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Dating scammer Lena Kontcich


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Name: Lena Kontcich


2460045 Byleorussia Gomyl
Sviridova Street
House 17

Other Comments:
I met this lady on Elena's Models site She was member number 0639163.I wrote to her for a few months and she never ask for anything.She said she fell in love with me and wanted to marry me.
I decided to go and visit her .I live in South Africa so it was 3 flights to get to Minsk -2 airport and then still 4 hours drive in a taxi to get to her home town Gomyl.She arranged the taxi to fetch me at the airport.the taxi driver was waiting for me holding a piece of paper with my name typed on.He could not speak a single word of English..
He took me to Gomyl and stopped in front of a block of flats.He phoned her and a minute later she appeared,totally stunning lady.
She ran into my arms kissed me and told me she loved me and she wanted to marry me.She phoned her mother and I spoke to her on the phone,her mother ask me if I loved her daughter and if I will marry her.Lena told me that She would never go into a hotel because only prostitutes go to hotels so she had booked accommodation for us but we needed to go and pay for it so that we could get the keys for our flat.The rent for two weeks was 1730usd. I thought that is expensive but everything seemed genuine so I told her that I needed to get to a bank to draw the money.
My mobile phone would not work and in the taxi on the way to the bank she said she could set it to work in Belarus so I gave it to her.I looked for it a little later and she told me she had given it back to me,but she had not.
We arrived at the bank.It was night time but the bank was open .
The people working in the bank could not speak a word of English so she told them what I needed to draw.I needed 730 USD. She even wrote the ammount on a piece of paper for me.
I had to sighn a few pieces of paper all in Russian so I could not understand a thing.
She told me the bank had a problem ,they only had small bank notes so it would be a big pile of money.We got the money I never knew their money so I had to trust her.She gave me the ammount to pay the taxi and took the rest to pay the accommodation.WE went again with the taxi to pay ,she went into a block of flats to pay and told me to pay the taxi while she gets the flat keys.She came back I ask again for my mobile phone she said she gave it to me already.
We went with the taxi to our flat ,took my things out the taxi and he left.
We went into the block of flats it was number 28 in block number TT2KB19-38 The flat was really scrappy and dirty and not worth that kind of rental.I put my things in the flat and then she said she quickly wants to go home to shower and will be back in 2 hours.
She left ,took the keys with for the flat so she could get back in again.The flats there have heavy iron doors and you need a special key to open them.
She told me she loves me and she will be back soon.
She never came back,she left me stranded.
That is when I realised I had been scammed.
Two days later It showed on my bank statement 3 withdrawels all made at the same time total 45000 ZAR. And that is besides 1300 USD I had with me and my mobile phone.
A very expensive lesson learned.

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2008-02-21, 21:27:29
anonymous from United States  
Sorry for your loss!
As this scammer is real, it would seem possible to track her down. She would certainly be memorable to any that had seen her....very attractive!
2008-02-23, 01:30:39
anonymous from South Africa  
Good day guys
I have the original profile of Lena Kontcich.Luckily printed it at the time she was on Elena's Models.
I attatch it for you'r information

2008-02-23, 01:40:44
anonymous from South Africa  
That did not come through very clearly,I will try it again.

2008-02-23, 06:35:40
anonymous from Australia  
To my Sth African friend.
Sorry to hear about your loss, have been there and done it to. Perhaps some of these sites which promote these people should be a little bit more accountable. What do you think.
2008-02-23, 09:46:14   (updated: 2008-02-23, 09:46:57)
OJAS from United States  
2008-02-23, 10:59:57
anonymous from South Africa  
Yes I think that the site that advertises the womans profile should definately be held accountable for their members actions.
During my correspondence with Lena I contacted Elenas Models and ask Anna on help desk if Elenas Models could confirm Lena's profile for me because the woman seemed too good to be true.
Anna's reply to me was that their ladies are all genuine and that most of them are known to the people working for Elena's Models. That is when I decided to go and visit Lena.
I accepted her answer.
After I was scammed I sent my story to Anna,She expressed sympathy and said that Lena had been black listed by Elena's Models in January after someone els had reported having a problem with her.
Thank you to my friend from the U.S I did not know about the places to report this to.
I think the FBI may be a good start.

2008-02-23, 11:57:15
In this country as far as I know police and there is a mafia, girls work on them. Better in these countries to not go.
2008-02-23, 14:24:46
OJAS from United States  
Philp, SA
Fred has a point about the wisdom of personally pursuing scammers in some cities http://www.delphifa..?p=1#39950 There is an ongoing effort by my compatriot with his Ukrainian scammer. I do not have much information on Belarussian scammers. There was picture sent by a scammer posing in Misnk, and our good friends' determination identified the exact building in the background. Feel free to ask if you would like specific links or any other info.

The second set of above links shows scammers can be nailed too!
2008-02-24, 03:06:10
OJAS from United States  
Submit scam to Radio Internet and other blogs
2008-02-26, 03:35:46
anonymous from South Africa  
Good day Guys
It is interesting to see that scammer Angelica Semenova has an active profile on
Thunderbolt city.
I came upon the photo's this morning,the pic . is the same silly bitch.
She/it or whatever is going by the title of Bella_night.
I have sent Thunderbolt mail to blacklist her.
Check it out.
South Africa
2008-03-06, 13:49:51   (updated: 2008-03-06, 13:51:46)
anonymous from United States  
Great for this site. I had spoken for quite a while with Lena. I have traveled a few times to meet some nice girls, but this seemed to good. I decided to start checking scam sites, and found nothing until reaching this one. She just wanted to much control of the planning.

I always make it a point to do all of my own arranging for trip plans. It is easy, and just plain safer. Always keep the control in your hands.

Do not hold these incidents against all the girls. Just be wise, and play it smart!
2009-02-09, 23:18:26
anonymous from Canada  
unbelievable, how gullable a guy is for a beauty queen
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Natalja Ryzhikowa from Russia

2009-03-12, 11:28:30
2010-03-14, 20:46:07
OJAS from United States  
2010-05-07, 22:19:47
anonymous from United States  
philp, i got a message very similar to yours recently. i met a girl (she contacted me) on elenasmodels back in march. we have been corresponding ever since and i have booked a flight to see her in belarus. she has not asked me for a single dime. when i told her i booked a flight she told me she would arrange for a taxi to her village and make accomodations at a apartment which i assume is a hotel. did you try making the reservations to the flat yourself? i am thinking of trying that. i have even told her to give me the names of some hotels.. we'll see what she says. i have attached a picture if in case she is a scammer someone has dealt with before. anything else that might help my predicament please let me know. up until the letter about the hotel arrangemt i had no real worries but after reading these blogs i'm not so sure.

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