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Dating scammer nadiya ninevska


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Name: nadiya ninevska


( Possible ) Saparova street 23 79000 ukriane Lusk't



Other Comments:
#while i write this i am in still in contact with her... i have already sent $300 and am hoping she will be convinced to send it back, )

have lots of other information reagrding in the particlau manner i was fooled into sending money, and and how i was so blinded to NOW obvious mistakes she made.. Some parts quite amusing.

very briefly
met on , she also has exact same profiles on other sites.
from Lutsk
claims to what to marry me and to move to uk.

only when she sent forged ( ie copy and pasted ) documents did i realise then.

Only been a week and i was so smitten i sent her money to buy own phone..

so now below hopefull if i can add more information here , i will keep every one update on if i get my money back,,, ( probley wont, but my plan is to squeze as much personal information out of her.. )


some of her opening letters are:


Thank you for ur message i am very happy to here from you and to no little about ur self well i am Nadiya by name from Ukraine and i am 27 year old I finish my university for now still looking for job hope to get one soon. once again i come from a poor family which i dont have a father i live with my mother in the village i dont have brother and sister i lost my father 5 year ago and for now I living with my mom in the village . However, i dont come to internet cafe all the time i come once i have money to come and i dont come here to play games i come here for Relation ship and i believe this year is going to by my year by the Grace of God amen. once more i dont come here for playing games i come here for really love and marriage and i am ready to live with my husband anywhere in the world he want to live in.

Once more i dont drink or smoke never in my life. i have never been to any serious relation ship be fore because when i was 23 i have a boyfriend and we dated for 2 weeks he was asking me for what i can not give to him so i have to brake up with him. as for my English i am not good at English i speak English little little so i believe u will understand me, about my free time i help mother to sale in the village home make where we sale babe cloth not big just for living and i like cooking , watching movie and reading. i study Economics in school and still looking for job till now. Well its not easy to get a job in my country i finish for 8 mouths and still looking for a job now. Anyway hopes to here from u have a nice day.

Ma Salaam


( below email sent , when we had a fight and she was being realy deffensive about teh phone i brought her )


Thanks for ur mesage i hope everthing is fine with u and ur family .... However, i seee right from the very frist day when u send me $300 dollar to buy a phone when i told u somthing about i will buy a simcard u told me somthing like u dont believe me right... so i dont think u ever believe its going to work our... Also u ask me about the islamic school and i want to get the hand bill for u all u can say to me is i copy it from the site can i ask u somthing? can u tell me what i am looking from u? do u think that ur money can make me and my mom life better or do u think if i come hear to take ur money allah will not ponish my in life hw much is the money that i will be saleling my self and lie becuase of money as i have told u seen u believe i dont have anything to tell u and i will never do anything for u to believe me all i can tell u is come to ukriane inshallah if allah want us to meet inshallah we will and as i will proise to u i will take u to the school and if i dont do this what ever i come to looking for in life may allah dont make me see that let me dont ever get marriage in my life..... this is my word as i ever believe money is everthing and i am looking for ur money anyway have a nice day and i wish u and ur family all the best in life u will get the bst and a good girl in life inshallah anyway have a nice day

ma salaam


have also phone numbers to add etc


( above are all the mobile numbers she has used to call me with , once the relationship is totaly over i will disclose the full numbers )


is this a real ukraninan passport?

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2008-06-06, 10:50:10
anonymous from United Kingdom  
to mr UK , who is backing up Nadiya

there are millions of people who are poor in the world , and WHO DO NOT pray on people.

so if your happy to give your money away over lies, i suggest you join a charity

2008-06-06, 17:58:57   (updated: 2008-06-06, 18:29:26)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Pretty rich coming from someone who appears to have not an ounce of decency and is prepared to destroy the reputation and life of some poor Muslim woman, over a paltry $ 300. Your posting, I regret to have to say, says a lot more about you than this Nadiya Ninevska, which is why I suggested YOU TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

I am an educated professional, too intelligent and sensible to fall for scams - the people I help are genuine and deserving, and I do know who they are.

Anyone who is 'smitten' in a week, sends money to someone who they have not met, let alone knows needs his head examined. And you wonder why someone thinks you are a mug. A case of 'Balls in your Brain'. GET REAL, GROW UP.

