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Dating scammer Masha


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Name: Masha



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2008-07-01, 15:27:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

2008-07-01, 15:27:08   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

2008-07-01, 20:15:48
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
IP address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Verified]
ASN: 31272
ASN Name: WILDPARK-AS (ISP WildPark, network in Ukraine, Nikolaev)
IP range connectivity: 2
Registrar (per ASN): RIPE
Country (per IP registrar): UA [Ukraine]
Country Currency: Unknown
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Nikolaev, Mykolayivs'Ka Oblast'
Country (per outside source): UA [Ukraine]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No


2008-07-05, 07:02:37
anonymous from Turkey  

From: timon1975 (
To: seriouslady83 (
Date received: Jun 2
Subject: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:(none)
Hi Masha

Offcourse can you sent me new letters by e-mail.
mail adres is snoekiepoeps @ hotmail. com



2008-07-16, 04:10:06
[hidden] from Norway  
Good day to you, XXXXXX!

I just came home from my work, my day was really crazy and I am
rather tired but since you gave me your e-mail address i guess you
are expecting to get a letter from me. Are you? Or may be you didn't
expect to get it and it's necessary to ask if you remember me? I hope
you do. ; )

Well, I think it's better to start talking about me I was born in not
big city in the South of Ukraine not far from Black Sea. I live with
my parents and also have a sister she is married and has a lovely
daughter. From time to time we arrange family dinners and I help my
mother to prepare tasty dishes. By the way, XXXXX, are you a fan of
tasty food? Can you cook? When I have time I like inventing new
dishes and treat my parents and friends, they prize my culinary skills. ; )

Now, I am a part-time student, I study finances but I also have a job
of cashier in the bank. When I don't work I like meeting with friends
or just spending time at home. XXXXXX, what about you, how do you
usually spend your free time? Do you prefer having active way of rest
such as hiking, swimming, cycling or you prefer spending time at home
and watching TV? I am very active person and like to spend time
outdoors but it'd be much better to do different things with partner,
don't you think.

XXXXXX, for me emotions are very important but I wouldn't say that I
can fall in love easily but sometimes it's possible to have feelings
to the person you don't know good enough. I had my disappointments in
past and don't want to make the same mistakes again. Before starting
relationships I want to get to know man well. I think that with help
of Internet two can have communication and this is the key to
long-term relationships. Do you agree with me? And besides I had
friends who got found their happiness abroad and they told me that
foreign men are more family-oriented and to my mind person will be
happy only if has his own family. I am old-fashioned and think that
the biggest happiness for woman is having a family, loving and caring
husband and healthy children.

XXXXXX, I hope to talk more in future and i would be intrigued to get
a letter from you. XXXXXXX, if there is anything you would like to
know about me, ask and i will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Hope you will write me soon.
2008-07-16, 04:15:44
anonymous from Norway  
Another letter to share
XXXXXX, hello to you!

It's nice to get a reply from you, thank you for writing it. I like
the photos you sent me and your nude cat is very nice. ; ) National
costume is very nice. Today was very nice and sunny day, I like this
time of the year as days are longer and it's possible to do a lot. By
the way, XXXXXX, what is your favorite time of the year? My favorite
time is spring as I adore observing nature's awakening. ; ) So, how
was your day? Hope it wasn't too stressed for you! I had a busy day
and besides period of exams begins so I need to spend a lot of time
at university's library but now I can have some rest. ; )

