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Dating scammer lianne


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Name: lianne


Lianne Der V W wrote:
> --- On *Sun, 7/13/08, Depoortere Dries //* wrote:
> From: Depoortere Dries
> Subject: pictures
> To:
> Date: Sunday, July 13, 2008, 5:19 PM
> some pictures of me 4u
> :-)
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
6:49:59 PM Mac User: hi
6:50:11 PM lianne_verdw: hello
6:50:25 PM Mac User: how's it goin
6:50:48 PM lianne_verdw: not too bad
6:50:51 PM lianne_verdw: and you?
6:50:59 PM Mac User: tired
6:51:16 PM lianne_verdw: oh what did you do today?
6:51:45 PM Mac User: hmmm,i stied too long up yesterday
6:52:01 PM lianne_verdw: ok
6:52:10 PM Mac User: you
6:52:19 PM Mac User: you're in us now
6:52:38 PM lianne_verdw: been indoor after i get back from church
6:52:40 PM lianne_verdw: no
6:52:43 PM lianne_verdw: am not
6:52:58 PM Mac User: fromchurch by god
6:53:10 PM Mac User: where are u now
6:53:31 PM lianne_verdw: South Africa
6:53:36 PM lianne_verdw: and you?
6:53:41 PM Mac User: jezus
6:53:46 PM Mac User: belgium
6:54:04 PM Mac User: you like south africa
6:54:23 PM Mac User: must be verry beautifull
6:54:25 PM lianne_verdw: i came here on a business trip
6:54:32 PM Mac User: oow
6:54:33 PM Mac User: nice
6:54:40 PM lianne_verdw: yes,it very nice down here
6:54:44 PM Mac User: you're doing in
6:55:23 PM Mac User: this business trip heu
6:55:29 PM Mac User: i mean for
6:55:42 PM lianne_verdw: am into fashion outfit
6:56:11 PM Mac User: wooow, that's an excellent job for a nice lady like u
6:56:22 PM lianne_verdw: thanks so much
6:56:35 PM lianne_verdw: I was thinking you gonna email me?
6:56:45 PM Mac User: why not
6:57:04 PM Mac User: you have no time anymore ?
6:57:23 PM Mac User: i like to chat with u
6:57:24 PM lianne_verdw: No am here
6:57:27 PM Mac User: you know
6:57:41 PM lianne_verdw: I was just thinking why dont you email me?
6:57:42 PM Mac User: ow,ok
6:57:58 PM Mac User: because i like to conversate with ppl
6:58:05 PM lianne_verdw: ok
6:58:21 PM lianne_verdw: how long have you been online ?..i mean on dating site
6:58:21 PM Mac User: whole stories without knowing you're uppinion is not so ok
6:58:33 PM Mac User: pffft, don't know
6:58:47 PM Mac User: it's all with ups and downs heu
6:58:58 PM Mac User: a few months i think
6:59:05 PM lianne_verdw: hum you're right
6:59:24 PM Mac User: you know something about belgium ?
6:59:26 PM lianne_verdw: So how can i get to know you?
6:59:36 PM Mac User: yeah,why not
6:59:39 PM lianne_verdw: No i didnt
6:59:58 PM Mac User: you know dries van nooten ?
7:00:02 PM Mac User: fashion
7:00:11 PM lianne_verdw: NO
7:00:28 PM Mac User: ow
7:00:52 PM Mac User: that's a pretty famous designer from belgium
7:01:00 PM lianne_verdw: Great
7:01:08 PM lianne_verdw: Can i get to know you better
7:01:13 PM lianne_verdw: What do you know about me
7:01:21 PM Mac User: nothing
7:01:23 PM Mac User: hahaha
7:01:40 PM Mac User: but that's why we talk i suppose ;-)
7:02:12 PM lianne_verdw: Yea
7:02:18 PM Mac User: so tell me,is it clothes for girls of boys you sell
7:02:19 PM lianne_verdw: So let get to know each other
7:02:26 PM lianne_verdw: Girls
7:02:37 PM Mac User: ow, nice
7:02:50 PM Mac User: skirts ??
7:03:18 PM Mac User: is it for a fashion week u went overthere ?
