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Dating scammer Oksana Romanova


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Name: Oksana Romanova


Joskar-Ola from Russia

Other Comments:
Hello my love Ugo!!!

I so am happy to receive from you so warm letter. I too very strongly wish to appear near to you my dear and beloved Ugo....!!!! I constantly think of this and I can not wait more....!!!

My favourite I wished to ask you... Here only I hesitate also to me it is very a shame to ask about this from you.....

My favourite Ugo we with you are familiar already a lot of time and we should be a number.... I wish to ask from you the help for my trip to you my darling...??? Yes my trip to you because I have already precisely decided to arrive to you....!!! I cannot wait more as very strongly I love you...!!!! You my most person dear to me...!!! You please understand me I money am correct cannot find so much.... I already asked the help from all relatives and the friends, but nobody can to me the help with such sum of money..... I certainly understand all of them, that they too have no such money at them too the problems: at whom family, children and many other things........

My favourite Ugo I hope, that you understand me......????

You can to me the help with a trip to you...??? If is not present, I shall not take offence at you, I shall understand you....... It is very a shame to Me before you, but other output at me simply is not present..... Please understand me correctly....???

I shall wait from you for the answer with impatience..........

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Your love Oksana!!!


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2009-06-21, 17:15:23
anonymous from Italy  
Hello beautiful stranger! I saw your profile
You liked me, and I want to get acquainted with a wonderful man like you. I hope you not against our dating :-)????? I live in Rome. you can write me at my e-mail, or send me yours?
My E-Mail: sa.isabella ... @
Dear greetings from Isabella

