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Dating scammer Tatyana Zagaynova


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Name: Tatyana Zagaynova


St. Lermontova, house 194, apt 31,
City Omsk, Russia

Other Comments:
This girl is a real 'pro'! (if it's a girl!?)
After a reciving a long, long letter from her, telling me all kinds of B.S.
about her 'life', i was a bit curious about finding out what was it all about...
So i sent her an e-mail from a different e-mail address, and i got all the same e-mails, long of course! I guess that she takes her job very professionally.
She is a scammer above scammers!
Coz she seams sooo innocent and lovely! Plus the photos of her are really nice.
P.S. She really got me going...big time.
I almost sent her money to come and visit! Idiot!!!
Here some of the mails from her, you will see the difference between her writing, (the girl speaks English worse than Tarzan), and mails that were already prepared for sending to the poor bastards such as myself! :)
Greetings the my dear friend!

It is really pleasant for understanding to me, that I interested you. And you had desire to get acquainted with me closer.

To me of 25 years. I the beautiful young woman going on this remarkable life without its satellite.

I lived all life in Russia, I have been given birth in city Omsk, it is very beautiful and small city. For all life I, it is possible to tell, did not leave it.

In the childhood I, certainly, have visited the big cities of Russia. In such, as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara. You have sometime happened in Russia?

And where you in general were? Whether that it was pleasant to you most of all and whether in general it was pleasant?

It would be very interesting for learning to me about it.

About my city you for certain did not hear, but I shall judge you to explain, where it.

It is located in the north of Russia, in 1500 kilometers from Moscow. Looking on a card, you can approximately study about its site (site).

I very much love city, as those, with his noise, transport (transportation), museums, streets and buildings. Only, because it - my City!

I have left school in this city, having studied in it of 11 classes (employment), I have decided to find in me directly economic abilities.

Then I operated in.. The State university. And now I have the diploma in higher education and stored books of a speciality and audit.

After end of university, I with ease intended to find to me directly favourable employment. But has understood, that it not so is simple.

As our city is very small, work in it to find almost, that is impossible. My speciality, certainly, is required, but only in most better quality.

To take a place of the good bookkeeper to me, it is necessary to have working experience which means work above the previous place not less than five years.

But it is simply impossible, because as the young expert who only has finished university, can have this experience.

After all my researches, me have accepted in shop which delivers all city various electric details.

In shop, under the name (name) 'Light' I work here five years. I there two posts, I work as the assistant to the bookkeeper and the manager of a hall.

Certainly, I dream from something the greater, but also and this work is too very pleasant to me.

My working day lasts seven hours, and I have two target days in a week, including all state holiday and red days of a calendar.

Our shop is in the city center, and it considers big enough.

Owners of shop in the near future want, will still reach, and to open one more shop in which it is possible me, already signs in the rank of the chief accountant.

To this I am very pleased.

Tell to me more about your work what it will consist? Whether it is pleasant what you are borrowed, to you?

In general it is interesting to study to me more about your life.

Operating it is a little forward, I have not told about what pleasant to borrowed to me. When I have gone to school, I had the big interest (percent) to dances.

At school I was one of the most active schoolgirls. I always took part at various competitions.

At school of me always named the submitted child. In dances, it is possible to tell, appeared. Besides school, I also have visited employment on dances.

However, it was not so convenient, because the school of dances was in the Floor (Floor) of hour, expelling my house. I have received lessons of dances within three years.

I and by this day take the big interest (percent) in dances. Most of all I prefer dances of east countries. Now, when I still have a free time,

I visit suitability (conformity) a hall where I can be borrowed in favourite business. I examine I (think), that in me very beautiful body (body) and a fine figure (number).

I always try to care (care) of occurrence. With it I - are helped by sports meets and my employment by dances.

Tell to me about you, take the big interest (percent) in what (that)? What do you do during a free time from work? Whether you love sports meets?

What kind you prefer sports meets? Sports meets in my life take very essential place, I find all in dances, that it is necessary for me.

Here again in the winter I very much like to go for the engine both on skates, and on a ski. My grandmother lives close to city.