7:03:40 PM lianne_verdw: Have been here for almost three months
7:04:06 PM Mac User: well, that's verry long for a business trip
7:04:08 PM Mac User: !
7:04:29 PM lianne_verdw: Yes but the job goes very slowly
7:04:46 PM Mac User: what do you mean?
7:05:29 PM lianne_verdw: I mean i should have been on my way out from here for long time ago,but the Compnay i worked for got some problem
7:05:38 PM lianne_verdw: but it was just been fixed
7:06:21 PM Mac User: When do you think to return ?
7:06:40 PM lianne_verdw: I could have been on my way since last week
7:06:55 PM lianne_verdw: but i got something to clear of here
7:07:08 PM lianne_verdw: So tell me a little bit about your self
7:07:20 PM Mac User: what do you want to hear
7:07:50 PM lianne_verdw: Just anything that you can share with me
7:08:15 PM Mac User: ooooow, thats SOOOO sweet dear
7:08:38 PM Mac User: well, i'm 36 , did you asked this already ?
7:08:57 PM lianne_verdw: Fine
7:09:01 PM lianne_verdw: am 26
7:09:03 PM Mac User: i'm now in holliday till end july
7:09:05 PM Mac User: ok
7:09:15 PM lianne_verdw: alright
7:09:23 PM Mac User: and i work mounting airco systems
7:09:40 PM Mac User: but i hope to find a job as a teacher
7:09:42 PM lianne_verdw: Ok
7:09:48 PM Mac User: in september
7:09:48 PM lianne_verdw: why?
7:09:55 PM lianne_verdw: dont you like the job you're doing?
7:10:15 PM Mac User: well,could be better youknow
7:10:35 PM Mac User: teaching is a thing i like to do
7:10:58 PM lianne_verdw: really
7:11:01 PM lianne_verdw: it's fun?
7:11:14 PM Mac User: well teah i think so
7:11:31 PM Mac User: it's a nice job i think
7:11:36 PM lianne_verdw: what do you wanna teach people's?
7:12:07 PM Mac User: well i graduated as a bachelor machanics
7:12:09 PM Mac User: sooo
7:12:17 PM Mac User: i think mechanics
7:12:22 PM lianne_verdw: that sound great
7:12:31 PM Mac User: yeah
7:12:57 PM Mac User: do you want to know something about my hobbies ?
7:13:13 PM lianne_verdw: Yes we love too
7:13:21 PM Mac User: or somethng else
7:13:32 PM Mac User: we ??
7:13:34 PM lianne_verdw: i'll still ask you some question's
7:13:49 PM lianne_verdw: Just tell me what you think you can tell me
7:14:30 PM Mac User: i'm thinking now what you mean darling
7:14:39 PM lianne_verdw: Are you a christian?
7:14:44 PM Mac User: because i don't understand this
7:14:47 PM Mac User: off course
7:14:54 PM Mac User: i'm frm belgium
7:15:17 PM Mac User: wanne have a pic of me ??
7:15:23 PM lianne_verdw: Yes
7:15:40 PM Mac User: got it ?
7:15:51 PM lianne_verdw: No
7:16:09 PM Mac User: strange, i'll send it once again
7:16:36 PM lianne_verdw: can we photoshare?
7:16:48 PM Mac User: what photoshare ?
7:16:56 PM Mac User: an application ?
7:17:06 PM lianne_verdw: yes
7:17:09 PM lianne_verdw: accept this
7:17:16 PM Mac User: give me otherwise you mail, i'll send it to you now
7:17:18 PM Mac User: ok
7:17:20 PM lianne_verdw: and we can show our picture's there
7:17:26 PM Mac User: ok
7:17:27 PM lianne_verdw: ok
7:17:34 PM lianne_verdw:
7:20:03 PM Mac User: i've send it up
7:20:12 PM lianne_verdw: Ok..
7:20:13 PM Mac User: normally you'll have him
7:20:20 PM Mac User: in about ... sec
7:20:37 PM Mac User: well you send me also some of you ?
