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Dating scammer Margarita Mihaylova


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Name: Margarita Mihaylova


I haven't received it yet

Other Comments:
I just started correspondence with this woman, and have only received four letters. I just need information on how to report this scam and what to do in terms of involving law inforcement

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2008-05-19, 15:30:10
anonymous from United States  
The sad fact is there's never a shortage of dudes ready and willing to be taken by a good looking woman, no matter what the circumstances. Being realistic, let's face it....I'm sure that there's a 100,000 Russian dudes lined up who would be willing to lick this chick's butthole on command, so I'm sure our candy-pants friend is probably working in cahoots with some guy (or guys) that are already drilling her like a Texas oil-well. Still fun to play the game with these skanks though.
2008-05-19, 23:01:08
[hidden] from United States  
I love her dog was a nice touch! You guys should have a picture of her by the river and there is a second flower picture of her in the white dress too.(not provocative)

Does anyone know who's photo was ripped off for this scam...I'm interested to find an article on them catching these put in the file with the rest of the photos!

She is good! What fun, made my life just thinking about the possibilities...yeah right!

I'm not in it for the money yet, but it's down to meeting me soon so she won't be teasing herself, and wants me to wire the money today so she can go to Moscow and get the visa to meet me here right away...and I'm sure Boris is laughing all the way to the bank! I'm sorry for her mom, Olga, her dad, Dmitriy...and when they catch these folks...who's going to feed that poor dog?
2008-05-21, 22:48:34
anonymous from United States  
I too have been exchanging emails with this girl. I noticed she did not reference previous email when replying so I asked her specific questions but she does not answer them. I even sent her a xxx rated link telling her I wanted her by my side for activities as such, and she didn't respond to that either. She has a system down and copies and pastes from one guy to the next. I Here is a link of most if not all emails we will receive, just in case your curious what she will say next. http://www.womenrus..20Russia)
2008-05-22, 09:33:40
anonymous from United States  
What a crack-up! The 7 emails I received were identical to your's, but I told her (him, whoever) to go pound sand after that, so I hadn't read the follow-up emails that you received. Funny stuff though, and it sounds like for a mere $500 she'll abandon her life in Russia and flee to America where you can bone her silly while you watch movies together and live happily ever after. Pretty entertaining stuff.
2008-05-23, 12:45:07
anonymous from United States  
About 2 weeks after hearing from Margarita for the last time I received a new 'profile interest' from some gal named Ekaterina Shukinova, whose pictures I've added. Has anyone seen or heard from this one before?

2008-05-23, 12:46:01
anonymous from United States  
Here's the second photo
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Somova

2008-05-23, 12:49:40
anonymous from United States  
Nevermind....delphifaq's photo search answered for me. Already posted as Ekaterina Somova
2008-05-24, 12:52:49   (updated: 2008-05-24, 12:53:30)
anonymous from Las Vegas, United States  
Well I am now at the email chain where she wants to meet and will try to get info on travel and may need my help. I have on the last 2 replies stated I would travel to her since I already have my travel docs in order, and gives me a chance to speak with her daddy and mum. Since all she does is copy and paste, I have not gotten an appropriate response to my offer. I wonder if she will ever break from the copy/paste routine. I am trying to get nudes from her, but no luck so far. not even the lingerie shot that is posted here. Being as innocent as she seems, I doubt she has any, but then again she is Russian, I gotta keep trying.
2008-05-25, 06:49:04
dman from United States  
this my latetest letter oo ya the money ques is comming soon its funny i havnt emailed her i acouple of days no response from her i send a short email abd she sents this

Hello my dearest
You again today did my day very good!

How are you? I am fine! How at you weather? How your relatives and friends? In the order and all asked to speak

my family

to you Hello!

Now all my family knows about you. I spoke them about you. You know, it was very interesting to my sister

And she also asked about you. Mum asked how many to you of years, whether and my daddy has asked you have


I answered their questions and we discussed you last night. I spoke my family, that you the good person.

After supper we spoke about you only with my mum. You are probable only may guess, that at mum and at the


There may be secrets and nobody understands better the daughter as own mother. Mum however warned me, that

I to not rush to enter with you relations. I was itself I realize. I have told, that you kind the man and


If we had with you relations it would be probably necessary for you to speak with my daddy! he also very good

The person. he to care very much of our family. My brother also helps us sometimes. Everyone wish for me only


I also thought of you very much. I do not know as you it to speak, but I have to you some feelings.

I do not know how to you it to describe. I love you? I do not know.... I can not be sure on 100 percents in it.

This inclination is possible? I do not know. But I constantly think of you. Whether to me you very

interestingly think of

me? Allow me

To ask you a question. You think of me? Only tell me fairly. It is very important for me. Your life really

Has changed after our acquaintance? You have to me any feelings? Oh, I today shall seems to not sleep much.

I shall think of you! I now write you the letter and I write it with warm feelings to you. It is a pity, that

in this

letter it is impossible to place my feelings.

I do not want to rush. But I should you tell, that you are very interesting to me also I think of you. Yes! I

think of


It has taken place very quickly. I only not so long ago have written to you and I already have to you feelings.

I do not

want to frighten you my.

Probably for you it is fast slightly, that I to speak you so frankly that I feel to you. I present myself near

to me. I

do not want, that in your life there were other women. I want, that

You thought of me. You think of me? I again ask you this question. Excuse me please. OK?

You write other women except for me? Only please tell me it fairly. I can hope for your love?

I do not write anybody except for you. You understand about it? I now would like to be with you!!!

Probably we would go in restaurant or simply walked. You would like to meet me? You think, that the meeting is


for us

In the person? I very much would want to meet you in the person. So both of us might solve many things for us!

