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Dating scammer Irina Shunkina


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Name: Irina Shunkina


Address: Pravdi str, 10
City: Kirovsk
Country: Ukraine
Zip Code: 93800

Other Comments:
Classical translation scammer. After 4 Emails the one from translation agency.

Letter 1
Sent: Tuesday, 13 May 2008 5:18 PM
Subject: from Irina

Attachments: reality.jpg

Salute, dear Rudi!

Don't you think that we can consider it like the beginning of something serious and may be the most important in our lives?! :) Just we both are in search and we both are searching for happiness, understanding, respect and being loved... Right? I want to introduce myself - I am a loving woman. I am a woman whose heart is full of love and passion and I am ready to share it with my only one beloved man! I want to start from telling you that I am one man woman!!! And what about you? So, so my name is Irina! Hope that you like it. As I understand it will not be difficult to pronounce my name. Just it is simple one - Irina!!!
Hope that it sounds pleasant for you. :)) Just try to pronounce it right now! .. I do hope that it is the first time but not the last one and we will pronounce each other's names lot of millions of times in future. I do hope that after knowing each other we will discover that we can be together and we can be for each other... I still dream about my man and I still hope for happiness together with him!!! I still imagine me being in my man's hugs, being kissed and passionately kissing, touching, feelings and ... loving each other. I think that there is nothing wrong if I still believe in such devoted love - love for the whole life! Are you the man who believe in such love? Are you the man who can be strong and weak the same time? Are your the man who want to please your woman and to be pleased and desired by her? Now I cross my fingers and hope for your answer, for your only one answer - 'Yes!'. If it is so, just start your answer to me from these words. I will wait for your thoughts at this e-mail address as:

I close my letter with a kiss,
with great hope and fluttering heart,

Letter 2
Sent: Wednesday, 14 May 2008 6:34 PM
To: my Hotmail
Subject: from Irina

Attachments: sadness.jpg

Salute, my long-awaited Rudi!

Can I tell you that time from my previous letter to you till your answer seemed to be an eternity?! Yes, I really waited for the letter from you, I really hoped to have your answer and to have your thoughts about everything that I wrote to you before. Thanks for the photos that you sent me and I want you to know that I like them all. I smiled a lot when I saw that there was my name written a lot of time in Russian. It was really pleasant. You say that you learnt Russian at school but for this time you forget almost everything. I think that may be I will be able to refresh your memory! :)) I read that your full name is Ruediger and I was really confused because I tried to pronounce it and it was impossible for me, rather difficult, but Rudi is ok and now I understand why all your friends call you like Rudi!!! :) You say that for this time you wear a beard, I looked at your photo and I tried to imagine you with it. Hope that you have a phone of yourself like you are now as my imagination did not help me to imagine you with beard! :) I like what you wrote about your hobbies, as I understand you like to cook in European style, frankly speaking I have never tasted German or Italian or French cuisine, hope that one day it will be possible for me to taste your masterpieces, as for me I cook Ukrainian dishes perfectly and may be I will also be able to cook something special for you.
By the way what was the reason that you learnt Russian in your childhood? You are lucky that you have your pets, as for me I love them a lot and I would like to have them as well, but unfortunately I have no any chance for it right now because I rent my flat and my landlord does not allow me to have any pets even a parrot! I do hope that we start the new page of our lives.
Maybe together, maybe not, but we should check it and to know each other better. We should try it as we have already stepped to the path of knowing each other and discovering each other. I am sure that you are interested to know who is Irina, what kind of person she is and what she thinks and feels... Right? I am passionate woman and may be you have already noticed it from my letters. I am easy going person and it is the reason that I feel comfortable now when I open myself for you... I am 27 years old and I will have my birthday on August. I am Lion as for to Zodiac sign. May be now you know why I have such passion as all Lions are fighters for their love!! And it is the same for me. I was born in August, 18. My mother told me that it was wonderful day and the sun was shining brightly all day long when little Irina was born! :)) Of course my mother hoped me to have such bright and sunny life all my life long. I was loved child in my family, unfortunately after my birth my mother was not able to have more children because of some complications that she had. So I was risen like a real Princess! :) I had love of my parents... Now my parents live far from me but we still try to be in touch when it is possible and that love that we had still exists between us. I would like my family to be as loving and understanding as my parents have. I think that it is very important for woman to support her man. I think that it is very important to stand by your man. So I am sure that I will act such way. And what about you? What about your family and your parents? What about your birthday? Were you risen in loving family? I think that I would like to know as more about you as possible. But in order not to bore your to die with my long letter I think that it is better to stop right now and to wait a little for your answer. I do hope that I will wait a little. :)

I close my letter with a kiss,
with great hope and fluttering heart,

Letter 3
Sent: Thursday, 15 May 2008 4:01 PM
To: my Hotmail
Subject: from Irina

Attachments: red.jpg

Salute, my Rudi!

