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Dating scammer Ekaterina Galinaites


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Name: Ekaterina Galinaites



Other Comments:
Ekaterina ('Kat' for friends) found me on
Kat is called Catherine in the original profile. In her first letter she explains why...

Datum: 7-4-2008 23:05:04
Aan: Dirk
Onderwerp: hello Dirk

Hello Dirk. Thanks for your mail, it was good to hear from you.I hope
you are keeping well? I would like to correspond with you so that i
can get to know you better. My real name Ekaterina and on the site I
use nikname Catherine, but you can call me Kat friendly. I do not know
from what to begin contact, it's new way for me. I'm 27 y.o and I
don't feel my age:))). i have no my soul mate at the moment and never
been marryed. Now I live with my parents. I work in the school, i'm
teacher of mathematic's. I receive pleasure from the work because I
like to communicate with children. i like to listen music, to read
books, sport, espessialy tennis and volleyball, two times a week I go
to fitness club. I like to go shopping. i like the outdoors like
camping and going for walks. I have many friends, some time we spend
time together. I send to you my pic, i hope you like it. I'd like to
get your pic's. Could you send it? If you want to know something about
me, please be free for asking. I have some questions for you. What is
your character? I would like to know what you are looking for in a
woman. Have you ever been maryed? What sense of humour at you? Also
tell me more about you. hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes. Your Kat

Received: from COMP2 ( [])
by with ESMTPS id l19sm667091fgb.0.2008.
(version=SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);
Wed, 09 Apr 2008 12:51:37 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 20:39:56 +0400
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.0) Professional
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: 'Dirk'
Subject: hello Dirk
In-Reply-To: <47FB4C28.00003C.03148@CP417533-B>
References: <47F9DA48.00000D.01864@CP417533-B>
<> <47FB4C28.00003C.03148@CP417533-B>
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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
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X-Spam-Level: 4/5
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descr: PoundHost Internet Services
country: GB
admin-c: MM5420-RIPE
tech-c: Pete3-ripe
remarks: Euroconnex/Blueconnex Networks
mnt-lower: POUNDHOST
mnt-routes: POUNDHOST
notify: *******
changed: ********** 20061103
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changed: ********* 20071114
source: RIPE

organisation: ORG-PIS3-RIPE
org-name: PoundHost Internet Services
org-type: LIR
address: BlueSquare MK Ltd
Network Hostmaster
BlueSquare House,
Priors Way,
Maidenhead SL6 2HP
United Kingdom
phone: +44 (0) 870 744 1700
fax-no: +44 1628 639977
e-mail: ****
admin-c: MM5420-RIPE
admin-c: PETE3-RIPE
mnt-ref: POUNDHOST
mnt-ref: RIPE-NCC-HM-MNT
changed: ********** 20040415
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changed: ********* 20061024
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changed: ********* 20061103
changed: ********* 20061106
changed: ********* 20070813
changed: ********* 20070912
changed: ********* 20071105
changed: ********* 20080326
source: RIPE

person: Matthew Munson
address: Euroconnex Networks LLP,
BlueSquare House,
Priors Way,
Maidenhead, UK
phone: +44 870 744 1700
e-mail: *******
nic-hdl: MM5420-RIPE
remarks: ******************************************************
remarks: Please contact ***** for any abuse issues
remarks: E-mail sent to other addresses may not be acted upon.
remarks: ******************************************************
changed: ******* 20060623
source: RIPE

person: Pete Bristow
address: BlueSquare House, Priors Way, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL62HP
mnt-by: blueconnex-mnt
phone: +441628673131
nic-hdl: PETE3-RIPE
changed: **** 20070911
source: RIPE

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2008-08-25, 18:46:28   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Arsinskiy, Russia
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2008-08-25, 18:46:28   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Arsinskiy, Russia
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Dating scammer Lyudmila

2008-08-25, 18:46:28   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Arsinskiy, Russia

2008-08-25, 18:46:28   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Arsinskiy, Russia

2008-08-25, 18:46:28   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Arsinskiy, Russia

2008-08-25, 18:46:28   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  
Arsinskiy, Russia

