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Dating scammer Liliya Alexandrova,Liliya Hasanovm Liliya Hasanov


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Name: Liliya Alexandrova,Liliya Hasanovm Liliya Hasanov

Email:,, gentle_li

Piganka, Russia
Lum, Russia

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Answers all questions, uses non-model and non-professional pictures


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2008-02-27, 09:49:43
OJAS from United States  
2008-02-27, 10:17:34
Jean,(John) from United States  
Hi Bill, In a previous post, you said that you had more pics, but had deleted them. How long ago? Could they still be in you 'Trash' bucket? If not in Trash and not too long ago, you can download a free 'UNDELETE' utility off the internet (just google undelete) - the one I use is called EasyUndelete. works great. If you haven't written much to your hard drive since you deleted them, you should be able to recover at least some - maybe all. If this works for you, I hope you will post the extra pics. ANY pics you have that are not already posted here, - please post them as soon as you can.

2008-02-27, 15:11:23
anonymous from United States  
Say Bill Jean/john is right. I got those three new pictures spending time to find. Peter is diffently right. They would love a fan club. This set of photos is working for innicent victims only because she does look so innicent. Have you gotten any more mail since this thread? I haven't and the day before she could not wait to come to me and wake up next to me. She has been at this for awhile, and until now All her photos have not been in one place. Please, if you have photos we can not find. POST I'll bet that there are a lot of victims that do not wish to join a Liliya Fan club. Thank everyone except the Eygiption for trying to keep this thread focused on stopping this scammer. If you've put your name on here and not getting letters, just think how much it must piss them off that they paid those writers for nothing. For a few of us they are not paying anymore. Bill, You can help this thread. Do it. Andy
2008-02-27, 15:20:02
anonymous from United States  
First up a big thanks to Eddy and who have been at this game as long as I have been baiting , it's great to get feedback and save a few guys who google .

I think this scammer is more than one girl ,true sometimes the internet cafes in a few republics in Russia are habited by one girl or even more but this is not one girl folks. This is a Phisher / love scammer office ,with a lot of knowhow in computer tech. There are many such 'offices' in areas like Yoshkar-Ola

The subject is a big one which encompasses the Russians inability to create law and order,and In the new era of politics love scammer are low on the list of priorities in an emerging democracy .
All we can do is keep baiting .
The article below was translated to English and posted on the web .

There was a program on Russian TV, on the main Russian channel ORT
Below is the article about Yoshkar Ola scammers, found on the Russian internet.

The most popular joke on the recently held
in Yoshkar Ola comedy stage show. This year, the jokes about scammers are very popular. Students are drumming and singing about the boy who
loved money very much, and another boy marches across the scene
with a poster <I love Western Union>. The audience laughs hard,
everybody understands. Because for the Yoshkar Ola's students the
question 'what does scammer mean' is not an issue, everyone is
familiar with it, everyone knows what it means.

'Hello, my name Elena. I read about you in your profile. You are
very interesting to me. I want to get aquatinted with you. Write
me, I shall wait'. All customers of the English dating sites
periodically get such messages. And very soon any interested
American, Canadian, British or a citizen of any other country
learns that far away, in a Russian suburb lives Lena, who has dreamt about him all her life. Then our 'prince on the white horse' learns that it is love, and it was sent to him by God. And maybe (why not believe in destiny?) a gullible foreigner will send to a Russian princess a couple of thousand dollars on a ticket to be with him the rest of their lives together. In the end, he will learn that the girl 'Lena' is actually a 'fat Boris', but chances are, he will still hate the heartless Russian women.

You will not find any modern Russian dictionary giving the
explanation of the word 'scammer', except for maybe English-Russian
dictionary. In English, word 'scam' means fraud, but in Russian it
has a narrower meaning: the fraud on the Internet dating websites.
A scammer, respectively, is the same 'fat Boris' who pretends
to be a girl, starts an Internet romance, and then requests money.
The scamming in Russian has another, more colorful and patriotic
name: 'to take the riches'. Indeed, why not 'take the riches',
make them share their money. This even sounds like a fair deal, the
weak takes from strong, poor from rich. This should calm down the
conscience of scammers, as we were told, they don't sleep good.

From all types of online fraud, scamming stands out because it is
the easiest one to put on the conveyor. It is the real production
process, where everything is divided into stages. To minimize the
time and effort, the whole process has been systemized long time ago. In the early stages, thinking is not necessary, you simply need to work hard. Usually, scammer receives his first money after two months, this time frame should allow acquaintance, friendship, love and the desire to meet in person, unfortunately unrealistic. After establishing another faceless mailbox like <> or <> and registration on the dating sites, starts the most boring part for scammers - 'zakidka'. This is exactly what the above-mentioned comedy show meant by 'to do Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V'.

