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Dating scammer maria haruna


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Name: maria haruna



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anybody knows this girl?

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2013-03-26, 11:16:18
anonymous from Crary, United States  
yup presently dealing with her on zoosk. I like to mess with them, 4 I caught in a week lmao. I can play back right hahahumblesami123: Hello
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: there u are
humblesami123: Yeah , how are you now?
zeusforeverdw: im good hows is monday night going for u
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Good .. My name Is Sami and yours?
zeusforeverdw: Darren hi Sami
humblesami123: Nice to meet you Darren , for how long have you been on zoosk ?
zeusforeverdw: long time but never was a member so never used it
humblesami123: Oh i see.. I am from the western part of Africa Ghana and you ?
zeusforeverdw: usa ND were are u know?
humblesami123: Oh i see.. So have you ever chatted with someone from Ghana before or know there ?
zeusforeverdw: nope never
zeusforeverdw: long way away i was ecited to meet u
humblesami123: Me to ... Do you have kids?
zeusforeverdw: 1
zeusforeverdw: 16 boy
humblesami123: Oh i see.. What do you do for a living ?
zeusforeverdw: construction equipment operator
humblesami123: Oh i see.. Thats very nice .. So can you tell me what happen in your last relationship and do you live in your own house?
zeusforeverdw: right now im in a camper till i get a house moved in
zeusforeverdw: couple months
humblesami123: Oh i see.. Do you like the work you doing ?
zeusforeverdw: its ok
zeusforeverdw: dont mind
humblesami123: Good .. So what went wrong in your relationship if you don;t mind telling me ?
zeusforeverdw: honestly we were togther 14 yrs and she was unfaithfull all the time and i was always faithfull got sick of being hurt
humblesami123: Oh i see.. Sorry to hear that .. Any way , i have been cheated and hurt very badly to and thats here i am on here looking for the right man
zeusforeverdw: yah got married for all the wrong reasons but i do have a freat son out of it so it all good
zeusforeverdw: great
humblesami123: What is your Goal or Dream in future ?
zeusforeverdw: happyness and a best friend that will appricate the little kind gestures i make
zeusforeverdw: till we die
humblesami123: Thats nice .. What is your favorite color ?
zeusforeverdw: like its suppose to be
zeusforeverdw: blue
humblesami123: I also like the Blue ..
humblesami123: What is your favorite Food and Drink ?
zeusforeverdw: mashed potatoes and gravy milk
humblesami123: I also like the pizza , a nice cold drink and i also like the italian foods as well as the spaghetti
zeusforeverdw: im not picky
humblesami123: really
zeusforeverdw: no i like lots of food dont matter to me sick of pizza lol
humblesami123: Oh i see... So do you live alone ?
zeusforeverdw: dog and cat
humblesami123: wow . i love the cats to
zeusforeverdw: 3cats ive had tiger 16yrs
humblesami123: Oh i see.. Thats nice.. i love pets alot
zeusforeverdw: getting a little clumsy i will cry on the day
humblesami123: Sure?
humblesami123: So do you have any sisters or brothers ?
zeusforeverdw: oldest brother died in a car crash my other brother mike is one yr older then me then my brother matt is like 27 and a sister ashley 25 parents are still alive
humblesami123: Sorry to hear that .. I pray his soul rest in perfect peace
humblesami123: Do you have some pictures or webcam ?
zeusforeverdw: cam and u
humblesami123: Sorry i don;'t have a webcam for i only have pictures
zeusforeverdw: can i see the pics then ill turn cam on
zeusforeverdw: thank u
zeusforeverdw: nice babe
humblesami123: I hope you like the pictures?
zeusforeverdw: i do
humblesami123: Thanks
humblesami123: Can i view your webcam
zeusforeverdw: hold on babe have to unhook lab top quick k
humblesami123: Ok
zeusforeverdw: ready
humblesami123: wow you look very Great and handsome ..
humblesami123: I guess you don;t have any women chasing on you over there ( Smiles ) ..
zeusforeverdw: haha
zeusforeverdw: look like shit
humblesami123: So what are you doing now ?
zeusforeverdw: sitten around
humblesami123: What is the time over there ?
zeusforeverdw: 10.15
humblesami123: So what time do you go to bed ?
zeusforeverdw: late
humblesami123: wow really .. And what will you be doing till that late ?
zeusforeverdw: laundry tonight
humblesami123: Oh i see.. Wished i was there to help (Smiles ) .. Any way Darren are you a one woman man ?
