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Dating scammer nadiya ninevska


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Name: nadiya ninevska


( Possible ) Saparova street 23 79000 ukriane Lusk't



Other Comments:
#while i write this i am in still in contact with her... i have already sent $300 and am hoping she will be convinced to send it back, )

have lots of other information reagrding in the particlau manner i was fooled into sending money, and and how i was so blinded to NOW obvious mistakes she made.. Some parts quite amusing.

very briefly
met on , she also has exact same profiles on other sites.
from Lutsk
claims to what to marry me and to move to uk.

only when she sent forged ( ie copy and pasted ) documents did i realise then.

Only been a week and i was so smitten i sent her money to buy own phone..

so now below hopefull if i can add more information here , i will keep every one update on if i get my money back,,, ( probley wont, but my plan is to squeze as much personal information out of her.. )


some of her opening letters are:


Thank you for ur message i am very happy to here from you and to no little about ur self well i am Nadiya by name from Ukraine and i am 27 year old I finish my university for now still looking for job hope to get one soon. once again i come from a poor family which i dont have a father i live with my mother in the village i dont have brother and sister i lost my father 5 year ago and for now I living with my mom in the village . However, i dont come to internet cafe all the time i come once i have money to come and i dont come here to play games i come here for Relation ship and i believe this year is going to by my year by the Grace of God amen. once more i dont come here for playing games i come here for really love and marriage and i am ready to live with my husband anywhere in the world he want to live in.

Once more i dont drink or smoke never in my life. i have never been to any serious relation ship be fore because when i was 23 i have a boyfriend and we dated for 2 weeks he was asking me for what i can not give to him so i have to brake up with him. as for my English i am not good at English i speak English little little so i believe u will understand me, about my free time i help mother to sale in the village home make where we sale babe cloth not big just for living and i like cooking , watching movie and reading. i study Economics in school and still looking for job till now. Well its not easy to get a job in my country i finish for 8 mouths and still looking for a job now. Anyway hopes to here from u have a nice day.

Ma Salaam


( below email sent , when we had a fight and she was being realy deffensive about teh phone i brought her )


Thanks for ur mesage i hope everthing is fine with u and ur family .... However, i seee right from the very frist day when u send me $300 dollar to buy a phone when i told u somthing about i will buy a simcard u told me somthing like u dont believe me right... so i dont think u ever believe its going to work our... Also u ask me about the islamic school and i want to get the hand bill for u all u can say to me is i copy it from the site can i ask u somthing? can u tell me what i am looking from u? do u think that ur money can make me and my mom life better or do u think if i come hear to take ur money allah will not ponish my in life hw much is the money that i will be saleling my self and lie becuase of money as i have told u seen u believe i dont have anything to tell u and i will never do anything for u to believe me all i can tell u is come to ukriane inshallah if allah want us to meet inshallah we will and as i will proise to u i will take u to the school and if i dont do this what ever i come to looking for in life may allah dont make me see that let me dont ever get marriage in my life..... this is my word as i ever believe money is everthing and i am looking for ur money anyway have a nice day and i wish u and ur family all the best in life u will get the bst and a good girl in life inshallah anyway have a nice day

ma salaam


have also phone numbers to add etc


( above are all the mobile numbers she has used to call me with , once the relationship is totaly over i will disclose the full numbers )


is this a real ukraninan passport?

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2008-06-09, 05:28:24
anonymous from United Kingdom  
to the doc.

by sr

yes Nadiya is a liar, sshe used lies , false documents and then threats to aquire money..

i will post pictures of documents she forged to try and quire money from me.

ANd yes she has used threats, a little brook arse hooker was trying to threaten me , hence the ongoing investigation into her whole private life!!

Doc , i dont need a hooby in talking with you , so why dont you do one!

if you are so worried about nadiya innocent why dont you call her or send some money over, instead of trying to justify your stupid posts!
2008-06-09, 09:05:36   (updated: 2008-06-09, 09:14:19)
Peter from Germany  
doc; 'respond to unsolicited e-mails'

That's a false premise. I am not recalling anybody here who falled for an unsolicited application. Most of us falled for someone who responded on our profile that we posted on some dating-site with the wish to find a new partner.
We already invested hope by doing so and then got the mails we were waiting for.

'you do not find women posting comments about men on these sites do you?'

??? Delphi is full of female victims. As far as I can see there is no difference between genders in the dating world.
52033 hits only on this thread.

2008-06-09, 09:42:27
DOC from United Kingdom  
To Peter from Germany,

I am not familiar with dating sites but I do see what you mean. You are right, I am wrong. Apologies.

