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Name: svetlana


kutuzovkiy propekt 39-7 post code[zip}121170

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she says her names is svetlana kayumowa? i had a feeling about this because she never answered any of my questions the only time she answered my one question is whe i told her i had no money ?hmmm.the last think i said to her was i hope you are not on the blacklist? never got respond.

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2014-06-23, 20:07:30
DOC from United States  
Still no evidence... Just SSDD!
2014-06-24, 16:42:24
anonymous from United States  
DOC I'm new here on this forum, and don't know anybody personally, but I know Svetlana. and 99% whatever is written here is true, I mean there are 13 pages here about her and it goes all the way back to 2005... DOC are you seriously on her side? what are you in love with her or something? or she is fucking you like she did everyone else on this forum and asked you to protect her?

Anyone who just met Svetlana and is doing some research about her and ended up here, here is an advice for you: FUCK HER, HAVE YOUR FUN WITH HER, DONT GET EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED, AND THEN PASS HER TO YOUR FRIENDS SO THEY CAN HAVE SOME FUN TOO, she fucks for living so go ahead and fuck her! Jees its not a rocket science. She is pretty no question about it, but she has 5-7 years left to be able to get away with her current lifestyle, when she is 37 no one will spend the money they are spending on her now, and then you can guess, downward spiral, she will end up on right where she started and will be fucking 15 guys a week to be able to buy food and pay her rent. She has no kids, no family, nobody gives a shit about her, honestly I feel bad for her, i mean it, she has some nice sides too, but it seems its hardwired in her brain to fuck for money, and that every one who has a dick automatically is an ATM in her eyes. She is in her prime now, but every year goes buy its only gonna go down the hill from this point... its like being a pro sportsman, you make good money in your prime, but it does not last for too long, the smart ones know that and are building their lives, while others blow all the fast cash they are making and then turn broke. Ill tell you this, if she doesn't find some rich moran to merry her pronto she is doomed. And be careful anybody who is currently fucking her, she wants to get pregnant, dont forget this is California not Texas, if you get her knocked up.......YOU ARE FUCKED and she wins, you become the slave for the next 18 years. GOOD LUCK,
2014-06-24, 20:03:09
DOC from United States  
You guys are posting the same shit! She's a whore....and so what? I am asking for evidence she is a scammer! There is 9 pages of you guy's saying she's a whore, and not one shred of evidence that she scammed anybody!

BTW: I am happily married and faithful to my wife.
2014-06-25, 10:21:37
Bax! from United States  

This section of DelphiFQ was established as a forum where intelligent scam victims could report
and warn others by showing all documents of substantial proof that the crime has been committed.

All online anti-scam sites do require such proof when posting.
Many are very restrictive and dis-allow posting without it.

Even more so, (yes you may know) DOC manages this site
and could delete all of the slanderous BS postings, if he chose to.

It is important to show the scam info that you have!
This helps others not to become victims because,
we all join into exposing all that can be found.

I think, just to make angry postings...
You will receive much better feedback and enjoy it more at a site such as this one...

Just saying...

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2014-06-25, 16:15:44
anonymous from United States  
What kinda evidence do you need? Whats a point of this site? I found this site when I was doing research about Sveta, to get some idea who is she and what she does, cause her story was not making any sense to me. So here I found this site and learned that there are people just like me who met her and ended up spending tons of money on her because she managed to make them fall in love/get emotionally attached to her... they learned that she lied to them and took advantage of them. Its not one person in not 2, she does is consciously everything is planned all the stories same scenario over and over again, how she needs help, how her parents need help... etc... Same story from many different man for the past 10 years... isn't this give you a reason to believe that it is true? There is a legal document posted on this forum that shows she got divorced in January 2014, or her ex husband managed to get it annulled. She was saying that she is not married way before that and was trying to pretend that she is nice girl from Ukraine looking for a nice man to start a family with. Do you expect for me or someone else to post some forensic evidences, taped conversations or videos here? seriously DOC what kinda evidences are you looking for please tell me? . Its a fact she changed her name 3 times within last 12 months. Are you really the administrator of this forum? Do you know her personally? It you are the admin enlighten me please whats the purpose of this forum? Tell me if I'm wrong but as far as I understood this forum acts like some sort of an 'early warning system'
about people who take advantage of others. I can tell that 99% of the staff here is true.
2014-06-25, 20:43:53
DOC from United States  
This site is to report KNOWN scammers / to warn others of known scammers.

This is what we consider evidence, please post at least one of the following:

- letters used by other scammers, posted either here or on other anti-scam sites
- pictures that are known to be used by scammers
- IP address doesn't correspond location or is a proxy
- money request letter

Gold diggers / Pro daters are a bit more tricky, postings should include detailed experiences
with the girl, where you met, how much money did you lose? Any other documents that
prove she took money from you.