zeusforeverdw: yes why u ask
humblesami123: Yes because i am also a one man woman and chatting with only you
zeusforeverdw: heres my dog
humblesami123: And the important thing is that , i have been cheated and hurt very badly and thats why i am on here looking for the right man because i know how it feel when you are being hurt or cheated on
humblesami123: And i don't want that to happen to me anymore
zeusforeverdw: so have i
humblesami123: ?
zeusforeverdw: yes
humblesami123: Did you read what i wrote ?
zeusforeverdw: abe i understand if im in a relationship im loyal trustworthy honest kind
humblesami123: Good .. So are you sure you are chatting with only me because i am a jealous lady lol ?
zeusforeverdw: lol
zeusforeverdw: im on facebook
humblesami123: Doing what ?
zeusforeverdw: talkimg to my moma
humblesami123: Oh how is she doing ?
zeusforeverdw: got like 450 friends
humblesami123: Oh i see..
zeusforeverdw: bad knees
humblesami123: lol
zeusforeverdw: yah shes in pain
humblesami123: What's wrong with her ?
zeusforeverdw: not use to lab top cause normly hooked to big tv corless keyboard and mouse
humblesami123: Oh i see..
zeusforeverdw: her knees
humblesami123: Hope she get well soon
zeusforeverdw: surgry soon
humblesami123: Oh ok .. So what time do you go to work and when is your off days ?
zeusforeverdw: i dont work in the winter months
zeusforeverdw: unemployment
humblesami123: You mean you don't work ?
zeusforeverdw: i still get a check though
zeusforeverdw: no in the winter we cant dig cause it gets cold ground freezes
humblesami123: Oh ok .. I do understand you .. So are you in the winter now ?
zeusforeverdw: april is spring but yah theres alot of snow to melt
humblesami123: Oh i see.. So are you willing to get married again some day ?
zeusforeverdw: is camera working
humblesami123: Yeah
humblesami123: You look very handsome
zeusforeverdw: if i can find a loyal partner for life
humblesami123: Me to Darren .. I've pass through Lot of pains and i don't want it to happen in my life anymore and thats why i am on here looking for the rightman
humblesami123: Webcam is off
zeusforeverdw: understand
humblesami123: So lets be honest with each other and get to know more about each other and see where it will lead us because we might not know what God has for us in the future
zeusforeverdw: right
humblesami123: Your webcam is off
zeusforeverdw: hold up
humblesami123: k
zeusforeverdw: little buttons
humblesami123: You looking Good and very handsome .. So tell me have you ever been to the beach before?
zeusforeverdw: yup
humblesami123: Do you know how to Swim ?
zeusforeverdw: yes
humblesami123: I guess i know how to Swim than you are ( Smiles )..
zeusforeverdw: teach in school
humblesami123: Oh i see.. Then we are going to teach each other then
zeusforeverdw: until we learn each other
humblesami123: Yeah .. Do you know how to cook ?
zeusforeverdw: haha all my life
zeusforeverdw: dont like dishes
zeusforeverdw: or clean up lol
humblesami123: Oh i see.. I am a cook Good ..
zeusforeverdw: sounds good
humblesami123: Do you know how to Drive ?
zeusforeverdw: 3 vehicals and a boat
humblesami123: You mean you have 3 Vehicles and a Boat ?
zeusforeverdw: yup
humblesami123: Then you got to teach me how to Drive because i don't know how to
zeusforeverdw: would be fun
humblesami123: really
zeusforeverdw: i like u babe
zeusforeverdw: yup boat 2
humblesami123: Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs?
zeusforeverdw: smoke but trying to quit have a beer now and then use to smoke pot for long time grew out of it
zeusforeverdw: u got a pasport
humblesami123: No Sorry , i don't have a passport because i have never traveled before
zeusforeverdw: its legal here now
zeusforeverdw: anyways will have to get u one
humblesami123: wow i will be very happy then
zeusforeverdw: me 2
humblesami123: Because i can't wait to meet you in person .. My mom will be very happy to hear this
zeusforeverdw: i havent loved in a long time
humblesami123: me to
zeusforeverdw: like to be held and cuddle
zeusforeverdw: give good rubs
humblesami123: wow , i missed all that Darren ..
humblesami123: I pray God sees us through because i feel i have gotten the man i want
zeusforeverdw: yah me 2
zeusforeverdw: love to here u say my name
zeusforeverdw: sami
zeusforeverdw: dreaming
humblesami123: Darren , i pray that God sees us through and make our dream come true
zeusforeverdw: illpray 2
humblesami123: How is your Mom and Dad ?
