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Dating scammer Natali Safihanova


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Name: Natali Safihanova



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This information is not so much about a scammer , but an illustration about what happens when you reject this woman . It is a very bad situation for any man to have his email hacked into and all the personal letters and addresses stolen . But this is what this woman did to me 2 years ago . I was in correspondance with her and another woman , I met her almost 3 years ago and I also met the other woman . I decided to marry the other lady I had met . Natali could not accept when I told her that I had decided she was not the woman I wanted to be with . So she broke into my email twice ,I have a letter from her admitting this, wrote disgusting letter to all the addresses she found in there and has continued to harass me ever since . Although my relationship with the other lady broke down , Natali has written disgusting letters to many women and this has resulted in me not being able to form another relationship with any women. So I want to warn other men to steer clear of this crazy psychotic woman . Katerina , the name mentioned at the beginning of the letter was a woman I wrote to last year , but when contacted by Natali , decided to help her . So now I have both of these women persecuting me , simply because I decided for myself Natali was not for me .
I am including a letter which was sent to me by a lady who I tried to form a relationship recently . Most of it is lies , especially the part about where I am supposed to send lingerie to them for photographic purposes , and also the part where I meet them only for sex. I am an engineer . not a millionaire, and this would be too expensive for me . I could find that kind of woman at home , and an extremely lower price.
Here is the letter .
On June, 5th, 2008 11:11 the user katerina paxomova has written: Hello. My name is Катерина and I write to you this letter to warn you about one English to the man which is amused with women... It is married already some times, it and is now married, but continues to get acquainted with Russian women and comes to them on a visit to sleep with them, and then to forget and search for other woman. I was warned about it by Natalia from Sevastopol I send you its letter. If you corresponded from Anthon or it tried to correspond with you that write to me and if you yet have not met it that keep my letter and its photo. Anthon buys the bottom female linen and sends its women. And then asks them to make a photo in this underwear and to send it. Some women have sent it the photos and have then found the photos on с-but-сайтах. It sells these photos. My friend is registered in different agencies and it helps me to buy addresses of women. Hello, My name is Натали, I live and I work in the city of Sevastopol. To me 43 years and at me are the adult son-ътА║©ъ╫АС. I write to you the letter as I wish you to warn, I do not want that you have got in the same situation-as I. I have created a pro-file on Matchdoctore 4 years ago. I was written by many men and once has written the man from Англии-Antony Jones. We corresponded some months, it wrote magnificent letters with greater poems... And I have believed in its LOVE to me. It has asked me to send my phone number and called to me, sent gifts and at last we have decided to meet.... It has arrived to Kiev I there it has met also we have arrived to Sevastopol. It has arrived on two weeks and I was very happy these days. I have acquainted Anthon with the family and with the friends. We walked on city in the whole days, I showed it Sevastopol. Anthon has made many photos and cities both mine and I have made to it photos.
My mum has covered a table and has invited Anthon on a visit-we have very well sat. It has got acquainted with mine родней. In the evenings I dressed beautiful dresses and we went to restaurants. I have removed for it an apartment and we lived in this apartment. Certainly I lived with it and we slept together all this time. It spoke beautiful words about love and about that as we shall well live when we shall get married also I shall arrive to it to England. Last evening we have gone to restaurant and Anthon has proposed me. AS I was happy!!!!! I have found the present the man, it has asked me to become it женою and wishes to take away me and my son to England!!! Certainly I all have told about it and all my native and friends were glad for me. My mum cried with happiness and has told, that to me has very much carried to find such fine husband. Anthon has departed to England, but has promised to arrive to me at date of a birth in December. It has promised to buy to me in a gift-ноутбук. In two weeks, after Anthon's departure (every day it sent me letters with poems about great and big love to me...) I was called by the woman and has told, that wishes to talk to me. When I have asked who it such it has answered me-th LAWFUL WIFE Anthon-Marina Jones!!!!!!!!!!!! It has told, that has found my phone at the husband in a pocket when began to check linen before washing.... There still there was phone of other woman from Kiev...... As it has appeared, Anthon, has deceived the wife, it has told, that it is sent for work to Scotland with-th two weeks. Also has departed to Sevastopol on a meeting with me...... I have not believed to this woman and at once have called to my dear and favourite Anthon and have asked it to explain THIS SITUATION!!!!!!! Anthon HAS deceived me once again... It has told, that it not the wife, and it квартирантка.... At it two free bedrooms on the second floor and it hands over to their women.... I have asked it to expel these women, SUCH money are not necessary to me, I have written to it.