Hello !!!!!!
I am pleased to receive your letter. I was almost sure that it can be interesting, also, as you are me. If you do not realize that among us there is a pull =)
I waited your letter. Sorry, I could not respond immediately. I had a lot of work. Once I have the opportunity, I immediately wrote to you. I work as a manager - a consultant in a small business in the city Silikatnyj. I have my work is similar, because many have to travel to travel and communicate with people. I like active lifestyle. I had a long career by the vendor for the operator. Much time spent on education, to find my vocation in the profession. They are always a decent salary, but no luck yet.
Only now I began to realize that the career I will not bring happiness. And it was the only reason why the person is not my favorite. I thought that since the beginning, I have to organize their activities and thus create a family. But now I understand that you need urgently to change their point of view on life. He agreed that the family is much more important than career. So I hope very much that I have not yet too late with this, and I was still able to find happiness.
I do not want us to continue to be, what you do not understand and you arrive at your destination. Therefore, I will only say that I was not allowed to give my mobile number. Of course, I have a phone. But it is only for work. You can not use it for personal purposes. The fee for a society in which working. And if I know the boss that I spoke with someone who does not work, then I will be problems with the job. I do not want. The problem is not that you need to pay for the conversation. And the phone is working and should be free for customers. So even if I want to call me, it would be impossible. But if I see a possibility, I immediately called. So I ask you, have you written your phone number.
I understand that knowledge is better to start with a program of rapid communication, similar to MSN. But this I can not use. You must understand me. To write to you, I use a working computer. And at work the use of such programs is prohibited. At home, I do not have a personal computer. So not only have to write e-mail. I'm sorry, but there is no other way out. But I am confident that we can write every day. I do not think that will be a problem for us.
When I looked at your profile on dating site, I immediately realized that it is really serious person. And you have serious intentions to find the girl. This is why I have drawn attention to you. You should also understand that I am only looking for serious relationships. Light flirt or just friendship, I do not need. I have many friends and acquaintances. But I could not find a person with whom I can create a family. I am looking for man for marriage and a possible birth. Obviously it is too early to decide that we will in the future. This will decide who is closer. This can not be solved in words. But I really hope that all of us in reality. We are with you adults. Are you more than me. But it is even better. After all, man must be more than women. You are smarter and more experienced than me. I was looking for a man who is older than me. Why can not I go to play in love and relationships adolescents. I also do not want to drag a long time for correspondence. Romance was in his youth. Now I just need a reality.
Perhaps it is now, what can I say about me. But I think the most I can not say more, and our dialogue will be better every day. I hope that we can understand each other. You can learn more about me, ask me questions. I want you to tell me more about yourself. I look forward to your pictures.
I send you my photos. I hope they like you.
Your new friend Nata
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2009-06-21, 17:25:10
anonymous from Italy  
I am very sorry that was not able to respond quickly. The computer at work is not always clear and I have to wait to meet you. Sorry if you do not always answer all your questions. There is no need to think that ignoring them. I always try to answer all your questions. But I also want to give as much information about themselves and try to learn more about you. And as I am writing from work, I have a limited amount of time. Can I just do not have time to answer all your questions. And if I do not respond to something important to you, just reminded me. I also do not be offended, if not answer my questions. I am sure that you are sure to answer it later. We have the time to know each other better. I hope you will agree.
Now I want to say more about my family. I was born in a small town Uren
They are now my parents. Visit almost every weekend and free time. The name of my mother NADY. Nick Pope Georgiy. My parents were already retired. So now I am engaged in domestic work. I have a good mother. She taught me everything you can. She taught me to respect the persons kindness, sincerity, honesty. It taught me to treat people like that. I love the cleanliness and comfort of home. I really like cooking. My mother taught me to cook and I am fine with this agreement.
you can tell me more about you? I want to know everything about you. Franco, because you have decided to get acquainted on the Internet? What tsenish in a woman? What are you expecting from the relationship with a woman? I'd love to answer my questions with sincerity. For me it is very important to know.
I love the people the sincerity and honesty. Whatever was not. My knowledge with you unusual. Because we learn through the Internet. And I want that between us there was no secret. Let me be frank with you until the end of the fair and in all its aspects. Franco, if you read my last letter, you already knew that, I do not live in your country. I live in Russia. in a small town Silikatnyj. I do not want to look for a man from my country, but it is for this reason. I chose your country, because he studied at the University of the Italian language. And I thought that I would be much easier to get acquainted with a man whose language I know. That's why I went to a little trick. I was afraid that because of the distance between our countries, for me, do not pay attention and not be anyone who is interested. We're sorry, but we said before, I only fear that you do not want to talk to me for this, not even knowing me.
I hope you understand me well, I just wanted to do, as will be better. Only because of their small boats, I was able to find you. And now I am happy. I hope that you, too. Now that you know everything about me, the fate of our future, the correspondence is in your hands. I want to tell you that I am not afraid of any distance. In our modern world, this distance is exceeded by a couple of hours flying in the air. I hope you understand. The distance in the world today is not the problem. The main thing is that people have feelings for each other. The distance may be slightly out of date. So I think it will not be a problem for us, if we really want serious relationships. Let me repeat 'relationship', because only such a relationship I want. I want our meeting was for us a decisive step towards our future. I look forward to your understanding and support. I also hope that my sincerity will not change his attitude towards me. Now I have until the end of sincere with you. I have no more secrets for you. And I wish that you had been honest with me. And even if you have a secret thing, it is better to say just the beginning of our knowledge. For most of us have no secrets. I look forward to continuing our relationship and understanding.
I ask you to send me more of their photos and information about you. Ask and I will tell you more about me. What you should know about me? I will send you new photos. I hope that soon you receive a letter and a photo. You send them? I wait.
Sincerely Born
Born in short is my name. My name Nataliya.

