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Dating scammer Daria Pronina


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Name: Daria Pronina


Kiev, Ukraine

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Wants $400 for visa

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2008-03-19, 11:25:22
anonymous from United States  
I dont believe that she has a website anymore! she may have gotten scared and pulled it! but believe it or not I did get another letter from her after I wrote her and let her know that I was on to her.. she wrote sorry to hear about your trust in me and sorry for hurt your feelings and your finances , than she wrote , the road..?? and good luck in all you do in the future... wierd huh? she never hurt my finances because I never sent her a dime! lol!!!
2008-03-21, 15:59:36
anonymous from United Kingdom  
You have broken to me heart... I did not think that money at you cost on the first place, and
Then feelings...
I did not regret myself to be with you... As to money I have spent all
The savings.
I remain with what...
You have acted the same as also the majority of the Ukrainian men when the question has concerned
The insignificant sum of money...
Thanks, road, success to you in all...
Daria Pronina

Here is some of my pics

2008-03-22, 20:54:52
anonymous from United States  
I just want you to know this girl has 2 other aka irina kretova and maria chirkova my friend was scamed by her he sent her 400 dollars 2 weeks ago so beware she is still around
2008-03-28, 20:38:22   (updated: 2008-03-28, 20:58:53)
anonymous from United States  
She tried to do the same to me back in January. I'm not a person who falls in love with a photo so when she says she was in love i just e-mailed her back and asked her how much money she was going to ask for. I got her put on alot of internet scammer websites. I dont believe its the girl in the photo's sending the prewritten letters at all but a fat lazy Boris who doesn't want to earn an honest living!!! She has been turned over to the American Embassy in Kiev.
2008-05-06, 00:19:31
anonymous from Lithuania  
Hi guys,
Feed the chicks...better cash,of course.
2008-08-18, 13:33:26
anonymous from United States  
Hello Folks, FYI:

It seems I've came across this scammer under a new name - Mariya Kalugina. Here is the copy of the email I've received from her. And it looks like he/she has a new online page with photos of a different female. And no, I have not made any 'monetary donations' to his/her online-scamming-wealth!



First off all I changed my e-mail address in case that was the problem
let me know if you get this so we can talk some more ok to this address
Sorry!!!!!! I could not answer you earlier.
I did not see your letter. It has been placed in spam folder.
I do not know why it happens.
Probably it is a mistake of a server.
I will disconnect spam filter. Also I hope my letter
it will not be placed in yours spam the filter.
Check it more often.
I saw your add and should say you are a very interesting and attractive man.
I wish I could have a chance to get to know you.
Hope you will give me this chance and will write me more about yourself.
And now I will give you an idea of who I am.
XYZ, am I right that this is you real first name? :-)))
My name is Mariya. I am 28 y.o., My height is 167 cms(it 5.5 foots), my weight is 56 kgs (123.5 lbs).
I have never been married and have no children.
I am slim and in a good shape. I am fond of jogging to keep fit.
You see I live in Ukraine, Kiev in the country-side in some kilometers from the city.
So it is very convenient for me to do it in the morning or in the evening.
I enjoy the fresh air and the nature around me and at the same time keep my body fit.
I work in the restaurant every second day as a waitress and have to go to the city.
I have to earn for my living as I have nobody to take care of me.
I have to survive in this big and cruel world myself. I lost my parents in a car accident.
I don't like to talk about this as it still hurts me very much.
So, I don't have any brothers and sisters...
I can say that I have many interests and I enjoy life as it is.
I always try to find something good even in bad situation. I just love this life and want to live a complete full life.
The only thing I really miss in my life now is a close person.
A person who will allow me to lay my head on his shoulder and to tell him everything what is inside of me, in my soul.
I want to love and to be loved. I want to take care of my beloved person and devote all of myself to him.
To see his smile and be happy just because of it, to love everything in him.
Just to love his as he is with all his advantages and disadvantages.
We are not ideal and we are interesting because we have disadvantages which make us differ from each other.

I think I should close here. I use an Internet cafe as I don't have my personal computer and phone at home.
Please, don't worry if you don't get a letter from me. I will write you in a day as I have to go to the city to write you.
Will be waiting impatiently for your reply.

Here is some of my pics
P.S. Please, answer me asap that I knew that I am interesting to you.
P.P.S. Please write me only at this e-mail address...



