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Dating scammer Alexandra. T (Sasha)


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Name: Alexandra. T (Sasha)


Kazan, Republic Tatarstan, Russia

Other Comments:
First email :-

Hello my dear new friend Fred!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that I can call
you in such a way Fred because you answered my letter in which I
noticed that you want to get acquainted with me much closer. Believe
me you will be not disappointed with me. So let me introduce myself.
As you have already mentioned I am 29 years old. My birthday is on the
14th of February. And when is you birthday Fred? I am ďAquariusĒ
on Zodiac. I believe in God Jesus. My friend my weight makes 54 kgs,
and my growth of 173 centimeters. Fred I very much love animals,
but unfortunately at me they are not present, I once had a dog it
called Pipi, but it has died of an old age, I very much loved it also
to me it was heavy when it did not become, in fact it really was mine
the best friend. I did not begin to get new animals only because of
that that was afraid to feel the same pain. Almost at all I of friends
are animals and when I come to friends on a visit their cats, dogs
very affably meet me. I have never been married and I do not have any
kids, I am a single girl. I'm sensitive, kind-hearted, thoughtful and
easily amused. In opinion of my close friends, I'm kind, jolly, clever
and intelligent, purposeful, sociable. I live in the city Kazan
which is the capital of the republic Tatarstan. My town is very beautiful.
There are a lot of squares, parks and beautiful places. I like my
wonderful City very much. Most of all I want to say to you that my
favorite season is the Summer! The sun shines brightly and I like
walking in the park listening to the birds singing and enjoining fresh
air. And what is your favorite season Fred? I was born here but
you do not know that I have never seen my parents. I spent my whole
childhood in the orphanage. I was told that my parents refused from me
but I do not know the reason. That is why I had to live without
parents. I have never had the careless of my mom but I always felt the
big family where I was loved and love everybody. I have many brothers
and sisters they are not my native but they are much closer and more
native for me. I love all the children who lived with me in orphanage.
We still associate with each other. I think that you would like to
know where I live now. Well, now I rent a flat and work as a teacher
of English in elementary school. While studying at school my favorite
subject was English. There I dreamt to finish the school and enter the
institute. So my dream came true. Now I have everything that I need to
live in the simple way. I am not reach but I think that money is not
everything in our life. They only spoil person and do not give him
happiness. But I think that happiness is in love. I dream about my own
family with the beloved man. I am fond of children and I would like to
have them in the future. And do you like children Fred? I am not a
person of career. I am fond of cooking. Everybody says that I cook
very delicious. I think that you are interested in why I decided to
find my second half through the Internet. Well for about year ago my
best friend Darya got acquainted through the Internet with Vijay and
now they are very happy together. Now she is in Canada with the
beloved man. She is pregnant and their family is very happy. Darya
found Vijay through the Internet. We worked and studied together. She
is a teacher of English too. And now she works at school there. She
teaches Russian language at the school. So I decided to do the same. I
hope that everything will be very good and I will be happy. I can
speak and write English language. I saw your profile and liked it very
much and I have decided to write to you, Fred! Wowww, I have
written you so much! I did not think that I can write about myself so
much, really. I'm finishing my e-mail to you, Fred, I'll be
grateful so much, if you'll write me about yourself so much, as I did
it. I would like to know about your family. Is your family large? Tell
me also a little about your city where do you live? I have never been
in other countries and I'll be very glad to know about your country.
Ok, let me finish my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! I'm
attaching my photo. I hope you will find my photo good. Ok, good bye,
Fred, I hope to see your answer soon.