My address is:
424910, Silikatnyj
Znamenskaya, 19

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2009-06-21, 17:33:52
anonymous from Italy  
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2009-06-21, 17:44:43
anonymous from Italy  
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I mean before you read on the Internet. I am very pleased that we can begin our knowledge. I am interested in learning more about you. I hope that this is a chance for both of us happy to complete our research.
To begin, let me say a little 'about you. My name is Born. My age 29 years. My birthday November 16. I have no bad habits. I have never been married before and no children. I am fairly quiet and good character. My weight 54 kg. My growth 169 cm. My favorite flowers are tulips. And my favorite color red. I live alone in a separate apartment. In addition to mom, dad and my best friend Sofia, I have people close to me. I am the only son in the family, I have no brothers or sisters. I do not know now what you would be interested to know me. I think we have anything in a hurry, so we can gradually learn about everything else.
I hope you can give me brief information about you. To begin with, as you call me?
I wait for your letter and I hope that you will be able to give me your photo.
I hope you like my photos:)

2009-06-21, 17:49:30
anonymous from Italy  
Your letter warms my day like a ray of sun and makes my life more enjoyable. we report a short period of time, but I believe that our relations are becoming ever stronger. Now I know a lot about you. It's like me. I can talk to all of you does not hide anything. I hope that you are sincere in your feelings for me? I do not know why, but I think you understand me. You know, I do not like lies. I do not like people who are. Since childhood I was brought up not to lie. Even my grandmother said that if a person is lying, you should have a good memory that does not pretend to. Because sooner or later everything will be resolved. And then we remember his lies. But I think it is better not to lie and never to hide anything from each other. And then everything will be alright. I do not know what awaits us at the beginning of our relationship. Happiness, love, passion, tenderness, and may be disappointed. I do not know. But I hope that everything will be alright. So now I must be completely confident in you and your honesty to me.
all my friends and relatives say they are very different. They surprised me happiness. And I would like to thank you, that thou doest me happy. Thanks, When I read your letter to heart, I feel fine during the day and I just want to dream with you about us.
how are you? Want to learn how to spend the day. What are you doing? What time is awake? I would like for us every day after all. what you think will be our first kiss?. I think it will be a sweet kiss to the world. I'll be your love and tenderness. Your contact. I would have much to prove this kiss. I'm sure it is indimenticabi not know why, but after the knowledge with you, I feel the full force. Constant desire to do something. I'm happy. I do not know why. probably because I am with you. I want to wake up in your arms. I want to wake up from your kiss. Let me look into my eyes. I would like to meet with you at home every day with a romantic dinner. This is happiness.
sorry that I can not touch you, I can hear you. You can not kiss you, to feel the love and passion of fire. It is not possible without it !!!!!
And I can only dream ... But I hope that our dream will soon be a reality. Long distance between us. But we found each other. And our relationship with the stronger with every passing day. I think that everything will be alright. And how do you think?
you said to someone who communicate with me? Who knows that I am with you? What did they say? They say to us, which is important for you? I'd love to know this. My parents and friends say that even if you do not know, but we are sure that the people that I need. But I would like to know the views and your friends. This is important to me.
I would like to communicate with you, as can be often. But today, unfortunately, I have bad news from the bank. I refused a loan. The bank told me that because of the financial instability of the world at this moment, could not give me credit for a long period. And they said to try to apply for a loan at a later date. But the faster I can not pay. I am sad, but I continue to write to you from a working computer. Although it is not easy, but we are able to communicate at least once a day, and they want.
I look forward to your reply tomorrow.
Sincerely, Nata

2009-06-21, 17:53:49
anonymous from Italy  
Hello, my beautiful prince! I am very happy to receive your letter. My dear, every day lozhus I sleep and wake up thinking about you. with the idea that very soon we will be together and be able to feel the warmth of our through your mouth. My prince, in fact, our feelings are with you every day stronger. I sometimes sit and dumayub about you, or even imagine that you're next to me. I want to nuzzle you, but I understood that they are not close. and I am sad because of this. but I believe that we will be together.
I believe that women's bodies are beautiful and men women's bodies is a surprise. surprised that he is waiting, and when he saw him fall in love even stronger. but to me it seems that if a man loves, he does not need a proof of love. I love you and I do not need any proof of your love for me. I just trust you and want to be with you. if only I could come to yourself, I do not want money. My dear, you must understand me. I hope you understand that all relationships are built on trust.
Think about my words.
I look forward to your reply.
Born on your love

Hello,! I am sorry that can not come to you. just for me, is very expensive, I do not have the money that would pay for a trip. I never traveled that far. although always wanted to go to Italy! I am very angry to learn that can not come to you. I so wanted to get acquainted with you more closely and meet with you. help me to ask anyone. I do not even know what to do. possible you can think of something. one, Born!