I do not condone the actions, but I understand why the girls do it - often just to survive. (I have less sympathy for the translation agencies and American scammers). These girls may well be poor but they are not stupid (or at least have more neurones than some of the men interested in them!), and the irony of it all is that just because you live in the west you think they should fall for you. Who is taking advantage of whom?

So you lost some money, because you were shallow, vain, foolish, gullible and rash. I suspect it will not be the first and last time. Learn from it, try not to be presumptious about someone's intentions, and be less spiteful. Caution is the better part of valour.

And one thing you would do well to remember - Nadiya, whatever her motives, has broken no law in either the Ukraine or the UK. What you have published however is libellous, and you have transgressed UK Law.

Finally, you have no right to condemn someone when your actions and motives themselves are somewhat questionnable.

Dr Conrad

2008-06-06, 20:49:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
to mr usa..

he giving it the big one.,.. ' I never fall for scams , im too good ' lol


2008-06-06, 20:53:31
anonymous from United Kingdom  
too mr USA aks Mr doctor ....:-)

this women is a scam artist, she aint to poor bruk gal.... poor people dont have access to computers or phones, or eductaion

Have you seen the poor world? I bet you have not! hence they way you give it then BIG one!

2008-06-07, 03:22:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Not everyone is quite as stupid and pathetic as you seem to be.

This woman from the Ukraine not only amply demonstrated that she is much smarter than you, but that you are clearly an illiterate idiot as well. I need not say more.

Have a good day

2008-06-07, 03:54:46
anonymous from United Kingdom  
No MR Im A Doc
THis is a reporting site , im sure your Ndiya would be a lot more sucessfull and secure in another proffesion...

p.s you dont know jack about the real poor and the hardships they face in the real world
2008-06-07, 04:45:15
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I agree this is a reporting site and it need not be gainsaid you should act responsibly. It is not meant to air your grievances or your crass stupidity.

Judging by your actions you appear to be a rash presumptive idiot - it is no surprise you were taken for a mug by the Ukrainian woman.

Finally, I think it safe to say I know a thing or two about health and poverty, having worked with the WHO and MSF in a number of developing countries. The sad part of it is that many of the people who live in those countries would make greater use of their talents and abilities if they were in the West, than guys like you, who are just dumb.

Have a good day

2008-06-07, 06:33:04
anonymous from United Kingdom  
regardless of what the so called Dr thinks

new details of thi scammer will be posted as soon as a investigation is apid for and compelted

i will also try and expose more of these scammers..
2008-06-07, 13:21:29
OJAS from United States  
I incur some computer difficulties, typos, word loss may happen, but my intent and content should be generally clear.

There is only one American posting so far on this thread, me, OJAS, an ordinary bloke, no MR, Doc are any other titles needed to address me. I sign my posts, do not hide behind anonymity. I invite questions directly addressed to me. I intend to keep disagreements respectful, and language civil, as long as the same is observed for me.
A brief reproduction of my posts:

2008-06-06, 09:49:54 is a scammer alert in a different thread. He is nOT an American scammer, but one that has forged / hijacked an American IP address. Admin knows about it and I assume has blocked that IP.

Anon 2008-06-06, 09:29:45 (updated: 2008-06-06, 09:31:28) ''your unreasonable expectations'' ... Judgemental - When someone spends his OWN, he expects something in return or his money back. Mind you he did NOT spend your money
''if there are mugs'' ... Calling a victim of a mug? - Hitting a man who is already down does not sound sporting. Does it look to you like ball following a no-ball in a Twenty20, entitling a free hit?
''I can afford to do'' - sure, you can afford the money with a big wallet - Can you afford a bit of compassion for the victim, with a big heart? ... If you have such a thing ...
''and on the whole my judgement is pretty sound'' - Nice to know infallible super-beings inhabit our planet - Apply for an endangered species classification.
''compound your own stupidity by making life difficult for someone'' ... Again, when someone makes a mistake, it does not grant you the right call him stupid. What about the scientists whose mistakes cost the Beagle 2 mission, costing lots more? Are they stupid as well? The bloke who lost his OWN money regards he has already paid the tuition for the next would-be victim, making life EASIER for someone else DESPITE being taken for a ride! And when he looks in the mirror, he can feel proud, that he has done far more with his post, than you with yours.
''I send money to people, even if I am not sure if they are pulling a scam or not - but I can afford to do so, and I do it without expectation'' ... Here is a great opportunity for you to prove your claim to generosity. You can send her money for a computer she ''needs'' without being sure of a scam. How about that? Not everyone is born privileged or had their higher education paid for by taxes to claim ''I can afford to do so''

