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Dating scammer Yuliya Bechneva


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Name: Yuliya Bechneva



Other Comments:
she was on a dating site with no pics but sent me email address so i sent one and only one and shes so in love with me already but she is talking like another scammer and exactly same letters so DUH not gonna make mistake of talkin to her

***** maybe you don't receive my last message???
please check your bulk mail folder...
do you like my pics???

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Unfortunately, I can't concentrate today. I could sleep yesterday
and had been crying the half of the night. I felt very lonely.
I feel better today. Please, don't worry.
Next time I will try to be stronger and keep myself in hands.
May be I am just too tired. I have to work some extra hours.
My salary is rather small, it is only about $100 if to convert
it in american dollars. $100 - It month.My colleague is sick
and she is at home. That's why I need to do her work too.
I wished to call her, but unfortunately I do not have phone...
I do massages instead of her. And you know it is rather difficult.
Also it is necessary to be very patient. And you know people are
different. Someone are very thankful to you for your help.
And others think that should do everything they want. They
can't understand I maybe tired too. I dream of a desert
island. Sun, blue sky, warm water and you near me. Isn't it
a wonderful dream. And nobody there, only you and me.
Well, enough of my dreaming...
Tell me something nice, please. Make me feel good. If I was
there I would make you a massage with an oil to make you rest.
You deserve. And you would pay me for it with a sweet kiss.
Dear, I want to thank you for being in my life, for giving
me an opportunity to share my feelings with you. You can't
imagine what a relief it is and how important it is for me.
I appreciate your moral support very much. I feel it between
the lines of your letters.
Please, be careful for me. I want to see your other letter
very much. And to feel your warmth.
I send you my sweet kiss for free too.

P.S. Sorry, but I have forgotten to bring today a photo with
myself in Internet cafe. I will attach it in the next letter.

Yuliya Buchneva
Here is some of my pics

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2008-05-17, 02:39:38
anonymous from United States  
ok ok i had the same person do the same to me . but got one up on her or him.
i got an ip serch the problem is it was done from 3 or more pc

one thing that got me right off the bat was she /he never put my address in was allways a reply off the first email sent to me , and i ask questions never got a reply.
2008-05-17, 22:08:08
anonymous from United States  
Yep this person has been at this for quite awhile. All the same pics and all the same emails. I was suspicious from the very beginning. I have been dragging them on just to see how long they will continue to feed me BS before giving up. It's all rather humurous if you ask me. I have never had any of my questions answered and they continue to prod for money but I won't be sending any.
2008-05-19, 09:20:51
anonymous from United States  
This woman or man is going by Elana Bondurchuck at now same pictures same story only talked to her 3 weeks maybe already wants 400usd for visa more fro food and incidentals has freind that will buy plane ticket if she gets visa freind must be sure i am serious about bringing her here what threw me was the fact that i am retired and could live in Oesaay where all those pictures are from on the black sea like a king and not have to work but no she does not want me to come to Ukraine oh yea Keiv ukraine see my pics every time she s good but I am glad she is exposed.

2008-05-19, 14:05:14
anonymous from United States  
Wow Dude,

I would love to see her in person Lol....
2008-05-21, 18:27:59
anonymous from United States  
Well guys. I have been chatting with this girl for almost 6 months now. I tested her pic long ago on this site and it came up blank. I was scammed long ago from one in Ghana so i have been very careful. Yes she does reply to questions that are asked. At least she does to me. And the letters i see posted i have them too. But i do have several different ones. In fact she just emailed me again today telling me she has raised the money for her visa and airfare. And she will be with me as soon as her visa is cleared. Maybe shes scamming all of you just to get the money to be with me. LOL. Oh i love this stuff. I just tell them one thing when they ask for money to come to me. I say,you get the money and as soon as you get here i will give you every penny of it back. If you borrow the money i'll even pay the loan or interest. Just get here first. And she has sent me letters without a reply to mine. So she must have my email addy logged. Would add some pics not on her site here but no nudity allowed. Sorry.

2008-05-21, 18:40:24
anonymous from United States  
My darling xxxxx,

I am doing the best for us as I want you to be happy. And I want to be happy
myself too.
Everything is done. I have money not only for tickets but for visa too.
What do you feel now? I am very -very much excited and happy. I will be able to
see you at last. I can't believe in it myself. I will pay for visa but it will
take some time to get it. As soon as I get it I will let you know. All we need
now is to wait.
I will stay at your place for 10 or more days not to disturb you. But if you
ever ask me to stay for longer, I will do it with pleasure. You will make me the
happiest woman in the world.
It is up to you. I hope you will not be disappointed. I will do everything I can
to make you love me as I do.
I will give you all of myself. I will give you all my love and passion. All my
care and tenderness.
I will treat you the best way. You deserve it. I know.
You are my life and everything. Never forget about it, please.
I need you badly.
Miss you.
Send you my hot kisses.

Yuliya Buchneva

This is a copy of that email she sent me.
Also this is one without being a reply.

here is my new pics hope you like it!
Write me, please, your thoughts about it.
I am waiting impatiently for your reply, sunshine. Hot kisses for you.
I want to be with you asap...

I am just waiting to see what happens now. Let everyone know if she shows up? I have her address. But not a phone number as she said she has no phone. Sorry i'll keep it to myself for now.
2008-05-21, 22:22:24
she sweet, but very good at what she dose,

2008-05-22, 07:18:52
yea,she found me on a site,but I didn't send any money,said she needed $200 for visa.good thing I found this page under(
2008-05-23, 21:35:43
anonymous from United States  
I flew to Kiev, Ukraine and put a beating on this Bitch! Trust me the pussy was as good as it looks! Take Action She's a SheDevil with no heart! Good Luck!

2008-05-25, 00:42:21
anonymous from United States  
Oh yes, she's pretty. but is she or is HE? we can't say but i'm almost hooked up. Oh yes I sent her not only 400 but 1000. A thousand words and lies.
2008-05-25, 02:04:10
anonymous from Canada  
Nice pix. But this is not Irina Bocharova. (IB) Check Google.

The real Irina is a PhD and professor,

I believe that a Russian man is running this scam.

I recieved all of the same letters and pix regarding IB as everyone else.

I did not send any money upon ' her ' (IB) request, but ' she ' stated in ' her ' last
e-mail that ' she ' will arrive as soon as posssible for a 3 month stay. LOL.

2008-05-25, 02:14:05
anonymous from Canada  
Walk away and don't look back.
2008-05-25, 05:54:28   (updated: 2008-05-25, 06:12:24)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Natalia Borisova:


Yuliya Buchneva:


Irina Bocharova:




First name: Elena
Last name: Bondarchuk
Aka: Alsu, Natalia
Age: 28
Location(s): Kiev (Ukraine), Samara (Russia)
Address(es): unknown
Phone number(s): unknown
E-mail address(es):;;;
Operates on site(s): True


Nataliya Bojko:


2008-05-25, 08:17:37
anonymous from United States  
Yeah she tried scamming me but I was suspicious from the start. She went, or is going by the name Yuliya Bechneva. Asking me for money for a visa and then miraculusly got the money for the visa and the plane tickets to come and see me. I'll see how it pans out what all her tricks are. I warned about her. So hopefully she won't be able to scam anyone else on that site.
2008-05-26, 12:30:35
anonymous from Canada  
nataliya bojko sending me emails .but she never answer my email .she always ask for money .i never send her .
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