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Dating scammer Liliya Alexandrova,Liliya Hasanovm Liliya Hasanov


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Name: Liliya Alexandrova,Liliya Hasanovm Liliya Hasanov

Email:,, gentle_li

Piganka, Russia
Lum, Russia

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Answers all questions, uses non-model and non-professional pictures

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2008-03-16, 22:52:34 from Baltimore, United States  

I recently sent an email to a girl who came up in my search who appeared to live locally. I was excited when she wrote back because she is gorgeous. I suspected this could be a scam because she didn't care about her 'date's' height, weight, age or anything. I decided this was because she didn't know English very well and wanted to make friends. When her first letter to me showed that she was from a remote city in Russia and she hinted about her difficult life, I decided to Google her home city of Piganka. This brought me here! I was surprised to find the template for her 'intro' letter. I agree with whoever said that it might not be her fault, there's probably some guy named Boris who wrote the letter templates and is using her pictures.
I was almost fooled, this operation is slick!

Btw, the name she gave me is Natasha. Her email is I'm reasonably certain this is a different girl than the one posted on this website: her hair is dark and she looks almost Oriental. Nose and cheekbones look similar, but the lips are fuller and the eyes are darker. I don't have time to investigate this matter myself, but I will be happy to pose as a nonsuspecting lonely American if it will help the cause. I can post the pictures she sends as well. Let me know. You can also email me at:

2008-03-18, 20:03:03
anonymous from United States  
I just wanted to say that I appreciate this site. I too have been contacted by TATYANA WEDERNIKOVA form LUM. Russia.
Funny, I have seen several of the letters she wrote to me, just me! And How did you guys find out about Brave? Simply amazing isn't it? LOL!
My hats off to the person who started this. It saves me alot of time and effort.
Now I can concentrate on the girl from Austrailia! Any threads about scammers there?
I am going to post the pictures that she sent.
The car accident was right on, The person writing must have alot of time on their hands.
The person supposedly writing is on the right. Bummer!

2008-03-23, 10:00:25
kelly from United States  
I had just left a picture of what is supposed to be TATYANA, Now I know that you are looking for another name but this person is using the same letters! That was what caught my eye! Especially about Brave and Sergi and the accident!
I have been in contact with the Federal trade commission and anyone wanting to forward their E-mails to this site it will be recorded for everyone There you can find out about the flagged email addresses. you can also call them it is in the book.
here are a couple more pictures that I have. I hope it saves someone from losing money! She hadn't gotten that far yet, but it was leading up to it I am sure>

2008-03-27, 08:27:29 from United States  
Getting romantic e-mail from Rapid elevation from hello to being in love. Has sent 10 pictures or so. Uses Natasha or Natalya Poglazova from Piganka, Kirov region, Russia. 28 Yrs. old. If any of this sounds familiar would love to know about it. Had a hard time finding Piganka and still am not sure it an aside, I found two things that might help with verificatio. One is to request a photo of the perpetrator in an unusual stance or pose such as hands on ears or grabbing left forearm with right. If the person is legit the photo is not an imposition. The other thing is to offer to purchase the airline ticket for them by using frequent flyer miles. Even if you don't have the miles needed, say you do. These tickets are perfectly useful for getting someone to US, but have no cash value. They cannot 'get their money back' or convert ticket to cash.If legit, the travel part is all that is important and needed. If a scammer, they will tell you they cannot do it that way in Russia/Nigeria/wherever. It is however only an airline regulated transaction and individual countries would not have such limitations.Hope this helps
2008-03-28, 20:12:24
Kelly from United States  
Hi I wanted to add some more information about the email sites you can go to so that you could check the status of ANYONE getting a visa for the United States. There is another I do not remember why I wrote it down but I hope it is useful to anyone. I am sure that the photos could be stolen, and it might not hurt to look for your photos that may be trying to scam a woman out of some money. I mean what do they do with the pictures WE send? Good luck to everyone and if I come across some more information, Oh yeah, beware of the following e-mail addresses. Flowerfornursegirl@, cutenursegir1@, tenderfirelove@, Fantastic_ange1@ These are all known scam addresses, I have found them under other threads. Kelly
2008-05-13, 11:40:54
anonymous from United States  
So, how is this girl Natalya Poglazova able to send me a picture of her holding my picture I sent. I've received the same template letters as everyone else and her picture has shown up on here. She says she doesn't have a phone. I've been playing around with her for awhile but when she sent me that photo I was shocked. What do you guys have to say about it. Try me at

2008-05-13, 15:24:46
OJAS from United States  
bp-taylor, Say, since you are traveling,

1) She can call (Exit code +) 809 496 2700 http://www.scambust..ers9.html
She may need to speak slowly, repeatedly if needed, take her time due to accent problems.

