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Dating scammer Ashly Jerry


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Name: Ashly Jerry


this is the info u need to send the money through western union money transfer to the hotel cashier Name;-
Pay With The Name:-Emmanuel Adeola
City:- Ikeja
State:- Lagos
zip code :-23401
Text question;-Behalf
Text answer;- Ashly Jerry
after sending the money i want you to email me the westernunion infos,ur full name and address and as well as ur phone number.i also wanna know the name of the airport closer to you so i can change my ticket to come there and when i get there i can call you to come pick me up.plz send the money tomorrow morning so i can get to you tomorrow Night...i have just got all this out of her/him so this must be a new scam girl/man from nigeria

Other Comments:
Hi ,how are you? my name is Ashly.I grew up in Los Angeles California USA I speak only English . I came to Give in Denmark few years ago with the view to settle down and start a new life,I'm new to this online stuff,just checking may it really works .I have been in Denmark for some years now. I am looking towards meeting someone who is nice,loving,honest caring and kind .I will be looking towards meeting you
soon .I am caring,loving, romantic,open-minded,honest,respectful and outgoing .I am presently in Africa and I wish to be back home soon .I have a little problem to sort out here,i will love to meet you when I'm out of the mess i got myself into in Africa right now,tell me more about yourself,what are you really looking for in the site,tell me your interests,hobbies,likes and picture is Attached
for you ,ill be looking forward too yours.
hope to hear from you very soon.....This was his/her first email to me here come the 2nd email where he/she ask for alot of euros to help out this must be a new scam

How are you doing XXXXX.Firstly i want to say thanks to you too for the message from you i appreciate your complements You sound Great and like a Fun person to meet You Look Cute and Awesome You from your pic either ,i will love to meet you when i get back home,i like what you wrote about what you and what your looking for ,i guess that's me and we are 99% compatible but the only 1% missing is that I'm not near you at this moment I Live in Give city in Denmark do you live closer? and for me age is only a Number I'm sure as time goes on we work things out to get me out of this shithole.also need to be careful because I've been hurt in the past relationship,that's why i don't want to rush into anything.but i hope this work out for good .But I think I must tell you why I am presently in Africa I am not in a good situation right now. I am not really happy about our present condition.Im stuck up in Africa right now and i need help to get back home.It is a long story. I will explain to you in summary. As you already know .I`am single never married. I`am the one and only child of my late father who past away couple of months ago. I grew up in Los Angeles California with mother while my dad used to work with a Nigerian Oil company in Africa. He was actually one of the Board of Directors in the oil company.fter his death i finds out that he left a lot of money with a security company here in Nigeria Africa i bought a round trip ticket to Africa because i had to come to Africa to get hold of my late dad`s money that is been held in a Nigerian security company.But right now the whole news is getting really bad for me.When i got here I met with the management of the security company where my father's money is held.We were told and proven officially to me that the money has not reach it maturity level. The money can not be released to me until it reaches it maturity which is still going to take some time. I want to leave here now but I've got to pay my hotel bill of €435 this is the only thing holding me down ,my return ticket will expires very soon because the hotel manager warned the money must be paid now. Please I need your help to send the money to the manager on my behalf so i can get out of here before my return ticket go expired,I promise to pay you back when i get back home.If you will like to help me pay the hotel bill so that i could be back,please tell me. I will give you the information you are going to use to send the money through the safest way to send money Money Gram or western union money transfer. Every thing has been very difficult here,i will send you my flight detail as soon as the bill is paid maybe you will be able to pick us at the airport. I am waiting to read from you very soon. Loads of love to you from here he/she all ready love me ( hi ho ) he/she is on and his/she´s user name there is seemesekingmyluv`s ..but it is turned of now this 2 emails is in one day i got them and i have not send any to him/she i have ask for more info names and addresse where to send this $ that he / she need ...i hope you can use this here on this page care full out there ..i got 2 picture here this must be a new scam girl/man ..the hole thing sound to wired to me ...i am not sure i mean she/he have not scam me yet like to hear from you out here what you think about this ...she have good tits big ones ..i been chat to her/him for like 3 hours to get name and addresse where to send money and she want to spen the rest of her life whit me now and make kids whit me and share everything in life and she only got my name and not my addresse hi ho hi funny ....she must be a scammer ..hope to hear from others here soon
..this is after 1 day whit email and 1 day whit long chat to her/he we chat for like 4 hours and now she/he want to live toghter whit for the rest of her life and she/he dont even know much about me i told i like music and films but who dont like that ....and i will not send any thing atall


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2008-06-07, 15:56:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