Oh, how positive it is for me to have your news, to have your words, to have your thoughts and to know that you are ok there.
Sometimes when you feel that some kind of closeness becomes to appear between you and your may be soulmate there is such great wish to save it, not to lose it, to treasure it and to multiply this feeling and to have something special and unforgettable. I know that I am very big romantic, but I think that it is not bad for woman to have romantic soul! :) Thanks for the photos that you sent me, I like them for sure. your beard is nice! :) You asked me why I titled my picture as 'sadness', just when I went to the photo salon to have this photo taken I was a little bit upset by some circumstances in my life and in spite of all the attempts of the photographer to make my mood better and to make me smile I was not able to do it as I hate to wear any masks - I am who I am. So this photo was taken and it calls like sadness!
Also you made me smile when you told me that even there in Australia you have some problems with your Hlzer! :) I am sure that it is truth! Thanks that you explained me everything about your Russian, you say that you still can read, but what about writing? Also I read attentively about the place where you live, you say that you live in a big old house and it is too big for you one. But I am sure that you are not alone as you have your pets together with you, and somehow I am sure that they could be the best friends as there are no more devoted creatures in the world. I was really amazed when you told me that you had fireplace there in your house. It was one of my romantic dreams to spend some time in the evening together with my beloved near the fireplace with a glass of wine!!! And to watch fire together, I would like to listen to it as I know that it makes some sounds and they are special!!! Thanks that you sent me that article about Leo and Aquarius. I think that we can be rather passionate couple and those words that Leo takes marriage as union, stable union are true! Just I want you to know that I read attentively
everything about your job and your Vintrack project, but
unfortunately being far from it I understood nothing. I am sorry.
I think that may be later I will understand more as I understand almost nothing in programs. Just being in touch with you for some time and having that closeness that I told you about at the beginning of my letter there are a lot of things for us to discuss I think. Also I think that when you started writing to me you realized that I speak Russian and you know that I am from Slavonic country. So how is your level of Russian? Just let me know. As for me I understand that for this time we use English for staying in touch with each other and I feel a little bit guilty that in spite of your ability to speak English I have no any skills in it. I do not speak this language at all as I learnt it at school only. And for me it is not enough to write you even the message from two sentences! Just it happened that I did not find my love here in Ukraine and I think that it is the same about you and you did not find love there in your country. So I started my search for my man via the net and I clashed with such problem as language difference. I understand that may be for you it is a little bit upsetting factor. But being a real man you should not give up with us. I did not give up and I try to find English classes for myself here and to try to learn this language as I would like to speak one language with you. But till the time when I am able to do it I have to use help of people who know English professionally because at this stage of relations I do not wish to have any misunderstandings between us. I know that feelings can erase all the boundaries like language and distance and moreover we live the same planet and I think that it is not bad as well! :)) So as you understand I use the help of the professional translators. Here it is a good service and I like it. Hope that you also will like it. As they help us to stay in touch and to be together. I will wait for the thoughts from you.
I know that you have enough information to think about. I am ready to discuss everything you wish and I am sure that we will find the answer to all the questions as when we are together we are stronger!!!

I close my letter with a kiss,
with great hope and fluttering heart,

Letter 4
Sent: Friday, 23 May 2008 2:01 AM
To: my Hotmail
Subject: from Irina

Attachments: lastsummer.jpg

Salute, my Rudi!