2008-06-09, 09:47:31
Peter from Germany  
Oh - thx! No problem.
2008-06-09, 11:08:36   (updated: 2008-06-09, 11:37:08)
OJAS from United States  

1) Presumed Innocence - The girl who collected the money (not necessarily the one in the picture) IS a scammer. If you download Nadiya's picture, and run a picture search, it will return with a hit and a disclaimer 'This does not prove the girl in this picture is a scammer', reinforcing that proof is required.

I call the person who sent the pictures with deceit in mind, a scammer. May not even be a girl in the first place, as in my opening statement http://www.delphifa..#comments

There I had taken into account, your valid quantification statement ''One swallow does not make a summer'', since there ARE proven cases of girl scammers

2) I do not know SR, and most other victims. If they make mistakes with their OWN money, they have the right to do so. If they own up in public, they are BRAVE, in response should never be slagged in public while hiding behind anonymity. The victims deserve compassion, not an insult to their intelligence. I am not sure who slagged them, but some anonymi did!

3) Lonely people often let their hearts overrule their minds - Has NOTHING to do with vanity or studity. One swallow does not make a summer. One mistake does not prove a person's vanity or stupidity. My understanding is that SR is in the investigative stage, trying to identify the scammer, obtain as much information as he can. At that point he may seek justice. I am in NO POSITION to predict whether he will exact revenge, as some victims do take the law into their own hands, which most of us strongly disapprove http://www.delphifa..?p=5#71185
If SR is most interested in recovering his money, within Ukrainian laws I won't call his motives vengeful.

4) Someone in Ukraine has been notified (by a Pakistani?) that someone has been scammed. If it was the girl in the picture who received the notice, she has been given the opportunity to respond, to state her side. Sending a passport scan and asking for money money from strangers is not within the pride or upbringing of Slavic girls. If SR meant to use some adjectives for the GIRL who collected HIS money, it only means the money-collector cannot be a respectable girl (money-collector may not even be the girl in the picture, but some picture identification is needed at Western Union offices to receive money)

5) Scammers are well known for picture theft, identification theft, etc. As for stolen names, examples abound on celebrities, artistes, past Russian nobilities, politicians, Chess champion, etc.

6) Your unfortunate usage of ''American Scammers'' is now understood, I understand you meant the laxity of regulations, ease of American Registration for ghost agencies and the like. To be fair, I have myself posted isolated instances of American scammers, and my compatriots understood that one swallow does not ... , never protested that I was vilifying some poor Americans, who may be in need of cash etc.

7) ''you do not find women posting comments about men on these sites do you?'' - Yes I do http://www.delphifa..p=1#77165
On this page, scammer names showing men, are mostly posted by women http://www.delphifa..scams.htm

My answer to you is existential, not quantificational, (I agree on One swallow ...)

I do wish more women victims post, supporting my statement (most scammers being MEN) a fortiori

My comment about charity begins at home - unwarranted?, yes under other circumstances, but in this context ONLY is a reaction to hurting a wounded victim already in some pain. A DOC who chooses to slag a wounded victim, once in a while could use a taste of his own medicine. My strong dissent was that each victim deserves compassion, regardless of who made the mistake. I should like to think your assault on a victim's intelligence is a one-off aberration, (One swallow ...)

I appreciate your contributions to underprivileged folks, most of whom however would reject an adjective ''paltry'' for$ 300


There are (to my knowledge) only a few confirmed girl scammers on this site. It hurts to call a girl a scammer, but when we do so, we post incontrovertible evidence. A female collecting the money (they need some possibly forged documents) may not be the girl in the photo. Neither may be a voice at the other end of a (purely voice) phone. A scumbag was exploiting his OWN 12 year old daughter to supply a female voice, but the experienced scam-baiter recognised it. As was the case of an 80 year old pensioner woman supplying female voice. Whoever is using that name, picture, counterfeit documents to collect money IS the scammer.

I understand the initial (often wrong) reaction on the part of a victim in associating the photo with the scammer. Unfortunately that is all the victim has, and uses ''she'' as a reference to the scammer. As for the person who collected your money, (not necessarily the same in your photo) I have no problems whatever adjectives you use. They don't deserve gentle words anyway. Even after being notified, I do not see his / her disclaimer or remorse. All I see is threat. Here again you will see when some scammers threaten the wrong victims, unfortunately some victims take the law into their own hands. I hope you read the 2 complete threads to see what I mean.