2008-06-07, 15:56:58   (updated: )
[hidden] from Denmark  

2008-06-08, 01:19:23
[hidden] from Denmark  
Have block her/him out of the chat room and wasted her/his time in the chatroom on yahoo messenger all this was after 2 days ( hi ho ) hope you can use it here... I like to hear from some one here about this expired ticket and renew cost of a ticket from nigeria to Denmark..from ( Murtala Muhammed Airport to Billund Airport Denmark ) whit KLM airline...i cant find out of that yet ..i been told that it will cost 350$usd? to renew a ticket ?but i am not sure of that , And i like to hear from some one here what they know about this People in the EFCC in Nigeria will they help you out if you ask them and Do you pay them any kind of fee ? to handle a case for you ..i mean will they even help and what are they doing for you to help us out here to get our Money back can they even handle a case good and do they bust alot of this scammers men and woman ..i hope you understand what i mean here i try and explan it simple and easy for all who read this Great Page alot to learn here Thank alot for this home page ...all the best from here and be care full out there ...
2008-06-09, 00:14:28
anonymous from Denmark  
Thanks for the warning, she is truly a scammer...
2009-01-05, 06:36:02
anonymous from Greece  
Hi there Dear,
My name is Elena Woodward I grew up in Los Angeles California I'm
Originally White ,I speak only English and my mom is an Asian Greek
and I came to Adendro city in Greece few years ago view of settle down
and I am looking forward to meet a caring and honest man I'm a young
lady with dreams and am looking for the right man to make this dreams
a reality,when i went through your profile i really liked it and found
both of us 99%compatible,the only %1missing is that right now am not
home I am presently in Africa and i will be back to Greece soon,i have
some problem to sort out here i will love to meet you when I'm out of
the mess i got myself into in Africa right now,tell me more about
yourself,what are you really looking for in the site,tell me your
interests,hobbies,likes and dislikes. my picture is attached for you
I'm now looking forward to yours hope to hear from you very soon

2009-02-09, 02:36:56

2009-02-09, 02:37:28

2009-02-09, 09:50:07
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Some good news for you!!


2009-02-14, 01:32:04

2009-02-19, 02:21:12

2009-02-19, 02:22:38

2009-02-19, 02:23:23

2009-02-19, 02:25:51

2009-02-20, 09:10:14
anonymous from Italy  

This message is from the front desk

the Name Ashly-jerry Has ask us To Message

flight details of this recipient .

look above

flight from klm airline
Destination..Venice Airport Italy
flight number-8AED
stop over in -amsterdam 1Hour
depature time:3pm nigerian time
Route number- 1 1 0 0 05
arrival - 1 am italy time
flight time on date.30th-05-07
flight for Lagos Nigeria-Italy

this flight cannot be approved without the Basic-Traveling-Allowance Refundable fees (BTA) price 3500 euros
it has to be returned as the recipient arrival at his or her destination

... this recipient his Holding a new visa on a provided american passport ,this flight details cannot be Valid until the BTA fees is paid .

More information about payment .
The KLM Airline has only provided our cashier to recieve money from Overseas through transfer No office name provided whituout the Cashier .or if only you come pay directely to our office at the International airport

.The Nigerian klm is having problem with the credit cards company .As well we have a western union office at opposite our office at the International airport
the official name have never been used .only cashier name
Here is our office address and name

Name of cashier:Emmanuel-Adeola
addreess ....block 2b klm airline building at Muritala Mohammed International Airport Lagos Nigeria
our official phone Number is 2348026244290 or 234-018968768 another official phone is 234-017643544

it more good and resonable to come in our office to make the payment .if not direct payment in our office before the flight time ... indicate How to recieve the money to us by mail

2009-02-20, 09:19:21
anonymous from Italy  
Mr. *********,

It seems you are getting all wrong, I did not call her your wife direct, its what she explained to me, also I am not in the position to interfere to your policy between you and Mrs. Ashly, all i am doing is just for me to help her as an American, So I have done that. I am just confirming to you what is going on with her. My duty is not to interfere in your relationship. She did not tell me that youi are the husband, but due the your relationship with her, that is the main reason why i justify her to be your wife and someone you truly love.

She has passed through a lot of things here, she has told me a Lot of things she has been facing and I can see that you have been very very helpful to her, so just have to finish helping her because she is in the immigration custody now. What happen to her are all true, no single lie in it. She is very very honest to you and I believe you will love her when you meet her.

Mr. *******, what I sent you is the real and correct letter from my desk, it is from the American Embassy here in Nigeria, there is no any for of immitation in it, American can never allow any immitation of their documents to anybody. It is not possible for American to help her in such situation, this is because what she came for is not sponsor by American, she came here all alone and not in conjustion with American, So she have to find a way of getting himself back to any place of her choice.

Mr. *******, My duty is not to call you or anybody so that it can make you to be convinced that i worked for American Embassy, what I am doing for you now, I am just doing it purposely of Ashly because she is an American, it is not my official duty. Also, I dont hear Italian Language.

Mr. *******, Mrs Ashly must not exceed tomorrow in the custody of the Nigerian Immigration, remember you were given just 72hrs to come up with the money or she will be jailed for 6 callendar months, the deadline expires tomorrow, so she needs the money so that she can leave tomorrow to Italy. I am a very straight forward person, I am telling you catehorically that you should help her to move to Italy.

I cannot call her to call you, it is unofficial, what I am doing is just to guarantee you that you are in a safe hand, you can help her, it is secured.


Princess Toyin Orisile
US Embassy Sec.

Note: Send the money to my informations as well, so that I can go and get her out tomorrow monday.

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