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Dating scammer Irina


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Name: Irina



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I got her off another Scam site . Pierre

Hi dear Pierre, Thank for interest to my person and read my profile.
I am flattered that an accomplished man would choose to write to me.
I would like to enter your world and have a possible chance
will find the key to love together. It is good that you are frank and want the serious
relationship with a woman at start. The detailing correspondence helps
us to become closer to each other.

My name is Irina, a young lady of 26 years old. I was born on December, 22,
in 1982 and living in Gorohov, Volynskaya oblast. I am an journalist,
work in a local newspaper. Also, I study at the pedagogical University
for Psychology. My future profession is psychologist. To explorer of personalities,
to learn characters, puzzling the tests, writing poems, reading the books,
visiting a library, cinema, concerts, walking, shopping, meetings with
friends. I am fond of it more. My hobby is arabic dances and poetry.
What's your favorite pastime? What are you keen on?

I am glamorous, easy-going, female and unpredictable in my actions,
serious and intelligent young woman, affable and helpful person.

I dream to marry and start a family with a man. I am looking for reliable,
fair-minded, grave man, close and wily friend, sensitive lover.
In any relationship in which two people become one, the end result is
two half people. I want to feel the same, when a man belongs
a woman. The relationship developed from chatting to e-mails, phone calls and
then face-to-face meetings. It gives more positive foundation for
close relations in reality later.

The men in my area are not serious, not family-oriented. It's hard to find
somebody, if there are such bad things as drinking, smoking and the drugs.
The one way is to try lucky with a foreigner. And what's your reason
to search for your second half in Ukraine and in Internet?

Hearing for you soon!

with affection
your friend Irina

Hi darling Pierre! How are you? I like reading your mails.
It flushes me, makes a smile. It closes us more and more. I want to
meet you with my family this letter. My family is small and typical
ukrainian. We are the family of three: my mother, my father and I.
My mother's name is Valentina. She is 44 years old. She is a doctor
and woks in a hospital as a therapeutist. She is a nice, kind and
clever, a woman of character, well-bred, tactful and fair. She's warm-hearted and at the same
time practical, reserved and full of common sense, a housewife,
does all the housework. My father's name is Ivan. He is 48 years old. He is a
technical engineer and works in a factory. He is a man of strong character,generous
and full of joy, very careful. He can make different things with his own hands.
Almost all the bookshelves in our flat were made by my father.
I have no brothers and sisters. In my opinion, family is an emotional centre of a
person's life, the place where there are love, support and warmth, mutual respect,
tolerance. The proverb says, 'Men make houses, women make homes'.
It means that the man provides for his family,pays attention to the problems
of the members of the family. And the woman creates the homely atmosphere,
encourages her husband and children to keep up family traditions and keeps
the house. Together they bring up their children in the right way.
My parents have been married for more twenty years. Their love is not fire, love
sparks one can see in their eyes. They had fallen in love at first
sight. I cannot believe, that's so fine thing as love between a man and a woman.
What do you think, there is love at first sight?
I am dreaming about great love in my life too. My loving husband, our love, our
paradise which we build together...Our evenings, when all the members
of the family get together after work, watch TV with the kids, talk about
various things and to discuss daily problems together. When the weather is good
we sometimes go for a walk in our garden near our house.
Darling, what do you think about family dreams? Can you imagine our family
in future? Would you like to have the children? Whom? a funny baby boy or
a smart baby girl? Do you like romance in the evening? dinners together?

kissing you,
with dreams of family, Irina

From irina Frolova Tue Feb 26 03:50:44 2008
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Tue, 26 Feb 2008 03:55:02 -0800 (PST)
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 13:50:44 +0200
Reply-To: irina Frolova
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ToSubject: my family
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From: irina Frolova
Content-Length: 91001
Sweetheart Pierre, How are you today?
I feel so good today, my spirit is raising, because I feel safe,
comfort and security, have positive emotions from you. Our connection gives me
good emotions,darling. I think that these moments are for creating relationship.
we both seek love relationships for comfort,protection, excitement, intellectual
stimulation and the joy. Do you feel it?
My days is ordinary, usual daily routine. But when I come to Internet,
I immerse deeply in our communication. I feel a need for our love
emotions. It's so important, share our thoughts together.
I belive in love, romantic vision, passionate and loyal relationships. As the
popular songs sounds, 'all you need is love'. It is true: to love and to be loved
is probably the most important thing in our life. Agree?
Each woman wants to have her family, husband, children which is very important.
In near future, I'd like to meet you, to know you more and more, to feel
chemistry between brings into our love relationships
in future. I hope, you understanding me, my sweetheart.
I dream about our romantic dating, first kiss, our dance under music,
candles, closeness..and you?

kissing you,
your sweetheart, Irina


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2008-02-28, 17:06:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

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2008-02-28, 17:06:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-02-28, 17:06:18   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-02-28, 19:56:07
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-02-29, 02:15:56
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
She's on StopScammers: http://www.anti-sca..3297.html

2008-02-29, 03:04:14
anonymous from United States  
That is wher I found her Dirk ;_) Pierre
2008-02-29, 03:15:04
anonymous from United States  
frolova007@gmail.comHi my sunshine Pierre! What are you doing? I read your affectionate letter to me.
It's not easy without you here. Each word in your mail is caressing my ears.
I am very voluptuous and impressed girl. Today I read the love poems in a book.
It called 'Violoncello'. There are many romantic lines, passion, fire and power of love.
A young lady alike violoncello in arms her man, maestro-virtuoso. it remembered us, darling
I am your delicate viola and you are my maestro. We play beautiful melody of love.
Do you feel it, honey? we have alike dreams. Time is connecting for closeness,
reality, love, romance...Have your romantic dream about us? The most fine is
our meeting in real life. We can feel the play of our special music..
...I am imagining our diner and a little dancing together after diner to
some very slow music, to let each other know that we are very close
and that nothing will come into our house and family within, what better way to
end a diner that with the person you love,maybe you both work all day and this
was time to tell each other...not to mention that it would feel
good dancing with you very closely after diner.. What do you think?
To walk the beach and fall to the sand and give all myself to you and only to you.
As you sit and look at the moon being full think that I`m looking at the
same. See that I'm trying to send my thoughts and feelings to you...Catch?

