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Dating scammer Oksana Romanova


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Name: Oksana Romanova


Joskar-Ola from Russia

Other Comments:
Hello my love Ugo!!!

I so am happy to receive from you so warm letter. I too very strongly wish to appear near to you my dear and beloved Ugo....!!!! I constantly think of this and I can not wait more....!!!

My favourite I wished to ask you... Here only I hesitate also to me it is very a shame to ask about this from you.....

My favourite Ugo we with you are familiar already a lot of time and we should be a number.... I wish to ask from you the help for my trip to you my darling...??? Yes my trip to you because I have already precisely decided to arrive to you....!!! I cannot wait more as very strongly I love you...!!!! You my most person dear to me...!!! You please understand me I money am correct cannot find so much.... I already asked the help from all relatives and the friends, but nobody can to me the help with such sum of money..... I certainly understand all of them, that they too have no such money at them too the problems: at whom family, children and many other things........

My favourite Ugo I hope, that you understand me......????

You can to me the help with a trip to you...??? If is not present, I shall not take offence at you, I shall understand you....... It is very a shame to Me before you, but other output at me simply is not present..... Please understand me correctly....???

I shall wait from you for the answer with impatience..........

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Your love Oksana!!!

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2008-04-19, 11:47:00
anonymous from Italy  
My dear Ugo, I am very glad, that you me so strongly love Me still anybody so did not love....
I am very happy, that I have you - the most gentle and the most desired the man of my life.....
I love you Ugo!!!! I Love, I love, I love, I love.....!!!!
I wish to repeat these words even more often and more loudly... I wish to whisper these words to you on an ear my favourite.....
So it is silent - silently: - - my favourite Ugo.... Silently.... Silently.... I love you..
My darling Ugo, you can arrive the help to me to you?
Please tell to me when we shall be together.....????
I very strongly want to you my native and favourite Ugo!!!!!!
I hope, what you will understand me????
I love you Ugo!!!!
With impatience I shall expect your answer....

Your true wife Oksana!!!!
2008-04-19, 11:48:46
anonymous from Italy  
Hello my favourite Ugo!!!
I am happy to read your letter again and again!
I very strongly love you my darling Ugo!!!
You represent what huge desire I have to live with you my darling Ugo?
But you do not wish to accept my love to you my darling Ugo. Why?
Why you constantly do not trust me?
Please explain to me it, well?
You understand, what I cannot find such sum of money?
And you refuse to me the help. Why?
I hope for your understanding my darling Ugo!
If only to be only with you wash darling Ugo?
Because except for you more nobody is necessary to me my darling....
I with impatience shall wait for your answer...

Your true wife Oksana!!!!
2008-04-19, 11:56:41
anonymous from Italy  
My dear Ugo, you simply do not love me!
You simply wish to occupy with me sex!
You also wanted this! That the woman herself has arrived to you. Then you are engaged with her in sex and throw her.
You simply would use me and all. You do not wish to achieve heart of the woman as true the man.
You want, that the woman achieved you.
But at you it with me does not turn out in any way. I so simply do not surrender my darling Ugo! Remember it once and for all!
I shall never obey your orders and manuals. I shall not make that you will tell to me. I shall not live under your laws!
Remember it once and for all. I have completely read through all your ideas my dear. And now I with quiet conscience can tell to


You at all did not love me, and simply played my feelings of all this time. And at that to show the member and having closed it the form of the company ' Western Union '......
It most of all was not pleasant to me..... I wished to write to you about this even earlier, but was afraid to offend you Ugo....
Because I very strongly love you..... And you at all do not understand this.......
Well my dear Ugo...... I wish you successes in the further life...!!!! To find still it is a lot of women who will live under your
laws and principles! And I hope, that they will be better than me. Also will love more strongly you, not as I..........
I for you was silly and the woman. Which you held as a dog on a circuit.........
So long! so long! so long! so long! so long!
But know, that I very much, very much, very strongly loved you!!!!!!

2008-04-19, 12:11:47
anonymous from Italy  
After three months...