2008-08-29, 07:12:36
[hidden] from United States  
Ekaterina, is a real scamer,been e-mailing me the same as those on the site. I just happened to stumble on this web site this morning took a chance had the pics she sent test scan and their they were;the same as she had sent me. Had a funny feeling it was a scam but didn't want it to be true.The e-mail address she is using now is; also on using a profile from N.J.. The same sob story wants to come to U.S as a dancer, got to Moscow and doesn't have enough money to get to U.S. Never Sent ant money. All Beware She Knows How To Tug At Heart Strings All To Well....... Dam Great Site So Glad That I Stumble Upon This Morning
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Galinaites
Dating scammer pretty
Dating scammer pretty

2008-09-20, 03:39:38   (updated: 2008-09-20, 03:43:41)
I'm surely glad i came across this, i never ever in a million yrs thought that i would be scammed by any body like this, The funny thing is, she never did call, friends and co-workers warned me of scams but never believed them until now. I see these same pictures, these are the same ones that they sent me. I am glad that i didn't send any money, I work hard, and i was saving for this one but now i'll make sure it doesn't happen again. I want to thank you people for advertising this, it helped alot, A big thanks to you. This one is going by the email of and her name they are using is Elena Grovovenko. Here is the information they gave me for her flight,, Information for Elena Grovovenko, service manager Ms. Petr Ivanov This the same person using the names of miss yuliya, at,,,,miss galina,,,and Liana Saljahova and now this one, Elena Grovovenko, THANKS GUYS for the help. Saved me money and time,
2008-09-20, 03:48:09
2008-10-01, 21:17:01
anonymous from Japan  
Hiya Steve,

Nice to hear from you. i hope you are keeping well? Well, i want to
tell to you a little bit more about me. I use my nickname Catherine on
website, my real name Ekaterina and for friends i'm Kat. i'm 28 years
old, kind thoughtful, good sense of humor (some times a bit crazy). I
work as a teacher of algebra and geometry in the secondary school, i
like my work, because i like to be with kids. i have no kids but i
would like some in the future. i'm single and never been married. Now
I live with my parents. At spare time i like all activity, most of
all: shopping, reading, all types of music, sport (it is especially
play tennis and volleyball, I try to keep very fit), cooking. i like
the outdoors like camping and walking. I have many friends, some time
we spend time together. i'm a bit quiet at first but when i start
getting to know someone i open up more, very rarely get moody i dont
like moodyness. Hope you like my pic and I'd like to get your pic's! I
would really like to know more about you. What do you look for and
find attractive in a woman? How long have you been single? What do you
do in your spare time? I do hope to hear from you again.

Take care


And I replied, and she/he or it replied back :

Hello Steve.

Good evening - hope you are well. I should make a recognition. i live
in Russia now. i really lived some time ago in the UK in Birmingham. I
worked at school on a program of exchange teachers several years ago,
when i finished University on a speciality the teacher of mathematics
and physics. My native country Russia. i live in city Novocheboksarsk,
in an average part of Russia. It's 700 km from Moscow on east. If we
will to wish meeting, I think, it will not be a problem for us,
because i like traveling, its so easy to fly around now. I made travel
as the tourist in Turkey, Egypt and Germany without problems. i
registered my profile on dating site as a citizen UK, i had problem at
registration as the citizen of Russia. I came casual to dating site by
spam message in my email inbox, to me was interesting to try new
experience of dialogue with men. I'm lonely woman and open for any
offers. You can call on my cell phone 7-9613745191. I'm sorry for my
lie in our dialogue. It's absolutely bad way of friendship and is very
a shame to me. I hope, you can to forgive me? I shall wait your
answer. Take care and write soon.


After reading that, I like most of the fella's here got that ummm.. yeah right feeling and googled away... Seems like Kat is an old pro.