7:20:43 PM lianne_verdw: Yes
7:20:49 PM lianne_verdw: wait
7:20:53 PM Mac User: ok
7:21:16 PM lianne_verdw: Nice picture's
7:21:19 PM lianne_verdw: you're handsome
7:21:25 PM lianne_verdw: is that your mother?
7:21:26 PM Mac User: oooooo
7:21:32 PM Mac User: that's nice of u
7:21:59 PM Mac User: you're living in the us normally
7:22:00 PM Mac User: ?
7:22:14 PM lianne_verdw: I spend most of my time in UK
7:22:20 PM Mac User: ow,ok
7:22:27 PM Mac User: strange
7:22:52 PM lianne_verdw: I sent the picture's?
7:22:58 PM lianne_verdw: you got it?
7:23:16 PM Mac User: yeah
7:23:20 PM Mac User: tell me
7:23:53 PM Mac User: everytime i'm in the uk, i've never see such a pretty girls like you
7:23:54 PM lianne_verdw: Check your mail
7:24:03 PM lianne_verdw: Oh my God
7:24:14 PM lianne_verdw: stop making me laugh of load
7:24:18 PM Mac User: how does it comes that you don't have a boyfriend
7:24:37 PM Mac User: hey, it's true
7:24:57 PM lianne_verdw: I broke up with my boy friend
7:25:03 PM lianne_verdw: before i came down to Africa
7:25:07 PM Mac User: i've been in bristal and burningham, man that was a disaster
7:25:11 PM lianne_verdw: just about seven months ago now
7:25:19 PM Mac User: ow
7:25:20 PM Mac User: ok
7:25:37 PM Mac User: you've sorry for that ?
7:26:07 PM lianne_verdw: Yeah
7:26:14 PM Mac User: oooow
7:26:25 PM lianne_verdw: I think we have to get to know each other a little bit more
7:26:29 PM lianne_verdw: or what do you think?
7:26:45 PM Mac User: yeah, you sounds ok, hehee
7:27:03 PM Mac User: we shall see it
7:27:03 PM lianne_verdw: I am a very God fearing lady
7:27:11 PM lianne_verdw: are you also a christian?
7:27:28 PM Mac User: well , i'm a normal christian
7:27:37 PM Mac User: not very verry
7:27:38 PM lianne_verdw: do you go to church?
7:27:49 PM Mac User: no, not much
7:27:52 PM lianne_verdw: Yeah it's ok,You believe in God?
7:27:57 PM Mac User: yeah
7:28:05 PM lianne_verdw: good
7:28:12 PM Mac User: is that important to you?
7:28:23 PM lianne_verdw: No
7:28:28 PM Mac User: hahahahahhaaaaa
7:28:32 PM Mac User: you're funny
7:29:03 PM lianne_verdw: I don't criticize other peoples believe or religion
7:29:18 PM Mac User: nooo, i certently don't
7:29:33 PM Mac User: everybody has to do what he loves to do
7:29:35 PM Mac User: you know
7:29:42 PM lianne_verdw: Yes
7:30:02 PM Mac User: and even in a relationship u know
7:30:21 PM Mac User: i m not gone tell my wife what she has to do
7:30:46 PM Mac User: she can ask my uppinion, and i shall give it to here
7:30:56 PM Mac User: but she has to decied you know
7:31:13 PM lianne_verdw: i have tried as much as possible never to allow my relationship with God to affect my romance life in any way
7:31:38 PM Mac User: nice
7:31:58 PM Mac User: do you love films ?
7:32:05 PM lianne_verdw: Yes i do
7:32:18 PM Mac User: did you see kingdom of heaven ?
7:32:39 PM lianne_verdw: Yes
7:32:58 PM lianne_verdw: It was really nice film
7:33:20 PM lianne_verdw: I love adventure' movies
7:33:31 PM Mac User: ow nice
7:34:17 PM Mac User: well, mmmm, i love about all the most recent u know
7:34:23 PM Mac User: without horror
7:34:38 PM Mac User: don't like to spend my money for that
7:35:00 PM Mac User: do you love cartoons ?
