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Dating scammer Alsu Burhanova


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Name: Alsu Burhanova



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Piss this girl off she is trouble..

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2008-06-26, 11:44:09
anonymous from Australia  
This Alsu has been a very busy girl. Received all the same photos plus more, Has not asked for money to this point,but it is leading that way. Wants to visit AU and is trying to sell some assets to pay the fare.

2008-07-03, 14:25:38
anonymous from Australia  
very busy girl her current email is
2008-07-10, 21:35:15
anonymous from Australia  
Hi guys

Lol, I too have had the pleasure of meeting 'Alsu'

What a shame! What a hottie!

The freaky thing is she emailed me directly saying I had contacted her through one of the mainstream dating sites which I am on. Knew my first name and profilename. On my profile, I made no mention of my name. And it ain't like I have a common first name!

I knew it was to frigging good to be true!
2008-07-10, 21:55:31
anonymous from Australia  
Maybe somebody could answer here?

Has anybody suffered any cyber attacks from email contact with Alsu???
2008-07-14, 03:51:26
anonymous from Australia  

Alsu cotacted me the same way,new my name and username and of course email address,I think she got it from an Australian dating site,a chick contacted me milked me for the info then disapeared,then Alsu cotacted me. definate Australian link.

Havent been cyber attacked yet.

Maybe when i piss her off i might,
Still just playing along...

2008-07-14, 06:34:19
OJAS from United States  
Oz Mate, thanks.

Use Copy / Paste and save your time http://www.delphifa..=59#69007
More Copy / Paste suggestion http://www.delphifa..#comments
Scammers are predominantly MEN http://www.delphifa..p=4#98810
Phone numbers to give scammers http://www.delphifa..p=2#90289
Scammers do not read mails before the money letter http://www.delphifa..=13#39806
Scammers use stolen pix http://www.blogger...348625606

@newbie Oz mates - E-mail this link to Aussies for checking the inner-links are functional. Thanks.
2008-07-17, 07:42:14
anonymous from Australia  
Here is another e-mail address she is using....
2008-07-20, 06:11:01  
me name is mick ,i live in australia,and have been incontact with alsu 4 the last 4 weeks, she has rang me 3 times, and only on the 18th of july she sent me her flite plans to vistit me for 2 months, claims she is landing he on th 31 of july and leaves on the 1st of oct,, she has supplyed me with her flite details,,, do i go and pick her up , as its been 2 days since i have herd from her after that imfo she gave me, claims to have to sell something from here house to pay for most of her ticket, has she told anyboby that she is a DOCTOR, cheers she has made contact with me every day untill the 18th of july, i contacted her, 1st what wood u make of it after reading whats above,,??????????????
2008-07-21, 02:12:42
anonymous from Australia  
Hey Mick
Alsu is 100% scammer girl,as you can read the above posts. changes email addreses faster than changing her undies and name as well.checkout Ilina tatiana same photos different name.She is just an email toy,enjoy her photos,DONT SEND HER ANY CASH.
With any luck if you havent heard from her in a few days she might be in jail.
Thats where she belongs
2008-07-21, 02:17:10
anonymous from Australia  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Alsu Burhanova

2008-07-21, 09:22:35
OJAS from United States  
@newbie Oz mates - E-mail this link to Aussies for checking the inner-links are functional. Thanks.
2008-07-24, 02:48:03   (updated: 2008-07-24, 02:48:50)
anonymous from Australia  
I too have had the pleasure of meeting 'Alsu'

The freaky thing is she emailed me directly. I think she got it from an Australian dating site (call A women contacted me from an Australian dating site (call she milked me for the information then disappeared..
A week or so later I was contacted by Alsu Burhanova, she knew my first name and profile name and of course my email address.

Don't reply to any emails for a few days. Instead, read some of the letters posted on this site. When they all start to sound the same, search 'dating scammers,' using any search engine, and check other site. You will find more of the same.

The below URL will provide additional insight..