I think that it is so amazing that we are together. I think that you also miss me a little like I miss you while I do not have your words and your thoughts. It seems to me that I began to miss you and don't you think that it is a good sign?! I understand that you have some reasons for this delay, you should know that it is pleasant for me that you did not forget about me, I understand that you are a workaholic and I understand that you always need to do something. As I understand the picture that you sent me was the picture of that fireplace that you tried to finish. So I think that it is very beautiful fireplace and who knows may be one day it will be possible for me to see it with my own eyes! I am glad to know that you have no any problems with Russian, I understand that you can write and read Russian, but anyway I would like to ask you to write me the letter in Russian for the next time as I would like to see if it is possible for me to understand the level of Russian that you have, also I want you to know that it is important for me to be sure that we will not have any misunderstandings between us especially at this stage of our relations. I think that you understand that we need not to have any misunderstandings. I would like you to know that it is important for me to be with you and to know everything. I think that I had rather difficult days at my work. I am a little bit tired and exhausted. But your letters help me to recover and to forget about all the problems that I have in my life. I do not wish to bore you with my problems, but in spite of it they exist.
For this time I prefer to relax and to think about you only. It is so exciting to imagine us being together. It is so exciting for me to realize that I met such man like you. I know that there are not relations without arguing, discussions and something like this, but I think that it keeps relations alive and more passionate. I know that we also will have a lot of talks and we have a lot to tell each other as we turned only a couple of pages from our life books.. Do you agree with me? But now being a little bit exhausted I simply wish to dream and to think about my being with my man... can I call you like this? I began to think about our meeting and I even prepared some of my thoughts for you, take it like imaginations, but you can be sure that if we wish we can make them to be true. I have written out my dream of meeting you, it's as follows: The day has finally arrived. I am standing in the airport waiting breathlessly for you to step off the plane and into my arms. You arrived and we needed the time spent alone together the first time we physically meet. My first glimpse of you through the crowd takes my breath away. My heart begins pounding harder than it was already. The moisture between my thighs increases with the anticipation of what is to come. I have a few stolen moments to drink in the sight of you before you finally spot me standing alone by the window. You stop in your tracks and I see your sudden intake of breath. We stand there staring into each other's eyes for only seconds but it feels like eternity before someone bumps into you, startling you out of your trance. With slow deliberate steps you head in my direction, never once losing eye contact, navigating the crowded airport by instinct alone. When you are near me you drop your carry on bag on the floor and, not saying a word, reach out your left hand to gently touch my cheek with your palm. I close my eyes in pleasure at the feel of your hand finally on my skin. I lift my hands and place them on your chest, feeling your heart thundering in your chest, it's rhythm matching my own. I sense your movement as you lower your head and I open my eyes. You reach up with your right hand and, cupping my face in both of your hands, gently kiss my lips for the very first time. My knees are weak and my heart feels like it is going to explode. You break off the kiss and pull me into your chest. Knowing, as you always seem to, that I need to be held close. I drink in the scent of you, pressing myself against your body. You feel a sudden dampness on the front of your shirt and gently lift my head with a finger under my chin to look at you. There is no need for words; you KNOW that these are tears of sheer joy at finally being able to hold my man in my arms. We stand there holding one another for another 5 minutes or so, neither in any hurry to let go. Slowly we part, finally whispering of our feelings for one another, the first words spoken between us since you got off the plane. Keeping one arm around my shoulders you pick up your bag and we go pick up your luggage. Now we begin to hurry. Chatting about nothing in particular we walk out to where our car is parked and put your luggage in the trunk. I close the trunk and turn to you. You again lean down and kiss me. A gloriously passionate kiss that takes my breath away. We get into the car and go to the hotel that we have already checked into. The whole time you are
constantly touching me, caressing my hair, my face, my
shoulders...always touching. When we arrive we unload your luggage from the trunk of the car and take it into the room.
Inside the room we drop the luggage on the floor and lock the door. I kick off my shoes and turn to you. I see that you have taken yours off as well. I step over to you and whisper softly 'I missed you, .'

I close my letter with a kiss,
with great hope and fluttering heart,

Letter 5
Sent: Saturday, 24 May 2008 2:32 PM
To: my Hotmail
Subject: information


Dear Mr. Rudi,

Thank you for being attentive to this our official letter! We are the translation firm as EUC. As you know your lady Irina Sh. was
our client and she used our service and service of our
translators for writing letters to you and getting yours. We write this letter to you on behalf of Miss Irina. For this time her account is closed and because of some temporary financial difficulties that she had, she can't full fill it and to go on
using our service. If you are seriously interested in
continuation your communication with Miss Irina we will be more then happy to help you with this task. Please, contact us and we will provide you all the necessary information that you need. We are open for all your suggestions.

About our company:

* We offer Russian - English, English - Russian translation services for corporate clients and individuals all around the world.

* All services are performed by a powerful team of experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders and quality assurance managers with a solid professional background.

* We offer translation services by professional human
translators, competitive rates, and quick turnaround time.