All life it together with the grandfather worked on the basis of rest 'Sail'. Now they already on pension and in them there an apartment where they live.

Earlier I every winter spent (carried out) together with them. There I had rest and very vigorously spent spent time. Now I very seldom to happen in them.

If only in me free day will leave, and I can conduct it on coast (beach). Last time I saw their last summer. Very much I hope, that I can shortly see them (soon).

I also not frequently see parents. Up to 25 years I lived together with them but after I have found work by means of which I can rent an apartment. Parents live in own house.

In our city many so-called private sectors where people both rich and poor there live. Rich buy up there the bases (ground) and build there houses,

And poor apertures of a patch on buildings and hope which will sometime give arranged well an apartment.

It is a lot of private sectors already have removed, and on their place have constructed, occupied multi-storey buildings.

Here and my parents also the hope, that sometime to them also will give an apartment.

Though in this house I grew and lived very much the majority of a part of a life. Our house, very old and when I had an opportunity to rent an apartment,

I have suggested, that parents moved together with me. But they were categorically against. They have constructed this house own hands and have applied in it all life.

Our house is on surburb cities and therefore I can visit them not frequently. But we taste even once a week to meet behind of a lunch table (table) in our house.

Tell to me more about your family. Where and how your parents there live? All this is very interesting to me.

Probably, you, that interests (percent) of the fact, that I have addressed to the Internet to get acquainted with the person (man). I even would tell to not get acquainted,

And to find the partner for a life. It - my first experience of acquaintance. And I very much would like to make friends with you. Certainly,

I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope, that you will not ignore my questions.

Your new friend, Tanya.


Hi, Jonathan.

I am very glad to see your letter. It is pleasant to me to know, that you have decided to continue ours with you dialogue.

I am glad to read everything, that you have written to me. To me it is pleasant, that you have not disregarded my questions.

It is interesting to me to read each word written by you.

It is very curious to me to learn about your life, that you love, than you are engaged.

I was really glad to see your letter. I would like to know as your business? How your mood?

Tell to me about weather, at us now very cold weather. There can be a snow in the morning, and in the evening all freezes. I hope, that at you all is good.

I would like to tell to you, that not always I can understand that you write. There are some phrases, which sense to me is not clear.

And I wished to tell, that I write to you. I studied English language at school within nine years.

After my knowledge have gone deep at university where I have passed a rate of business English.

Now I even like to write and read your letters. Thus, I raise the knowledge.

And consequently I would like to ask you, whether well you understand me? Simply Russian very complex.

And sometimes to translate the offer from Russian on English language happens difficultly,

As it is possible to not transfer all sense concealed by Russian. I hope, my English language is not so bad, and you understand all,

What do I write? I think, that I well know language, as in oral, and the written form.

I at once would like to warn you, that I cannot write to you every day, or answer at once your letter.

All the matter is that I have no own computer, and I should use a computer of my girlfriend.

Certainly, it is not so convenient for me, but other output at me is not present. Though one plus is - it lives near to an apartment where I live.

But I shall be very glad, to see your letters every day. It is very interesting to me to read everything, that you write to me.

Tell to me, that you love, that you prefer in cinema, theatre or books. To that you most of all prefer?

I very much like to read, but I not always have on it time.

I prefer science fiction, everything, as to it, cannot simply pass by me.

It so carries away me, that I can be without a break night in other world, behind reading of the next book.

At cinema I prefer thrillers, or psychological dramas.

I love those films which leave for spectators an opportunity to finish thinking after viewing.

That is in own way to write the end of this or that film.

Certainly, I like to look a cheerful comedy from which it is possible to relax simply and with all the heart to laugh.

From comedies I certainly most of all prefer our Russian films. Though for viewing films at me too almost does not remain to time.

In my city there are some theatres. One of which, I try to visit even once a month. It is theatre of Russian drama.

I very much like performances that pass in it.

Last performance which to me managed to be seen, has made upon me huge impression.

Performance under the name 'Players', it is complex to me to transfer now its all essence, but performance was rather costing for viewing.

How often you happen at a cinema or theatre? You prefer what films? Whether you Love theatre?

Tell, what you managed to see last time?