I send you my sweet kiss, feel a sweetness of my kiss to you

2008-03-04, 16:24:04
anonymous from Canada  
Say hello to my tender knight! How are you getting on?

I feel with every letter we became closer and closer to each other.
So, I want to share together my childish dreams to be close more and more.

In my childhood I had wanted to become a famous poetess, as outstanding
Russian poetess Marina Zvetaeva. Did you heard?

She is my favorite the poetess, strong personality, with woman weaknesses,
delicate soul full by lyrics, passions.

I wrote own poems sometimes. My first poems were about childhood, childish dreams,
first girl visions. By the way, M.Zvetaeve has the poems about her childhood.

In adult life, I became more sensitive in my poems. It had appeared my first
love poems. In them I had expressed my sensuality.

Today poetry is my hobby. I publish my poems in different poetic magazines
sometimes. I prefer to express it in my life.

For example, I love to wear lace underwear, white dresses, nice skirts and
cute blouses. I can be a sexual woman, a modest girl or a fashionista.
I think, that the clothes are a mirror of human soul. It shows a mood,
express feelings, creature.

In my childy time, I had dreamt about a great love, passionate feeling,
to meet a tender knight in shining amours who comes to me on the white horse
to go far me, maybe, in some fairy-like nook. Where we could love each other,
save our treasure in our hearts forever.

What had you the dreams in your childhood? Had been come true they or not?

For me it is very important to know about man not only his today wishes and
goals but and some moments form his childhood.

it helps to be more close to person in communication and future relationships.
Because, I am searching a soul mate, love, respect.

I send you my childish dreams
your little Irisha
2008-03-06, 23:12:33
anonymous from United States  
My love,
How are you? As always your letters brings warm in my heart.
Because there are that I feel, that I am hear inside me, I caress and keep
my warmth. I feel you are my love, my soul mate, my teacher of love. We are very
comparable for each other, we know the dreams and we wish them in reality.
I always believe that you go by your gut feelings and first impressions,
from first letter that you are very good for me. It is romantic, passionate and
affectionate moment. I have involved by you and our feelings
that we shared. I have a lot of love for you, honey. I need to be upset
like a lot of people are when they don't have that special person.
I give 150% you are in my heart, body and soul. Two people meeting,to gaze into
each others eyes to realize love and open intimate secret each other's
through body language in dance of love and start to go around the dance floor getting lost
into each other's eyes to come true love. I want the dream, the fairy tale.
I can take you out for a longing night. A nice place at the
seaside, where waves tickle the beach, there whisper invite for both, the moon
paint light.... After a tasty meal, we lay into the sand and listen to the waves,
Love dictates, but a kiss writes the secret of the heart ...I see forward to
our first kiss, the moment I receive your first secret of your heart.
This will be the moment where you read the secret of my heart as well.
A dark side, only when you can accept both then you're close, then you love.
My feeling tells me that you are my love.
So, we must make a first step to each other to realize our love together. Agree?
I have an idea of our togetherness, my romantic hero. I think, it's our chance to
be closer to each other, our opportunity to give love to each other and to
start a relation. I go to the travel office, to know the travelling
details of my coming to your country. It will be our serious step to love
each other.

I will wait for your reply very much!

I send you my intimate kiss,
your love, Irina

2008-03-08, 13:55:12
anonymous from Canada

Hi my tender knight Pierre! What are you doing today?

I'm ok in general, at the college everything is good, health is normal.
Life is going on, but you are not nearly me... that's why I slept not good
today, so feel a bit sleepy. I'm so exciting that probably soon I will meet
you! What do you think? Do you like this idea?

You know, I've been to travel office. There are not a lot of them in
my town, but there are the several ones of them, good and reliable. I had a rather
long talk with their manager of tourism. I know nothing about going abroad, so she
explained me everything in details. First of all, I need to make documents:
international passport and visa. As soon as passport is ready they will make me
a tourist visa, cause I can go to your country as a tourist, and this visa will
be valid for 90 days. Before than to get the visa, I have to formulize a health
certificate. Also, i had noticed the prices of the services.
The travel company can make the full of packet papers for 2 weeks and the total
flight cost is 570 USD (150 USD for passport and 220 USD for visa
and the health certificate costs $200 USD.). The tourist visa allows me
to stay in your country to 3 months. I'd like to start doing my documentation
right now.
Sweetheart Pierre, can you help to make the money arrangements for me? Will you be
able to support me financial with the costs?
I hope on you very much, cause, it will be our first step to serious relationship.

Hugs and kisses,

Waiting for your answer soon!
your fairy angel, Irina

2008-03-17, 08:09:32
anonymous from Italy  
this lady is very dangerous and very intelligent , she masurbeted her on phone and joke vey hot words .... she ask money for visa and lingery and after send photos with that
2008-03-17, 08:11:06
anonymous from Italy  
this lady irina ask money for visa , and after she saied that theu rubben money .....

2008-03-17, 08:12:06
anonymous from Italy  
she is big prostitueted
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2008-03-17, 08:13:47
anonymous from Italy  
irina frolova you are very big stupid lady , go to work for money .... or fuck to have money not scammer

2008-03-17, 08:15:32
anonymous from Italy  
irina look attention to you .... one day you will payed for all scammer ...... your very big puttana
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Irina

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