Alsu Burhanova has multi alias and change she email address more times them she change her undies. A

Scammer name and email address
Alsu Burhanova or Ilia Tatiana.. Email address: or or or
After received several email (with photo's) and corresponds she/they will asked you for money to pay the rest of her Plane Ticket to Get to the Australia.     After the first few email I knew she was a scammer and I am just played out the Scenario. She/they are good, she/they will make you believe that she is in love with you. She is and very attractive women., but there is no guarantee it's a woman, or even one person for that matter. It's most likely a group of people, men and women. They probably take shifts on the various tasks involved in scamming. It appears group of people have been active all over the world and need they are active in Australia.
Don’t fall for it out if you like...lead her on...but NEVER send any money, nor send your photo’s, the real person detail such as your date of birth etc... Just wait till she sends her nude photo’s.
If you feel uneasy with the way things are, just give them the BIRD.
Stop responding the her/they email. Ignore

Report .
If you have received any of the attached photos, then it a dating scammer
I knew it was to good to be true!
What a shame! What a hottie!
2008-07-24, 19:04:36
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Oz mate, 2008-07-24, 02:48:03 (updated: 2008-07-24, 02:48:50). If you sign your posts, it will make reference easier.

@newbies, as our mate makes these points,
aliases http://www.delphifa..p=1#23092
The girl in the photo may not be writing to you http://www.dailymai..e_id=1879
For several more of his points, navigate the links on the left after reading http://www.datingnm..ssian.htm

Paul Australia Team '$$ Romantic Scam $$' Relationship Scams
2008-07-26, 20:55:19
anonymous from Australia  
lifes a bitch when you have to change email addresses all the time hey Alsu
new email
2008-07-27, 02:16:52 from Australia  
I actually thought this woman might be the first real genuine Russian woman i have come across. Nothing in her emails have suggested she is scamming or fake and to be honest when she first contacted me i replied with such a harsh and abusive email to suggest she was another money hungry scammer and that they all sucked etc etc. She simply replied and sort of made me at ease and like all of us guys fall for the fact that we might actually find that elusive woman thats honest out there to finally have a good honest faithful relationship with. Well it seems my wisdom and good judgement paid off as i had nothing to do this afternoon and thought i would just type her name in the internet to see what pops up as i have never heard the name ALSU before and was curious. It wasnt long until my search started to pop up these sites for scammers and russian women on blacklists. Anyway guys seeing as we are all in the same boat i thought i would add to this site to help out my fellow man and provide some more photos she has sent me so some of you wont get caught. Mind you like i said in all the emails so far as a cautious wise man i still cannot see how or where this woman is scamming me, she has not asked for money (YET) and she has answered my questions. She has actually had dialogue like a real woman, not like any other Russian woman that i soon after a few emails catch out, even before they send money, as im not stupid. So if she is a scammer, its such a shame, but anyway be careful she (or he)is really good at it. A few details that she has shared with me to help you with testing her information incase she uses different occupations etc. She says ' My name Alsu! I live in city Yoshkar-Ola. Russia! My growth 176cm, weight 55kg.
To me of 30 years. (25.10.1977). I work as the doctor-anaesthesiologist in local hospital. I live with parents. I do not have brothers and there are no sisters!
My father works as the engineer on one of the enterprises of the heavy industry of our city. My mother the simple teacher of Russian at school. My favourite dish is salad 'Caesar'. You tried this salad? Crackers, meat of a hen, the salad leaves, grated cheese, mayonnaise, egg enter into this salad. I adore bananas, apples, kivi, pineapples … From music I prefer Madonna, Enigma, Scooter, some Russian executors.'
She has as of today sent me 56 photos, a few of what is displayed on here and i will upload the rest. Like i said if she is a scammer its our duty to help one another and share as much info as possible. Im still finding it hard to believe she is a scammer lol cause 56 photos is a lot to steal from the net to set up a scam and im sure when she writes tomorrow she will send more, i will keep you updated with photos. Im gonna now play along with her so i can snap up some of those nudie shots you guys are mentioning, well hey i should get something from my efforts to entertain this bitch. She writes to me everyday sometimes 2 or 3 emails, she is obviously getting desperate or perhaps she thinks im a sucker, but dam she must nothave a life if she is writing to all you lot too and has time to squeeze 2 or 3 emails to me., therefore i think it must be a bunch of them using one woman as the bait.

Anyway i too was contacted by her directly using my email address, my first name and telling me it was from the site so obviously it was from one of those annoying women who we blow stamps on then they ignore us, an elaborate scam against us Aussies.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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