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2008-08-19, 12:12:28
anonymous from United States  
Seems this scammer is very busy ... Elena Dodonkina
Same BS email message ... Blah blah blah ... I am slim and in a good shape. I am fond of jogging to keep fit.
You see I live in Ukraine, Kiev in the country-side in some kilometers from the city.
So it is very convenient for me to do it in the morning or in the evening
2008-08-19, 14:14:57
anonymous from United States  
Boris is at it again. New email address and a new web site too. Same email as previously posted.
2008-09-04, 17:33:17
anonymous from United States  
i did not acurse this girl of being a ascamer cos she did not scam me,all idid was inquiry,so i hope that this picture and mails was not taken from my email acount,without my concent cos i did not sumit any picture or email!!
2008-09-06, 09:55:53
anonymous from Sheboygan Falls, United States  
she is scamming here also, got address form a dating site (true) am getting letters every 2 days . has not asked for money but i can see that coming. think i will play along do not send $$$ she is under Mariya Kalugina on my site same pictures,same letters too bad
2008-09-06, 12:22:43
OJAS from United States  
2008-09-07, 15:29:01
anonymous from United States  
This person or people sent something to me as well. They e-mailed me off of True, too. So, I sent an e-mail to her to see what was up. 2 weeks later, I received an e-mail that is identical to those already posted. Word for word. This person never asked for money, yet, but I had suspected it was a fraud. They used this e-mail address. and a link.

I do not suspect the beautiful lady of anything. I think maybe her photos were taken from a personal website or maybe the scammer knew the lady personally. Then scanned the photos and took the identity without her knowing this. I wish I could contact the lady personally and let her know what is going on. If someone did this to me, without my consent. I would be pissed. Too bad it is a scam. She is very beautiful. But the person seemed too good to be true. And fell in love way too quick. After 2 weeks of e-mailing the scammer is already discussing coming to my house to stay for 2 weeks. *L* Whatever.

I am glad you people posted this. It verified my suspicions. I feel sorry for any guys who fell for this scam. It is a very good one and very convincing. If the scammer brushed up on their English and actually answered questions, then more people would have probably fell for it.

If anyone knows the young woman in the photos personally, then please let her know what is going on. If she has nothing to do with this, then she deserves to know what is going on.
2008-09-08, 10:17:33
anonymous from Canada  
Here's the latest they sent me...

I have been thinking about you the whole night and morning today. I was not able to sleep.
I have so many thoughts about you and us in my head that it drives me crazy.
I can't recognize myself and it seems to me so unreal. But I feel it, really feel it inside.
I can't live without your letters. Every day is like torture for me when I can't read a letter from you.
I want to be with you, I want to feel you with every part of my body.
I want to kiss your lips, your eyes, your hands. I want to make love to you,
I want to be with you when you are sad and happy. I want to hold your hand when we sleep.
I want to cook breakfast for you, to spend weekends with you, to wait for the time when you come from work.
I want to have family with you. I want to have 'US'. To be one whole.
What is it? I think I LOVE YOU!!! Please, don't be scared with my feelings. I just
can't pretend. I love you and I want you to know it. My love is so big that it is enough for two of us.
I want you to love me so much. I even feel physical pain as I want to be with you now so much.
I wish to get into the plane right now and to appear into your hands. ..
I got to know, dear, that I would be able to get a tourist visa to come to you.
That is just a matter of time. I will have to do some paperwork to get visa, to pay for it and to buy air tickets.
I will do all the paperwork without problems. The only thing that worries me is money. You know that my salary is not big.
And I hope you will be able to help me.
I hope so much for your understanding. Please, let me know what you think about this.
Love you, love you, love you...
And so awfully miss you!!!

P.S. please check my new pics
98% of it was taken by my best girlfriend
2008-09-08, 10:29:35
anonymous from United States  
well i recieved the same letter, word for word. it is from the email address she (HE )?? sent heads up all you lonley guys. play the game but donot send $$$$ i believe the next one will ask for $$. time will tell Good luck have some fun
2008-09-08, 15:44:32
anonymous from United States  
Hey, leave my woman alone. She's mine. *LOL* Man, if I could find a hot chick that would do all that and put up with my crap. Then I would be the luckiest guy in the world. The scammer will probably sent me something later tonight. Its been a couple of days. Probably the same e-mail. Maybe I should send them a picture of the chick on the first page. See if they will notice. Tell them I fell for the other chick. *L*
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