On the dating sites scammers start with looking for the suitable
candidates for scam. First, they select the country (usually USA),
then the region or state, and make sure they do not interfere with
the colleague, so they don't pick the same victims. The main
parameters: male; between the ages of 27 to 50 years; race - all,
except blacks (the scammers say that blacks will most likely take
you, instead of you taking them). All letters, including the first
introductory ones, are pre-written long time ago, and you don't
have to think about anything, just do: <Ctrl-C> (copy), <Ctrl-V>
(insert), and the letter are sent. 'After the overnight monotony
work doing <Ctrl-C>, <Ctrl-V>, you become totally dumb and tired' -
shares his story Andrei, who will soon have to do it for several
nights in a row, 'this is the most boring work, the most
interesting part comes later'.

But the truth is, the further it goes, more sad it gets. With
each new template and each new photo it involves you more and
more. After the fourth template half of the riches is gone: some
don't like the girl, some are not looking for anything serious, but
most are simply afraid to deal with Russia. At the end, the most
desperate and naive remain. Or maybe it is more pleasant to say
'stupid'? Stupid and rich - this way you don't feel a pity for
them. 'I simply don't get it, how can they meet somebody on the
Internet and except anything?', says Andrei, although he is
scamming for more than a year, he still doesn't understand this.
Those few foreigners who really want to find their love online, in
the approximately seventh letter learn that they have found it,
although they themselves are really the ones who have been found by
scammers. Scammers proclaim their love, and do it naturally and
fast (because their conveyor cannot wait). Next, depending on the
reaction, 'the girl' immediately or little bit later requests money
for a visa, tickets, or both. 'Sure, I am sorry for them', says
Andrei, but refuses to talk more on the subject.

'This month I earned 15 thousand rubles, and two months ago only
four' - Kolya believes that scamming is a real work, and for the
provincial student it is a large amount of money. His office pays
to scammers 20% from received money, in many other offices they pay
only 15%. 'We used to have a guy in our office, to whom one
American during three months sent more than twelve thousand
dollars'. According to Kolya, how much you earn, half depends on
the diligence and half on luck. But not everyone can force the
American lover to send more and more - you need a good fantasy. You
have to invent why his sweetheart cannot fly to him: she is being
robbed in the subway, her mother is sick, she is accused of hiding
taxes and put in prison, and he has to send money for a bail. 'Very popular is a story that she accidentally broke the expensive
antique vase in a museum and should pay back 3000$', laughs

Just like love, the desire to send more and more money have to be
develop. To begin with, a foreigner is asked to send only $300 for
visa. If he sends them, later it will be harder for him to reject
the idea that his princess will fly to him, but will be much easier
to send more money, because the barrier of mistrust has been broken
already. Next, the amount of $1,400 for a ticket. The development
of events is determined by a scammer's skills to brainwash. There
are many semi-legends which circulate among scammers, how someone
took one American for 40 thousand dollars in one month, that
another American robbed his own company to get the money, and a
really crazy one got heavily in debt, got fired from work,
refinanced his house and sold his kidney for the non-existent
sweetheart. Indeed some people still have faith in 'the humble
Russian girl Lena', which turns into obsession, and they are ready
to go bankrupt for her: this is a big luck for scammers and they live off it.

Who is this fatal girl? The whole point is that this girl does not
exist, she is created by the joint efforts of a scammer and a victim who sets the direction. While similarities do exist: she is usually between 25 and 30 years old, beautiful and smart, looking for a serious relationship. Men from Russia don't suit her because they are rude and drink too much. She believes in God and loves the most popular movies and music, uses a dating site for the first time, and always uses the Internet cafes. 'It is very important that the girl looks natural, so they believe in it. Not a supermodel, but good-looking', explains Kolya. Almost all
photos are stolen from the Internet, so the real girls are
completely unaware that they indirectly help deceive foreigners. The site has a big collection of Russian women gathered from cheated men from all over the world, the so-called 'black list'. Sometimes there might be very unexpected picture. The real girl Elvira accidentally discovered her photographs and personal data there: 'one friend of mine wanted to prove me how much scamming is developed in Russia, and entered my data, turned out that I was on all scamlists for a long time'. Most photos are simply stolen by scammers from the girls' personal pages and blogs, and if you check, the 'black lists' are also full with pictures of Alsu, Valeria and many other Russian celebrities.

According to the old-time scammers there are almost 300 offices in
Yoshkar Ola (other estimates give the number of 500). Each office
has five working scammers, and there are also girls who pick up
money. Of course, there is no statistics, and the situation is
estimated by eye, but if it is true, every 100th resident of
Yoshkar Ola is a scammer. And if we take into account that almost
all scammers are students, and usually guys rather than girls, the
typical scammer is easy recognizable. In Yoshkar Ola, the capital of Mari El and concurrently 'the capital of Russian scammers', all
scammers recognize each other. 'Yes, it is true, our city is the
capital of scammers', with some pride says Andrei, he recently got
a transfer of $1,000, and is in a good mood today, 'other cities
has some scammers too, but we have more. There are so many
scammers in our city that is almost a legitimate business.'

