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Dating scammer Anastasia (Anastasija, Nastja) Chepenko


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Name: Anastasia (Anastasija, Nastja) Chepenko


Chepenko Anastasija,
Haseka street, 24-73,
Omsk, 644109,

Other Comments:
Anastasia's birthday : March 24, 1983

Here is the link address of Anastasia's profile page :
I had email contact with Anastasia Chepenko near one year (since april 2007). She always

wrote me very nice letters and they all was full of lovely words. She wrote me many times

that she unfortunately don't have a cell phone at the moment.
I told her many times that i only like to meet her after i will have a chance to call her.
Many months later she gived me the chance to call her at her friends cell phone.
It was the only one phone call i had with her...during was ca. 5 minutes.
She was speaking english very good and after i called her, i had trust in this woman that she

must be real for to send her money.
After my phone call i sent her the money
total amount US $1415.00 with 'Westen Union' for paying 'travel package' (visa, flight

ticket, insurance, hotel room, declare money) for our first meeting in Prague Czecha !! But

the terrible result was, after she get my money, she don't met me in Prague.
I sent her some mails more with questions about meeting, but i
don't received more emails from Anastasia !!
I have payed my flight ticket from Zurich to Prague and have also forlost this money too !!

Here are 5 letters in which she was talking about to get money for our first meeting :
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From: insomna
Title : hello!
Date : Thu, 07. Feb 2008 12:52:54 +0300

Dear Alan,

Thank you for all your nice messages!!!! I LOVE YOUR LETTERS!!! They
are so kind, caring and loving!I play and play our meeting over in my head...
I will not be able to keep my hands off of you....
I want to hold you and kiss your lips.
Is it ok with you?I see us meeting in a common room...the Prague.
Our first meeting will change both of our
lives... and I feel that everything will be fine with us. We will talk
about our future when we meet!


You know I think maybe we will be a bit shy
with each other when we meet...but it will pass...and we will gently move into our
relationship...I am sure our bodies will be tuned...we will be sitting
in the taxi side by side...our bodies hand in
yours...mmm... I AM SO HAPPY!!!

Do you like to have the tub up with warm water and bubbles?
I dreamt about it and if you agree we can make this dream come true
when we meet.....
Writing to you...playing these sensual thoughts with you brightens my
day...brings a smile to my tired lips...

We will meet...and it will be unforgettable...I am extremely
sensual...and I am missing of you!!!

Honey,I went to the travel agency and they told me that we really have
time to arrange the trip properly. They told me that a tourist package
( a visa, return tickets, insurance, hotel, transfer ) costs from
651,89 $.A manager told me that it is possible to go to Prague on the
10th March but they need time to make hotel and tickets reservation
when we pay for the trip. I am preparing the necessary paperworks (
from my work, police department etc) to apply for a visa. So we can
meet on the 10th of March...WOW!

I send you information that I was given in the travel agency.

to Prague:

Czech Airlines : flight OK4893
departure: 09:00, Sheremetjevo ( Moscow)
arrival: 09:59, Ruzyne Arpt
flight time : 3 h.

from Prague:

Czech Airlines flight: OK894
departure: 11:45, Ruzyne Arpt
arrival: 16:25, Sheremetjevo

flight time 2 h. 40 m.

Kisses my darling... IT WILL BE A SUPER MEETING!



From: insomna
Title : hello!
Date: Fri, 15. Feb 2008 18:34:59 +0300

My darling Alan,

Thank you for your romantic letters!!!!!!
Thank you for being in my life and making me happy!!!!!!!
It is Friday here....I like Fridays because you can relax after the long work week.
It is quite warm in Omsk and if you were here we could walk along streets and
talk about our dreams.
You are right that we have been corresponding for a long time and
we will meet soon! I am so happy!!
I trust you and I hope that you believe in our future!
I am so honoured that you chose me from other women and you stayed with me!! Thank you!!

It was so pleasant to come to the dating agency and recieved your letter.
Having read your e-mail I thought that I am very happy because I know you and
we share our dreams and thoughts with one another.
I wished we would have been together on St.Valentine's Day.
I confess you that I felt along yesterday.
I know that our relation means much to me and
I know that our relation is more important than nice flowers and gifts.
I know that I have met you and it is a BIG GIFT for me! And we will be together so soon!!!

A friend of mine asked me to help her to move furniture because
she decided to maintain the appartments.The appartment is need of it.
She decieded to change wall-papers and colour floor
and walls...It is always disorder first and it takes much time
but appartment becomes nicer....