Tell me please, that you to me feel in the following letter. I should you tell, that I feel some kind of love

to you.

Probably is silly to speak, that I love you. We never met in the person, but I have to you feelings and I shall

be fair

with you always.

Please, I do not want, that my words of you frightened. Simply I think, that we might be good family together!

You you

see want

To create family? There may be I yours soulmate? I want to solve it for me.

I absolutely nothing know about how it is possible that we met. I would like to visit You it is fast and to

look as you


You would invite me? We might bett learn each other. If you want, that I arrived to you inform me.

I probably shall find out more how it is possible to visit Your country. There may be you know as it better to


I only know, that it is necessary to receive some documents. It is the visa. Probably also it is necessary to

have the


To me some time very would would be desirable to spend with you together. I think, that I very much miss right

now you.

Today I shall speak with my mum. I shall tell to mum, that I want to go in Your country and to meet you. I am

ready to

change my life to the best.

I want to start to build my happiness. Be possible we can together are very happy. I think, that my family


To me only happiness and they will not be against we met. Well, I shall not hurry event. I shall hope, that you

also have

to me feelings and you

Want to meet me in the person.

We already sent some letters and I did not speak you about it.

Please, excuse me. OK? I shall be glad to know your full name also!

I want to ask you that you answered my questions in this letter. It is very important for me, that you have


these questions.

I seriously examine ours with you relations on the Internet and I really want to have with you a meeting. I

shall find

out about when I can arrive to Your country and as it better to make. It will be probable to demand time but if

we about

shall have desire to meet

I shall do all for our meeting. I promise you.

Well, write to me as it is possible soon. I shall wait your letter. I hope, that my words did not frighten you.


nice Day.

With love, yours Margarita.

wow she loves me lmao after like 7 emails she loves me lol well im pretty much done with her freaking games i recently met a couple of women locally that iam now talking to that i can act go out with . funny thing is one of them is russian well its been real dont have time for this bitches games have fun guys

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Margarita Mihaylova

2008-05-25, 06:49:44
dman from United States  
one more pic before i go lol

2008-05-25, 08:01:32
anonymous from Iraq  
Margarita,she tried to get me but i looked into visas for the U.S. If her or any other girl tells you the need money for a visa to visit the U.S. from Russia don't beleive them the B1 or B2 visa cost nothing to obtain. I guess i'm not trying hard enough, some of you guys have some good pics of her. I'll drag her along and see how far she'll go for money.
2008-05-28, 01:32:15
anonymous from Salt Lake City, United States  
All the comments i'm reading from you guys those are the same letters Margarita wrote to me.She said that she needed $500 to come to this country from her country well she got a big suprise coming to her, because i ignored that little statement.Think again baby she actually told me that she wanted to be the loyal wife to me. Some of guys were lucky enough to get a phone call from her i did'nt get that but i still receive e-mails from her daily.I also got all the pictures
2008-06-01, 00:56:17
anonymous from Salt Lake City, United States  
Hey guys have you heard the new one her moma olga and daddy Dmitriy were killed in czechoslovakia in 1998,only now she was going by the name Victoriya Bugrova. Avoid this one she has 5 different aliases
2008-06-04, 21:14:31 from United States  
This place is great, im glad i googled her e-mail. Ive been e-mailing her for about 3 weeks and just got the I LOVE YOU e-mail and wants to come meet me. She hasnt asked for money yet. I knew something was wrong when she wouldnt respond to my direct questions. So i did some digging in the pics. In one she had a Del Haize grocery store bag in what appears to be in a college dorm room. Del Haize is a mainly US run grocery chain according to the website and a few in Belguim and i think Malaysia. So i hope this helps. Ya know instead of giving her our money we could pool our money together and send a few of us over there and take care of business. Also a question for some of you computer gurus. I googled her IP address that comes with all her pics. It said it came from Sunnydale, CA. Does that meen thats where the main yahoo server or hub is, or could she actually be living there. Look it up What ashame, i really wanted those big beautiful boobs in my face!

2008-06-05, 10:36:09
anonymous from Las Vegas, United States  
Well, I must share the shame that she has cut me off. I told her that I did not want her to travel on her own, since she was not confident and offered to travel myself to Russia to get her. I stated it was the proper thing for a gentleman to do and speak with her parents about having her hand, and other parts of her body. After twice of me stating my travel docs were already in order and it was easier for me to travel there and help her get all her docs, she has not responded. I am crushed. I thought I was going to be the lucky one, hahaha. Oh well.

This is the ending of her last email, hope some of you have gotten further...

Representative Western Union to inform me, that you will need to be sent me 10-place
number. By means of this number there will be an opportunity to receive money only at me. This system safe and to you it is not necessary to have experiences. I shall wait from you this information.

I know, when I think of you, and you think of me, and it has heated up my soul and a body. A smile from my special person - something which can decorate even the most dark day. One thing which I have noticed from reading your letters, is, that you are very strong. It seems that you have captured and have learned from experiences of life, and it is reflected in your letters.

I am now very glad also to me hunting to dream up a little about our attitudes:

Night, the novel, we one in a room, we include music and Dance slowly. I study your eyes, they - is so deep, and you look in mine, they are full emotions. I see your lips, so soft, and I want to kiss them. We love each another, and minute - eternity …

Or so: - … you come back from work. I expect you. I have Preparing very tasty dinner, and we sit at a table, you inform me news, about your work and I only we listen to you. Require what - be still. I only enjoy the moments which I spend with you. Then we go in a drawing room a room, and observe a film. We sit on a sofa, Embrace and kisses. Only quiet evening … I hope, that these dreams very soon become a reality!

Write to me, please, your ideas about it. I expect impatiently your Answer.

Hot kisses for you. Yours Margarita.

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