'I will rent my apartment to scammers', says the elderly lady Olga
Mihailovna, housewife, 'they are nice guys and always pay good rent'. 'In the office where I used to work, if we earned 20,000 dollars per month, the owners would pay us bonus, but some offices may earn 30,000 dollars or more per month' says Andrei. Good office earns about 15,000 dollars per month. Accordingly, the annual income of an office is about 200,000 dollars. And if it is true that Yoshkar Ola has 300 offices the annual income of Yoshkar Ola is sixty million dollars.

Nevertheless, scamming never became the official national business of
Yoshkar Ola. The authorities recently closed several offices: they
turned off the lights in the entire house, and when scammers got
out to see what's going on (they need electricity to work!), cops
broke into the apartments, arrested everybody and sealed the
apartments. After that, the city became quiet for some time. Sure,
during this period of time many foreigners wondered why their
'love' doesn't write to them. But just two weeks later everybody
returned back to their offices. There is enough work for both: scammers scamming, and law enforcement agencies catch them
red handed from time to time.
2008-01-11, 14:59:00 (updated: 2008-01-11, 15:04:21)
OJAS from United States

I know this does not say Liliya. But it refers to Liliya's Read before you start a Fan Club
2008-02-27, 17:56:08   (updated: 2008-02-27, 18:00:42)
OJAS from United States  
Thanks for posting in full.
The credits go in this order
(1) Eddie from Sweden, his first attempt in his own words and I quote ''lousy translation''
(2) UK guy for tracing the Russian original source to Eddie's translation, and UK's analysis including direct fluent translation for English readers

I take no credit for these guys' hard work. All I did was. post a link when I saw discussion involving possible students, to give you guys supplementary ideas.

Eddie and our UK friend understand where the original credits go, they are not going to be upset seeing reproduction under American flag.

PS Anyone seeing asinine posts advertising their personal info, seeking a date, immediately hit the spam button, like that Egyptian, hoping a scammer would respond to him in this thread
2008-02-27, 18:35:05
Peter from Germany  
Looking through your 20 Liliya pics I suppose this girl is looking innocent because she is. These are stolen pics from a chat-site or personal blog. Haven't seen the originals but it seems as all got the same quality. Our Yoshkar Ola photographer did not make them either. She(?) prefers different motives.
Guess the girl's family is doing quite well and she is showing what she is proud of. Me at the Black Sea, me in the sushi bar, even the on-bed pic shows the good hotel she can afford. Those very few pics from maybe scammer groupies are showing girls in gothic style. This girl looks like a nice and natural student. Students at my place are all using one site not only for dating but for keeping contact in general and they are posting their pics there. Guess that's what they do in Russia too.
That's only my opinion. If a pic appears next week where she is holding a sign with 'I love you Bill', and that happened sometimes with the most lovely and innocent girls, I got to think over.
2008-02-27, 20:01:55
anonymous from Chicago, United States  
just wanted to let you know, i got all the same shit from her ( him ) whatever, i had this figured out in less than a month, she wrote me every single day. probably fifty letters , same pictures, same letters you guys got. i told her two days ago, i am a federal officer, and i have not heard anything since, i hope i didnt ruin it for you guys, GOOD LUCK with this, i will be in touch, to see how this goes for you.
2008-02-27, 20:19:48
anonymous from United States  
Peter from Germany...and everyone else.....What you've created here will help whomever finds it...But I still feel until i read 'I sent her 2000 Euros or $, it could be just students or girls having fun or saw the TV show mentioned above..I've read some of the other horror stories along side this.and the horror stories of the TV show examples above...I don't read anything like that from any of you.they all ask for money...One girl needed 2500 Euros to get her apt ready to sell and, apparently got it.....And the guy came back for more of her! Now that's damage!!! The fan club idea upset some of you and I apologize. It was an insensitive joke...I've deleted all and tried to recover the only pic not here,(Jean/John) but it's gone. Her legs were to skinny in it, probably why you don't have it. As you said Peter, when you see her holding up a sign 'I love you Bill' you may change your mind....But, for now, the jury is out for Liliya..I've not heard from her in a week. I found this site and wrote 'STOP! Cancel your flight !' And that was the end!
2008-02-27, 21:32:11
Jean,(John) from United States  
Just a note to let everyone know, shortly after starting this thread, 'Our Liliya' no longer writes me. I assume that (s)he has found this site. Maybe it's coincidence, but the last email received was just before the posting from the double headed guy from Egypt - I have a feeling that there may be a connection.