Also it is very interesting to Me to know about your culinary preferences.

I simply adore to prepare, let at me not always suffices for this time, but I am always glad to prepare for something new and very tasty.

My culinary abilities have got to me from the grandmother. Mum, certainly, is able to prepare, but very much does not like to stand at a plate.

And as I spent greater time at the grandmother, it and has learned me to these culinary miracles.

Certainly, I tried dishes of various kitchen, but most of all I like Russian kitchen.

Also I like to prepare for dishes of the European kitchen because it has much in common with Russian.

Sometimes I with girlfriends go to the Chinese small restaurant, but only because girlfriends from it without mind.

I concern to this kitchen negatively. What do you think of all this? You prefer what kitchen most of all?

Whether there is at you a favourite dish? If yes, tell to me about it, it will be interesting to me to know it.

I do not have so-called favourite dish, but most of all I like to prepare for sweets both various cakes and pies.

If my day off begins with good mood, I shall necessarily prepare for something tasty to indulge myself.

Whether you are able to prepare? What you most of all practised?

It is still very interesting to me to know when your birthday? Whether you Celebrate this day and whether this holiday in general is pleasant to you?

Tell about holidays, which to you most of all on a shower and as you like them to spend. My birthday on January, 7th.

I do not love this day. As well as a holiday. For me this day always very sadly passes.

For some reason this day at me always the bad mood and always would be desirable to cry. I do not like to call visitors and in general how to mark this day.

I try to lead it as usual day in my life. Whether as it is interesting to me to know there are at you any favourite things or colors?

I cannot precisely name the favourite color, but I can precisely tell, that I prefer all light tone.

Though more often I color does not play so important role, for example at a choice of clothes.

The most important that I liked this or that thing.

Forgive, but it is time to me to run home, already too late, and tomorrow it is necessary to rise early,

As parents wish to visit me and I still need to prepare for something for tomorrow.

I with huge impatience shall wait for your letter, with best regards Tanya


Greetings my dear!!!

Thanks for your good letter, was very pleasant to receive from you one more letter. I with the great pleasure read it. In it there were such things which to me were very interesting for learning. And in general I always with greater interest read everything, that you write to me.

Today in the street it is very cloudy, that would not be desirable to leave the house at all. Such gloomy weather always causes in me inflow long also melancholy. I like to wake up from beams of the sun more.

Tell to me how has passed your day, what new has occured in your life? I'm fine, yesterday all the day long has devoted to the house. First it has decided to be cleaned, and remained time has spent for viewing of old photos. I very much like to look photos of the childhood though them it was kept very little. I have three huge albums where all of them and were placed. Whether your children's photos were kept? If yes, it would be very interesting to me to look at it. Before a dream I have decided to arrange to myself small evening walk. Near to the house there is a small park, and very recovered, there children, but more often enamoured pairs always walk. I like to walk before a dream, the drink of fresh air never will prevent. And the dream after walk becomes more pleasantly and more strong. And what you like to do before a dream?

I wished to tell, that is very glad to development of our attitudes. I like to tell to you about the life.

During our dialogue I have understood, that you very interesting person and your life are filled by energy. It would be very interesting to me to know your opinion on me. Certainly, I understand, that it is very complex to understand the person through letters. And how it is complex to transfer all feelings and emotions through simple letters. But I wish to tell, that I always write to you in all sincerity, nothing hiding. From you I wait for the same. In fact our attitudes only begin, and I would not like, that in them there was a lie or misunderstanding. I simple, and the trustful person and am very easy to offend me. But I think, you not that person who can cause me a pain.

It is interesting to me to know, how you concern to women, what you wait from attitudes or what you search in them? Whether there Is at you any ideal of the woman?

Whether you trust in love, in its existence and in its magic force. I think, that it is the biggest gift, which God has presented people. Happiness to live a life, full feelings and emotions, instead of to burn its precious time. I wish to create strong family, I wish to meet the person who will understand and support me in all. It would be interesting to me to know how you understand a word love and what sense you put in it?

To love people is the biggest happiness that is given to mankind.

And if this love will be mutual is an even greater happiness.

Love as if the sweet fruit, which taste of pleasure is infinite. The love is necessary for all and always.