2009-06-21, 18:00:04
anonymous from Italy  
I am pleased to receive the message. I am glad that I did not leave one. I have just received your response, is so happy for me to get your attention on me, the warmth words my dear. Think of our future, I am pleased that you are so serious in intent. E 'the desire to create for me all the comfort that we were good together. When I read your letter it seems that I feel your presence near me directly, I feel the breath and the warmth of your hands. I want to kiss you, I will take my hand and feel the warmth of your hands, I look in your eyes and read the love in this, I feel your breath and feel the blows of your heart. I want to hear your voice and see your smile, I see when I'm happy. We are able to hold together an entire month, is not perfect? I think the best opportunities for our meeting, we did not find, and I hope that you will agree with me. Now I understand that it will not be easy for us because it is really expensive, but I believe that our meeting was worth it. I do not want to lose every single day of my vacation, and keep it from beginning to end with you. This holiday gives me only once a year, so if we can not now benefit from this fortunate case, you must meet until the following year, as I have a program to work very hard, I have a lot of work to pay My accounts, you know. Now that I have learned during the trip for you. Difficult to obtain visas for single women in Russia, most people are forced to await the approval of Russia visa a lot of time from 1 month to one year, in some cases, but my friend can do more fast. Some of our girls at work have used when traveling on vacation with their husbands. Required to pay registration of necessary documents. I have learned much cost a visa and a passport to travel, because none of these documents, I have no idea, since it has never been outside of my country. I learned how to record the time required visas from 6 - 14 working days. And they told me that it would be better for us if I have a tourist visa. This visitor visa will be valid for 3 months. The price of this visa 229 euros. In addition to the registration process of the visa costs 65 euro. I am also interested in other types of visas on it is also said that there are different types of visas. For example, the spouse visa. I think it is - the best option for us, but I was told that the visa is a lengthy process and the registration of the visa is a lot of money. E '- about 450 Euros and the registration of the visa is for 9 months, is very long and expensive! Therefore, tourist visa is the correct option. Franco, I have a great desire to come and see her.Nobody can help me with this, with my small salary. Naturally, I asked my parents to help with the cost of the necessary documents for my trip, but my parents do not have the money, even if the love for us. I also need to obtain a passport for travel, the cost - 190 euro. I also need to pay for medical examinations, is required to obtain the documents, will be 180 euros. And, of course, I need to pay for the tickets to you and vice versa, and liability insurance at the airport, all together, cost about 486 euros. Franco, in general, I need all the costs of travel documents to 1150 euro. This is the price, if you depart from the airport in Kazan. I need your help, I believe, who help me. You know my financial situation now, I also refused a loan to a computer. I have these friends, my parents and will not be able to help me with this problem. And I have to rely on you. Can you help me pay for our meeting? Tell me honestly. I understand that I can not ask for such assistance. But circumstances have forced me to do so, because I very much want our meeting. And we hope so. I hope that soon we will be together and will be wonderful. Surely you must understand that certain guarantees, so I send you a photocopy of the passport Monday. Today I'm taking a passport, but on weekends I can only send a copy .. you can wait until Monday. I think so. If we are destined to become one, I think that will be. Our hearts resemble two great oceans. They are very wide and deep, yet calm on the surface. Our feeling was very deep, and are very strong. We fear sometimes below us, while the stream. I dream that our two oceans come together in a powerful wave, which is very vstryahnet earth. And when everything has been done is a great ocean beautiful, beautiful, powerful and always. one heart, one ocean. You - my defense, my shelter from hopelessness and despair, only you can keep the spark in my soul burning bright. She asks me erotic photographs, but as I said, I do not have those photos. I will send you the photos that I have. I think you can see the best in me when uzhu will be next to you. so it would be much better! You can hug me and cuddle with your whole body. We will be happier in our lives. why so badly wants. Aspect of your letter tomorrow, because now I am tired and want to relax at home and take a shower. And I think of you. I hope, I think. If you can help me, I know how you can do it.
Kiss you.
Your forever Born!