zeusforeverdw: good getting old
zeusforeverdw: dads 76 moms 67
zeusforeverdw: but healthy
humblesami123: Oh i see... I pray they live long
zeusforeverdw: there divorced
zeusforeverdw: yah me 2
humblesami123: Oh i see
zeusforeverdw: losing brother was living hell
humblesami123: What types of music or movies or TV Shows you like?
zeusforeverdw: my boy did u see him
humblesami123: Whats that ?
zeusforeverdw: older now
zeusforeverdw: my cam look
zeusforeverdw: whats up u silent
humblesami123: What do you mean by . my boy did u see him ?
zeusforeverdw: was holding pic in front of camera
zeusforeverdw: is it on
humblesami123: Sorry my invite me your webcam again
zeusforeverdw: thought it was on
zeusforeverdw: tell me when cause this is first time ive used it
humblesami123: It says you do not have permission to view the cam
zeusforeverdw: was on
humblesami123: Yeah its on now
zeusforeverdw: neighbor leaving
zeusforeverdw: whats up girl
zeusforeverdw: what time is it there
zeusforeverdw: did u see my boy
humblesami123: Its 4:00 am here now
humblesami123: At your back right
zeusforeverdw: why u up so late
humblesami123: wow
humblesami123: wiw
humblesami123: wow
zeusforeverdw: hadsome
humblesami123: He is looking Good
zeusforeverdw: hard worker
zeusforeverdw: good kid
humblesami123: Am late here because am looking for the right man and since i have gotten the right man then i am going to have alot of rest and thats you .. wow
zeusforeverdw: thank u
zeusforeverdw: u going to make me fall in love
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Lol .. We are going to fall for each other
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: So what will you be doing ?
zeusforeverdw: thank u
zeusforeverdw: when
zeusforeverdw: laundry tonight
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Oh i see.. Sweetie , i will like us to exchange number in order to be texting each other and also let each other know when we are online to chat
humblesami123: ?
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: 7012701781
zeusforeverdw: whats the?
humblesami123: I just sent a message
zeusforeverdw: saved number
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: i feel good
humblesami123: I like that .. You just made me very happy my dear
zeusforeverdw: me happy
humblesami123: Nice phone
zeusforeverdw: my sami so get of zooks
zeusforeverdw: trying to show u i saved u as my sami
humblesami123: Yeah , i am deciding to delete my profile on that site and i hope you are going to do the same my dear
zeusforeverdw: babe for u
humblesami123: You so handsome
zeusforeverdw: u sexy
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: friend called was worken on there computer earlyer love to fix computers
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: really .. You are very lovely ..
zeusforeverdw: i want to wake up tom and e to me
zeusforeverdw: u to be next to me
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Me to my dear ...
humblesami123: I want you to delete your Profile on zoosk my dear
zeusforeverdw: why am i falling so fast
zeusforeverdw: yup
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: im sincere and have fellings ill be so good to u
humblesami123: Are you going to do that now my love .. I want only us but no more anymore .. I am a one Man woman and i want only you
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: yes i will
zeusforeverdw: passport need to find out
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Ok my love .. I will do that early tomorrow morning and i will get you any information i get and will text you and let you know anything my love
zeusforeverdw: yes
humblesami123: What did yu eat today my love
zeusforeverdw: went out had steack and eggs
zeusforeverdw: steak
humblesami123: Only that ?
zeusforeverdw: had mc donalds for lunch
humblesami123: wow my dear .. I wished i was over there with you so that i will take it with yo
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: I want to go to the beach together with you
humblesami123: Holding hands , walking along the sand
humblesami123: Talking to each other
zeusforeverdw: sounds fun
zeusforeverdw: yahoo locked up
humblesami123: WOW so they are Jealous , haha lol
zeusforeverdw: thought i lost u was going to panic
zeusforeverdw: what mean
humblesami123: I mean yahoo are very jealous so they locked up u ,. lol
humblesami123: We are never going to lost each other for we are going to be together forever
zeusforeverdw: u maken me feel havent for long time
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: really ..
zeusforeverdw: im scared
humblesami123: Why are you scared ?