2008-10-13, 19:54:03
anonymous from United States  
She is now going by the name 'POLINA' and is claiming that the following is her address ; Russia, Bakal, Kulevchi, Esenina street 23, flat 35. She is using the email of . She is still using the whole professional dancer routine, you know, living with her mother, brother (Maksim) and her sister. I recieved all of the same photos that are posted on this site and the same emails, almost the exact same with a few minor details changed. She is claiming that (Im looking forward to visiting your beautiful country and I would like to find a man over there who will be interested in meeting me! ) I knew what was going on from the beginning because I had seen a special report on T.V. about the whole Russian bride/dating scam. So, I decided to have a little fun. I researched her profile on several web sites with black lists and it only took about an hour and I was smiling : ) She was everywhere! Differant names and differant cities in Russia. The last info I found was that she is not in Russia but here, right in my back yard, California!!!! Talk about a scammer, she's not even in another country. Anyways, the last letter I recieved from her yesturday was saying that she has started packing for her trip to come to the USA and that she needed the name of the airport closest to me. So I told her the name of the airport and that I cannot wait to see her, that I have everything all set for her to come here. I even told her (she said that she will work as a dance instructor when she gets here) that I already found her a job teaching at a very elite school of performing arts near where I live. I figured that she is a pretty good performer and that she can put her talents to good use !!!
I am patiently waiting for her next letter, maybe I will have to pick her up at the airport soon!
I will keep you all informed as to what happens, I am waiting for her request for money, man I cant wait for that, because I have taken the steps ( I have a family member that is an administrator with our Homeland Security Agency) to put a big damper on this persons parade. Especially if the info. I dug up about her being right here in the USA is accurate. Well, I have to go now. I have included the emails I got, and the pictures, enjoy!!!

2008-10-13, 21:23:36
Well.. this was actually fun. I decided to read a couple emails.. then look her up and found this. Which I knew, but was a great confirmation. :) Here is her new story.

Message: 1

Hello!!! It was very nice to receive a message from you!
I'm not sure what could I write for the first time, I'm sending my photos...
I have many photos, sorry I don't have any professional one, just
usual photos. Let me know and I can send more pics!
I'm looking forward to visiting your beautiful country and I would
like to find a man over there who will be interested in meeting me!
I've never been abroad before and I would like to visit there so much!
I'm looking for a friend, lover or maybe even something serious...
I'm a free bird now, I don't have a boyfriend and I'm open to
anything!!! Pls send me your photos and write me about yourself!!!!
I would like to have a serious relationship although I don't know if
that's possible in internet so I'm looking just for a good man who can
show me over there and....... we will see!!!!!!!! I hope you like my pics!
I`m 26 years old, I hope my age is ok for you?? My height is 5.6
May I hope that you will write me back? I hope so much!
Also I hope I'm your type of girl, I'm not sure you like Slavic

OK, I will wait for your answer. When I hear back from you I will
write more things about myself and send more pics!

Ekaterina (this is my real name)

PS: This is my personal e-mail address so pls answer me here?


Anyways... long story short.. I have been spending about 2 mins a day writing nothing but pointless stuff back.

Today.. she asked for money as her father could not pay for the ticket.

I asked. Please take a picture of yourself in moscow, holding a sign saying: 'Chuck is Mine!'

Send me the picture plz. I eagerly await!

I'll keep you guys posted.

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer pretty
Dating scammer pretty

2008-10-13, 21:37:20
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
On the address in Bakal...


2008-10-14, 07:59:00
Hi Ali!!!!!

I have received today your letter, and I am happy. I so wish to learn about you more. But I do not know from what to begin. I have seen yours profile, and you have liked me. I hope, that to you too I like.

I am not so good to write english. But I hope, that you understand me. I as wish to tell about myself more. My name is Ekaterina. To me now 24 years and I live with mum and the daddy in one apartment. I was never married and not to have children. The city in which I live, is called Medvedevo. I work in local hospital. It is little hospital. Therapeutic point. I work there the nurse and I help the doctor. My work is pleasant to me, because I can help people. To me like, when I to see their happy persons.
I have started to use Internet recently. I at first did not think of it. But has decided to try.
What would you wish to learn about me Ali??? Ask me, and I am obligatory to answer you. I hope, that you will send the photos also. I would like to receive more them. I hope, that it is pleasant to you.

Tell to me Ali, what it is pleasant to you in women? What character? What should she be able? I very much would wish to know. I hope, that tomorrow I again will receive your letter and your photo. I will wait very much. You will not forget to write me the letter? I hope, that was not present.

I very much wait......

Your new girlfriend Ekaterina.

2008-10-21, 10:22:13
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the tip.

She e-mailed me too and figured it was a scam.
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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