Than for you the mortgage of long and successful attitudes is?

I cannot unequivocally answer this question, but one I can tell precisely. I put the big sense in trust. For me it means much. I do not suffer lie, and always I speak only the truth. I do not want, that at our attitudes ever there was a deceit.

I wish to tell to you also about the interests and hobbies. As I wrote to you earlier, I seriously take a great interest in east dances. Since the childhood I went to school of arts where studied to dance. With in the meantime at me good and kind associations are connected many. There I for the first time have learned to dance and have left on a greater professional stage, there there were my first teachers, the first suits, which I murder will out the hands and the first love. But then when I have entered the university, I had to search for work. And by then our dancing collective has broken up, because the teacher has left us. And since then I had to leave professional works. Now I pay attention to dances as soon as I will have a free minute. Dances in my life replace to me almost everything, it both sports, and favourite business.

Also I very much take a great interest in reading, very much I love books about science fiction. Having read through some of them, my outlook on life in many respects has exchanged. The last couple of years Kundera, Pavic's my favourite books. In due time (by a youth) I have become engrossed in reading of Konetsky, Sanin. Never took a great interest in female novels. And to detectives, I concern easy enough.
As my interest is involved with some glossy magazines. Such as « the Caravan of histories », «cosmopolitan». In them always print fascinating and vital histories of known people, and as various historic facts, news of culture, business and a fashion.

And I seriously take a great interest in a fashion, I buy and I read such magazines as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue. I like to find unusual and very beautiful sketches of clothes In them, and then on them I sew clothes. To buy is very dearly, and I always like to look beautifully and fashionably dressed. How you concern to a fashion? To fashionable clothes? What role is played with a fashion in your life? I can tell, that my clothes are conservative and close to classics more likely.

I love the sea, the nature and travel. Very much to like me the French cinema. And also the films which have been removed in Hollywood. My the most favourite are «

You like to listen to what music, if like to listen in general?

I about myself can tell, that without music I cannot present the life at all. It is possible to tell I go on a life with music. I can not present as it is possible to live and to not love music. I consider it takes a significant place in a life of any person. I like to wake up under cheerful and invigorating music, and to fall asleep under slow and weakening compositions. I cannot name the certain style or a direction in music to which would prefer. I love music of all styles and directions. All depends on mood and from conditions. To last time I listen (Pinc Floid, Doorz, Queen, DDT, the Aquarium).

To religion I concern very validly. I and my family, orthodox Christians. I respect with truly religious people, irrespective of creed, but I do not love fanatics and those who tries to impose the religious sights.
I love black coffee without sugar, cakes-cakes. In any quantity and ice-cream in a plenty.

Tell to me about the preferences in meal. What do you love? You prefer what kitchen? You Are able and whether you like to prepare? I simply adore to prepare, but only when it brings to me pleasure. On kitchen I simply adore to experiment. To prepare for something brand new and very tasty. Especially at me various sweets turn out. Perhaps, sometime you will manage to try it. Certainly, sometimes I like to visit restaurants when it would be desirable to relax, eat tasty meal and to listen to good music. However, now I shall not recollect, when last time I managed to drop in there. Sometimes I like to sit with girlfriends in any darling of cafe behind a cup of coffee and nothing forcing conversation.

Tell to me more about in what you like to be engaged during free time from work. It will be very interesting to me to learn about it. And now I would like to say goodbye, as already very much late and me it is necessary to come back home.

With impatience I shall wait for your letter.

Yours Tanya


I very strongly love such breed of dogs, especially black! I always dreamed of such breed of dogs, but mum when did not want to buy to me a dog. And consequently at me 2 cats!


Hello my Friend!

I am very happy that at me has appeared there is at me such person (you)!

It is very interesting to communicate with you, you can tell much! To me very much to like with you to correspond! Though also our correspondence very small, well also that for this short time you ecgrk to like me! I very much like your sincere condition and kindness! Though you write to me only letters. And in a reality we did not see yet, I simply feel you! Itself I do not know why! I with pleasure read your letters when I read much I smile! You to me raise mood! And it very much to like me! For me the main thing what me always to understand, were respectful and certainly trusted!