zeusforeverdw: hurt
zeusforeverdw: dont want it
humblesami123: Honey trust me no one is going to get hurt
zeusforeverdw: what if u find someone there befor we get to meet it will crush me
zeusforeverdw: i got brick walls up and u are knocking it down in 1hr
humblesami123: Honey trust me , thats why i told you i am a one man woman ... One is enough for us and i told my mom i will never in my life to date a man over here becaue i have been hurt very badly here ..
humblesami123: I guess God has answered my prayers
zeusforeverdw: i wana give u a better life
zeusforeverdw: mine 2
humblesami123: Honey trust me .. Nothing is going to happen for we are ment for each other
humblesami123: Have faith
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: We are going to be together very soon because i want to get rid of this computer thing and be with the man of my life
humblesami123: Nothing is going to change my mind on you
zeusforeverdw: mine either its a calling
zeusforeverdw: ive been waiting long time
humblesami123: Me to Sweetheart ... So after Laundring what else you going to do ?
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: bed so i can get up and talk to u
zeusforeverdw: u give me a reason
humblesami123: Me to Sweetheart .. I am feeling very tired now because i was looking for you for long and now that i have found you , i am going to thank God for that
zeusforeverdw: so am i
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: You are very handsome Darren
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: u are very sexy sami
zeusforeverdw: like your jeans
zeusforeverdw: look awsome on u
humblesami123: Thank you very much and i also like your Cap
zeusforeverdw: thank u
humblesami123: You welcome into my life Darre
humblesami123: Darren
zeusforeverdw: wish u had cam
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Me to Sweetheart ... I saw some one at your back who was that ?
zeusforeverdw: neighbor
humblesami123: Oh ok ..
humblesami123: Honey i guess we both need to take some rest now ?
zeusforeverdw: k
humblesami123: wow
humblesami123: like Dog
zeusforeverdw: my baby
zeusforeverdw: zeus
humblesami123: Our baby lol
zeusforeverdw: lol
humblesami123: Zeus .. Nice name
zeusforeverdw: k
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: Honey please go do your work and get some rest for me
zeusforeverdw: i will
humblesami123: Ok , don't forget to delete your profile on zoosk dear
zeusforeverdw: i wont
zeusforeverdw: u can check
humblesami123: Ok My love ..
humblesami123: Am going to bed now ..
humblesami123: I will text you sweetheart
zeusforeverdw: night will be thinking of u
humblesami123: Me to .. Please take good care of yourself for me
zeusforeverdw: i do babe for u
humblesami123: Ok .. Good Night love
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: Good Night My Darren
humblesami123: Am off now
zeusforeverdw: k babe
humblesami123: Please go off to
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: want u to get up and have a great day today. lu
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: Am online now my love
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: i seen u on zoosk babe
humblesami123: No honey , i am not going there anymore ... Trust me ...
zeusforeverdw: u were on there
humblesami123: I don't go there because my account don't want to be removed so i left it
zeusforeverdw: and it says your location through gps.cause its enabled
humblesami123: Honey can i ask you something ?
zeusforeverdw: shows u in the us
zeusforeverdw: yes
humblesami123: Do you love me ?
zeusforeverdw: babe trust is another. no trust no love
humblesami123: Yeah my love .. Without trust there is nothing .. Trust me i don't you know i am new to that site and i don't know if i made a mistake with the location and since i found you , i am going there no more because you are what i want sweetheart .. Trust you are the only one and now one else ..
zeusforeverdw: yes babe ill come there day u plan to have paper work done k easy
humblesami123: Ok My love .. I will really love that .. But don't you think its a waste of money .. And coming here is very risky because Ghana is very Dangerious country and alot of Crimes .. Coming here to stay for my pappers to get done is going to be something on the other way because i want you to rest and let me come over there
zeusforeverdw: ill be fine
humblesami123: Ok
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: So how is the weather over there ?
zeusforeverdw: 30degress today
humblesami123: Oh i see.. So what have you eaten today ?
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: nothing yet
humblesami123: Why my love
zeusforeverdw: i will
humblesami123: Ok my love .. I will like you to be ok for me .. Have you taken your shower
humblesami123: ?
zeusforeverdw: yes
humblesami123: Good .. Mum said i should say HELLO to you
zeusforeverdw: hi
humblesami123: She said she will be praying for us
zeusforeverdw: k
humblesami123: Hun what will you be doing today ?
zeusforeverdw: not sure
humblesami123: So you will be home all day ?
zeusforeverdw: might go get groceries
humblesami123: So what do you do at your leisure time ?
humblesami123: k
zeusforeverdw: my dog fishing camping boating travel
humblesami123: I love poetry, books, walks on the beach and cozy candlelight dinners. I enjoy movies, television, music, traveling, the desert, the quietness of the mountains, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.
zeusforeverdw: im worried u aint true
zeusforeverdw: sorry but
zeusforeverdw: how i feel idk
humblesami123: Why are you talking like this my love
zeusforeverdw: u scare me
humblesami123: Have i done anything wrong because you don't sound good ... You scaring me to my love .. You just spoilt my heart
humblesami123: Thats why i want us to speak on the phone my love .. You scaring me .. Why is this happening to me now .. After all the pains I've been through
humblesami123: You making me feel so worried
humblesami123: Are you leaving me my love ?