Your scammer (whoever collected at Western Union) seems to point to a gold digger type

Let me reiterate, as an ordinary bloke, I will provide supporting evidence to all my statements, feel free to challenge them and demand evidence. When I am wrong, I will not hesitate to throw my hands, and OWN up. And when I own up to my mistake(s) the last thing you will see is a delphian questioning my intelligence.

Please let me know how I can help track and identify your scammer.

2008-06-09, 14:06:10
OJAS from United States  
See if your girl is here (possibly with different name) http://www.scammerl..st_2.html
Please read all the pages (only a few) in the 2 delphi links in my previous post
On Heinrich's (the third link) navigate all the links on the left buttons
These will give an insight into some Ukrainian modus operendi

If your girl was simultaneously in love with you, and a Pakistani, my preliminary instinct points to gold digger genre. Heinrich started I think with mobile phone, then camera (in your case a computer? is too rapid a jump, I think you have a newbie scammer trying out baby steps with some girl, who may not even know what a photographer paid her for, etc.)

Your scammer already knows (s)he has been uncovered. Typical scammer responses include but not limited to, threats (as in your and some more cases), denials (Irina Z, I can post link if sought), blame it on the victim (Flegentova ''You ruined my future'', again I will post link upon request) Insult the victim (Osinniki, Anna Petrovna Sotova, again link upon request)
2008-06-09, 15:59:04   (updated: 2008-06-09, 16:05:38)
OJAS from United States  

1) A victim may initiate the contact with the perpetrator
2) A victim may make the first mistake, it is NOT for me to be decide
3) A victim may pay a price, varying in levels of severity

Regardless of all the above circumstances, I hold that a victim's intelligence should NOT be insulted. Compassion should be the immediate response ! !
2008-06-10, 04:38:55   (updated: 2008-06-10, 04:40:46)
DOC from United Kingdom  

I am not sure if the posting of the link to Harold Shipman is just gratuitous or a reference to victims, but either way it is on poor taste.

Granted SR may be a victim, but we do NOT KNOW that. Hypothetically, his 'lady' friend may have just accepted his offer, decided she did not like him (he does have a bit of an attitude problem and is somewhat prone to making rash decisions - no doubt I will get a response to that too) and the posting may well be the response of a jilted lover or a bruised ego. On the other hand of course, he may well have been taken for a ride, but I am not sure if sympathy is entirely as beneficial as giving sound, if occassionally, harsh advice.

The bottom line is we are responsible for our own actions, even though it may seem easier to blame someone else for the predicament we find ourselves in.

That does not mean to say that people who have made mistakes should not help others and it is laudable that those who contribute to this site along with many of the scammers lists do so, as I suspect it serves a useful purpose, albeit after the event.

I remain unconvinced, on the evidence provided, it applies in this case. There is a danger that in supporting the 'victim' solely on the basis of an unproven allegation that we may be complicit in an unjust case of harassment and cause further undue distress to an innocent person, who may well have decided that this guy was not quite what she thought he was too. Certainly the reaction seems a bit like taking a hammer to crack a nut and entirely disproportionate to what remains an alleged offence.

On an aside, my view is that internet agencies should be regulated, and held accountable for crimes / frauds perpetrated as a consequence of their lax controls, as just the sheer numbers of scammers indicates the size of the problem, and the degree to which people are easily duped, despite all the warnings and reminders of using common sense.
2008-06-10, 08:22:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  

post by SR

to all expect the silly so called DOC ( who still is in fairy land )

i was going to pay a agency in Ukraine to to a investigation in to her, but after OJAS advise i pulled back,

OJ is right the person / persons behind the scams could have been any one

but on the bright side i am now dedicating my spare time in catching these sly women

keep a eye on new Russian women being exposed by SR

two down , got no idea how many more i will find

p,s i have proved with facts and people who are on the other side of teh world have also collaborated the story that this 'nadiya ' was a scammer

it dont mean she wont do it again

it just means she will have to get a new emails address, phone etc etc and try and pull the wool over some ones else’s eyes,

when i sent the money i knew there may be a risk, but i ahd no idea that this PROBLEM was so wide spread

she lied sent forged documents etc etc

shes a thief and a con artists and your a Muppet for thinking any thing else


p.s thats means no more extar info on nadiya but more to come

2008-06-10, 09:29:40
OJAS from United States  

On the Shipman Link:
I try to elicit compassion as the initial response to any victim regardless of how it happened. It is an utterly distasteful link, to drastically drive home my plea ''Let's not question a victim's intelligence''

With time, and (a partial) healing, a victim himself can choose to open up, can afford to absorb some painful realities his mistakes. His closer friends, as concerned folks may already be privately putting him through some rigours.