7:36:24 PM lianne_verdw: I was born in Wig an and my mum is from the united state of America while dad is from Bolton area in the u.k.we relocated to old town Alexandria in Virginia in the united state in when i was 12 years old.Yes i love cartoons
7:37:16 PM Mac User: ok
7:37:45 PM Mac User: you're a lot from home i see
7:38:15 PM lianne_verdw: I have been all alone here for about two weeks now
7:38:42 PM Mac User: You don't like to be alone i suppose
7:39:30 PM lianne_verdw: I told my Boss that i will be quiting this Model Job when i get back home,infarct thats one of the reason my promoter went to uk to find another model that will work for him in his new Job in Spain
7:39:49 PM lianne_verdw: I decided to quit because of two reason's..
7:40:09 PM Mac User: let me guise
7:40:18 PM Mac User: you boyfriend, hehehe
7:40:32 PM lianne_verdw: NO
7:40:46 PM Mac User: hahahaha, it was a joke you know
7:43:32 PM lianne_verdw: 1,it gives me no chance to get closer to God as i ever wanted.2,it has been my dream to settle down and have my won family healthy and happy in love.And i am sure that if i continue to do this,i may ever not be chanced to get my self settled.
7:44:44 PM lianne_verdw: You know it will be lot of strees for me to be doing that and be in relationship at the same time
7:45:41 PM Mac User: well. the stress is more the thing i suppose
7:46:15 PM Mac User: where you are makes no point to get close to god honey
7:46:20 PM Mac User: you know that too
7:47:14 PM Mac User: And thinking about a family; in every relationship, there must be making some arrangments i think
7:47:34 PM Mac User: but i agree that this should be difficult for u
7:47:41 PM lianne_verdw: so i am planning to established a beauty salon for ladies when i get back from the little money i realize from this trip...You're right,i think we're thining same way
7:48:03 PM Mac User: woow
7:48:06 PM Mac User: nice
7:48:08 PM Mac User: in
7:50:12 PM Mac User: i mean do you want to start you beauty salon ?
7:50:20 PM Mac User: where
7:51:05 PM lianne_verdw: I am a professional hair stylist for ladies and i also no more about costuming so i am sure i am going to excel in that feild.
7:51:58 PM Mac User: Well yeah sure, but where do you want to start this beauty salon ?
7:52:22 PM lianne_verdw: i am just praying to God to lead me right to the best location because i think a very good location is one of the most important thing to make a buss boom rightly..I don't know where
7:52:33 PM Mac User: ow ok
7:52:38 PM lianne_verdw: But i know i should know in some weeks or months
7:53:02 PM Mac User: well you gone find some nice spot sweet
7:53:10 PM lianne_verdw: Can i know something about you
7:53:39 PM Mac User: wait a sec please, i go to the lou (sorry)
7:53:50 PM lianne_verdw: Ok
7:55:40 PM Mac User: back
7:55:52 PM lianne_verdw: ok
7:57:49 PM lianne_verdw: i want you to tell me more about your family background because my dad always tell me before he died that 'its one thing to have a good wife and its another thing to have bad in laws' and that its the good in laws he's got with my mum's family that helped them most in there marriage.
7:58:56 PM lianne_verdw: this is very important
7:59:33 PM Mac User: well explain me this , because i don't understand this well...
7:59:52 PM Mac User: ask me frankly what you want to know
7:59:58 PM Mac User: and u will know ok
8:00:15 PM Mac User: do you want to talk about my family ?
8:00:21 PM lianne_verdw: What i mean is that you should tell me where are your family from
8:00:29 PM lianne_verdw: Your dad,mum.
8:00:36 PM lianne_verdw: how many of you in your family
8:00:41 PM lianne_verdw: from your father side
8:00:47 PM Mac User: ok
8:01:01 PM lianne_verdw: is your family nice and caring
8:01:04 PM Mac User: i see i have more lucky then u
8:01:09 PM lianne_verdw: are they accomodating?
8:01:15 PM Mac User: honey
8:01:25 PM Mac User: let me tell me this ok
8:01:37 PM Mac User: wel.