My dream to get family to give birth it is a lot of children! And to live for a long time and happily! Very much I like to prepare! I prepared loved every day and surprised with the new dishes! The truth in the letter all you will not write all that would be desirable, but I shall try even not all!

At me when there was no husband! At me the man was, but we did not come each other, it walked! And it was very hard for me because of that that it all time somewhere vanished! And I have decided to leave it! I do not argue many men acquaintance wanted with me but so to have a good time! It does not arrange me! I already think that in Russia I shall not find worthy the man! I very much would want that loved me also I liked! I the first time in a life have sat down a computer and have decided to get acquainted on the Internet! At me the computer is not present and consequently I write from the girlfriend! She has by the way given me such idea! She has got acquainted on the Internet and has found to itself the husband at them will be fast wedding, I am very glad for it! She was at him on a visit in Canada and then they have together arrived to get acquainted court with parents! You probably will ask me why itself, instead of through agency? Because there they deceive. They take from you many money!

I very strongly would would like to speak by with you to phone! But already as month my phone does not work! I have watered unintentionally on him water and it has ceased to work. I carried it in workshop and to me have answered, that it to not make!

I not the rich person! I work much what to earn on a meal! And on it that I cannot allow myself phone yet, even cheap! Simply my salary very small! If I am fair even an ode to myself any thing, for example a dress or a jacket, I buy time in 3-4 months! Only be not dared! I cannot do anything with it! I would need to work there 2 more years that the experience! Then at me the salary also can increase! But I try to not despair! Sometime and in my street there will be a holiday!

Hi the my dear friend.

It is madly happy, that again I see your letter. It is pleasant, that you do not disregard questions which me so interest in your life. Really it is very interesting to me to know all about your life. I like how you write to me. It is interesting to me to read each word. I am glad, that at you all is good. In my life too all goes the turn. At least, there is nothing to complain. On work too all is rather quite good. However, today there was very long day which has tired me. But with it there's nothing to be done, in fact there is a work and the responsibility. I can tell about myself, that I very responsible person. How there passes your work? Tell to me more about it in what it consists, whether in what you are engaged is pleasant to you?

Today I have woken up it is possible to tell in wonderful mood in which I am both now. And whenever possible I try to infect with it of other people. In fact someone should bring pleasure in this world.

All the day long reflected on, whether I can see today your letter. And here after work at once has directed and to the girlfriend and was rather glad to see, that you do not disregard me. All the day long thought that to you new to tell from the life, but now ideas are confused, and it would be desirable you to tell so much. I wish to ask at once you that you, not hesitating, asked everything, that you interests. I with pleasure always answer your questions. Even it is very pleasant to me to realize, that you are interested by me. There can be I look slightly naive, but such what is and I can not present, that can force to change me. I want, that you perceived me such, what I actually, present. I always speak you only the truth as I want that our attitudes were under construction on trust and the same I wait from you. I think, that in the woman there should be a particle of naivety, in fact from it tenderness is born. In general the union of the man and the woman is born from the union of force and mind, kindness, care and tenderness. I like how we are similar and are not similar against each other because I consider, that the fortress and durability of attitudes consists in it and. People should supplement each other. That is in you and that so does not suffice me, you give me, and I do the same in turn.

I think, that if people are similar, through any time it it becomes boring. In fact it is not interesting to live with the person similar to you in all.

I like how we learn each other. We gradually learn each other, we open secrets, we share secret and gradually we become is more close to each other. Gradually attitudes grow, and can be, sometime they will turn to something greater, than easier friendship …

As I trust you, I am ready to tell to you all secrets, that at is at me on heart. I hope, that you also with me will be frank.

I wish to speak with you about all. For example, about sexual attitudes. I consider, that it is important in attitudes between the man and the woman.

I think, we adult people, and I think, that it is necessary for us to know about each other all. How you concern to sex? It plays what role of your life. I consider, that in attitudes there should be a harmony, and it means, that there should be all. What for you is more important? I think, that it is very important. It is especially important to consider needs of both parties. I am right? I think, that you my last novels interest. I can tell, that them was a little, but each of them has brought during my life, both a particle of pleasure, and a pain. I had some novels, but all of them have not crowned success. For itself also has solved, that else simply has not met that person who really can love and appreciate me.

