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Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva


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Name: Dinara Bikmaeva


1. My complete name Dinara Bikmaeva
2. My birthday it on March, 30th, 1978
3. My country - Russia
4. My city - Yoshkar Ola, since in particular in this city more nearer to me the office 'Western Union'.
5. My postal code 424000

Other Comments:

Hello my love!
I am happy to receive from you letters. Your letters bring to me pleasure and a heat in souls.
I was in travel agency. I have learnt, that is necessary to arrive to you.
I can receive the visa only in embassy. In our city is not present
Embassy of your country. Therefore I should go to Moscow and there assort
The visa. There I should enter into embassy of your country and pass interview.
I should show a full package of the documents confirming my strong financial position.
As I should do the passport for travel abroad.
The most simple way to arrive to you it under the tourist visa. I can receive
The visa after 4-6 working days. The visa will be valid to 90 days.
The total cost of the visa with services of agency of round will be 365 euro.
I have no passport. I have learnt, that it is necessary for enter into the name
for passport reception in turn. Passport reception can borrow a lot
of time from 2 approximately till 6 months. But there is other way.
In round agency suggest to do the passport during short time.
It will cost 230 euro. In total it will be 595 euro.
It is not convenient for me to speak it about it, but to me it will be arrived to tell.
These are the big money for me. I cannot find so many money.
I can find only nearby 100 euro.
You can help me with payment of registration of the visa?
I very much wish to meet. I dream of you. I dream, as we will spend time together.
I cannot wait that day when I will see you.
I very much wish to meet you.
I will wait your letter.

Love and kisses.
Yours Dinara.

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2008-07-14, 08:22:35
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ Dinara played E2....E4 €€€

From: dinara (
Send: Saturday July 12 2008 18:35:15
Answer to: dinara (
Received: from []

Hello my dear!!!
Your letter has again brought light in my life. Tell to me why you did not write to me already so much many days? But on your letter it is shown that date of your departure of the letter on July, 5th, and to me the letter has come only today.
Likely that that occurs to the Internet and letters sink down and reach not during time.
To me it was very boring without you, to me it was very bad. I worried for you.
How you? I hope, what in you all is good? I think, that the life is not so bad, if there are such people as you wash love. Many thanks to you for this purpose. You have kind heart, and it can make our warmer relations.
Now, when I have you, I think, that our life will change. The world becomes kind,
Bright and warm for us. I think, that everyone demands this world in a heat and love.
Why the world such? Why all happens? I would like to create the strong And friendly family with a heat and love. I would like, that you have smiled To me every morning and every evening. And I will give a smile to you, I think, That it will bring to us many pleasures and love.I am ready to give all for this purpose. I very strongly wish to meet you, I wish to live at you houses.
My dear I do not have bank account about which you speak in last letter. I learnt about it the account and to me have told that this account becomes very long about 2 weeks as this system is not perfect to Russia and transfer goes long enough. To me have prompted that about that that there is other system, which more reliable and fast.
As to me have explained this that that this system is called the WESTERN UNION.
This system goes in leaders worldwide. It is popular.
I think that this system well enough approaches for us as I very much want ours with you of a meeting, and I do not have not enough forces to wait long. You agree with me?
In this system you need to specify only my data and the bank address in my city.
And so my data:
My full name: Dinara,
Surname: Bikmaeva,
AS here the bank address in which I consulted on the account of transfer of means.
The western Union:
VTB (the name of bank)
City: Yoshkar Ola
Street Vashskaja 11,
The postal index: 424000
Here all data which are necessary in bank. As I as well as you should know all your data and the bank address whence you send me means. Better it is final if you can make a copy and send to me of the form of the Western Union. I very strongly hope for that that we with you will meet shortly. I am ready to give all for this purpose.
To find existing love, it is very difficult thing. But I have made it!!!
I love you my prince.
Whole you.
Yours Dinara.

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2008-07-14, 08:25:33
anonymous from Netherlands  

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2008-07-14, 10:17:55
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Nederland
Play along. Copy / Paste could save time, some suggestions here:


Tot Ziens
2008-07-15, 10:08:38
anonymous from Germany  
Cyku idite na xyu!!!!Pidarasi
2008-07-15, 12:17:25
OJAS from United States  
2008-07-15, 15:24:46   (updated: 2008-07-15, 15:26:23)
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ Dinara, have you changed your name in Marina ? €€€

From: dinara (
Send: Tuesday July 15 2008 20:18:40
Answer to: dinara (
Received: from []    

Hello my dear!
I in a shock when I have seen your letter that at me there were high emotions.
I was as well as you is very strongly surprised. When I have looked the reference
which you have given I was in a shock. I do not know any LONELYGIRLMARINA,
there is written that she lives and Kazan '. I live in Yoshkar-Ole, and I was not
registered on this site, I do not know that it? I do not know from where it took my photos.
For me it has very strongly surprised. Can my photos have copied from the Internet? I precisely do not know! But I assure you that that I do not deceive you.
I sincerely love you. YOU for me the unique person to which I test liking.
I wish to construct with you a family.
I to you have very strongly become attached.
With love Dinara.