8:02:14 PM Mac User: my i see that i'm more lucky then u, cause my mother and father are still living
8:02:44 PM Mac User: they are both from here ( i mean this area0
8:03:00 PM lianne_verdw: ok
8:03:14 PM Mac User: infact, i live alone, but my parents are living allmst across my house
8:04:05 PM lianne_verdw: Great,You're lucky then
8:04:11 PM Mac User: i live in my grandmam's house, we ared when she's died
8:04:21 PM Mac User: yeah ok
8:04:39 PM lianne_verdw: ok
8:04:45 PM Mac User: when you're in this position, maybe you don't realise it
8:05:17 PM Mac User: my mam/father are still together if you know what i mean
8:05:36 PM lianne_verdw: Yes i know
8:05:38 PM Mac User: it's not everyday big love, but not always great argue
8:05:57 PM lianne_verdw: am happy for you
8:06:01 PM Mac User: ok
8:06:05 PM Mac User: aand
8:06:11 PM Mac User: i have a brother
8:06:20 PM Mac User: he's 6 y>O
8:06:31 PM Mac User: 6 years older
8:06:38 PM Mac User: he's married
8:06:46 PM Mac User: and has a son
8:06:46 PM lianne_verdw: Nice
8:07:05 PM lianne_verdw: Good to hear that
8:07:09 PM Mac User: okk
8:07:11 PM Mac User: ok
8:07:19 PM Mac User: you're happy ?
8:07:34 PM lianne_verdw: Have you date anyone on the internet before?
8:07:45 PM lianne_verdw: Yes i am happy
8:07:53 PM Mac User: cause you seems to be some worried who i am
8:08:04 PM Mac User: that's no need youknow
8:08:10 PM lianne_verdw: If yes that you've date someone from the internet before,how does it feel when you met the person?
8:08:34 PM lianne_verdw: Yes,i need to know who you're..i hate someone that play game..
8:08:35 PM Mac User: i didn't date from the internet
8:09:05 PM Mac User: someone
8:09:08 PM Mac User: did you ?
8:09:20 PM lianne_verdw: No i havent
8:09:31 PM lianne_verdw: I am pretty new on this
8:09:33 PM lianne_verdw: You know
8:09:48 PM Mac User: well, i'm neather not an expert
8:09:50 PM Mac User: hehe
8:10:11 PM Mac User: but we love to talk to each other and that's allright i think
8:10:26 PM Mac User: don't put to much pressure on you
8:10:28 PM lianne_verdw: Yes,you make my day
8:10:37 PM Mac User: that's not god you youself
8:10:42 PM lianne_verdw: What do you like in a lady??
8:11:12 PM Mac User: hmmm, like all men i suppose
8:11:24 PM lianne_verdw: Just tell me what you like
8:11:35 PM lianne_verdw: so i can know if i have all what you want from a lady
8:11:37 PM Mac User: what i really should like
8:11:47 PM lianne_verdw: :-?
8:11:53 PM Mac User: and what's really shall be important for me
8:12:02 PM Mac User: is that she attentive for me
8:12:12 PM lianne_verdw: Yes i think i am
8:12:17 PM lianne_verdw: and
8:12:26 PM Mac User: no ending
8:12:32 PM Mac User: that's it
8:12:40 PM lianne_verdw: Ohhhh
8:12:43 PM lianne_verdw: Funny hun
8:13:09 PM lianne_verdw: Nothing like...........caring,honest,understanding,romantic,God fearing.
8:13:46 PM Mac User: if you're attentive you should be caring, honest,etc etc etc
8:13:49 PM Mac User: don't u ?
8:14:13 PM lianne_verdw: I am
8:14:18 PM lianne_verdw: U have kids?
8:14:24 PM Mac User: no
8:14:28 PM Mac User: you do ?
8:14:31 PM lianne_verdw: NO
8:14:38 PM lianne_verdw: We you love to have someday?
8:14:53 PM Mac User: if i have a nice lady, yeah
8:15:05 PM Mac User: but she must also love it ok
8:15:29 PM lianne_verdw: You're right
8:15:35 PM Mac User: thx
8:16:12 PM lianne_verdw: My ex cheat on me
8:16:17 PM Mac User: ow
8:16:19 PM Mac User: nice
8:16:38 PM lianne_verdw: so am a little bit scared to get myself into someone like him again
8:17:01 PM Mac User: tell me what went wrong ?
