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Dating scammer Masha


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Name: Masha



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2008-11-07, 16:23:42
OJAS from United States  
2008-11-18, 14:20:22
anonymous from Washington, United States  
Well, seems like I was another that she felt something for. We exchanged about 8 letters each before this one was sent and at that point I felt I knew the next thing would be helping pay for the translations.

Yeah, I admit I kinda fell for her in wanting to build a correspondence with her and am a bit sad that someone has to feel they need to scam others.

From Masha Thu Aug 14 02:36:15 2008
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Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 12:36:15 +0300
From: Masha <> View contact details
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Hello, xxxxx!
How have you been? Did you have a good day? Are you in high spirits? You know, my mood isn't very good and I have been looking through your letters and you know they helped me to feel a little bit better. xxxxx, all the time when I was reading your letters I had a picture of your life in my head. For this short period of time we have shared a lot and I think this communication was very special for me. xxxxx, I do believe in our future and you? xxxxx, some changes happened in my life and I wouldn't say they are very happy for me. xxxxx, maybe because I was tired or just was stressed I made some mistakes while filling up blanks and client complained to my boss. xxxxx, he shouted at me in the presence of clients and other workers and said i was bad worker though I had never made any mistake before, it's was real shame for me and xxxxx, it was last straw of my patience and I said him that I didn't want to go on working in that bank anymore. Now I am officially unemployed! You know, I was crying and at that moment i was thinking about you and how it would be nice if you were near and could hug me and say that everything will be all right. I think it would be so nice.
My parents told me that would help and support me till I find another job and I have already bought couple of newspapers and was looking for job. I hope I will be lucky and will be able to find it in soonest time. xxxxx, because of this situation I don't know when I am able to write you next time. xxxx, I do like talking to you so much and i will try to think out how to keep in touch with you and I hope that you are interested in me the same as I am in you.xxxxx, I am ready to make everything in my power to know you better and have relationships with you. I will try to find something out in order to be able to afford translations of our letters and when I can I will write you.
xxxxx, I am writing this letter and trying to make myself smiling but I don't succeed in this much. I guess it's better to distract of unhappy thoughts and talk about something more pleasant. xxxx, while i was sitting in my room I saw two doves on the balcony. First one flew and then another. They were sitting together and were cooing. xxxxx, at that moment I thought about you. xxxxx, did you know that doves are most devoted birds! If they have partner it's for the rest of their lives. I was looking at them for some time and thinking about you and our letters, I don't really want to lose this connection with you and I hope you feel the same. xxxxx, if I was told to think out the symbol of two people in love I would say it could be the picture of two doves sitting together on the branch. What do you think? Unfortunately, when Sima saw doves she started barking and birds flew away but I was thinking about them for the rest of the evening.
xxxx, I will end this letter as I need to go on my searches of the job. I will check if you have written me and as soon as I have an opportunity I will write you.
Please, be safe and stay positive!
Hug you.

2008-12-15, 12:09:49   (updated: 2008-12-15, 12:21:50)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-12-15, 12:11:18   (updated: 2008-12-15, 12:22:40)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  

2008-12-15, 12:11:54   (updated: 2008-12-15, 12:39:59)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
I too have been receiving letter from Masha. I am quite aware that they are a scam but actually find them very entertaining: it's almost worth paying for the laughts! But I have actually been able to avoid paying by telling her that I have no money at present. She actually still writes to me! Note the Club name, BTW...


Hello, Iain!

I miss when don't get a letter from you! Oh, dear I wish you didn't have any problem and didn't think about bad things. ; ) How is your job situation? You know, when i didn't have a job I felt terrible and always had bad thoughts that wouldn't find anything good for myself but i got a good job and I am satisfied with it.

I am glad to hear you have a nice weather and we also have such expression as Indian summer here. Days are short but warm it's so unusual when it gets dark at 6pm, I miss summer time very much but from another side great holidays are waiting for us! Leaves are falling from the trees but we still have plenty of multi-colored leaves and while i am walking way is like covered with carpet. Iain, I remember from school time that autumn was the most favorite time of the year for poets, they poetized this time. Have you ever heard about great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin? I love his verse 'Sad time, but charm for eyes, it's very pleasant for me your farewell season'. I know that in translation these words don't sound as beautiful as they are in Russian but I really feel that this time of the year is very romantic, I just wish to have a person and be able to have walks or just sit on the sofa and talk about different trifles with.

Iain, you were so right about the task I got I almost fall asleep while was doing it. Though i found all answers I needed if i am asked to tell what I wrote about i wouldn't be able to do this. This weekend I am going to devote to my studying. Of course I am not going to spend all my time off on this as i want to meet with friends and my sister will come with her family.