Hello my love Ugo!!!
I am very glad, that we again have dialogue! And I as am very glad,
that we each other very strongly love! Yes I really would like to
arrive to you mine lovely! But it is very expensive to me to pay to
you a trip. You can arrive the help to me to you mine lovely Ugo?
Tomorrow I shall go to a travel company of our city and I shall try to
learn all about a trip to you my darling Ugo. I shall write to you
about it tomorrow, well mine dear Ugo? I love you and my darling
Ugo wishes to appear somewhat quicker near to you! I wish to be with
you! I am assured, that we shall be happy together! We will have a
family and the present strong love to each other! You too want it mine
lovely? I am assured, that you want it. We can be together in
February? You can accept me at home this month? Please answer me it,
well? I as wish to know your full address that the nobility where to
you to arrive. Write to me please the address? On it I finish the
letter. I shall wait for your answer and ours with you of a fast
I love you my darling Ugo!!!!!
With love your Oksana!!!

2008-04-19, 12:13:07
anonymous from Italy  
Mine dear Ugo, I am glad to welcome you again!
I am very glad, that you do not forget me and till now love me.
But you nevertheless again do not trust me and in my love to you. And
you do not wish to arrive to me the help to you. You cannot still
understand, that I cannot find such huge sum of money to arrive to
you. If I could it I already would arrive to you even in the autumn.
But you do not understand it absolutely. You ask, that I have taken
the first step to ours with you to a meeting. But it not seems to you,
what it is the first should make the man? If it is present the man.
Why you consider, what I should make it the first? You can explain it
to me? You understand, what I the woman, and you the man? Why you
write, what love me, and till now do not trust me? Unless it is
possible? For all time of ours with you correspondences would be time
for trusting already each other. So it not seems to you mine lovely
Ugo? Or I am not right in your opinion? Answer me please? I very
strongly would like to visit you in Italy, but unfortunately I cannot
make it without your help mine lovely Ugo. Please understand it?
Understand, what without your help, I never can arrive to you?
I shall wait for your answer.....
With love, your true Oksana!!!

2008-04-19, 12:14:44
anonymous from Italy  
Hello my love Ugo!!!
I am happy to read your letter again and again!
I wish to be with you wash lovely Ugo!!!! I very strongly want
this, because have become bored on you!!! I wish to arrive to you! I
today went to travel agency of our city. I have learned all necessary
information on a trip to you to Italy. There to me have given such
information: Official registration of papers: visas, the passport for
travel abroad will borrow all about 2-3 weeks. Cost of registration of
the visa has cost 310 euros, the passport for travel abroad 45 euros.
And as it is necessary for me to pass medical survey to leave abroad.
Medical survey has cost 144 euros. Full cost of services of travel
agency about 500 euros. I very much was surprised, that it has very
much a greater sum of money. I at present have only 50 euros. More I
do not know, where to me to find still money. My dear and lovely
Ugo, for me it is very a shame to ask your help. But I do not have
other exit, except for how to address to you mine lovely. Please
understand it, well? I hope for your understanding. You can the help
to me about 450 euros that I could pay registration of my visa and
pass medical survey? I hope for your help mine lovely Ugo. Please
do not bring me, well? I have already concluded the contract with
travel agency and it is necessary for me to pay registration of my
documents. I hope, what you completely understand me mine lovely
Ugo? I very strongly want to you mine lovely!!! I wait this day
already a lot of time and I can not already sustain, that I am not
in your embraces. I love you Ugo!!! I wish to be with you!!!!
With impatience I shall wait for your answer and ours with you of
a fast meeting.....
With love to you your Oksana!!!

2008-04-19, 12:18:30
anonymous from Italy  
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2008-04-19, 12:23:06
anonymous from Italy  
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2008-04-19, 18:44:34
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Oksana Romanova





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2009-05-27, 04:54:47
anonymous from Italy  
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2009-05-27, 04:57:57
anonymous from Italy  
Thank you demand. If they give me the chance to know better. First, let me remind you that I
a new face on the Internet, are not a user of the computer. I found your profile, and I would know better.
First, I would say about you. My name is nasty. I am 30 years. I have blue eyes and blond hair, my height 170
Weight 55. I live in the town of Cheboksary, Russia. My city is located 700 km from Moscow, and I think you're a little 'surprise,
because in my profile, I wrote that I was in another country. Please do not think I want someone to cheat if
I try to register your profile with Russia, I was instead an error message, and why
I had to choose in the list of countries, and my recording was done with precision. I hope they are not confused, I saw
time, and want to continue our correspondence. You are my friends from Russia? If you are interested, I will tell you more, or
and cultural traditions. I am a graduate university, 5 years ago, and the work of a nurse. I love my job and try to
well done. I work full time from 9:00 to 4 daily except weekends. I hope to understand all the teeth
I have written, you can ask me questions, free, and I will be glade to tell you about me. I am awaiting an answer from my
Sincerely, Your Nastia.