2008-07-15, 15:30:47
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ Dinara: Hiding her high emotions €€€

2008-07-15, 18:58:40
OJAS from United States  
2008-07-18, 15:12:57
anonymous from Netherlands  
€€€ Hello......Is it me you're looking for? €€€

From: dinara (
Send: Thursday July 17 2008 15:07:22
Answer to:dinara (
Received: from []

Hello my love!
I to see glad again your letter.It is pleasant to me to read your letters, your words please me. My dear I it is very disturbed by that that my photos have stolen and now send to you. I have such photos. I did not send it to you on that that it not to like me, I in this photo not so beautifully look here for this reason I did not send it to you. I do not have phone at present. As it at me has broken and for a long time already. That phone to me have presented on birthday. And when it has broken I do not presume to buy phone, phones very much cost much also they take away money for conversations much. I can call you from a public telephone booth which to be at me in a city. So if you will give me your phone number, I will go on this public telephone booth point and I will make a call to you. Only you tell to me your phone number and in how many to me to you to call, I can call approximately after 18 hours Moscow time. I will be very glad to talk to you, I wish to stipulate with you about us. I ask you give a dream your phone number and I could name you. I favourite mine wish you to ask about that what you any more did not write to that girl which sends you my photos. If in with it will communicate that tome it will be not pleasant. Please my dear I trust you and you trust me. I have only you and I very much wish to be with you. I never will deceive you, you can trust me as we with you have the most important feeling it is LOVE. We feel one and too, I have your liking to me and for me this main thing, I wish to give you the life, I wish to live together with you. I am ready to give all for this purpose. To find existing love, it is very difficult thing.
But I have made it!!!
I love you my prince.
Whole you.
Yours Dinara.
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Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva

2008-07-18, 15:16:30
anonymous from Netherlands  
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You're all I've ever wanted
And my arms are open wide

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva

2008-07-18, 15:26:11
anonymous from Netherlands  
Because you know just what to say
And you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much...
€€€ Dinara...........I love you €€€

From: dinara (
Send: Friday July 18 2008 20:55:02
Answer to: dinara (
Received: from []

Hello my love!
I am very glad to see your letter. Every day when I read your letters, I to feeling unusual pleasure. I cannot wait Day when we can have the first conversation, ours the first embrace, and our first kiss together.

You speak that that it which ambassador of a photo I to you never sent you.I have sent this photo to you in the first letter when we only have got acquainted with you. Yesterday I weigh day who thought of that to you writes and has guessed. My dear I who has learnt can write to you. My girlfriend at which can write to you there are all my photos. It does it specially. It envies me and would write to you for this purpose what to divide us with you. My dear trust me and do not write to it, she writes to you with my photos. You understand me? She has learnt about you after I communicated with it and have told to it about you, I have noticed at once that when I have told that I have you its behaviour at once has changed, it has started to concern me not as earlier. Fairly I do not understand it, I do not know why it so does.

My dear tomorrow I will call to you, under number which you to me a distance ((+1) 809 496 2700). It is correct number? I will call to you approximately with 18 and till 20 o'clock Moscow time. I would ask you that you were about phone and took a TUBE. And there by phone we about all will talk. Well? I sincerely wait for ours with you of conversation.

I love you, you for ever in my heart, in my ideas.I dream, as you will bear me on hands, To kiss and embrace my gentle body.
It is a pity, that it - only dreams.
Whether it is doomed to be carried out???
The god only knows about it.
I hope to see your letter shortly.
Yours Dinara.

2008-07-21, 09:41:47
anonymous from Netherlands  
The passport of Nadezhda Vasileva
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Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva

2008-07-21, 09:44:58
anonymous from Netherlands  
The passport of Dinara Bikmaeva

1. My complete name � Dinara Bikmaeva
2. My birthday it on March, 30th, 1978 ????????????

2008-07-21, 09:48:24
anonymous from Netherlands  
Dinara used this picture to make (or fake) the passport.........
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Dinara Bikmaeva

2008-07-21, 09:57:22
anonymous from Netherlands  
.....and wrote a beautiful explanation about her two birthdays !!!!

From: Dinara (
Send: Sunday July 20 2008 18:47:49
Answer to: Dinara (

Hello my love!
I have read your letter and was upset a little. You speak that that I wish you to deceive.
I favourite mine do not deceive you and never deceived. To me it is very insulting because of that that you have written to me. Now I will explain all to you about the passport.

The matter is that a difference between date of my birth and date on the passport when
I only was born me made out the Birth certificate and a residence permit about a residence, we lived with parents at my grandmother. But then through a floor of year we have moved also we submitted documents for renewal documents on a residence permit in a city and when to me altered my documents there have made an error and have put
I date of birth that is month and birthday have casually mixed. It is all has occurred
not through my fault, it was made by the woman which does all documents in a passport
office at it a lot of work and so often happens that some data are confused and here as
has occurred that it has mixed my birthday and month of a birth and has put other date.

You understand me?

My parents did not begin to correct data as with m moving there there were many efforts they have thought that then will correct. But there have passed years and already then my parents did not begin to correct they have thought that let and will be, after all under documents I hardly am hardly younger:))
And already I am a lot of years I celebrate birthday on March, 30th and still on September, 16th, but on September, 16th we with my parents celebrate birthday not officially.
This day my mum brings a pie and we simply sit at a table and we eat a pie and each
birthday we recollect about that as we moved and as there was this error.

Understand me?

Love washing believe to me I did not deceive you. I cannot think what at all you to deceive.
Sincerely I love you and I trust you I wish to be together with you and to create with you a happy family.
As soon as I will think about that that you speak me not on yourselves for me it becomes very insulting as your words about that that I deceive you me very strongly offend.
I to wish to receive news from you words I love you mine Dinara. You to make it???
I very insistently to wait it from you. I to wish to be with you and to wait this day.
I you to ask, that you to accelerate our meeting.
I will wait from you the letter.
I love you my prince !!!
Yours Dinara.
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