Oh, dear it's real chaos in my country now and as I see crazy time is not only in Ukraine. If I understand correctly everything started from USA. It's good that i don't work with investors because now we have very long lines of people who want to get money back. They gave money to bank (deposit) and were getting percents but now when many banks are bankrupts people want to get their money. Iain, I don't know what will be with our lives in couple of years but I even don't want to imagine. By the way, have you heard that in 30 years there is a possibility that it'll be end of the world? Scientists say that asteroid can collide with our earth but they have some ways how to resolve this problem though it's necessary to spend milliards of dollars but when it's a question about saving earth money is not a problem.

Iain, i understand about translations and i will try to think something out.

Have a nice weekend!


------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
This message was translated and delivered to you by Red Rose Club.
----------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------

2008-12-15, 12:27:55   (updated: 2008-12-15, 12:37:13)
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Yummy honey(s)! :P

Header info for previous, BTW:

From - Sat Oct 11 12:47:28 2008
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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 13:27:50 +0300
To: ME
From: Masha <>
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2008-12-15, 17:34:56   (updated: 2008-12-15, 17:50:27)
[hidden] from United Kingdom  
**anonymous from Sweden 2008-11-07** note:

This person is a scammer because they make you pay a ridiculous amount of money for a pretty unreliable, if not downright awful translation. Sadly, many people [=men] would not even notice this fact, and assume that the [very pretty and intelligent] *girl* is struggling simply because she is a non-English speaking girl attempting to communicate with an English speaking man [that she apparently has the hots for]. Clearly this is irrelevent: (a) the girl is presumeably writing in prefectly good Ukrainian, so she is not struggling with *English* at all; (b) she is an educated woman (bank teller/personal advisor), so she should not even be struggling with her *Ukrainian*, but rather be writing it to a high standard; (c) a passable [let alone, good] translation should reflect the quality and standard of any original language as used by the original writer, yet these translations clearly do not do that (despite our paying stupid figures to Red Rosé Club, or Uklaime Love Club, or whoever). I would certainly demand my money back from any respectable translation service if they sent me anything resembling the rubbish I have recieved [[Edit: 'received'... LOL!]] over the past 3 months or so. As I pointed out above, though, I'm paying for the laughs not the love... or rather I'm stringing her along and *not* paying.

A few more examples of the awful translation:

My day was o.k., it wasn't stressful and I had a good mood during the whole day

I think love is the most powerful feeling in the world and there were so many actions done in past because of this feeling

When we finally arrived to Yalta (it's city in the Crimea and situated on the bank of the sea) i immediately said that want to go swimming and then we could go to mountains but father as a real man decided to meet with his friends in order to solve problem with where we would stay for night. [What the h**l was all that c**p?!?]

I don't know what to do as Ilona will have a birthday and i was going to buy IPOD for her and now I have no idea what to do. {Your name here}, I am sure she won't understand why her aunt came without present! I decided to buy ipod for her because she is fond of music

etc, etc...