To Dr. Conrad claiming $300 is paltry - This after tax income is rent for one month or more, for most of 6 billion homosapiens, who have to toil and moil everyday for every farthing!
''I am an educated professional, too intelligent and sensible'' , ''have more neurones'' ... Well, Doc, most humans are born with about 7 billion NEURONS (neuronEs if you prefer). It is NOT how many, rather the usage forming synapses. You seem to mostly use your pre-frontal cortex, ... good for you, it won't hurt to use a bit of amygdala, and commiserate with a victim!

You seem a charitable Doc, and as you know, charity beigins at home! How about helping those who are already in UK? In Brixton, North Peckham, Birmingham, Bedford, you don't need to go as far as Ukraine to find needy folks. There are may first and second generation Britons needing your support, and one day you want to hear proudly say ... $300, I can afford it TOO ... Thanks to Dr. Conrad!

2008-06-03, 20:23:31 says ''UK, Sorry you got scammed'' I stand by my statement of support for the victim, regardless of mistakes he might have made.

Anon 2008-06-06, 20:49:07 Your statement is not clear. Are you ascribing a statement, ' I never fall for scams , im too good ' to me? If so, can you reproduce the quote? How does an expression of sympathy for a victim translate into a statement about myself?

To the guy who got scammed - Another Ukrainin scammer, facing prosecution, cannot leave the country. There ARE laws in Ukraine against scamming foreigners.

2008-06-07, 17:49:50
anonymous from United Kingdom  
FTAO OJAS from United States


i whated to make a day by day log of Nadiyas expolits , but with in 48 hours one of her victims found these posts and told her,,,

never mind

yes i knew there was a big risk when i sent her money within 48 hours ( i would have dont it in 24 hours but it was the weekend )

i told her and my self that this was risk , i might not even like her.. the money was sent regardless as she said she was so poor she could not even buy a phone ( yes i was blind aseven the poor people have mobiles these days )

Now at the end of the day the so called Dr Conrad from the UK thinks that she has some right of doing this.

well Dr you got her number give her a call and send her some dosh///
2008-06-07, 22:12:30
OJAS from United States  
Anon UK 2008-06-07, 17:49:50, Nadiya's Victim, (NV)
Permit me the abbreviate NV to address you, till you choose a signature.

As an ordinary bloke, my stance is manifestly clear in stark contrast to the erudite doc

1) We don't slag a victim who is already wounded. In fact most posts are from those who have suffered at the hands of scammers, they want to save a hard earned quid for the next bloke. They contribute, not BECAUSE of being taken, but DESPITE being taken. Thank you all, and DO NOT feel intimidated to present facts.

2) Poverty cannot be used in defence of larceny under the Ukrainian jurisprudence. We have posts by Ukrainian victims of Ukrainian scammers, and such are not at all considered libelous.

3) The doc is right about translation scammers. He however invents American scammers in the same breath, as though such a CLASS exists. Out of over 2500 scammer threads only a handful of scammers living in America can be found. There are by the way proxies traced, phones traced to neighbourhood of Heathrow. Were they transiting? At any rate, they were not called British scammers, just because they stole UK IP.

4) I did not want make this too lengthy, however, will be happy to provide links to support my statements

5) Finally, most posters sympathize with victim, and do not justify a scammer's act and blame the victim instead. In other words, they are not sadistically inclined.

Thanks for reading this post, and have a nice day!
2008-06-08, 03:04:06
anonymous from United Kingdom  
im th guy who posted the orginal thread,, ( please call me S.R)


do you think i need to persue this futher?
i wish to find out the real infromation of this con women , or conman .

would it be wise to do a investigation into her?


2008-06-08, 06:05:11   (updated: 2008-06-08, 06:06:53)
OJAS from United States  
The girl's pictures could have been stolen. As a victim herself, in that case, she will post a rebuttal. http://www.delphifa..p=3#64966

Then the guy who sent the pictures started the scam, even though ''she'' is only a reference as the picture.

