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Dating scammer Nadezhda, Tatiana Imamova


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Name: Nadezhda, Tatiana Imamova


My address here is Russia, Teguldet, Mira street 21, flat 3.
My address here is Russia, Uporovo, Kuibisheva 18 st, flat 8.

Other Comments:
Kurtis hello!!! You know, I was so happy when I saw your e-mail in my mail box.
Now I know that you are interested in me and I hope we will be able to meet soon when I will come to your area.
I think I should write you more things about me, I
hope it will be interesting for you to know me better!

Thanks for your reply so much!!! I got your nice photo, thank you very much.
I hope soon I will be able to come to your area by my birthday and we will meet each other!
This time I will write you more about myself

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2008-04-25, 21:28:45
anonymous from United States  
She's clueless gents - I got the what airport code letter today after sending her this...

Subject: Care to explain this??

'Dariya Tomina' <>
Message contains attachments
Ozzy Osbourne - You Can't Kill Rock N' Roll.mp3 (6665KB)

I got curious about where in Russia Teguldet was ( you're in the middle of Siberia for fuck's sake! Isn't that where they send the prisoners? No wonder you want out of there - You're living in the Australia of Russia. ) and what did I find??

You, baby.

One more time - I have no money, so you are barking up the wrong tree.

This is what I want from a woman...


Are you up to the task?

Washington, DC, USA, that is just the capitol of the United States and hence of the free world. If you can get here and find a better calling than the long slow con over the internet with guys who are lonely and desperate enough to believe in you, you could rule your own little part of the world doing just what you saw in that little video clip.

OK, that's about all the tolerance I have for this game tonight. Let your mom know about that, and come on over stateside if you dare. I'll chain you to my bed and fuck your hot Slavic body until your cunt burns. I'm pretty sure I'm sterile, but we'll see how you do with 28 days running of being my relaxation. If we actually make a baby from that, of course I'll be a good father and raise it with you, but you have much proving to do before we're remotely close to that point.

Peace Out,

2008-04-26, 12:49:25
anonymous from United States  
told this chick ( or guy) to F-- off in russian and in english, and they still sent me the form letter, and another pic! incredible-by the way, this one goes by the name lydmila in the first letter, then Lyudmila in the second-I think I will email her that I feel sorry for her and will send her an obscene amount of money just to jerk her or his chain
2008-04-26, 14:32:02
anonymous from United States  
she say's that she has a grant to come to the us. but when i as any questions. i get emails back about 4hrs. later that have nothing of what i asked.
2008-04-26, 16:57:51
anonymous from United States  
WoW ! I though she was coming over ! What A BEAUTY THANKS GUYS boo hoo to me ,oh well
2008-04-26, 17:08:31
anonymous from United States  

Johnny hello!!! You know, I was so happy when I saw your e-mail in my
mail box.
Now I know that you are interested in me and I hope we will be able to
meet soon when I will come to your area.
Thank you for your pic, very nice!!!!
I think I should write you more things about me, I
hope it will be interesting for you to know me better!
As I wrote you I`m 26 years old, My birthday is October 17.
I'm 168 cm tall (5.6.) and 51 kg weight. I don't know exactly my
bust-waist-hips measurements, I
don't have a reason to measure it because I think it's OK and my body
is proportionate )) I take care of my body, for truth its very easy
for me, because I work as a dancer, so it helps me to keep feet!!!
As for my family - I live with my mother and my brother. My mother is
47 years old, I love her very much, she works as a hairdresser in a
beauty salon.
I have a sister, her name is Elizaveta, she is already married and she
lives with her husband.
I also have a younger brother, he is 14 years old, his name is Egor.
He is very clever and he wants to be a naval officer like our father.
My father was a great
person, he was courageous and brave. He is an ideal man for me.
My father died 3 years ago in auto crash... My mum cried for several
months but now she is ok, she will never meet another man because my
father was the only man in her life and now her aim in life is to grow
up our brother.
It was my mother's idea to try to work to another country.
She loves me very much and she thinks that its impossible to earn good
money in russia working as a dancer or dance instructor. She read many
about girls who found their happiness abroad and now she wants me to do
the same.
As I wrote you I live in russia, the name of my city is Teguldet it is
situated in Tomskaya Oblast (District).
Johnny it will be great if you also tell me some interesting facts
about your city.
I don`t remeber if I told you or not but I graduated from Tomsk
University two years ago, Economy faculty but I don't work on my
specialization because I can't find a good job here in economy sphere,
my city is so small. I don`t use any translators and I can
speak and write English well. I also have a certificate of aerobic's
I write my emails from Internet cafe, we have a computer but no
If you want I can call you when we get to know each other better it
would be nice to
talk to you. Johnny today I'm going to tell my mother about you,
I'm sure she will be happy I've met someone over there who can show me
I hope you are not getting bored to read my emails?
It's a pity there is no messenger here, so we can talk only using
My address here is Russia, Teguldet, Mira street 21, flat 3.
So now you have a representation of who I am....
I just can tell you I enjoy life and I try to live to the
fullest, I like to try new things. I'm very tender, caring, artistic,
faithful, decent person.
Sometimes I can be not well organized, I think everybody had it's own
minuses and pluses.
I don't look any special qualities in a man. I just hope he will be
faithful to me and ready to create a happy family with me and I will
do everything to make him happy. I'm looking for a soulmate! Johnny do
look for any special qualities?