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Dating scammer Nataliya Smirnova

2009-06-21, 18:03:59
anonymous from Italy  
I am very sorry. I think that we have with you serious hard feelings. It 'a shame that we can not meet. But the most offensive is that the blame for the money. The paper has destroyed the lives of two people. How unfortunate. I do not even know what to write. Perhaps this is the end. I do not see the point in a further exchange of correspondence. I'm sorry. Do you need me. But we can not do anything
You will always be in my heart ... I do not have the money for himself to come to you. but you can not help me. Why continue if we will never be together? This is not an issue that needs an answer.
Sorry. I wonder if you agree with me, I do not write more, not make my heart hurt.
Nata your forever!

I received your letter. But I am not troubled. What does this mean? You have my last letter? Why you did not reagiruesh? Or you have not read it? I do not understand what is happening. I wrote to you about the difficulties of our meeting. And you have not written on it? Do not care? If you do not want us to meet? I look forward to your response! I hope this is just a small mistake and you reply to me about our meeting. Sorry, I'm a little 'nervous because of this. Understand me correctly. I want to see in reality. I was waiting for your reply with impatience. But you have not written about our meeting with you. And it is very important to me.
I hope this is just a random error. and soon you write to me.

2009-06-21, 18:05:11
anonymous from Italy  

2009-06-21, 18:09:50
anonymous from Italy  
Hello !!!!!!!!!!
Franco, how are you? I hope you all well. How is your mood? I hope that you understand everything from my previous letter. And I hope that you have not changed their attitude towards me. And 'good now between us there are no secrets, and now our relationship honest. I'm ashamed that I was afraid to admit to you all at once, but I really do not want to lose. And now, once again assured that you are really serious in his relationship with me.
I wonder what women like you and you are waiting for the relationship with a woman? For example, I like the quiet, serious, honest and fair man. Who will I be able to love and who loves me with all my heart. how you plan to be such a man? Or not? I believe that soon you will understand. When you know better than any other.
I am ready for a serious relationship and want to create a family. Work for me is now in second place. I want to explain to you why I could not find the man for the happiness of the family first. The main reason for this work. But I can not say that I was deprived of male attention. I have had relationships with men before. But this is not serious. These men are not ready for a serious relationship. I mean a family. They were afraid of family life. It may be responsible. Many men are now employed by drinking alcohol. This leads to a quarrel, fights. Serious relationship with this man can never be good. Do you drink alcohol? Just tell the truth. I hope not too much of it. I do not drink and not smoke. In celebration, I allow myself to drink a glass of good wine. I have no preference for red or white wine. I do not mind if the man drinks. But this should be sufficient. It 'very rare. I just want to say that I do not like to argue and yell. I love the tranquility and composure. And I wish that my favorite has always been a happy person and a good mood without alcohol. And try to do everything we can to this. I'm ready to kiss, hug him. Only this would make it happy. I want to enjoy every day the love, passion and tenderness. The town where I live a little '. And all decent men already created a family at a time until I made my career. So I decided to expand the search and hope that the Internet has helped me with this. I have chosen is your country, because recently in our company representative came to foreign partners Nelly. She has come to share experiences. Nelly was your compatriots and the Russian language, no one knew very well. And as I studied English at the university. Helped me to translate the dialogue, as well as I could easily understand what he said and explained that he needed to say. We are friends and leisure, we often met and chatted. She told me about his life. Described the culture of their country. We also talked with her men:). For me was very happy to know that almost all men of his country is very serious and honest people. What did you just lazy, abusing alcohol and men. What is your concept of family is very serious. So when I decided to use the Internet for research, without a doubt, I have chosen is your country. Now I explained to you your choice and I hope that you will not reproach me for this.
I hope the pictures that I sent to you today, will give you a good mood.
I do not know when you receive my letter. Morning? Or the evening?
But I hope that you always bring happiness!
I look forward to your reply tomorrow ...
Your Birth