Tell to me, whether you are engaged in sports, fitness? I yes! A free minute I try to run in an exercise room or on aerobics, well and besides I have my favourite dances. I shall not tell, that I seriously take a great interest in sports. No, on the contrary, I do all moderately and whenever possible. That it is always good to look, feel and be in a tone.

And what role in your life is played with sports?

As you, probably, know at us in Russia very beautiful nature. There are also huge areas of woods and fields where we quite often leave together with my friends, to lead days off or holiday. There, on the nature it is possible to combine business with pleasure. To have a rest and during too time to go in for sports. That, as a matter of fact, I also do. We always usually leave city for some days and we come off on full. My favourite season is a summer, and my favourite color, greenish-yellow, color of plants. Summer - a wonderful season which to not be compared to what the rest. When it is possible to bathe and sunbathe, float by boats and to fish. When around flowers, berries, mushrooms and all rest grow.

And I, certainly, understand, that in all there are minuses and pluss, and each season there are features, but I have more on a shower - SUMMER!

And what favourite season at you? And how you have a rest with friends?

It will be very interesting to me to learn about you and about your friends and as you spend time!

I never would think, that on the Internet it is possible to meet such remarkable person as you. Also that to me will be so interestingly, and that I shall be so is keen by you. I feel, that you too are keen and that to you it as it is interesting, as well as to me and that I do not leave your ideas. I like to think of you. I like that peak of our attitudes that forces to experience all of them a body and reason. Sometimes I even feel the child because such minutes it would not be desirable to think of what and anything to do, and easier to be given to the dreams. Somebody would tell to me, even couple of months back, that I shall get acquainted with such remarkable the man, as you, moreover by means of the Internet. I for what in it have not believed that and would tell, that it simply is not possible also this all not about me. But here you see, how the destiny itself has disposed and has placed the points. I have got acquainted with you to that it is very glad, I hope, what you too are glad?!

I am assured, that never could betray the person or make something in this sort. But very much I am afraid, that will sometime betray me. I am frequent above it thought and have come to that never could forgive treachery. I, certainly, see a difference between physiology and feelings, but I hold that opinion, that if the person even in ideas supposes it to make it in a life it is possible. While in my life there was no that men with whom I could connect the life. For this reason I have decided to find love by means of the Internet because under letters, probably, to study soul of the person, and to understand its all essence. I have managed to understand, to what the person aspires in this life and that wants.

Forgive, but it is time to me to go. It was pleasant to me to read your letter, I hope, you will not force me to wait long for a following opportunity to learn you. As it will be very interesting to me to know your ideas in occasion of my letter.

With the best regards. Tanya

Hello my dear!!!

I am very glad, that you have written me such remarkable letter!

I am very glad, that at you all is good.

I with you completely agree, that when work time flies not appreciablly, especially works much! Much is necessary to be in time very much for a day of work.

Easter at us will begin from April, 27, it is necessary to spend a lot of time what to paint eggs, to draw on them different patterns, I very much like it to do! And you like to paint eggs?

Your offer to meet, I very much would like I with pleasure have met you, we would walk much, communicated with the friend the friend and have learned more about us. I never except for Moscow where there was no also I with pleasure would visit to lives to you as you will meet me also I there there will be any! Interestingly, how many there is a ticket up to Germany? I even to present how many it can not is necessary money to tickets and that else is necessary what to get to you! By the way the girlfriend works for me in agency of travel and she would help me and has made not the big discount, I think that to me is necessary to descend up to it and all to learn! How you think?

I to you can arrive for a week, in this beginning of month to me can give holiday for a week! Well you look itself as to you it will be more convenient, can at you not there will be so much time free!

With impatience I shall wait from you for the letter.


PS: It is a photo from competition! At us on work passed competition ' the best rest after work '! I I would ask the girlfriend that she has photographed me with these spheres, I do not remember as refers to, where she works!