Honey, why are you so far away....I wish you were here....We would go to the nice cafe
and dance a little... We would drink some wine and enjoy talking
and dancing and beautiful evening together......Then we would go out and walk
along streets and look at the many stars...and only we...a moon...
that would shine very brightly and only for us......only for you and me...
and we would listen to the music of night and music of the moon...

I am waitning for your reply impatiently.......I am thinking of you...


ps How is your doggie ? Is it ok that you will leave him and will meet me in Prague?

I will bring my swimsuit to Praha !!!!

I like coffee and I try to buy coffee beans! I like their smell!!!! wow!


From: insomna
Title : hello!
Date : Tue, 04. Mar 2008 17:51:23 +0300 (incoming box : 15:51)

My darling Alan,

I am so sorry for not writing you for a while!!!!!
I am so sorry because I made you worry!!
I know that silence can kill!!!
I am so missing of you but soon we will be together!!! I HOPE!

Honey, I did not write you because I had some serious reasons!!!

The first is that I was ill but now I am fine.
I had to stay at home and I could not go to the
dating agency,I wanted to ask my friend and send you sms from her
phone but she and her family went to the mountains.

The second reason is that when I came to the travel agency a
travel agent told me if I had a documents that proves that I have cash
to go to another country. I am not good at it at all....

I am shocked because they told me that I would have to go to Moscow
myself and I would get a visa and tickets and a tourist package there
from the Moscow travel agency because it will take time to deliver the
visa and package to Omsk and I have a little time.
I do not know why the travel agency staff did not tell me about the cash before.

I borrowed some funds at my friend to buy return plane tickets
Omsk-Moscow-Omsk (278$).

But I did not know anything about cash and a documents that proves
that I have cash to go abroad.
Actually according to the rules a Russian tourist must have to declare
cash 50 euros per day of the trip. It is very important.

When I go through the customs the officers can ask to
show the documents and the embassy staff must see
that I am a tourist and I have money to pay for food and other things
and I go to see your country and not to work there.
I was shoked because the travel agency staff did not tell me about it.

They thought that I know about it but I have never been abroad.

If I am with you for 1 weeks I need to declare 350 euros.

They must see that I have this sum of money and then they will give me a visa....
strange rules and

you have no idea that I even shouted at
the agency staff but I can not change anything...
I can not change the rules.

I do not know what to do know because I do not such money and
I can not get a visa without this document.
I am so nervous and I am shocked!!!

I am having tears in my eyes because I thought that it is easy to arrange
a trip and mee you and you helped me
but now I do not know what to do...

my luggage is ready and I dream about our meeting and
if I had cash I would declare it and I would fly to Moscow
to get a visa and tickets, tourist package there.

Honey, I tryied to solve the problem myself
because you did much for our trip
but nobody could borrow me the money here and I do not know what to do.
I really tried to solve the problem myself and I did not want to
disturb you because I do not have the right to ask you about it but I
really do not know what to do now.

Please, I need your advice and your support.




From: insomna
Title : hello!
Date: Thu, 06. Mar 2008 13:10:45 +0300

My darling Alan,

Thank you so much for your CARE SUPPORT LOVE ATTENTION!!!!!!
I am sure that everything will be fine and I will get a visa and we
will meet in Prague. Honey, I have got the funds and I think that I
will declare 350 euros and I will bring all 445 euros in
Prague and then we will discuss everything. You did and is doing much
for our meeting and future!
I am fine now!!! Please, do not worry about my health!!! I think what
gifts to bring to you from Russia. What would you like to get as a
present? I AM SO MISSING OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Honey, I am sure that I will get a visa because my paperworks are
ready and correct. I will go to Moscow on Friday and I will wait for a
visa there. I will try to write you from Moscow if I find an Internet
cafe there.
Frankly speaking I do not like Moscow because it is dirty,
criminal and expensive! A travel agent advised me a hotel. It is not
in the center but not very expensive.Honey, you are right that we do
not have much time but I was assured that everything would be fine and
I would get a visa. I DO HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are right that I have friends who can help and support me and I am
sure that your family and your friends are very supportive and caring.

ME!!!!!! I LIKE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will go to Moscow on Friday and I will inform you about a visa.
MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO MISSING OF YOU!!!!!



Priority: high
From: Nastja
Title : hello!
Datum: Fri, 07. Mar 2008 15:19:00 +0300

My darling Alan,

I am in Moscow!!!!!
I have found the Internet cafe.
It is so noisy in Moscow.
I will go to the embassy and then I will inform you soon.
I am sure that I will get a visa.
I will write you as soon as possible.


-------------------------------- E N D ----------------------------------

This was her last email, after them i didn't hear nothing more from her !!

(for eating, drinking, bus, taxi +, for her trip to Prague).
please dont let this person scam you like i was !!!!!!


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