  
Hello Man!!! Here I write to you the letter, and I address to everyone, who slander me! My name Anna!!!!!!!!!! Mine e-mail address: Annazelen.... You know it! You have gathered here, and discuss me!!! Are dared! You have brains? I am confident, that have no! You simply coward! You think, what I never can read this slander about me? I wish to ask to you one question. Why you think, what I - fake? I asked from you money or gifts? I asked something? Answer me it a question please! Certainly if you have a few boldness! Erick, why you have placed here my photos and you shame me? You wrote to me in the letter on e-mail the address, that you work the journalist. It is your work? A shame of fair people? Probably it is valid so. You write to me the good letter on e-mail adress. But here you write about me bad words! You the bad journalist!!! You have well developed hypocrisy!!!!! You not the man!!!!!!!!!!!! Still I wish to address to In a photo my brother. Monkeys - brothers our smaller! People to occur from the monkey! But you have not turned yet to the person. You have remained at a low step of development. You have decided to joke. But at you it has not turned out!

All over the world there live many normal and stuppid men! Silly men think, that all girls on the Internet - fake. If the girl wants correspondence with the man - that it fake. If the girl writes the letter some men - that it fake. If the girl wishes to find love in internet -that it too fake. So think only stuppid men! Now think, to what you have a kind of men? If wish to argue with me you know mine e-mail the address! Good-bye!!! Anna
2008-03-07, 15:16:52   (updated: 2008-03-07, 15:41:46)
Unsolicited applications, Tatarstan, changes country flag, gmail-addy, extremely good looking,...
2008-03-08, 13:16:14
anonymous from United States  
Hello guys I don't know what really it's going on but for me it's a great women she has the most beautufil eyes that I ever seen before and yes I receive emails from her and i'm still doing anyway I certanly I should said Thanks Anna for express your selft on this site I'm sorry for don't trust in you and certanly after that I think that our relashion ship it's getting better and stringer and just to let you know guys I will give her an opportunity I don't care what she did I think when some really wants to lie you ebery day will lie to her self do you relly think huys that any persons can live in this way and this guy from USA I don't know if she wants to be your girl but I wish you a good luck because i'll try to stole her love I'm really want this girl Anna this it's my comment I think you know who am I my beautiful princess I send you my best wishes

2008-03-26, 02:14:03
anonymous from Bolivia  
For old the world: Anna zelen is my wife now, please dont said anything more about here, I M SO HAPPY, AND NOW I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL GIRL AND A ESPELENDID WOMAN. Now we are in honey moon in Europe. Thaks god for every thing. I love you my lord.This is our pupy TIO JACK D.

2008-03-26, 05:12:25
anonymous from Australia  

To Anon from bolivia, congratulations on your marriage to dating scammer anna zelen.
I hope your honeymoon goes well. Was the monkey in the earlier photo you or the best man?Because the only people that would know or marry anna zelen would be monkeys!!
If you like, leave me the address of the nearest Western Union office and I will deposit 8,000 US$ to make your honeymoon go even smoother you MONKEY.
Cheers Mad Mick Australia
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