I was happy to see from you 2 letters. It was very pleasant for me to receive them. I now all time think of ours with you of a meeting. The truth I so hesitate to you it to speak, but I think that it is a normal, as I not much constraining girl.

When I went to travel agency the first time what to learn about trip to you, there was to many people and I was late for work not much. And the girlfriend to me has told about tickets by train, and to go very for a long time, I only shall spend by train all holiday. And by the plane dearly. I would not want that you so spent for me of money much. I have learned all this when have come to it to second time. Yes the ticket by the plane costs 590 euros, and other tickets up to Moscow and all documents cost 445 euros. I of me simply was not present words. Before you it is very a shame to me.

I have asked it how you can send me of money for trip to you. She to me has told, that everyone send translations through what that the Western union. She has told, that at us it is a lot of banks where there is a Western union, there it is very fast and convenient. And she has told that at you it too is. To you you are necessary know my data on which can to send translation, she has written to me on a leaflet as will correctly specify, that I could receive in any bank.

My data:

Zagaynova Tatyana



The house 194

Apartment 31

So she has written to me. Also has told that you should write as. And after you will send, you should specify to me the data which have filled on the form. I trust it and I write to you as she has advised me.

With impatience I shall wait from you for the letter!


PS: Write to me please the phone number, that I could talk to you.



I was very happy, when have seen from you so much letters!

I could not write, because we on work had audit 3 days, and we every day till the night counted all. Days were very heavy for me because the responsibility was on me! Our executive director was in holiday, only has come yesterday and all papers has checked up! We in shop had not a big shortage and she was divided into all sellers! Will subtract from the salary! And now I can easy go on leave to you! Today at me the day off and I have gone to the girlfriend what to write to you! I so would be happy to lead with you even week!

I today went to the girlfriend to agency what to learn all precisely!

She has certainly upset me, when I have learned the price for tickets and some documents, there back, the ticket up to Moscow the insurance and the obligatory ticket still is included in 2 ends and the passport for travel abroad which to me will make for three days while will legalize all papers. Because it is simple so me there will not start up, I go how to be spoken on them to it, as the tourist! The discount certainly small where that 5 - 7 %. Please be not frightened the prices, I do not know where to me to take so much money what to see you. The price in euro 734! I in general in a shock my salary Shirokov $! Forgive me please if I cannot arrive to you. If I shall borrow from somebody so much money then I shall come to you necessarily!

With impatience I shall wait from you the letter my dear!

Please be not upset strongly if I cannot find so much money, well?


PS: would write please number that I could call to you. I very strongly want to chat with you:-))

With impatience I shall wait from you for the answer!




2008-01-29, 08:40:25   (updated: 2008-01-29, 08:43:50)
[hidden] from Repentigny, Canada  
Today I got this letter from Tatyana who supposedly lives in the city of Omsk in Russia. It is a form letter as well, I can tell that much already, and I also post the photos.
She sent me this last e_mail after requesting some money.
Here are the information about her:
Tatyana Zagaynova
street LERMONTOVA, house 194, Apt#31, city of Omsk index 644009, Russia

Copie of her last letter:
hello my Pierre

I am very happy to see your letter today, at me all is remarkable.

I hope that at you all as well, and you succeed in your affairs.

I very strongly wish to be with you to me so it would be desirable to see your country and you why you would not want that I have arrived to you?

In fact so simply you would pay it wash charges and in couple of weeks I would be at you, and you had not to fly to me and to waste time and money.

In fact that that I offer it to you on will be much cheaper, than your flight to me and then our flight to you back.

I very much would not want that you spent many money for me, I do not wish to be to you a burden.

I hope that you understand it? That I offer that to you on much easier.

So you once again well all consider and then inform me that you have solved.

I very strongly love you and very strongly I wish to be with you not looking on what, I so wish to be happy. I hope you as to make happy.

Well all right I shall finish and I shall wait for your letter with impatience.

With love and kisses Tanya

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana Zagaynova

2008-01-31, 14:04:17
anonymous from Repentigny, Canada  
Here a copy of the letter I received from Tatyana, since I did not send her the requested money:
Hello my sweet Pierre!!! How you today???