Take care,
Your new Russian friend,

† † † † † † † † † † † ††


Hello my friend Fred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very glad to see your
answer. It is so interesting for me to read your letter that you donít
imagine it my dear Fred! Fred many thanks for a photo which you have†
sent, I very much liked also I would be glad to receive your new photos.†
I have sent you some photo, school where I work also my class. As you can†
see streets Kazan, I hope to you it was pleasant! Because you know we learn more†
about ourselves. I like it very much. I am in Russia and you are so far away
from me but we can easily associate to each other my dear Fred! My
dear friend, I want to tell you that I have decided to get acquainted
through the Internet due of my girlfriend Darya who went abroad to
her Vijay one year ago I have said to you about this earlier.
Fred, maybe, possible, we will be together in the future time,
maybe we would like to look for the marriage too, if you will want
this, I don't want to hide this so important fact, but we must learn
more things about each other more and more, it will be reasonably and
correctly, really, Fred! I hope that you will agree with me and
with this fact too. Please, tell me about this, ok? But in my opinion,
we must learn about each other more and more, I repeat this! Please,
agree with me, Fred! I also want to ask you that I hope that
everything is understandable for you. If not please let me know about
it, o.k.? Maybe you would like to know why I havenít found my half
here in Russia. Well I had two boyfriends. With the first boyfriend
Ivan we were together for about one year. I loved him very much and I
thought that he loved me too, but this was not true. As I learnt later
he felt in love with the other girl. He was with me and with that girl
at the same time. Maybe he didnít give up on me because of the feeling
of pity, I donít know it clearly. After our separation I began to
spend sleepless nights crying. That time was very difficult for me
because Ivan was my first love and he laid me and I hate liars. My
next love was Alexander. We felt in love with each other very strong.
We were together for a long time. But you know that there are so many
alcoholics here in Russia. While we were together he was drinking but
not so often. Of course I didnít like it but I couldnít do anything.
Later he began to drink so often that you donít imagine it to yourself
my dear Fred. So I had nothing to do but only separate with him.
So that was my love story. I would like to know about your love story
Fred. Please write me about it I want to know everything about
you, because I like you and I am very glad that we associate to each
other. So after those two disappoint love attempts I decided not to
fall in love with them. Because in Russia men donít value their women.
And also my best friend Darya gave me advice to try to find my love
here through the Internet. As I wrote you in my last letter I work as
a teacher of English. I am fond of my work. Because I love children
and I like to spend time with them. English is one of my hobbies. I
like to watch films and read English literature in the original. I
also like to listen foreign music. One of my favorite singers is
Sting, Tony Braxton and Whitney Huston. My free time I like to spend
with my friends. I like to go to the cinema. When the weather is fine
we walk in the street. I like walking especially through the park. In
the summer everything is so beautiful, the sun shines brightly and the
sky is a very wonderful blue color. I also like autumn and spring. I
am fond of the colors of these seasons. As you have already mentioned
I love nature and also I am fond of flowers. And do you like nature
Fred? How do you like to spend your free time? Please write me
about it my dear Fred, I want you to know everything about me and
also I want to know everything about you Fred! Well, Fred, I
must finish my e-mail to you, I hope that we will continue to
correspond with each other and you will tell me much more about
yourself, and I will try to tell you about myself as more as possible
in future e-mails. I want to ask you about more things, Fred, and
I hope that you will understand my questions and will answer them. I
want to learn more about your country, please, tell me about your
family, about your friends. A great hello to you from my friends
Darya and Vijay. I hope to see your answer soon.