In the SR case, if his money-collector decided she likes a different guy more, fine; She can decide to return (most of) his money, as the next natural thing to do (her better prospect picking up the tab). As long as that does not happen, she had nothing but deceit in the first place in visiting Western Union (They need a girl for collection, my gender reference is intentional)

I reserve a harsh approach for would-be victims wanting to visit Western Union before doing their homework, and have successfully stopped a few on their tracks. After some more well-meant roughing up, they are only happy to have spent a couple of hours in delphi, rather than $800 in Western Union.

However with a wounded victim, compassion rather than harsh exchange (however logical), seems natural first response. Who wants to hurt a man who is down?

''we are responsible for our own actions'' ... agreed, but to what degree? Do we not habitually assume that others are are also like us, they don't have deception in mind, they too are innocent and trustworthy as we ourselves are? Further criminals justify their actions on the existence of victims. A chicken and egg argument does not fly, because one party (the criminal) already had deception in mind, even before meeting a prospective victim.

It is again painful, but I have to air my feeling ... Shipman's patients WERE responsible, cannot be held for meeting him. By invoking this painful example, I am only tying responsibility with controllability. When dealing with an unknown individual it matters how much control of events you keep, how much you cede.

Internet agencies are well regulated only in some countries. E.g. China, Saudi Arabia. However the idea in UK of automated speeding ticket issuance using CC cameras is repeatedly flashed in my country as the next big brother. A reasonable level Internet regulation seems unlikely, (at least in my country) in our lifetime.
2008-06-10, 09:35:50
Peter from Germany  
there is no doubt this is a scam attempt, just an ordinary unspectacular one. 'nadin_luv', pic of a pretty next-door girl and first letter are evidence enough.

No real woman would call herself nadin_luv, no pretty girl needs internet-dating and the letter is just a give-away. 27, no kids, dissappointing relation in the past, father dead, no money, bad conditions for jobs. That's what they all use. That's what they all want us to believe. In the second mail follows that in Russia a big age-difference is normal and that older men are better lovers. And if you are still convinced that the girl is to young and to pretty for you they send you another five proposals, each telling the same bullshit about useless and drunken russian men and their own miserable situation.

Good hunting
2008-06-10, 09:50:23
Peter from Germany  
they do NOT need a girl for picking up the harvest - they need a female person with the right name!
Here she is:
2008-06-10, 10:03:12   (updated: 2008-06-10, 10:36:43)
OJAS from United States  
I am planning to make a future post on this subject in the primer thread, but for now ...

On DOC warning against too much generalisations ,this one is about Ukrainians.

Less than one in a thousand Ukarains scam on the internet. They rest are good people, and unfortunately bad apples exist with multiple profiles on several dating sites. An isolated bad experience is NOT going to deter my friend Craig from seeking genuine Ukrainian partner. He already knows a lot about their country.

Some tips might help

1) Ukrainians DO NOT require a visa for Turkey. Upon arrival, they immediately get a tourist visa for a month.

2) If you setup an initial meeting for a prospective partner, using a credit card, buy her an e-ticket to Turkey, but DO NOT send money for plane fare. A scammer cannot exchange that ticket for money.

3) With your real prospect, take pictures outside her and your embassies, for use when you sponsor her. A neutral country also reduces the amount in the event of gold digging, due to customs restriction.

So, DO NOT discount Ukrainians, they are goodpeople
____________________________________________________ __
Substituting for Ukraine, with Russia, Belarus, some more FSU countries, my above post is still valid.

Substituting for Turkey with Malaysia, Tunisia, my above post is still valid

Peter, thanks for your updates for me and SR. I thought WU would demand picture identification, so some girl with a (possibly photoshopped) document is necessary to collect the loot!!
2008-06-10, 10:35:03
Peter from Germany  
In no case WU wants, makes or sends photos. Name, amount and MTCN must fit, if you apply additional data as city russian WU checks this too (in my case). I guess they need a real, valid passport for WU.
That's why it is always a good idea to expose them here with cyrillic letters so that these name-givers are blamed in their own country.
2008-06-10, 10:47:53
OJAS from United States  
Right again, Peter,

I mistakenly thought that the passport they send you is exactly the one they use for collecting the booty! I can now have a good laugh at myself!! All you need is a pensioner on a wheel chair with photoshopped document to match a female name.

That reminds me of a discussion I had with Heinrich how his scammer SvEtlana collected money with passport saying SvItlana, the latter one Ukrainized spelling of the former. He said banks in Ukraine are lax, sometimes even irresponsible, letting these guys away
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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