Hello dear. I am very glad that you responded to my letter. I hope that our good relations in the future. Want to keep our knowledge and learn more pleasant for me? In this letter informs me about my family in more detail. My parents are very decent people. My mother 59 years. He works as a teacher at the school. My mother and a good woman, she was very fond of children. Make love very likely that the child was handed to me by my mother. I love my mother. Want to know more about your country, your city of traditions. Will be very interesting for me to read your letters.
She seems to me the most good person. And 'interesting to you, should know a lot of my private life?
Now, I finish the letter. I would love to be waiting for news from you. Your Nastya

Hello dear!
I am happy to see your letter. Once again, I want to say thanks for what they give me time. I am happy to do so. I appreciate every day as I'm interested.
I missed you and your letters. Every night before going to bed now, I always start to wonder. 'But what if we love one another. What if we meet. What would happen if we are to live together.' These issues are always in my heart there.
And think! What would happen if we, nor will a future together? I find it interesting.
I begin to wonder about your intentions. I am very interested to know what your future intentions for the future of our correspondence? I find it very interesting. I want you in every letter that I wrote earnestly. It 'very important. I do not want to play any game. Why I do not know how to play love games. Then I will be honest with you, only sincerity. I think that we will further correspondence sincere. Today I have a pleasant atmosphere. On the way of bad weather, but I have a big heart. I am very happy to write and read your letter. I am very happy about it. I think that our further correspondence will be even more enjoyable. What do you think?
I conclude my letter. I wait your letter with great joy. By the way, almost forgot. My friend Katy sent a great welcome. I look forward to your reply.
Your close friend Nasty!

Hello my dear!
How are you? How mood? I think everyone is well. I really like. I will pray that God had been healthy and happy.
I have the joy in life and your message. Ok, I want to tell you that my heart was beating more when I think of you. My heart beats so, when I think about you! Your letter helped me to feel his presence near me. I want to hear you, your sweet eyes, your smile, your hands. I need warmth and attention and I think that I ask not so much. I look for pure love and romanticism in relations. I like when everything is beautiful, beautiful, sweet and romantic!
I would like to have a family, a number of favorite people, a sense of concern and continued support in difficult times, and what we here to fight with every person in life and I am too. I have to believe the person with whom I have all my life. To believe his every word, gesture, gaze, smile. My mother taught me to be always open. I tell you that our relations develop successfully, and you and happy for us. He dreamed that not alone, and have a family. We are far from each other. But this does not interfere with our conversation. But I do not know how this is possible because we are very distant from each other. And like me, and I believe that our relations may be more profound. I do not know how to explain it in words. I feel alone. Your letters on my mood up. It becomes joyful on soul.
I think that one day we will meet with her. Let me come to you, meet you, see how you live. I want this because I am beginning to understand that between us to appear something more than friendship, I believe that this feeling of mutual trust, it seemed to me that this love, and I thought that you can hear. Now I have a hankering to talk to you! I so want to share with you the personal pleasure. I want to see your joy and share it with you. Want to know what to do happy? And try with all I had to do this with happiness for you. Please give me the chance to do so! Give me a chance to feel loved and to love the woman.
I wait for your beautiful letter and I promise that I will think about you every minute.
Nastia love with your friend!

2009-05-28, 08:43:14
anonymous from Italy  

2009-05-28, 08:45:55
anonymous from Italy  

2009-05-29, 15:00:10

2009-06-21, 17:05:02
anonymous from Italy  
This girl has no phone at home, the phone has no, mother no phones, no
computers at home, writing from internet cafes an email a day, writes love
letters to a stranger to every email and attach photos I want to publish, so
that enlarged his scam no to many other men

Name: Nataliya
Last name: Smirnova
City: Yoshkar-Ola (you need to tell the city that I was able to get the money, because I go to the city)
Postal Code: 424000
Street: Lenina 68 (this is the address where I can get the money)
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Nataliya Smirnova

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