I very clever woman and we can live without it квартиранток!!! I have called to its wife (it has left to me the phone) and have told, that it has deceived me also to it better quickly to collect things and to find other apartment. Wife Anthon has very easy asked, who to you has told, what I квартирантка? I have answered, that to me my storming husband-Антони has told and I to it SHALL TRUST I not to it to the Russian prostitute.... Wife Anthon to me has told, that I am mistaken-th not the prostitute and the LAWFUL WIFE .Мой the husband have got acquainted with me on site Матчдоктор, have arrived to me to Novosibirsk, have got acquainted with my family and my friends and have brought to me documents on round-visa. We lived in hotel, I have shown Anthon Novosibirsk, we went to restaurants and it has proposed me to become its wife. It has left to me of money for the ticket and official registration of papers and in a month I have arrived to England. I lived from Anthon 1год and three months, it has acquainted me with the family and we had an engagement where it has presented me two rings. One on engagement (I carried it before wedding), and another wedding .Антони has dressed to me this ring in day of our wedding. I have gone to Russia have made documents of the bride and we расписалcь on September, 24th, 2005. I strongly cried and have told, that I do not trust it. It has told, that understands my feelings, it too had a shock when it has found phones of women at the husband .И it has told to me-if you will send the address I shall make a copy of the certificate on wedding and I shall send you. I have sent on its mobile address and HAVE received in a week the COPY of the CERTIFICATE About СВАДЬБЕ-Antony Jones u Marina Jones.!!!!!!!!! I have written Anthon's very bad letter and have told, that any more I do not wish to deal with it... Anthon has written to me the letter where has again deceived me... It has written, that married Marina only to help it CДЕЛАТЬ ДОКУМЕНТЫ.Что it on former loves only me, and does not love Marina. That they live as another's people-it sleeps below, and it sleeps above.I have written to it that it has found to it an apartment and that its Marina has left to live in this apartment as soon as possible. Anthon has written to me-yes, yes, certainly I shall make all also Marina will leave my house...... It said lies to me all time... And I very much loved it to me it would be desirable it to trust!!!!!! In December, on Anthon's my birthday has not arrived, it has told, that at it a problem with holiday, now I understand, that it could not arrive, as its wife knew about we wash existence. And it to me has not bought a gift.... But has promised to arrive in April, as at it holiday. I waited also all my friends and my family waited for it on a visit... But it again has not arrived. When I have asked it that happens, it has written to me me greater problems with the wife .Она has beaten me as has found your letter and I have caused police sat in police all the day. And now I have submitted on divorce and I get divorced with it....... I was very glad, that my favourite Anthon, at last will get a divorce also we can get married... It time SAID lies all this to me.... It still lived and lives with the wife, and it has simply well spent time with me and has started to search on other sites of acquaintances of OTHER women!! I have learned about it casually it have written the letter to my girlfriend....!!!! Also has suggested it to correspond and arrive to it. It lives in other city and it did not know that it my girlfriend!!!!!! I began to write on sites of acquaintances and have found many women who corresponded from Anthon. It writes beautiful letters with poems about the big and eternal love. Now I understand why its second wife has run away from it in three months, most likely it too has found letters and phones of other women.... Also has understood, that its husband-блядь (excuse for expression, but in another way you will not tell). I have called to its wife and have told what its husband. Marina has answered me, that now and it has understood what mistake it has made, but it has no place to return.She lost work and in
its apartment there lives its brother with the wife and the small child.
Also that it still loves Anthon and has forgiven to it its changes. It strongly cried and spoke, that loves only it, and other women-it simply game!!!!!!! Now you understand, that it for the man, to it simply to like to play with feelings of other women, it likes to write beautiful letters with poems, to IT TO SPIT, that we ALIVE people and at us are the feelings and heart which wishes to love. It TO SPIT wanted, that we should tell now to our relatives and friends and as we shall feel ourselves...... You can write to its wife I write to you their home address .
This letter is completely ridiculous and totally fictitious, written from a sick mind . I was in Sevastopol for 10 days , I had my own apartment and stayed there alone . She would come each day , and sometimes not until the afternoon , so I spent most mornings alone , waiting . I spent this time looking at Sevastopol bay alone. I also paid for everything , all the meals in the restaurant , all the traveling in the private taxi she had hired, and all the flights for her to meet me in Kiev from Simferapol. So in that respect she has indeed scammed me .And I would certainly never send pictures to pornographic web sites. .It has taken me a long time to put this womans details on the internet simply because I do not like to be a nasty person .
But I have had enough of her persecuting me and trying to ruin my life. It is my life and I should be allowed to decide for myself who I should marry.
Thankyou for taking the time to read this article.
Antony Jones


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