Lana is living in the US...did you report her to the police? Talk to a lawyer. Take her to court.
2014-06-25, 21:18:42
OJAS from United States  
2014-06-26, 04:21:15   (updated: 2014-06-26, 05:02:52)
Svetlana Rollins Dyachenko lana Dichenko etc, etc is a Scammer. I actually paid a PI to follow her, and video and photo her, when I smelled other men on her. She said she wanted family with me, advertises very smart though, using Sugar daddy or Sugar baby or Established men. She now uses another woman's picture, (if you question her about this, , she will then say she is just doing this for her girlfriend in LA, as the girl doesn't know anyone, so she is helping her out) to hide behind, then she turns up at her arranged meeting in a car park, near the guys house, where she pics you up in her car, go back to your house, pay the money, she tells of the hard luck story, boyfriend or fiancée was evil, bad, she Need's 'Security' from a man, to prove he is good, help her and her mother back in Ukraine, and she cons $4-5000 cash from you before you blink. Now here is where it gets interesting, soon she will tell you that you are Not the right guy for her, But, she can arrange a girlfriend, very beautiful etc, better suited to you, that would like to meet and date you, because Svetlana know's how good you would make as a couple. Svetlana cons another $2000 from you for the Introduction, to the girlfriend, but then takes 20% commission from the girlfriend, from the rate she has now negotiated with you, to pay the girlfriend. Svetlana is smart, she cashes in both ends of the deal. She runs 3-4 of these scams at a time, but usually has found a guy who is more permanent, and can think he is going to marry her, while she does this behind his back.
Also, Svetlana has Herpes HSV-1 &2, I found medical reports, so all you guys who used No protection, get tested. Also, I would advise an AIDS test by now. Now, she is also a hard adict of cocaine, speed and E's. Just demand a Hair folical test, you will be shocked. She will Never let you test her, I bet !! Yes, this does answer the depression you hear from her, and why she cannot get out of bed for days, and why she tries to cover it with 'I need to go see my depression Doctor' to try to hide this, and refer to the hard life/stress she had from ex husband and boyfriend !!! Bullshit. I will post photos to show her meeting men, as a Prostitute, and of her advertising material. Just check the spelling of words in capital letters, where she pasted into another letter. Svetlana has 3 homes in Ukraine and her mother has at least 2. All cash goes back there, no taxes paid . Pic wording'Looking for someone to spend quality time with AND CRIETE FAMILY AND FOLIN LOVE' She cannot spell correct, remember.

2014-06-26, 04:44:50   (updated: 2014-06-26, 04:45:53)
These are photos from a PI I paid to follow her.. All this is genuine. Svetlana arrives in her white Mercedes, she conned from another guy, at a park area, then calls the guy to meet her, he turns up, cuddle and kiss, jump in her car, and then to his home, to earn the money $$$$$, This was 100% genuine, as you can see from the photos, she has the Prostitute dress code, and stance etc spot on. This was only one of a number of men the PI followed her, to meet, and prostitute herself for. If she just came out and said, hey, I am a Prostitute, this is what you get, and this is the price, OK, great, No worries. But read my above posting, she comes across as the woman to Marry you, and wants to have a family with you. She likes to make men fall in Love with her, it is a sick power trip, and way to go after the big bucks, $4-5000.00 a hit. She calls it 'Security', Now that is a Scammer. Good luck men, get tested, medically, and don't say you were Not warned. Oh, yes, try getting her HTC main phone off her, she has 3-4 phones, look at the photos, sms messages, that keep coming in all night, but she says 'Its just the Girls' !!!! Try getting your hands on her phone !!!! By being here and reading this, your probably already screwed. I was lucky to get out early, when I smelled all you around her. I have reported her to Immigration.

2014-06-26, 04:47:55
Here he comes, another Fool and his money, ready for Marriage!!!

2014-06-26, 04:49:04   (updated: 2014-06-26, 04:50:19)
Smooth, give him a cuddle, work him, negotiate the deal !!!

2014-06-26, 04:53:05
Drive to his home, now lets get to work, This guy was a Dentist, she likes the money men, and yes, she did then weeks later, introduce him to a Girlfriend, $$$$$$$$$

2014-06-26, 11:43:22
OJAS from United States  
If she violated immigration laws, they are capable of deporting her. If she scammed, LAPD, and other law enforcement agencies in CA are equally capable of prosecuting her, file complaints with EVIDENCE. Read my above link as EVIDENCE to my claim that California prosecutes scammers!

Remember, gold-digging is a gray area with regard to scamming. First, the victim meets the perpetrator; Second, the victim voluntarily parts with their money; Third, in many instances, victim gets something in return, like sex or a kiss or a date, etc., albeit the most expensive of its kind! All this makes prosecution very difficult, any lawyer will tell you that.

On this site, we don't slander people. If they are prostitutes, it's their business! If their rates are high, it's IRS' business, etc.

The question is, did you INVOLUNTARILY pay money, in return for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING? Then, a scam has been committed, (money-type) and take her to court in addition to reporting her to Dating Scam sites.

Be informed there are also victims who didn't lose money, but suffered emotional distress. Provide proof and post them also. For such (psychological-type) scam, no legal recourse exists, no judge wants to hear them!
2014-06-26, 14:58:05
Look the common definition for (scams, scamming, scammed) is simple ! When it concerns romance and a woman under pretense professes love in order to lure you into a web of deceit and deception and then swindles money from you by means of trickery. It's a SCAM ! Pure and simple ! The fact that some of you have allowed yourselves to be duped simply because you were emotionally gullible, does not excuse this little harlot or others from being a scammer. For those of you who have gone to bed with the little hottie, at least you briefly enjoyed the fruits of her labor. So maybe you call her a 'scammer/hooker/gold-digger' ? What's the difference ? Guess it depends upon your prospective... it seems to me the sleaziness has the same definition !
2014-06-26, 16:14:32
Miss Marple from United States  
Gold diggers vs scammers vs pro- daters

A scammer is a person that lures people out of money through deceit .Usually scammers do not use their real ID they are going under fake names and fake photos. Scammers usually operates online and do not meet their victims in real life.

Gold digger is a person that lures people out of money and do not hide their IDs they are real and meet their victims eye to eye .

Pro daters: Special types of scammers that are real but usually do not ask for money online they wait with that until they meet the victims and can continue milking out the victim out of money after woods also. Pro daters has no intention or has no interest to be involved in a relation ship with the men or women they meet .

Everything is a scam of course but for legal purposes/actions the definitions are set to differentiate when determine what kind of scam is in question. Gold diggers are very manipulative and abuses the emotional part in the victims .
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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