8:17:12 PM lianne_verdw: that was a long story
8:17:13 PM Mac User: wellif u want to tell it off course
8:17:18 PM lianne_verdw: let me start from here...
8:17:47 PM lianne_verdw: I am very happy since we have started talking online
8:18:22 PM Mac User: ok,
8:21:07 PM Mac User: i asking this, because it can be important for you/me to make to the mistakes he/you did ok
8:21:56 PM lianne_verdw: You will never understand how much i want to be loved again in my life,you will never understand how much i want to see my husband happy and see my children playing in the garden and i and my love looking at them and thanking God for what he has done for us.
8:23:30 PM Mac User: ok, but what went wrong? If you where wrong, or mading mistakes that's also ok you know
8:23:39 PM Mac User: me all made mistakes
8:25:41 PM lianne_verdw: But i am always afraid that i may never find a man that i can live this kind of a life with.i have passed through a lot in my life that i alway ask God the reason i have this kind of a heart and still living a very lonely life.
8:27:21 PM Mac User: honey, why are you afraid for ? If you ,or he made mistakes , so be it
8:27:36 PM Mac User: we can learn about our mistakes
8:27:43 PM Mac User: that's how it workd
8:27:44 PM Mac User: s
8:29:26 PM lianne_verdw: I am not in a hurry to marry tho but i am very open minded and i have to tell you exactly i am feeling.i want love and be dedicated,i want love and want to be faithful to my husband till death like my mother did.
8:30:26 PM Mac User: well i understand this as well
8:31:24 PM lianne_verdw: i happen to be the only child of the family but things started getting worse when i lost both of my parents
8:31:34 PM lianne_verdw: You know i lost them all
8:31:46 PM Mac User: hmmmm, it seems you don't want to talk about this
8:32:05 PM Mac User: well , you had a bad time after you....
8:34:07 PM lianne_verdw: I moved to stay with my aunt in Brooklyn NY and this my aunt introduce me into modeling because she is a model costumer.Her daughter was a very good friend of mine and the only person i ever love in my life she is more pretty than i am and we are very close.I wanna tell you all this from the beinging
8:35:09 PM Mac User: ow, did i interupted you ?
8:36:03 PM Mac User: i verry sorry this
8:37:42 PM lianne_verdw: along the line i met Keith and we started going out.i have never felt this way in my life and i love him so much he was everything to me and i started to think this is the will of God for me....You're not its ok..I'll tell you all what happend
8:41:51 PM lianne_verdw: After 1 year of our relationship,i went to North Boise for a job and i stayed with a friend whom we both model together but she stays there in Boise.the job never went as i wanted so i got to come home to Brooklyn earlier than expected...You can't believe what i saw
8:42:42 PM Mac User: nooo, that's not possible
8:43:07 PM Mac User: he was with another ?
8:44:21 PM Mac User: well you have dum, you have dummer, but for that you gone find out another cathegory ...
8:48:44 PM lianne_verdw: On getting home i caught my Man red handed with Faith the daughter of my sister who was my best friend then.I almost went mad and attempted suicide.But thank God that when i jumped i did not die!
8:49:31 PM lianne_verdw: that was how i met God and after some months he gave me hope for life and i went to stay with this my friend in north Boise Idaho USA.I hope you know what i mean
8:51:16 PM Mac User: well, i'm a little bit shocked about you story
8:51:44 PM lianne_verdw: Not long when i got to Boise that my friend was offered the job to come model in South Africa.she could not make it because she was about getting married then.So she introduce me to the agent and i was brought down to South Africa here.
8:53:57 PM lianne_verdw: Now she introduce me to on line dating because its the place she met her husband.I am not sure if this is right although i have since allowed my past to go behind me forever...
8:54:25 PM Mac User: Listen,You're 26, so, i'll find a suitable partner ok
8:56:36 PM Mac User: I can't almost not understand why he decides you like that
8:57:02 PM Mac User: this is really strange for me
8:57:59 PM lianne_verdw: but you must understand that i am still afraid and never want what has happened to me before to happen again.i am pulling the wall i have built around me down for the first time because of you and i think God willing this will lead us into somewhere great.