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2008-04-26, 21:46:13   (updated: 2008-04-26, 21:48:54)
OJAS from United States  
2008-04-26, 22:07:33 from Hamilton, Canada  
I'm also getting e-mails from Dariya. She also e-mailed me using the name Aleksandra Golovina (same chick, guaranteed. Most likely neither name is her real name). She uses the e-mails and The pictures they've sent me are very similar, and the e-mails were almost word for word the same. All about how they love Pirates of the Caribbean, and work as dance instructors, and told their moms all about me, and love cooking, and never eat after 7 PM so as not to get fat, blah blah blah.
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2008-04-27, 07:39:57
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-04-27, 20:16:44
anonymous from United States  
I am on the scam now as well. I am waiting for the email from her asking for a plane ticket because she can not afford it and wants to come to America and make me happy. She asked for my Airport code and I gave her Alaska. I wonder if she got the hint. I am enjoying the comedy of this whole fucked up arrangement.

CAK in Texas
2008-04-28, 17:41:21
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for the info guys. here is the e-mail address this person wrote me from. 'Oksana Zebzeeva' <>,
2008-04-28, 21:52:52
[hidden] from Australia  
I have recieved 3 emails now since Saturday and yes was abit reserved. As the photos and further emails came in, and she is a sweetie, I sort of thought well what is there to lose as long as I don't pass any money over. When I received the email in regards to her father, mum etc. and adress I thought I would I would google the town. Thank god I came across this site! Anyway, I am going to keep playing her game and string her along for a while. I have plenty spare time so will waste some of hers!!I am hoping now to get her to the point where I will suggest that I go there to meet her mum and bring her back here. I will post the progress for those interested.Thanks to all who took the time to post information and make us aware.

P.S she has told me her name is Oksana
2008-04-28, 22:22:11
anonymous from Australia  
The aboves latest email address with different name, same pictures and home address though:Oksana Zebzeeva []

I am now waiting for her to call me like she says she is going to!!
2008-04-28, 23:55:03
anonymous from United States  
yeah now that bitch is saying she is vera sokka she sent me some emails saying the same thing so I did a search and found this site she has the same picss as everyone else and is using the email address stupid bitch is getting sloppy with her game
2008-04-29, 04:45:15
anonymous from Australia  
Here is th eone I just recieved

Paul hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have enough time to write a long email I'm in a hurry....
I'm sending one pic of myself and few pics of my city. I will send more of my pics next time (if you want).
Please write me the name of the closest Airport to you (possibly
International) and it's code (if you know) For example the closest Airport to me is Tomsk and it's code is (TOF). Paul I already started to pack my things and I want to start my trip so I will go to Moscow from Tomsk. I have so many worries and I'm so afraid to start everything but if I don't start it now I will never do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul I will write more tomorrow and will tell you all things you are interested about me!
I miss you!!!!

Your future girlfriend!!!!

2008-04-29, 04:47:35
anonymous from Australia  
This is the one I sent before i recieved the 1 above. They definateley don't read content!!

Hi Oksana,

I couldn’t help but email you again as there is something I feel you should know before you reply to me.

Before I came to Australia I spent a long time in the British army. I joined in 1982 and went straight to the Falklands war at age 17. After that because of my outstanding skills I was transferred to the S.A.S. and went to Beirut in Lebanon. I spent 6 months fighting in Lebanon then went to Afghanistan for 18months. Since then I spent a lot of time in Special Forces but I can’t tell you yet as they were secret locations and was even involved in the break down of the Berlin Wall. I have a lot of medals but also a lot of bad memories. To add to this I was called up by the British government to assist them in Iraq. I was given diplomatic immunity throughout most countries for this. In the late 1980s I spent 2 years in Moscow undercover with a different identity. While I was there I assisted in computer software and was a developer in I.T. intelligence. You would probably know it as a computer hacker? I accessed soviet government computer systems from a secret location. That is all now in the past though and would be good for me to return to your country in a time of peace.

Anyway, I have decided to come to Moscow next week as I do not require a Visa and I have many contacts and friends there to help me find you. I have accessed the IP address of where you have been emailing me from and it is very easy for me to find the IP address location from the main server as soon as I get to Moscow. If it is an internet café, which I am surprised at, it will take 5 minutes. I know this probably seems unreal to you but this is only because your country is far behind on technology. I also have people in Moscow who will assist me. I just need to run a software programme that I will bring as it is not yet available in your country. I think you will be so happy and surprised when I tap you on the shoulder and you turn around and it will be me? I am also looking so much to surprising your family with my arrival.

Further to this you must know that I will be carrying a gun for my own protection. I do have Diplomatic immunity which allows this. The only reason for this I because I am still on files from the former Soviet Union K.G.B. Please do not panic though because I hope that I never have to use it again in my life. I have used it so many times before and I have had enough.

I hope this has not scared you away from me? I am still looking forward to your email and more so looking forward to surprising you.

Paul xx

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