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: no ll be there
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Hun i feel you are trying to leave me .
humblesami123: I have to call my mum because i can kill my self when you leave me
humblesami123: You are the only man i am talking to
zeusforeverdw: stop know
zeusforeverdw: k its ok
humblesami123: I don't like the way you sounding my dear .. I have never faced this before and now you turning my heart round because i have fallen for you
zeusforeverdw: i scared babe
humblesami123: I have been hurt very badly and i know how it feels when someone is being cheated and hurt .. I promise i am not here to cheat nor hurt you and i don't want that to happen to me to because i know how it feel my love
zeusforeverdw: i dont chat
zeusforeverdw: cheat
zeusforeverdw: babe im a little worried u wont show up
humblesami123: Me to my love ... I don't know what to do now because you are the one and love and want to be with .. Honey am going to die when you leave me .. Lets give it a try and i promise we are going to be together trust me my love ...
zeusforeverdw: babe we are going to
zeusforeverdw: dont get upset its ok
humblesami123: Its because you don't want to trust me .. Today i woke up with happiness and i thank God i have found you but now you doubtig on me my love .. Thats very bad and i don't know what to say now .. I have fallen for you my love and please dont break my heart
zeusforeverdw: dont break mine
zeusforeverdw: and i wont
zeusforeverdw: promise me
humblesami123: Honey i promise on my life that i am not going to Break your heart .. I do PROMISE YOU my love and i hope you are not going to Break mine to
zeusforeverdw: i wana love u
humblesami123: Honey this is our chance and we need to give it a try .. I PROMISE you
zeusforeverdw: promise u
humblesami123: Thank you
humblesami123: Honey i don't like the way you sounding today . You are not happy at all .. I feel so bad now sweetheart ..
humblesami123: Wished i could talk to yuo on the phone my love .. You making me feel so bad right now my love .. Why is this happening to me now .. After going through Alot of Pains .. Oh my God .. Please help me ..
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: babe w
zeusforeverdw: why cant i call u
zeusforeverdw: baby call me
humblesami123: I want to talk to you on the Phone my love .. I have to tell my Mom about this because i am not feeling well at all .. I feel i can die sweetheart .. Please Beleive me .. I want you and only you ..
zeusforeverdw: call
humblesami123: ok
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: The line is very bad .
zeusforeverdw: yup
zeusforeverdw: yup
humblesami123: Here is my address Sami Yussif , 28 Oku Street , Accra-Nima , Ghana-00233
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: Is your webcam on ?
zeusforeverdw: no got labtop hooked to tv again
zeusforeverdw: like the big screen
humblesami123: Ok .. Did you get the address written down ?
zeusforeverdw: yup
zeusforeverdw: going to eat somthing
humblesami123: Ok My love ... I have to go and shower now and also get something to eat and take care of the room and the Kicthen ...
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Text me when you get everything done ok ..
humblesami123: I love you
zeusforeverdw: love u
humblesami123: I love you to .. Please take care of yourself for me .. Stay Blessed Always .. Text me when you are done .. I may call you again .. Love hearing your voice
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: I have to go and shower now and get something to eat and also take care of the Kitchen ok
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: I will call you on the phone again .. I love hearing your voice
humblesami123: <ding>
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: You reading what i wrote my love ?
zeusforeverdw: yes
humblesami123: Ok .. Please go get something to eat ..
zeusforeverdw: <ding>
humblesami123: Love you
humblesami123: <ding>
humblesami123: Honey am going off now and what about you ?
zeusforeverdw: u2
zeusforeverdw: eating
humblesami123: Ok .. Love you Bye for now
zeusforeverdw: bye
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Dating scammer maria haruna
Dating scammer maria haruna
Dating scammer maria haruna
Dating scammer maria haruna
Dating scammer maria haruna
Dating scammer maria haruna
Dating scammer maria haruna

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