8:59:32 PM Mac User: i knew that you where afraid to tell me, that way i asked you to tell me
9:00:04 PM Mac User: It's allways less work to pull down a wall with 2 ;-)
9:00:32 PM lianne_verdw: Yeah i think
9:00:40 PM Mac User: great !
9:01:14 PM lianne_verdw: am happy that i met you
9:01:25 PM Mac User: yeah? thx
9:01:26 PM lianne_verdw: I hope someday we can get to know each other better than this
9:01:39 PM Mac User: that would be nice
9:01:54 PM lianne_verdw: I need to pee
9:01:57 PM lianne_verdw: brb
9:01:59 PM Mac User: hehe
9:02:00 PM Mac User: k
9:02:02 PM Mac User: ok
9:05:33 PM lianne_verdw: Yeah am back
9:05:38 PM Mac User: ok
9:05:47 PM lianne_verdw: wait
9:05:51 PM lianne_verdw: phone call please
9:05:56 PM Mac User: ok
9:09:06 PM lianne_verdw: oh i am not happy at all
9:09:14 PM Mac User: tell
9:09:16 PM Mac User: me
9:09:19 PM lianne_verdw: I have to see the hotel manager
9:09:25 PM Mac User: for
9:09:25 PM lianne_verdw: Please wait for me..
9:09:30 PM lianne_verdw: He sent for me..
9:10:00 PM lianne_verdw: You can't understand
9:10:14 PM lianne_verdw: I have to explain this to you when am back
9:10:39 PM Mac User: ok, do you have to leave now ???
9:11:06 PM lianne_verdw: Wait i will be back here
9:11:09 PM lianne_verdw: Ok?
9:11:18 PM lianne_verdw: Give me just 3 minute's
9:11:19 PM Mac User: ok, take you time ok
9:11:29 PM lianne_verdw: ok thanks
9:17:43 PM lianne_verdw: Am back
9:17:51 PM Mac User: hey
9:17:56 PM Mac User: tell me
9:18:16 PM lianne_verdw: We you call me?
9:18:25 PM lianne_verdw: I am tired as i am seating here now
9:18:53 PM lianne_verdw: It a long story...I don't know where to start in telling you what happend..You might not understand..
9:18:53 PM Mac User: i do not know you so well seet
9:19:10 PM Mac User: i want to wait
9:19:15 PM Mac User: if u don't mind
9:19:35 PM lianne_verdw: Me too..But we can still talk for some minute's on the phone
9:19:38 PM Mac User: i'm not trusting ppl that much
9:19:52 PM lianne_verdw: what does that mean?
9:20:40 PM Mac User: what i mean is that i really want to know you better before we gone call
9:20:55 PM Mac User: south africa is not by my door u know
9:21:16 PM lianne_verdw: Yes i know
9:21:27 PM lianne_verdw: but we can still talk on phone
9:21:35 PM lianne_verdw: maybe you're the shying type
9:21:36 PM lianne_verdw: ?
9:22:14 PM Mac User: well yeah, i can talk about some things, but i'm not a big talker you know
9:22:29 PM lianne_verdw: No problem about that
9:22:40 PM lianne_verdw: Just to chat and hear each other voice
9:22:45 PM lianne_verdw: it been nice chating with you
9:23:03 PM lianne_verdw: and am not so happy right now,i need someone to make me feel better
9:23:06 PM Mac User: we have still plenty of time to know each other ok
9:23:20 PM Mac User: well enjoy
9:23:32 PM lianne_verdw: I know
9:23:53 PM Mac User: so, when gone you be in the uk ?
9:24:11 PM lianne_verdw: I should be on my way tomorow noon
9:24:19 PM lianne_verdw: thats why the hotel manager called me
9:24:38 PM Mac User: well ok, so, maybe we can call then ok
9:24:51 PM lianne_verdw: You can't call me now
9:24:59 PM Mac User: i don't think it should work anyway
9:25:27 PM lianne_verdw: Ok..
9:25:49 PM lianne_verdw: I need some help,i don't know if you can help me out of this mess...