2) She then needs to call (7-863)278-50-34 Eolina and confirm the previous call

3) Finally she needs to e-mail Irina

Explanations: If you see my post http://www.delphifa..=92#63448, it is challenging a scammer to call the 809 (about 20 bucks a minute?)

2) Eolina is a confirmed scammer, whom your scammer can keep busy

3) Finally, scammer Irina already knows about delphi, so there is no new information is lost

If you enlist scammers to keep busy other scammers, you save time, and hopefully keep (two at a time?) from scamming an innocent victim.
2008-05-15, 22:42:32
BP Taylor:

That picture is simply photo-shopped (or some other program that does the same).

This is VERY common nowadays; since they know that people buy it then. DONT!

It is just the same picture that they use to send to everyone else that asking. And if she likes you; howcome is there that she holds your picture on the side and not upright? And if you look closely at her fingers on her right hand 'holding photo' you can clearly see that there has been something else there.

Try and ask for a more specific picture, lets say her sitting on the town square holding your picture by her head and todays newspaper between her legs standing on one foot...

DONT buy this BP; you are smarter than that!
2008-05-18, 09:32:54
anonymous from United States  
Dear BP, Look at my information about finding out about Russian Visas. Our Government will tell you if they issue a visa to the person you are in conact with.
Go up a couple of paragraphs. It is ( ) they will tell you.
also, the Federal trade commission has a telephone number that you can call to find out about flagged email addresses for FRAUD. It is in the Phone book.
Heck, I just got a letter form the Dentist Scammer. using a dental clinic website. So, you have all the information that you need to find out what you want to know. If you send a trinket in the mail, it takes about a month to get the item back, I know, I have did it twice. If you ask for their address, and then tell them you have sent them something, then the urgency of the letters you recieve will increase. Again, it takes about a month to get the stuff back. Good luck. Kelly
2008-06-02, 16:09:03
anonymous from Denmark  
Just got this girl photo!

Her name is Tanya now.
2008-06-07, 02:15:36
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
Heres Liliya or Tanya.

Take your pic. I have 20 photos now

Last letter

Hi the darling Robert.
I was really very glad to receive your letter.
For me it is always very pleasant to read it and that that new to learn
from you.
Your life seems to me very interesting and active.
Active it very much to like me.
It was pleasant to me to learn your relation to sports.
As it seems to me that sports are really very important in a life of
each person.
After all in many respects health depends on sports and an active life.
Robert now to me to become so it is pleasant to read your letters.
Your life seems to me very interesting and probably once I can learn it
Me the life of the foreign person always interested.
Really it seems to me that a life abroad on much better and more
civilised than in our country.
Not each man in my country conducts an active image and so treats
kindly sports as you.
Probably it simply is not interesting to them.
I know that abroad very many people conduct an active life and love
The darling to me so would be desirable to learn more about a foreign
For me it as dream.
After all I saw abroad only on the TV and in magazines.
It was valid to me to know about a foreign life more very interestingly
Robert tell to me please more about a life in your country.
Probably it will seem to you strange.
But I very strongly would like to know more about a foreign life and I
aspire to it.
Robert tell to me please about culture of the country.
Probably that that new you can to me about representation of a foreign
It really is very interesting to me.
I think that a life abroad my state much better than a life in my
As it seems to me that a life in your country on many more in a
civilised way.
I know that in many places at you it is impossible to smoke.
And it is very remarkable.
And at us in the country everywhere smoke and throw stubs from
It not cultural and it is valid very big minus sew the countries.
The darling tell to me please more about all it.
To me will be so pleasantly to know more about a life abroad.
I hope that it really will not complicate you.
I will wait for your letter


2008-06-07, 03:42:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Another of Tanya

2008-06-07, 03:43:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Tanya and who?

2008-06-07, 03:44:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Tanya and friend

2008-06-07, 03:45:02
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Tanya again

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