Bye-bye... Alexandra

† † † † † † † † † † † ††

email 3 :-

Hello my dear friend Fred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad to
receive your answer my dear Fred! It is the happiest time in my
day to read your letter. It makes me smile. It is so important for us
to learn more and more about our lives. We are getting much closer to
each other my dear friend Fred! Fred I came on yours website, but I had†
an opportunity to look, only on the main page. All very much was pleasant†
to me. Everyone has, personal website? Because you know it is very
important for me and I hope that it is also important for you. I am
really interested in you and in our correspondence. I want to know
about you and about your country. It is like a dream for me that we
got acquainted with each other. I read your letters with great
pleasure! So my dear Fred I think that you would like to learn
more about my interests and hobbies. About music. I like to listen to
different music. Oh I forgot that I have already written you about the
music which I listen. I will not write you about my favorite Russian
singers and groups, because I think that you donít know them. But if
we will meet some day in the future time I will give you to listen to
my lovely music and you will give me yours. In general, I like to
listen to the good and modern music, Fred, and what kind of music
do you like? It would be interesting for me to learn about it. Please,
tell me, ok? MoviesÖ I like to watch comedies, fantastic and romantic
films, and so on. But the greatest impression has left on me films '
The Lord of Rings', ' Harry Potter '. I hope you watched these films!
But special impression had the film ' The Patriot ' with the main
actor Mel Gibson, where the war between England and America is
described. This film shows the natural spirit of the patriotism, the
love to a Native Land! I consider that it's very important qualities,
which all people in the world should have! Really? Fred, I hope
that you watched this film too, and that you had magnificent
impressions from a viewing of this film. Mel Gibson has played his
role as a talented actor in my opinion! Also I liked the film ' Cruel
Intentions', in my opinion; it's very sensual and instructive film for
all youth. Also among comedies I liked the film ' Me, Myself and Irene
' by the comic actor Jim Carrey :) I hope that you watched this
ridiculous film :) Among fantasy, I liked film ' Planet of the Apesí;
it's a very entertainment film in my opinion. About food? Ok, from the
favorite food dishes, I want to allocate fried potatoes, various kind
of the soups, also I like meat, I don't want to hide it from you. I
like fish and chicken very much, do you like the chicken? It tastes so
good, really? Also I like pizza very much. It's very tasty too; I like
pizza with a cheese. I like fruit and vegetables, especially, apple,
orange, banana, tomatoes, cucumbers and so on, there are many kinds of
vitamins. Fred, do you like to cook? I cook not bad as friends say
to me. To tell the truth I am fond of cooking. I can spend hours in
the kitchen cooking something delicious. Many times my best friend
Darya and me gathered in the kitchen and cooked together. Now her
husband Vijay is fond of her dishes. O hope that one day you will
taste my dishes my dear Fred. You will taste different Russian
dishes. Believe me you will fall in love with them. And I also want to
taste the food in your country. Also about my favorite kind of sports,
I like sport very much. Do you like it either? In winter I like to
ski, it's cool to be on the fresh air. Also I like to play volley
ball. But most of all I like aerobic, we are engaged by the aerobic in
free time with my girlfriend Darya, in my opinion, this kind of
sport helps to support my body in the good form. Also I would like to
say to you that I like to dance ball dances. It is fantastic. Have you
ever danced the ball dance with any girl? It's so attractive and
beautiful, really, Fred? I'm sure, that you would be very glad to
dance the ball dance with me one day? It will be wonderful! Probably,
in the future, we will dance the ball dancing with you, it would be
cool! Really? I would like to speak to you my dear Fred! I believe
that it is great idea. I would like to speak to you over the
telephone. Unfortunately I donít have the telephone at home. But I
will try to call you from the telegraph which is in the post office.
If you want to hear me Fred give me your telephone number and tell
me in which time should I call you, but please tell me your time and
Moscow time. I am afraid that I can mix something. I hope that you
want to hear my voice too. Please, send me your phone number in your
next e-mail, ok??? Please, don't forget, Fred! Fred, I can't
believe again I have written you such a large e-mail. I hope, that it
will be interesting for you to read about me more. Really? Fred, I
would be grateful for you, if you write me in your next e-mail about
your interests, about your hobbies, what kind of music do you prefer?
What kind of movies too? What is your favorite color too??? My
favorite color is green, it calms so much. Well, let me finish my
message, also I send you my photo. I hope that it will be pleasant for
you to look on this photo. I will wait for your next e-mails!
Fred, please, write me as soon as possible! Ok?

see you soon.

† † † † † † † † † † † ††

She also sent me pictures supposed to be the classroom where she works, the school, the city. Do you want these posted?


2008-03-25, 13:25:25   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-03-25, 13:25:25   (updated: )
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
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2008-03-25, 13:25:25   (updated: )
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2008-03-27, 04:32:53
anonymous from United Kingdom  

My dear forgive that I not ringing you, but I have no not home not

mobile telephone and I shall have to ring you through telegraph, but

but presently I have no such possibility, but I promise you that soon

I shall do this and we shall speak on telephone. As soon as I will

have free money, I shall buy a telephone card, and I shall try to call

to you. I cannot communicate with you in a chat because I come to the

Internet of cafe only to write to you the letter because the Internet

of cafe costs very expensively and consequently I cannot be there

longitudes, I hope, what you understand me? I do not have opportunity Skype.


2008-03-27, 06:14:29
anonymous from Norway  
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2009-05-22, 09:45:01
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Just received a mail, somehow went through spambox, from this girl. Don't know how she got my emailadres because I didn't contact her. Aparently she has visited a Dutch site because the letter is written in Dutch? At the moment I have email contact through site TAU2 under a different email account, so I think someone is leaking information there.This is her mail and picture.

[Goede dag mijn beste vriend! Hoe gaat het met je? Ik dacht dat voor een lange tijd om te schrijven naar je en nu heb ik besloten dit te doen, ik heel bescheiden meisje, want dit is erg moeilijk om de eerste, je moet begrijpen, ik wil u te ontmoeten, heb je perepesku en leer meer over je, ik moet echt een vriend en ik hoop dat je kan worden!? Mijn naam is Ekaterina, ik 28 jaar oud, als je wilt weten schrijf ik mij meer op mijn, ik zeer blij met uw antwoord, en ik wil u een aantal van mijn foto's, ik denk dat je het leuk vindt, kijk uit naar uw reactie! Ekaterina]

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2009-05-22, 09:45:39
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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