XXXXX, to tell you the truth i hesitated for some time before I have
started looking for my future husband overseas, however, the more I
thought about this the more I was becoming self-confident as with
help of Internet two people can know one another in many ways, we can
find out about each other's qualities, ways of thinking, dreams and
expectations. For many people it's easier to talk about personal in
letters than face-to-face and two can become good friends and this is
important in relationships. Do you agree? By the way, I am definitely
not a 65 years olf man (I have definite things which tell I am a
woman). XXXXX, I know many couples who break up because of the lack
of communication in their relationships and this is very sad as i
think that in modern world people lost the ability to talk but if two
live far away they don't have another choice except of speaking and
getting to know everything about life, habits of their company, they
can share dreams and aspirations. XXXXXX, what do you think is it
important for couple to be best friends first? XXXXXX, I also think
that in addition to communication respect takes not the last place in
relationships between woman and a man, how people can be sincere
happy if don't respect each other! You know, XXXXXX, there was no
communication and no respect in my last relationships. May be because
there are plenty of beautiful girls in my city and Ukrainian men have
become spoiled and think that can have any woman and that's why they
don't appreciate what they have. I heard that foreign man has old
fashion values and he wants to have family and spend time with his
wife and kids, this is my dream and I decided that it would be better
to look for my partner overseas. I know that you are older than me
and I am fine with this as i told before I am looking for mature man.
You are right about drinking vodka in Ukraine it's very strong. It's
not strange for me to read that you didn't use to talk much about
love as here we have the same situation.
By the way, if you don't like my 'old-fashioned' dress I won't send
you such pictures anymore.
XXXXX, it's getting late and I need to go to the translation company
and ask interpreter to translate and send this letter to you. I don't
even type it, I write letter by hand. It's shame for me but I don't
know English at all, I speak only Russian and Ukrainian, these are my
native languages. You see I don't remember much English from school
and that's why I was hoping to study language at university but as it
turned out teachers think second language is not very important for
part-time students that's why we don't have many English classes.
Anyway, if you don't mind I will use the services of interpreters
till I learn language and will be able to keep up the conversation by
myself. It's just matter of time.

I will be closing it and wishing you to have a nice and sunny day.

Till the next letter.

2008-07-16, 04:17:19
anonymous from Norway  

2008-07-16, 04:22:22   (updated: 2008-07-16, 04:27:46)
anonymous from Norway  

Hello to you and thanks for replying back to me, it's nice to get a
letter from you. Thank you for other nice photos, you know it's nice
picture of the boats and pink teddy bear. XXXXXX, how was your day?
Not too busy, I hope. What's weather in your place? XXXXXX, tell me
does weather influence your mood? Do you become sleepy when it's
raining? Usually if it's cloudy and rainy I have a desire to stay in
bed and drink hot tea but usually I am full of energy. ; ) it's nice
to know you are all right with my age.XXXXXX, I will definitely
learn English.

As I have told before I work in the bank as a cashier and it's my day
off so I could sleep longer, I saw such nice dreams and didn't want
to wake up but my dog (she is Sharpei) jumped on my bed and started
barking, she was hungry and this is her usual way to ask for food.
XXXXX, my morning begins from feeding my pets, besides dog, parrot
and fishes I have chinchilla, two tortoises and recently my mother
gave me second dog he is Yorkshire Terrier and I love him very much.
I think it's great that I have many pets as they can teach person how
to be responsible and patient, I know that my parents won't feed them
as they go at work much earlier than I and just don't have much time
in the morning to pay attention to all pets of mine. XXXXXX, what is
your favorite kind of animal? My favorite pet is dog because they are
very faithful and here we call them best human's friends. When I feel
lonely my pets help me to smile and it's such wonderful feeling, you
know my parrot can talk and when I am watching TV and she doesn't
like movie she starts screaming 'Help, it's killing me' and I switch
channels. ; ) XXXXXX, do you have favorite movie or TV show? My
favorite movies are 'Scent of a woman' and 'Gone by the wind', have
you seen them? They are great and I can watch these movies all the
time. It's like handbook when you want to read it many times and
every time find something new for yourself. XXXXXX, do you have book
or magazine which you like to read most of all? As for the music, I
don't have one favorite I can listen to different kinds. XXXXXX, I
also wanted to ask what is your favorite color? I like blue and
black. XXXXXXX, I guess men don't think about this question a lot but
do you have favorite flower? I like rose because it's a queen of all
flowers and it's beautiful and elegant and i also like camomile. I
don't have plans for summer as I will be working in the bank and if I
am lucky and will get week of vacation i will go to the sea side.

You are right Masha is short from Maria. My parents worry about the
fact I can leave country but they say if i am happy they will be
happy too. Oh, I still haven't told you much about my family, well my
father's name is Dmitriy and he is rather strict but wise man. My
father has great sense of humor and can make me smile even when I am
sad. My mother's name is Tania and she is the kindest person in the
world, she always supports me in all my beginnings. My parents are
happy to have one another and I consider myself lucky as was brought
in atmosphere of love and respect. I also have a sister Ira, she has
her own family and lives not far from us. Ira has a daughter, I adore
my little niece and for me she is the prettiest child in the world.
She is very talented and likes to sing, who knows may be one day she
will be famous singer. ; ) By the way I don't have seasick.