As a serious translation company, we adhere to five values that comprise the core of our philosophy and drive our business:

PROFESSIONALISM. We do not work with incompetent translators. Our staff includes only professional people who have years of experience and know their craft.

RELIABILITY. We work hard to serve each clients requirements meet assigned deadlines for each project.

AFFORDABILITY. We optimize our work process to ensure that the product you receive from us is high-quality at an attractive price.

AVAILABILITY. Our project managers provide 24/7 coverage, working in three shifts so that our clients receive excellent service regardless of time and day of a week. You can always expect that your requests will be addressed promptly.

EASE OF PAYMENTS. Ease of payment. We support many types of payments. You will never feel anxious about making a purchase.

Best regards,
Human Resources Manager
'Eastern Ukrainian Connections'
Ekaterina Vorob'eva.

Letter 6
Thank you that you decided to use our service. We do understand that for making payment and for continuation your communication with Miss Irina you need to have information about the rates, fees and ways of payments that we accept. All the information you need you will find below.


Fast, cost-effective and friendly services. Do you need an advice or just some information about any of the above procedures? Do not hesitate to ask us. Just send us an e-mail.

If you are corresponding with a Russian/Ukrainian lady we can assist you with Russian - English translation of your personal
correspondence and telephone calls. Confidentiality 100%
guaranteed. We have never had an unhappy customer!

Main Services:

1. Personal Correspondence Translation -- Translation of one letter
(without limits - any length, any symbols)

2. Three way Russian-English telephone translation -------$15.00 per half hour for standard translation (minimum $15.00 per call).

Additional Services:

3. Scanning/Printing + Sending/Receiving photo ---------------$3.00

4. Delivery of gifts to your lady ----------------------------$5.00 (price of your gift is not included)

5. English classes (we have three types of English classes, basic course. Classes are three times per week with the best teachers from local college.)

* English classes with private teacher (per month)-------------$300

* English classes in the class with 5-10 pupils (per month)----$250

* English classes in the class with 10-15 pupils (per month)---$200

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SPECIAL PROPOSITION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you plan to have each day communication with your lady we propose you to economize your funds and to use our SPECIAL PROPOSITION as UNLIMITED MONTHLY PLAN. ($260). You can count that instead of paying about $400 per month using per letter payment you are able to have a discount and to use this unlimited monthly plan/ It includes unlimited amount of letters and unlimited amount of photos that you will exchange with your lady. Also an hour of telephone interpretation per month is included. We offer you to use this special rate!


Payment methods:

Our company has various ways of paying for language services. In this matter we are guided first and foremost by what is most convenient for and familiar to our clients.

* Western Union System

(Using this way of payment you can make the transfer of funds on-line, just visit their page).

* Money Gram System

(This system has on-line transfers only for USA citizens, visit their site and get more information. They have the lowest taxes).

If you chose one of the first two ways you will need to have this information for making payment:

Receiver's name: Irina Shun'kina
Receiver's address: Pravdi str, 10
City: Kirovsk
Country: Ukraine
Zip Code: 93800

Of course you need to confirm your transfer. All you need is to fill the form and send us this information as:

Sender's name:
Sender's address (country is enough):
Sum of payment:
Money Transfer Control Number:

When the transfer is picked up we send you the confirmation letter with the information about getting transfer with the exact sum that was picked up and put to the account. After it you will be able to go on using our service as to go on your correspondence with your lady. We will try to make your using of our service as a pleasant moments. If you have any questions, offers or propositions we will be more than happy to help you. We do hope for our future cooperation.

Best regards,
Human Resources Manager
'Eastern Ukrainian Connections'
Ekaterina Vorob'eva.


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2008-06-05, 23:59:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-06-05, 23:59:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-06-05, 23:59:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-06-05, 23:59:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-06-05, 23:59:33   (updated: )
[hidden] from Australia  

2008-06-06, 07:31:34
anonymous from United States  

2008-06-06, 08:27:29
OJAS from United States  
2008-06-06, 07:31:34, so called American,
Why do you prove you are imbecile, without being asked to. You can't even find a job with your sparse neurons, have to use stolen IP supplied by someone barely with one more synapse than your own. Show your prowess, post in English, showing your own flag ... If you have any gonads, why do you hide behind skirts of stolen pictures of innocent girls?
2008-06-06, 09:13:56   (updated: 2008-06-06, 09:46:36)
Tony from United States  
Any AMERICAN posting a comment like this? Wonder where he stole this picture. And a coward to boot! Can't put up a name or anything? PICTURE FUN TIME!!!