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nancy Milman from Accra, Ghana

2009-06-21, 18:12:44
anonymous from Italy  
Hello! I'm happy your letter. How are you? I hope you all well. I am glad that you responded to me quickly.
I am sure that among us there are no secrets, and have nothing to hide from me. It 'true. I think that we are with you as a rise on the mountain climbers. Only from various parties. And when we meet at the top will have to wait for happiness, we will be able to enjoy the sky, stars, love and passion. What do you think of this? I am sending you a sweet kiss. Tell us how. I am waiting for your kisses too:)
I believe that much of our meeting. What do you think of this? How does this happen? What will we do? I'd love to know your opinion. I think all the time. Now I only have a dream. In this dream, I descend from the plane and I see you. We see each other and I see flowers in his hands, my favorite tulips. I come to you and pass them to me. And here I am in your arms and kissing in mixtures.
I need to feel your kisses !!!!!!
I want to feel your lips. I am very sweet and kind!
Go home and I'm doing a romantic dinner. Make a light meal, soft music. And we talk about everything. Then dance and you dance moves slowly in the bedroom. We read in lozhimsya and begin to undress each other slowly. My love, my passion, which makes us a single complex.
This is so perfect! It 'a shame that it is only a dream.
I have another good news. In a few weeks I will have to leave work. Annual leave for 4-5 weeks. I hope that now we think the same? I think this would be the best time for our first meeting. Let me come to you. I have never been abroad before! It will be very interesting for me! Above all it is very romantic. You will not find? I do not want to be the first meeting in Russia. This will not be so romantic for us. And I'd love to see our first meeting was very romantic. and we must always remember. I think it will be much better. I want you to think twice about it. If you work in this period, this does not prevent us from being together with us! I was able to meet you from work, cook dinner, do clean your house while you work. What do you think of this? I just want to make our dreams. I think May 1 months show us that we would not have seen for many months of correspondence. I believe that it is better to see once the correspondence that we have a long time. I hope that this meeting will decide a game! This is our first meeting. And it is very important! We can understand the reality of our feelings for each other. We will have to decide, we will be always together and I must go home. I am very anxious for your reply! It would be nice to get reciprocity for my proposal! Why can not more. I want to feel you, touch. To me, this is a terrible torture of knowing that you are at the same time you are away.
I wait with impatience of your letter and I hope that you inform me of his decision as soon as possible.
I want to be with you!
Sincerely, your love and sweetness Nata

