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Dating scammer svetlana


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Name: svetlana


kutuzovkiy propekt 39-7 post code[zip}121170

Other Comments:
she says her names is svetlana kayumowa? i had a feeling about this because she never answered any of my questions the only time she answered my one question is whe i told her i had no money ?hmmm.the last think i said to her was i hope you are not on the blacklist? never got respond.

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2014-06-05, 05:12:47
Lana Dichenko is the latest name Svitlana Rollins/Dyachenko/Makagon/Chenka etc is using, you are right. Now the Prostitute Whore is going for Miss Hollywood, check facebook Mihm Mag Image on May 30 post, there she is as Ukraine entrant in Miss Hollywood competition in July. Are you serious, she has been married, over 30, No USA Status, one word for her , FRAUD. She does Not qualify !!! But then again, she just forgot to tell them this !!! It worked last September in Miss Newport Competition, so how did she win that one ??? Because she is the world's biggest lier, scammer, Prostitute and Whore. Lock her up, Svitlana just stop your vain pathetic attempts to be someone, you already are a star. Prostitute and Scammer and Whore of the Year.
2014-06-09, 09:33:50
anonymous from United States  
I gave that whore my salami more times than I can count. She is just a stupid slut that trades sex for almost anything. All fake tits and teeth. Dirty and smelly snatch!!! Once I realized who she really is I dumped her slutty ass. I agree with everything I read here!!!
2014-06-10, 21:59:41
anonymous from United States  
New name Lana
Lana is a scam and slut, She is and has been reported to immigration by my lawyer. Now we will see where she ends up now. Good Luck Lana u Lier, cheat and scam. U should not have fucked with me. U r not nice as u make urself and then when caught in ur lie the men r stalkers. Pay back is my middle name and its on.

2014-06-10, 22:03:34
Dallas and Lana,,,This guy is a joke

2014-06-10, 22:13:15   (updated: 2014-06-10, 22:18:12)
lol mr Gabe Pagtama, Lana Mokogon, Svitlana what ever her name is got her hooks in u. She sucks great dick don,t she and now u r on this site.Lana hurts another one. U r good Lana. Being engaged to Dallas and fucking and lying to him must make u feel good. Did he not give u enough money or did he finally realize who u r and cut u off? Do u even know how to tell a truth? Don't forget to respond to this but this goes back 8 yrs. U r sick lady and may all the truth be set free about u.

2014-06-11, 00:16:25



Lana Mokogon, Svitlana Rollins is and amateur painter at best. Its how she diverts money to report to IRS from scaming men..More and more is coming on this lady. We r not nice no more Lana, U scam and hurt people. How's it feel to be caught in ur web of lies. What r u telling Mr Gabe Pagtama. He is not going to like this is my guess. What name will u try to hide behind next.
2014-06-11, 08:41:51
I know this hottie named Svetlana. While staying several nights at a hotel near LAX International Airport a few months ago, I found a classified ad on [Outcalls only-L.A. airport only]. I was pleasantly surprised to have this blonde beauty meet me for a truly remarkable experience. Reminded me of the old Doublemint gum commercial 'Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun!

Except in my case, It was 'Double Your Fee and Double Your Pleasure'! She was quite flexible in her love-making. We made love in 5 missionary positions and then toward the end she pulled her shapely legs up to her chest and I deep-penetrated her. OMG! Within less than 30 seconds the intensity was so great it was all over! She was breathing heavily. And I was puffing and panting for a minute or two. She was no amatuer when it comes to performance that's for sure! It was at night after a few drinks, but I thought she could use a good cleaning. Haaa, maybe this wasn't her first stop that's why she smelled a little funky! Whew... afterwards she smells a little like a wedge of aged goat cheese that had stayed out at room temperature a little too long.

We got dressed, cleaned up the mess and said goodby. I got another room because of the pungent 'goaty' like smell she left behind in the room. All in all, this was one of the more sensual experience I've had with a woman. She looked like the photos plus a little wear and tear after her performance. I'll probably look her up earlier on another trip while she still has a fresh smell.
2014-06-13, 12:31:00
SVITLANA ROLLINS DYACHENKO is biggest whore I know!!!!!! Dallas Rosekelley is her SUCKER and SUGAR DADDY!! LOL))))

2014-06-14, 18:28:34
Lana Dichenko, Do these magazines and contest know who u r. Its a joke that u think u can get away with scamming money and hurting people with ur lies. What name will u use next. How many people will u scam now before they figure u out. I will help them by providing them with details of ur scams.

2014-06-15, 14:09:52
You can write to them here and tell them everything about this scammer Svitlana Rollins Dyachenko:


2014-06-16, 21:43:16
[hidden] from Australia  
I Dallas Rosekelly, of Australia, Advise that I have NO Relationship, Personally or Professionally, with Svitlana Rollins Dyachenko, or any other name she uses as listed by other's in above comments, and that this has been for quite some time now.
Please do NOT associate my name with Svitlana Rollins Dyachenko, in ANY way, shape or form.
For verification purposes only, that I am genuine and who I say I am, my email is;
Please respect my privacy.
Dallas Rosekelly
2014-06-19, 13:03:20
Dallas, You are so full of shit. You have been supporting this whore for many many years and you were just in Hawaii with her, Furthermore Dallas Rosekelley, you set her bull shit art company website and more to help her scam others even more. YOU are just as guilty as she is!!!! You are both SCAMMERS!! You are supporting all her activities and you know that!!!
2014-06-19, 19:20:54
Dallas Rosekelly you've been svetlana's bitch for many years now, putting up with all her shit and directly or indirectly helping her with all her scams, she lies to you every single time she opens her mouth. Is it so difficult for you to find a better match?! You have daughters her age, wake up!
2014-06-19, 21:21:35
DOC from United States  

Prostitution is sometimes also referred to as 'the world's oldest profession'. Estimates place the annual revenue generated by prostitution worldwide to be over $100 billion

Why is this girl posted anyway? Is their evidence of scam? You guys are claiming she is just a whore and you screwed her. Correct? Didn't you get what you payed for?

2014-06-23, 07:01:30
Lana Dichenko aka Svetlana Rollins/Dyachenko etc etc so many names. This dirty Prostitute now keeps going hard with a New Art Web site, and she uses this New Name !!!! Scammer, Prostitute and Fraud is what Lana Dichenko is. She claims to have a PHD , well show it to us, what name is it in ????? She claims to do a lot of 'Volunteering' charity work, are you serious, Svetlana would do Nothing for anyone, I know for a fact she ask's for money to do anything, so this is another lie. Tell me, has anyone here ever seen her do something to help other's, she is too busy getting a photo taken of herself, and telling everyone she is more beautiful than any one else. Lana Dichenko, Svetlana Rollins , Lana Del Svetlana etc etc, you are a dirty Prostitute, Scammer, and Fraud. Go back to Ukraine. Oh you cannot can you Svetlana, as your green card expired, so you need to Marry a USA guy fast, to stay here, don't you !!!!
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