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Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva


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Name: Dinara Bikmaeva


1. My complete name Dinara Bikmaeva
2. My birthday it on March, 30th, 1978
3. My country - Russia
4. My city - Yoshkar Ola, since in particular in this city more nearer to me the office 'Western Union'.
5. My postal code 424000

Other Comments:

Hello my love!
I am happy to receive from you letters. Your letters bring to me pleasure and a heat in souls.
I was in travel agency. I have learnt, that is necessary to arrive to you.
I can receive the visa only in embassy. In our city is not present
Embassy of your country. Therefore I should go to Moscow and there assort
The visa. There I should enter into embassy of your country and pass interview.
I should show a full package of the documents confirming my strong financial position.
As I should do the passport for travel abroad.
The most simple way to arrive to you it under the tourist visa. I can receive
The visa after 4-6 working days. The visa will be valid to 90 days.
The total cost of the visa with services of agency of round will be 365 euro.
I have no passport. I have learnt, that it is necessary for enter into the name
for passport reception in turn. Passport reception can borrow a lot
of time from 2 approximately till 6 months. But there is other way.
In round agency suggest to do the passport during short time.
It will cost 230 euro. In total it will be 595 euro.
It is not convenient for me to speak it about it, but to me it will be arrived to tell.
These are the big money for me. I cannot find so many money.
I can find only nearby 100 euro.
You can help me with payment of registration of the visa?
I very much wish to meet. I dream of you. I dream, as we will spend time together.
I cannot wait that day when I will see you.
I very much wish to meet you.
I will wait your letter.

Love and kisses.
Yours Dinara.

Other email addresses:,

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2008-05-04, 13:41:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  
Dinara Bikmaeva
Yoshkar Ola, Russia

2008-05-07, 14:57:08
Dinara Bikmaeva or Nadya Vasileva?

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2008-05-07, 15:03:57
Dinara Bikmaeva or Nadya Vasileva? No, just another Money letter !!!

From: Nadya (
Send: Tuesday May 6th 2008 15:10:07
Answer to:Nadya (
Received: from localhost ( [])

Hi my darling !!!
How there has passed your day? At me fine weather in the afternoon, the sun shines, and heats! It very much is pleasant to me! I hope that you in fine mood, and at you all is good! I feel the big desire to be closer to you, and consequently I went to travel agency to learn as I could arrive to you. To me have told all in general. Also have told that the agency can organise my arrival to you very quickly, in a current of several days. It means that I can already be with you nearby in a week or two. In agency have told that they will organise my arrival in cooperation with you. For this purpose it is necessary that you have written the letter on email this travel agency.

Here the address of this agency:
Write in the letter to agency:
your full name,
your exact address where I should arrive to you,
and still my full name (Nadezhda Vasileva).
Nadezhda Vasileva-it my full name.

In agency have made a copy of my passport, and I have signed the document that I accept conditions on granting of services of this travel agency, and the agency undertakes to render me these services, works which include preparation of my documents for a trip, and booking of the aviation ticket.
I Will be the happiest when I can embrace you my darling !!!

But I have a problem. This trip has appeared expensive to me, unfortunately I have no such money. If you can help me with trip payment then I quickly will arrive to you in the near future. I very much hope that we together will organise my arrival to you very quickly, and we together will spend much many the pleasant remarkable moments of our life!!! I very much wait for your letter mine darling!
Yours Nadya
2008-05-07, 15:05:36
Dinara Bikmaeva or Nadya Vasileva?

2008-05-07, 15:09:37
Dinara Bikmaeva or Nadya Vasileva really wants to see me !!

From: Nadya (
Send: Wednesday May 6th 2008 15:49:31
Answer to:Nadya (
Received: from localhost ( [])

Hello my darling !!!
It is happy that you too wish to meet me! I
was today in travel agency, to me have told that you have not written
them the letter. Why my darling? Write faster that they have answered
you and have told as we will meet. I want it quickly, I have already
collected a part of bags to take with myself luggage. And I will bring
to you a gift, at me something is, but it will be a surprise. Ok?
I kiss you my darling!!!
Yours Nadya

PS: I do not have phone. My phone has broken earlier. But I have old Sim a card, and sometimes I insert it into another's phone. Here its number. I kiss you my gentle!!!!
+7960 094 6621
2008-05-07, 15:12:05
Yes, it is Nadya Vasileva !!!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva

2008-05-07, 15:15:55
Or............Dinara Bikmaeva ??????????
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva
Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva

2008-05-15, 13:43:04
anonymous from United States  
Hey guys, we are all in the same boat BUT'
Instead of getting mad, get even. Post all this BS and us guys reading bait these bitches and keep them busy. I am chatting with 6-8 now, hours after hours, listen if we can waste their time, we are saving someones ass
The attached picture is one smart cookie and I will post all the info later
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nadya from Kstovo, Russia

2008-05-15, 13:49:16
anonymous from United States  
Hello my new friend xxxxx!!!