2008-06-06, 09:47:26
Tony from United States  
Perhaps a even better picture. KISS ASS BITCH!

2008-06-06, 09:50:25
Admin from United States  
Funny. Yeah, a lot of scammers from Russia or Africa use open US proxies these days. I cannot block them fast enough :-)

I'll keep this up for a few days until people click the SPAM button
2008-06-06, 10:11:12   (updated: 2008-06-06, 10:13:10)
OJAS from United States  
Scammer asshole, since you don't live in the US, use first your exit code, and call if you have the balls 809 496 2700

Thanks Tony, (and others in advance)

Thanks Admin, for confirming that the IP was stolen / forged. We will keep the scammer post for others to respond to him with a piece of their mind
2008-06-06, 10:21:05
Tony from United States  
Most happy to help. Feels good being back in the swing of things.
2008-06-06, 12:16:53
Steve,dux from Australia  
Looks like sites like this are getting to them.

Only problem is, they (Vlads) are getting to know that these sites exist. They may change their MO and may hide for a while until they slip-up.

I'm getting sooooo interested in these sites that I may join the fight, (one day maybe). Though I find lying very hard! I might make an exception for these nasties. If there's one thing I hate is con artists!

Keep up the good work!

I think I've found another one, not sure, sounded genuine. Haven't found anything on google to match.

Here's some details, not too much in case she is genuine.
She is female, I talked to her on the phone twice, (bad line though).
First contact, from Australia.
First letter from christiancafe, gave private email addy,
First email, said she was living in South Africa.
Uses yahoo messenger to chat me up, plus email.

Header from email:

Return-Path:         <her email>
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=pass (ok)
Received:         from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Sun, 17 Feb 2008 08:10:01 -0800
Received:         by with SMTP id f40so1354592fka.0 for <>; Sun, 17 Feb 2008 08:09:59 -0800 (PST)
DKIM-Signature:         v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=gammh= domainkey-signature:received:received:message-id:date:from:om:to:subject:mime-version:
content-type; bh=hVYeEaht7XJs5GKC322ihb+HJ8VmEDU/4SYIfo20qAgb= g4ddSbjAEIpgtVFupLBKjO8OOH1Vz1nu8wtgESKI/M+zwghJVqbBm6RWRbmh/ dIymLZBesujfw
LM9Vmp+bfYNWskffGoLI/2jx6lBMAnfijmpQAXoxuGEDJEUeh+ 6owUfEyfWFENpqmDHISSI0EC3rK
DomainKey-Signature:         a=rsa-sha1; c=nofws;; s=gamma; h=message-id:date:from:to:subject:mime-version:content-typb= szgifkYouT3Qd4b81efIk/Gr7igcOXK0mhUfxPf1v+i4fZw5JXfkJuIlRaPqPakZJFFZkZVpPmPcex
XpINrLhOd4/HWF3fd2rnw67p6BA2yvLiiHGfVXxUezI/ 48WyjzW9pccYiyVLYUIAG3KC+mmYylU/jnva
Received:         by with SMTP id w9mr7275833huc.24.1203264599653; Sun, 17 Feb 2008 08:09:59 -0800 (PST)
Received:         by with HTTP; Sun, 17 Feb 2008 08:09:59 -0800 (PST)
Message-ID:         <>
Date:         Sun, 17 Feb 2008 18:09:59 +0200
From:         This sender is DomainKeys verified
'Maria xxxxxxxx' <her email>
View contact details
To:         my email
Subject:         Agency Information
MIME-Version:         1.0
Content-Type:         multipart/alternative; boundary='----=_Part_3242_4754833.1203264599645'
Content-Length:         2268

Can't find any matching photos, only gave me 2, the 3rd I will post here was her intro photo that I copied from christiancafe.

Anyone seen this girl?

I have seen a quote on one of these sites that goes like: 'if she's hot and your not, then its a con'. I was suss from the start, but though I had nothing to lose. Lost a lot of time though! She didn't get any money, came close!
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ronald Beven

Keywords: Blond, purple and white tank top, purple shorts exercising
2008-06-06, 12:20:04
OJAS from United States  
Steve Dux, Welcome mate. Share this link with Oz newbies http://www.delphifa..?p=0#72710
2008-06-06, 14:38:04

Keywords: Funny photo from Russian web site old woman finger
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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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