The other possibility is the girl participating, usually leading up to a gold digger scam. This besides translation scam is another category practised by Ukraining (scammer) girls, with NO intention of leaving their country.

An example of the latter is Craig pursuing his scammer http://www.delphifa..209.shtml
He, is seeking justice, not vengeance, like you knows there is little chance of recovering the lost money. His purpose is to spare the next would-be victim, by exposing all facts. The Ukrainian legal sources have been working with him, and will be updating for us at his discretion.

They need to be exposed regardless of who is running the scam. Post the full header of her e-mails, one for each different from the rest. Also IP trace for each. Details are in the e-mail section of http://www.delphifa..#comments

Also, post the Money letters, a copy / paste of her dating profile(s), picture(s) from dating site(s)

These help googlers, since scammers mass mail their victims, but sincere girls write individualized to a handful of prospects, taking time to answer all pesronal questions.

There is over a million East Europeans immigrants in the UK, it is fairly easy to obtain information on Ukrainians.

Please be philosophical about your loss, as I am afraid there is little likelyhood of seeing your $300. But on principle, you will feel happy for having saved a hard-earned quid for the next bloke, and your loss was therefore not in vain down the drain.

2008-06-08, 09:20:02
OJAS from United States  
So many anonymi UK on thread makes it hard to tell if someone is a newbie, no offence meant by these links for interested newbies

2008-06-09, 03:02:39   (updated: 2008-06-09, 03:09:40)
DOC from United Kingdom  
I seem to have stirred up a hornets nest here, quite unintentionally.

Just a couple of points I wish to make as I have mre useful things to do.

1. The tenet that a person is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. There is no evidence to suggest that this woman Nadiya is indeed a 'scammer', She has not hitherto featured in any of the well known published lists of scammers.

That was the purpose of my first response - it did not seem just or fair to accuse someone, who may well be perfectly innocent, of a crime on the basis of an unproven allegation. We do not know if the published pictures are actually of Nadiya Ninevska.

SR sent $ 300 to a woman called Nadiya, and apparently was prepared to send another $ 2000. SR, with due respect, was a victim of his own vanity and stupidity. He then seeks to exact revenge by publishing information about this woman, and in the process alleges she is a scammer and a hooker. The only letters published are the ones from her. We do not know if these are factual or not. We just have one side of the story - his.

The guy from Pakistan claims he was about to send $ 200. One swallow does not make a summer, but it now seems that we have two guys foolish enough to send money to someone they do not know. let alone have met. Case still not proven.

By all means if you have made a mistake, and wish to help the next person there are ways to do so (as Craig has done). SR's motives in making the allegations about this woman called Nadiya being a scammer and a prostitute, without substantive evidence, remain questionnable. The fact that she is a Muslim (and presumably SR is one too) who are a persecuted community in the Ukraine makes it worse.

2. The approach and comments posted by guys like OJAS, EDDY, PETE, CRAIG etc appear sensible as the e-mail adresses and ID of the scammers have been checked, and the allegations about the scammer stand up to scrutiny. No problems with that, as I suspect it helps others who are a bit naive about fraud / imposters on the internet.

3. It is all very well to say if the person is innocent they can post a rebuttal - there is an assumption they would know their pictures were published and as you know, many are just faked pictures or stolen ones of innocent people. I only happened to find this site as I was searching for a paper published by a Russian researcher, coincidentally called Nadya Nineveska (she is a real person though - not SR's acquaintance!)

Finally, I was not trying to hold myself out to be a paragon of virtue, just that I have not had the experience of being 'scammed', as I guess I do not send money or write to people I do not know, or respond to unsolicited e-mails. It seems to me a pretty foolish thing to do anyway. I have sent money to people in Eastern Europe, mostly orphanages, but as with most charities, you rely on those administering them to ensure the money gets to those who need it. I do not lose sleep over it.

OJAS, apologies for the use of the connotation 'American' scammers - what I meant was a reference to the marriage and dating agencies, which are predominantly US based companies, which are either engaged in large scale fraud or if legitimate concerns, do not verify User IDs, which is fundamentally why people are open to being defrauded.

It is a moot point - who is exploiting whom? And an interesting observation - you do not find women posting comments about men on these sites do you?

And as far as your unwarranted comment about charity begins at home, I do work, literally saving lives, in the less than salubrious part of London you refer to, but I am quite aware it does not make me a better person than next man.

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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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