How are you ? How mood? I hope it have improved after you have
received my letter? I am very glad to that I have met you. Who
knows.... Can be valid we suit to each other.....

My name is Nadya. Date of my birth 28.07.1976. I have height 172 My
weight - 55 kg see. I live one in own apartment which to me was
presented by my parents. My parents live in village in a place with my
grandmother... I the young, serious girl who has decided to create a
family. I love dances, reading of books, travel, walks in wood,
swimming, sports. I very betrayed, vigorous, witty, with good sense of
humour, the careful, smiling, cheerful, kind girl. At me a good
athletic figure, sexual, beautiful, elegant. I can always listen to
the interlocutor, give a piece of good advice, something to help. I
the independent girl who has a small income, but for the life I do not
complain. At me all is.

I live in Russia. I live in republic Chuvashiya, in city Cheboksary.
It is very beautiful city. Which has own gidro-elektro station. I work
as the cook, at restaurant. I very much love work. I like to be

I do not have children, but I very much would like to have the child
sometime. Probably two. And necessarily boy.

I have placed the profile on a site of acquaintances to find the
happiness because I could not find the happiness here in Russia. I
search for the person who will love me, which attentive who will
divide with me a life, Pleasure, happiness and love. But the main
thing, that the person had serious intentions. I search for the kind,
sympathetic, decent, well-groomed man who will love me all heart and
will be given to me completely. Which will be ready for the sake of me
on all. I am ready to go for the sake of such man though on a world's

I do not wish to be simple friends. I search for the person for family
creation. If you write to me only to have a good time or to write to
me about sex then I wish to tell to you at once - do not write me
better. Because about sex I will not write in the first letters. It is
not beautiful. Correspondence is necessary to study each other and
then can be between us there will be something more than friendship:
feelings, mutual appeal. I tried to find the Russian man, but I have
not found the person with which I will live all further a life, to
have a happy family and children.

My close girlfriend advised to me to advertise on a site of the
international sites of acquaintances. I read Answers of the Russian
women living abroad with men. I saw many Announcements and I have
admired, with what warm and kindness they write about Foreign men. I
wish to try to find Happiness abroad. Here in Russia I do not see the

I am glad to our acquaintance to you. I consider seriously search of
the future love abroad, but I have not found it and consequently I
have dared to write to you.

I very much would like to learn about you more, your hobby? What do
you like to do? I would like to know about you all.

Tell to me little bit more about you and about your family. It would
be interesting to me to study About it from you. Thus I can study you
little bit faster. I love very much Travel, but I never travelled
further than Russia, me all the same is pleasant to visit new cities,
I as old Russian cities have very beautiful architecture.

I finish the letter.

I hope, that I have not tired you with the letter. I really hope that
now you know me a little. In this letter I send you photos! I hope
that you will send me also the photos.

Tell about itself. The Date of birth, work, dreams, character.... Tell
to me all that you want. As you can ask me all that you want. We
should learn well each other. You agree with me?

I hope, that you will soon answer my letter! Have a good time!

Your new friend


P.s.: what languages you know ?
She is listed on this site, different name and pictures, watch out for this bitch, later in your letters she will get ran down by a car and you must help her or she will be in wheel chair the rest of her life (Health care in Russian is free)
If you see her on the streets run the bitch down and I will pay for the repair of your car

Keywords: blonde white top blue jeans red square moscow
2008-05-15, 16:37:39   (updated: 2008-05-15, 16:43:40)
OJAS from United States  
Anon US, 2008-05-15, 13:43:04, Instead of getting mad at victims of possibly stolen photos, spare you anger for the PRICKS who send them http://www.delphifa..p=3#64966
2008-05-16, 11:19:24

2008-05-16, 11:21:37
From: Nadya (
Send: Wednesday 14th 2008 15:25:21
Answer to:Nadya (
Received: from localhost ( [])

Hello my darling !!
It is pleasant to me to read your passionate
letters. But I do not understand why you deceive me. I was in travel
agency just, to me have told that they did not receive your letter!
Why you deceive me?
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva

2008-05-16, 11:25:09
€€€ Who wants to deceive this beautiful Dinara or Nadya ? €€€

2008-06-08, 05:09:11
From: Nadya (
Send: Wednesday May 28 2008 7:14:14
Answer to:Nadya (
Received: from localhost ( [])

Hello my darling !!!
Thanks for your lovely gentle words!!! I am fascinated by your letters my darling!!! I very much like that you so gently concern me!!! I very much want that you spoke me all it personally in a life, my darling whispered on an ear tender words about feelings and love!!! I feel that I fall in love with you more strongly every day! I to me am difficult to have patience to wait our meeting! I very much wish to embrace you my darling!!! Tell when we can meet? Give we will begin already now preparation of our meeting my darling ! Well? I to be filled by huge desire near to you my darling!!! I kiss you !!!
Yours Nadya
2008-06-08, 05:11:47

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