XXXXXXX, I like to communicate and tell about myself but I would also
want to find more about you, people you like to spend time with, what
you like and don't like. I wrote you quite long letter as I don't
like sending short messages, I think people always have something to
say they just need to put some efforts, right?

Have a wonderful and not hard day.

2008-07-16, 04:22:55
anonymous from Norway  

2008-07-16, 05:07:56
OJAS from United States  
Hej Norge,
Copy paste from this link and send your scammer. http://www.delphifa..p=1#76181
2008-07-16, 08:46:14   (updated: 2008-07-16, 09:13:50)
OJAS from United States  
[hidden] 2008-07-16, 08:15:40,
1) What is the point of posting Tormod Olsen?
2) Why are you [hidden]?
3) Why don't you show your country flag and city?
4) Why don't you identify yourself and sign your posts?

When you post all about Tormod Olsen, you would insist on him having a fair chance for a response, if you ''SEE A 'REAL' GENTLEMAN... '' in the mirror.

IP Fledgling, not yet verified http://www.trusteds...77.223.19
2008-07-16, 09:39:43
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Gentlemen. Gentlemen!

IP was Ukraine and it stays there:

Location: Ukraine (high) [City: Nikolaev, Mykolayivs'Ka Oblast']

[Caching always on for search engines and InfoPath]
% This is the RIPE Whois query server #1.
% The objects are in RPSL format.
% Rights restricted by copyright.
% See

% Information related to ' -'

inetnum: -
netname: WPARK
descr: WildPark Co
descr: PROVIDER Local Registry
country: UA
admin-c: AL546-RIPE
tech-c: OAC4-RIPE
changed: ********** 20040512
source: RIPE

person: Alexander A. Lapidus
address: Wild Park
address: 327029 Lenina av. 52
address: Nikolaev, Ukraine
phone: +380 512 470555
fax-no: +380 512 500314
e-mail: ****
nic-hdl: AL546-RIPE
notify: ****
mnt-by: TAIDE-NOC
changed: ************** 19990823
source: RIPE

person: Oleg A Chernov
address: WildPark Co
address: Lenina av. 52
address: 54029 Nikolaev Ukraine
phone: +380 512 470555
phone: +380 512 500314
e-mail: ******
nic-hdl: OAC4-RIPE
notify: ******
notify: ****
changed: ****** 20080407
source: RIPE

% Information related to ''

descr: WildPark Co
descr: PROVIDER Local Registry
origin: AS31272
changed: ********** 20040512
source: RIPE


And Google says:


2008-07-16, 10:30:17   (updated: 2008-07-16, 11:18:07)
OJAS from United States  
delphi search for hits banned / blacklisted by Web masters http://www.delphifa..p=2#82669

Tusen Tack Fjellhare,
This is the second time a хохол reacting to Grande Finale suggestion. Seems effective in Cyrillic! Maybe they don't like Russian? If they won't be ''impatient'', some day I could post a Grande Finale in Ukrainian itself ! !
2008-07-16, 10:43:05 from Norway  
@ Tormod

Heisan Tormod,

OJAS sent noen epost til meg, derfor han synes at du trenger noen hjelp. Du er vellkommen!
Ta kontakt via epost-adressen '', jeg bruker den KUN for delphi eller scammer jobs, hvis du trenger noen svar eller hva som du skal ALDRI post navn min i delphi ellers sender jeg noen scammer til deg :-)))).....

Du kan finde meg og postinger hos delphi : Dating scammer Natalya from Osinniki, Russia.....da kan du finde alt du trenges.......



@ Fucking Bastard alias Masha alias fat drunken Boris

Take yourself a shaving then a long bath and take a keen look in the mirror when you are finished......

....sure this ugly pissing creature you seeing is still you....know what you have with a pig in common?? No?!?!
2008-07-16, 11:33:01 from Norway  

...always a pleasure....
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