2009-06-21, 18:16:20
anonymous from Italy  
I am pleased to receive your letter. I am glad that you understand my feelings and I am happy again to make sure your. Your letter, as always, my heart warms. I do not know how to describe what is happening. I have already said about it. Yesterday we talked to my mother about you. I said that I can not live without you and I want to see you. Mom said it was happy for me. She is glad that I met the man of their dreams. I asked her to drive me yes or no. My mother thinks that I go to you rather than to suffer here. I also met with Sofia, and agreed with me that I made the right decision. I will be with you. Franco, I will do all that we with you were happy. Our happiness will be with us forever. , Arrives to you and we can meet. We can see each other. I do not want to wait longer. I am confident that we will be happy with you .. Happy forever. Let me be with you always.
Now I have a very important question. Perhaps it is the most important in your life. And I want you to give me a definitive answer to my question. Last reply. Yes or no. I hope that you understand the importance and seriousness of our situation. And so .... Are you ready for what I come to you? Are you ready for our meeting with you? This is very important to me. For me, it's also a very serious choice. I know that to travel to you, I have to spend a lot of time and effort. But I am ready to go through all this, if you agree. I ask you to answer me honestly. Our first meeting is crucial. We must choose to always be with us, or not. E 'is only now in words, it takes a lot to each other. In reality, all the meetings may change. I am ready to say yes. I am ready to meet with you and is ready to do all that is necessary for my journey. For me the main thing is your decision. If you suddenly change mid-way, for me it will be very painful. Do you understand? E 'therefore imperative that you gave me a definitive answer. And if suddenly before my departure, I say no, I strongly resenting you. I hope you understand ....
I want to be with you!
When I read your letter. when I was at work. When I go on the street .. When I go to sleep. and when I sleep. I always think about you and I want to be with you forever. I dream that our luck will be with us forever. I do not need anything except your love. I do not need anything else. Only your love. I want to kiss you. I hope that you are close. , I just want to keep the hand and walk with you on the road.
To me, this is the most important!
I want to feel your hands. The warmth of your lips to kiss. I want to hear your breath. You are my prince and I will do everything that we were happy. I want to be with you.
I want you! I will do all that!
I will do all that we with you were happy. To me you had to do, I will do everything to be with you. Everything we are with you dream to become reality soon. I think that will be together. I go and know that I need to travel for you. But before I go, I need to know all the information from you. I need to know your e-mail, as well as the airport nearest you. We live with you at home or going to stay in a hotel? I think it will be necessary for me when I go to hear the journey. I hope that you write to me in the next letter.
I love you !!!!!!
I am with you. You are forever.
I promise I will do everything to that. I have nothing will stop.
Only your forever Nata

2009-06-21, 18:19:48
anonymous from Italy  
Forgive me. I just could not find the right words to write to you earlier. I do not know where to start, I do not know what to say to you. I promised that I will come and that all our dreams become reality. I really want this. I want to be with you and I want to translate our dreams into reality.
I have no words. To my eyes the tears. I feel very bad, because you promised and I can not do that. Along with Sofia, I went to a travel agency. Sofia with her husband before using their services, so I recommended that this agency is a good and economical. Last year, she and her husband went to Turkey. Through the agency is faster and cheaper than most, not all the documents. I learned the value of the trip. After that, my heart almost stopped. Franco, travel costs a lot. I promised that I arrive, but it turned out, I can not do that.
This is very shameful for me. I thought that the trip does not cost much. So what should be done, what documents to release, the timing of all the necessary preparations for the trip. But when I learned that you need to pay, I was in shock. Obtain the necessary documents for travel, not a problem. This will only be for me. The main problem is cost, so a lot of money for me.
forgive, please forgive me ...
I am far from you and I can not come. I can not make you happy. I can show my love and affection. I do not have much money and I can not imagine where I can find quickly. And wait for another opportunity for our meeting, for too long and painful ...
I Want to Love You !!!!!!!!!
I do not need anything except your love.
I want to be with you, and also a great distance is not afraid of me. I ask only one. Do not leave me. I will not leave one. I want to be with you, I do not know how to make the promise, but I ask you not to leave me. I met and realized that you are a man with whom I would be forever. And I do not want to lose you, the man of their dreams. But what to do, I do not know.
Hope to help someone who can not. You know that I can not ask for something for which the aid. But frankly speaking, it is now ready to put aside all my ambitions and principles. I understand that this is a very daring. It 'a shame for me. Forgive me. But I have no other choice, this situation I was really at a standstill. I only hope that your patience. If you already know. I insist and I ask you anything. I really want to be with you. want, then help. If he refuses, do not take offense to you. Because I understood that you are not obliged to help me. But I hope that you too know that I do not for a single. I need you and I were together and were able to enjoy our feelings. And another such a chance, we simply can not be, so as to lose, I do not want. I hope you ...
Please understand me.
sorry, I really respect and love, and only you forever Nata