Just before she stopped communication, she told me that she had flight arrangements for arriving in my arms on March 4 and she had almost all of the money necessary except $694 which she was going to barrow from her best girlfriend. Unfortunately, the day she was supposed to get the cash, her girlfriend and her husband were hit by a drunk driver while returning from a trip. - this was the last communication I received.

I forget who told us (either Peter or OJAS) told us this is exactly how this story would unfold - the next letter would have said, 'I have tried everything, but can't get the money, can you help' - but since they have obviously found our site - I didn't quite get to the 'ask for cash' which is what I was hoping for so I could post the letter.

So, I'm posting the last letter received from 'Our Sweet Liliya'!

Hello My Lovely man and My Sun (NAME),
I am glad to receive your letter, I very much missed you. I do not
know as to inform you that that happened. Forgive but at me today bad
news. (NAME). My girlfriend could not help me. Yesterday when they with
the husband came back from visitors, the machine ran into them. The
drunk driver not has calculated turn also ran sideways machines of my
girlfriend. With them all good but the machine has very strongly
suffered and now the husband of my girlfriend, Sergei, has told that
now money to repair differently he not are necessary for them can to
go for work. He should go in other city. (NAME) I ask you do not worry,
all will be good, there are some more days and I shall try to find
money. I hope that I can make it. (NAME) I think of you and your letters
give me force and I want to be with you. You in my heart for ever and
I want to be only with you. You in my heart for ever. (NAME), I love you
and I wish to divide with you the life! (NAME), I would pass without
problems of interview. (NAME) to arrive in Moscow I should go by the bus.
(NAME) I would dream of that that we with you were together and I hope
that it happen very soon. I want to be with you (NAME)!!!! I very much
hope that we shall meet. I would shall make all that in my forces that
we have met you.
I for ever with you and only you in my heart for ever,
Yours and only your loving and gentle Liliya

2008-02-28, 08:21:21
anonymous from United States  

A happy ending

One of you wrote about a lovely real woman you met in China so, I'm hoping none of you mind my adding this ending to my situation.

I have a picture of Liliya up in my studio(on the bed) and tell everyone who wants to hear,the story..I get comments like 'you're pathetic', 'Give me a break' mostly chuckles. I do mostly boring stuff but it's a living (photography), Once in awhile a girl will call for a modeling portfolio. One shot always has to be a risque body can never come on to these girls or your reputation will be shot. But, yesterday, in walksthis skinny little blond who just smiled and shook her head at my story..She had a heavy Russian accent and told me she was brought over here with several other girls,but had to strip for a year as payment...she can stay permanently.......Now, the happy ending....As we were shooting, she said:' I'll do anything to get into modeling!' and,'is there any other way to pay for this shoot?' 200 shots later, a few calls after, I took this shot just before she left...Ironic, I thought, she's a Russian! Tonight, I'm bringing her pictures to my house and she's bringing dinner.

I have to think of my circumstances...Laid up for 4 months awaiting a risky operation..and in walks Liliya into my life...Every day letters saying 'I wish I could give massage to you!' Make you healthy soup' along with a long recipe. 'I am nurse to you' 'I dream of you and only you Bill' I want be with you, operation is good' and all the pictures..........I had the operation and without the warned of bad side effects ( this new Russian can attest to that)....To me, Liliya was an angel...I love her and hope she reads this...Thank you Liliya!!!!

Peter, Jean/John, Andy, OJAS...thanks for writing to me. I think of you as kind friends and wish you all beautiful young girls....I know this is only my outcome but if it was yours, you'd love her too.....

2008-02-28, 11:13:56
:-)Peter:-) from Germany  
2008-02-28, 22:17:52   (updated: 2008-02-28, 22:21:31)
anonymous from United States  
I have met Natasha Shramko in person and have spoken to her on several occasions on the phone in 2007. I found her to be a first class world scammer. The game is played like this, she will write you several letter telling you she is looking for blah blah blah. She’ll ask to met you and if do go, she’ll be nice and give you some ass. Then she’ll tell you I need to really learn English and take you shopping, for guess who!? You get back and she’ll tell you she needs support and if you could help her. That is her scam game, because dudes; she has a boyfriend, she has no intentions of marrying any one abroad. so beware of the Natasha Shramko Trap!!!
This image was also posted here:
Various dating scammers

2008-02-29, 02:05:16
I googled to get your address so that I could communicate to you. I started receiving unsolicited emails from a person claiming to be one ELENA from Isilkul,Omsk,Russia who says she is looking for a friendship and is travelling to meet me. Her letters seems pretty convincing but I don't buy.Her email ID is and other IDs like and

I am deeply grateful to whoever made this site so that the general internet public are aware of such spams and spammers.

best regards


2008-02-29, 08:18:14
Elena sent me this pictures recently

2008-02-29, 08:20:00
anonymous from Oman  
elena sent this pic to me

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Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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