BTW, it wasn't only the Pushkin quote that sounded awful in translation... And **MILLIARDS**?! Who the b*g**ry says that these days?!?
2009-02-24, 10:57:18
anonymous from United States  
I see a bunch of sad little men who should get out of their mothers basments.
1st learn the economy where these people live and take into consideration these people live on what your mother gives you to go out for the weekend.
If you have problems with the club write to them first and have evidence of scamming also try to understand why these women go through clubs. If they are writing to more than one man get over it or go cry on your mothers shoulder, because I'm sure it is o.k. for you to write to more than one woman. Can you say double standard.
If your looking for scammers wait until someone asks you for money for a plane ticket.
I see what is called free enterprise here it may not be perfect, but I will take it above you insecure basement dwellers any day.
Why is it that when people don't have the money for something they want they knock it down.
Its no wonder mankind is on a downfall.
If I misspelled anee words get ovr it I wll
2009-03-13, 05:02:23
anonymous from United States  
Her Name is Natasha and she is with the red roses club,
I have proof at least in my mind this place and the people with it may be scammers.
In December of 2007 I was approached by a woman named Natasha. She got my attention by saying a line she claimed her mother always said, A line she later could not remember.
I paid for english classes but when I visited her she could not understand what I said. So I had to pay for an enterpreter.
I visited her over Valentines Day of 2009. One minute she was happy I was coming the next she was upset I didn't talk with her first. I guess because I thought it was a surprise, but she could have told me anytime before I brought the tickets that it was not a good time.
She was supposedly laid of her job just before Christmas and it seemed when I wrote to her I immediately got a same day return. How did she know I would write that day? Was she already at the agency? Why?
Just before I went to see her I told her I had a feeling that she was going to find a job and I would be spending most of the time alone. Guess what? Yep most of the time alone.
When I would call the U.S. phone number for the red rose club, they always had to call me, because the call would not go through.
After I got my ticket I set up an apartment through the red roses club. It was a very nice apartment and then after they got the money down.... The apartment was already rented out, but they had this shabby little apartment for the same price. I went through a few apartments before they found a half way decent one but not like the one they originally showed me.
When I got there the apartment was under construction. No phone, one very small pillow,one chair and the tv sitting on the ground.
I complained to the enterpreter and she said that she would talk to the agency. When I finally complained when I got back they said that I should have mentioned it.... I DID!!!
So anyway when I got to see Natasha she was generally tired and didn't even want me to hold hands or it just felt like to even be near her. But when it came time for pictures... a whole new person came she put my arms around her, her face just brightened and she was the lady I came to care for.
I gave her money for the taxi two nights in a row. Way more than the taxi cost and then the night sfter Valentines day she said she needed more because she had used the money to buy a gift for her mother. This was not a problem but why didn't she talk to me first, instead of surprising me just before she had to go? Then I gave her alot of money and the next day she had her hand out again :-(
She was often late and had some excuse, but never apologized that I had to wait in the cold or the rain. But I could not be called because I still had no PHONE!!!
Inbetween all this we were talking about pets one night when her head was on her arms as she looked tired and bored. She mentioned about a pet parrot she had for about a year. Hmmm I asked about it and said that it was never mentioned to me (I kept all the letters in hard copy). Through the interpreter she said she just wrote to me about it. No she hadn't. This got me to thinking was she writing to someone else?
I also spoke to her of many things that I had written and she remembered nothing :-( Wait a minute wasn't this the woman I had written to and poured my heart out to for over a year? Was she a pod people from the invasion of the body snatchers?
They always hint about wanting things I have learned they will never tell you directly, I guess it then looks like your decission. For instance when we went past a shoe place there were things up to 70% off. If you just got a job and you don't have any money why go in? After brousing a little we left. Then as we were walking away Natasha walked a little ahead and the interpreter asked if I saw the boots that Natasha was looking at and I said yes (not really meaning it because she picked up and looked at so many boots). I then asked how much they were. She told me and I just said oh. I did not come to buy presents just a short visit to get to know this lady. IT WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT MONEY!!!! After I read about Masha and needing money for her niece but never asking for it I thought hey thats what happened to I didn't send money for that scam either.
Through all of this I had questions about the letters and how they were interpreted and the count of the letters. I also asked for pictures of Natasha with the flowers I brought for her through the club But it never seemed to happen. There was always some excuse:-( I also asked about only sending only a couple of pictures of here sent with each letter...never happend.When I questioned Natasha about this she dismissed me as I had made a mistake or that I should just relax.
As I think about the picture thing she talked as there was no way for her to take pictures of herself so I paid for these form the club. Then she mentioned how some of her friends had cameras. Couldn't they have taken them for me to save money? Whoops.. I think I screwed up again.
Anyway after I got back checked out some facts of the situation talked to a few people (even on the plane ride back.) They said it sounded like she was writing to someone else and that I had been scammed :-( So I immediately sent here a letter and gently questioned things. Needless to say she got upset and immediatley dumped my ass. Not so much as 'lets talk this out', just 'your paranoid,' buh bye :-(
I guess I can't be too angry her letters helped me through a tough time, A part of me still misses her though

2009-03-13, 05:11:33
anonymous from United States  
Oh yes her web addresses that I know of are and why two? I just put the evidence down you decide. Maybe I am just paranoid. Has anyone else written to her from December 2007 to February 2009.
I am only trying to understand.
Sorry about my own misspellings :-)

2009-03-14, 08:31:36
anonymous from United States  
hi, i was also in contact with Natasha between 20/12 2007 and 28/02 2008. I now guess it was just a scam, didnt send her any cash but wanted to visit her, said she was staying with her mother and grandmother, she also said she was working in a clothes shop in Nickolaev, Ukraine.
Here are the pics she sent to me, i am not in the USA but in Britain.

2009-03-14, 08:32:12
anonymous from United States  

2009-03-14, 08:32:41
anonymous from United States  

2009-03-14, 08:33:12
anonymous from United States  

2009-03-14, 08:33:44
anonymous from United States  

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