On work whence I wrote to you a computer have broken. Therefore I could not to you so long to answer. I now to write to you from internet cafe. Pierre I am a little afflicted by that that you have written to me.

Why you do not wish to understand my request??? You do not have such money 500 euro???

When I wrote to you the letter I thought that you will help me and I shall arrive to you already absolutely soon.

But today I when read your letter I very much was afflicted. You do not wish to help me??? You will not help me???

I know that it is firm, very reliable and it not the first year works in our city, and they work only with Russian to clients, and on it they have told that if you will call, even the translator will nobody to talk to you at in holiday, and, and that its direct speciality would consist not in that what to answer calls.

I shall not arrive to you as you have written to me. At us in Russia it is a lot of and very often show on the TV advertising. ' DO NOT go In Canada UNDER the INVITATION!!! DO the VISA!!! '

It often show. As people from the different countries invite Russian girls to themselves and then they become slaves to foreigners. Much Russian girls are killed by people which invited to itself. Foreigners force girls to become prostitutes. Russian girls cannot leave then from the country as all documents and the passport is taken away by the man and it forces it to suffer above it. Men force to suffer Russian girls. Many Russian girls simply killed.

Many girls till now cannot find native. They have left but and have not returned. They were missing. You heard about law ANASTASYA???

Anastasya it is the girl from Russia which corresponded with the American. And then it has gone to it. It has invited it to itself. It promised that all will be good!! That they will get married also all in their life will be excellent. But when it has arrived to it. It lived in a small room with a dog.

It forced it to suffer. It lived at it so 6 months. And then it has killed it.

It occurs to many Russian girls. Then as this crime have opened. In USA have entered the law. This bill refers to in its honour ANASTASYA.

At us show about it much. It everywhere on TV by radio and in general everywhere.

I cannot arrive to you and do as you ask. I trust you, but all the same.

I do not know as this all can happens. Against it all my relatives. My mum speaks me do the visa and only then you can go. Not in what other image it will not release me.

I need to do the visa!!! I risk to arrive to you under the invitation.

The darling I would ask you that you did not ask me more about such.

The darling I ask you make as I you I ask!!!!

It is necessary for me 500 euro on the visa and the passport of the tourist and physical examination.

As soon as you will send me of money I shall do at once the visa and then to fly to you.

You .eltim to me to meet at the airport with colors!!!!

I so strongly want it!!!

The darling it is necessary for me 500 euro!!!! For that what to arrive to you. The darling this all is very simple!!!

What for you complicate all??? Make as I ask also we shall together already absolutely soon!!!!

My darling Pierre make as I ask!!!

I would ask you that you did not write to me about that that you have written to me today.

The darling to you is available for me one more request.

Whence I wrote a computer to you have broken. My girlfriend has told that will yet soon repair a computer. As there is no money for repair of a computer. I did not receive my salary 2 months. To go and write to you from internet cafe it is very dear. The darling you can send today to me even 150-200 euro??? On this money I shall go in internet rat and to write to you letters. As on this money I to you shall call. To call from a public telephone booth very dearly. Especially also negotiations with other country. All this is dear. I would not have money for that what to support with you communication. The darling I ask you about the help. Help me!!!

The darling I shall wait your fast reply!!! Write to me as soon as possible!!!

I love you!!! With love yours and only yours Tatyana!!!

2008-02-13, 18:32:10
anonymous from Canada  
P.S: First I do not live in Repentigny!

Second: I do not know who posted the letters and the pictures of TATYANA ZAGAYNOVA; but it is certainly not me!

Somebody spamed my e-mail and read and used my mail against my will.

This girl is not a scammer:!

Truly yours
2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Tatyana Zagaynova

2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2008-04-23, 12:16:40   (updated: )
[hidden] from Poland  

2008-04-24, 10:13:01
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
On Tatyana Zagaynova




Uses other names in different combinations (name, pics, addies). The ones I know:

Oksana Zagaynova
Tatyana Stolyarenko
Alina Gabdulbarova
Tatyana Ryzhova
Nadezhda Zaprudina
Natalya Kortunova
Olga Komarova

2009-03-27, 17:48:42 from United States  
[Yours and only your loving and gentle Tatyana]




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