2009-06-21, 18:23:50
anonymous from Italy  
I am so happy to receive your letter. I am glad that you are interested. I am glad we found each other, our familiarity fun for me. You are an interesting and sociable person. You write me beautiful letters! And I very want to, you get to create the future together. It 'my opinion, and I want to be frank with you. Now I sit behind a computer at work and write a letter, because the thought of you. More precisely, I thought more about us with you! I think it may be, are in line with the corresponding and then meet. I am glad that you found and I want more and more to know you. Of the millions of people on the internet, we found each other. I think this is fate. You can not call in a different way! Now, when I wake up in the morning, my head is busy thinking of you! When I go to sleep, my head is busy just like the thought of you. She made me go back to reality. Before giving all the time. But now I have other thoughts. Thoughts about you. This is happiness for me. I always think that everything is well with you. How did you spend your day. What are you doing. How unfortunate that I do not have a computer at home. I could have access to the Internet constantly. And we can communicate often. I think all the time. Today I went to the store and see what the computer would cost. But unfortunately, this is a lot to me. It was in Russia very difficult situation, with wages and employment. For me so far, it is very important that I work and have a good salary, but not enough to buy a computer. The computer cost at least 620 euros. I can provide for themselves and help their parents. This is very good. I am happy about it. But I can not pay so much at once. I decided to take the credit on your computer. My savings just sufficient for the payment of the loan. I made an application for credit. A few days later, I have to respond by the bank.
Communicate with you gives me great pleasure. I feel the joy of life. I read your message. It 'very pleasant for me that you, the person who understands me. Understand my feelings. I understand that you are ready, as I am in serious relationships. Therefore, I am not afraid to have a real meeting with you in the future. I do not know why, but I believe you. I have lived for a long period of time, these feelings for the man. But you are worthy of trust. And I believe that trust in the relationship, the most important thing. Credibility is essential for a strong and happy marriage. I hope that we can trust it! Do not you mind? We are with you are looking for serious relationship, which subsequently lead to marriage, the creation of family! Therefore, we must be very honest with others! We must trust each other! Personally, I think in your words!
I gave a lot of time to study at university. I used to earn their own means to life. I'm not afraid of work. I really like my job is to communicate with people. Only recently I realized that the most important thing for a woman is not a career! A happy family, happy husband and happy children. I work every day except Saturday and Sunday. But sometimes are forced to work, and in those days. But, as usual, the weekend I find myself with my parents. Franco, the parents are the best. I said to you, if you remember. They taught me a lot. I can cook, do house cleaning, to make clean. Mom said that taught me everything you can. And I am very grateful to you for this. I told the parents about you. I hope that you do not mind? they wish us luck. And wish that our relationship has continued. I would like to print your photos and show their parents. I think we are not against it. I wait for your letter.
I hope that your response not just received my letter
Your sincere Nata

2009-06-21, 18:26:55
anonymous from Italy  
Hello my dear! I understand that photos are not so serious things for you, and I also understand that is your desire :))...., innocent surprise come to you. So let's wait a while 'and when we come together, make all your wishes. because I know how important you see me, but it would be much better when I was with another closes. So now I want to prove to you that I have stopped thinking about work. you do not have idea how I love you and how are you my dear. You are my destiny and I do not want to lose you. you are everything to me. ray of sunshine in the rain. I can not imagine life without you. I have never been so sure of their feelings as they are now. for me it is very light feeling in the world. and this feeling I have towards you, my dear! I love you. and is ready to repeat again and again! I would also like to apologize to you. I am sorry. I did not want to humiliate you. I also thought that it was not. To be honest, I never in life did not humiliated. To me this is not a valid document. forgive me please. To me there is no person who is approaching. when we are together, I give you all the love that nakipela in my heart and this love, all you completely! I wait for you to respond to my letter. a hard and love. Nata on you!

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