9:25:53 PM Mac User: i tried in tjechie and it didn't work soo
9:26:10 PM lianne_verdw: what
9:26:11 PM Mac User: with
9:26:17 PM Mac User: to call u
9:26:31 PM lianne_verdw: you have to call me from your phone
9:26:40 PM Mac User: i tried from tjechie to belgium and it didn't work
9:26:47 PM Mac User: i don't have one
9:28:06 PM Mac User: well if you're in the uk , that will work
9:28:06 PM lianne_verdw: You don't have phone?
9:28:10 PM Mac User: nope
9:28:22 PM lianne_verdw: Ok
9:29:13 PM lianne_verdw: brb
9:30:17 PM lianne_verdw: what are you doing?
9:30:32 PM Mac User: surfing
9:30:59 PM lianne_verdw: I dont know it you'll understand why the hotel manager called me
9:31:16 PM Mac User: tellme
9:32:05 PM Mac User: hello
9:32:38 PM lianne_verdw: I am crying right now
9:32:54 PM Mac User: ow? for ?
9:35:32 PM lianne_verdw: I must confess that i did not really know how to start this because i am not sure how you will take this but i will be more than glad if you will understand me very well.
9:36:25 PM Mac User: well you didn't tell me why
9:37:41 PM lianne_verdw: I hope to meet you someday.But before anything let me tell you again that i am a very God fearing lady and i will never hurt a good feeling because i am not sure i can live with a conscience that does not judge me well.
9:38:20 PM Mac User: get over the bridge ok, tell me what you want to tell
9:40:06 PM Mac User: i work here with a laptop and my battery is allmost done,sooo
9:40:38 PM lianne_verdw: babe,something is happening to me here that i would have told you before now,but i am not sure if its the best thing to tell you or not but as things are going for me here now,i think it will be the best for me to let you know my mind.but first i will be very hurt if you doubt me in whatever way and i want you to believe that everything i tell you in this mail is the truth at least if you are a bit curious i will understand because of things that are happening in our world now.So you're going?
9:42:51 PM Mac User: well allmost i think
9:43:02 PM Mac User: he's gone fall out
9:43:23 PM lianne_verdw: I came down to South Africa here for an important reason:I need some money to start my life all over again after all i have passed through after the death of my Parents,i want to get enough money to establish myself based on my other professional line because even then i have been thinking of quiting modeling.when are we gonna talk again?
9:44:46 PM Mac User: do you asking money to me,or, do you just telling this to me
9:45:10 PM lianne_verdw: So if i ask you for help
9:45:16 PM lianne_verdw: you wouldnt help me ?
9:45:33 PM Mac User: no, i can't offer you that
9:45:38 PM Mac User: u know that well
9:46:02 PM lianne_verdw: Ok
9:46:09 PM lianne_verdw: I need you to help me with some cash
9:46:18 PM lianne_verdw: i believe you can help me out
9:46:50 PM Mac User: maybe i can, but if i want this is another question
9:47:05 PM Mac User: why do you want to quit then with modeling
9:47:30 PM Mac User: you're alone so what's the prob
9:47:33 PM lianne_verdw: Because i wanna move on with my life,i need a patner
9:48:22 PM lianne_verdw: and i think i told you all this
9:48:36 PM lianne_verdw: I wanna stop all this traveling around
9:48:41 PM Mac User: ok, but do you think that you partner will be happy with that proposition ?
9:48:47 PM lianne_verdw: i wanna start my life all over again
9:49:08 PM lianne_verdw: I don't need my partner to help me with money
9:49:22 PM lianne_verdw: I need my partner to be honest and looving man
9:49:55 PM Mac User: how did you come to debts ?
9:50:07 PM lianne_verdw: I have the money i need for my business
9:50:22 PM lianne_verdw: But the company will be paying me by thursday
9:50:24 PM Mac User: ok, but there are banks for you know
9:50:55 PM lianne_verdw: all i need here now is the balance to ballance up my bill here
9:51:07 PM lianne_verdw: i need some cash to balance up my bill at tyhe hotel here..
9:51:15 PM lianne_verdw: thats why the hotel manager called me
9:51:27 PM lianne_verdw: because he know's am traveling out from here tomomrow
9:51:44 PM lianne_verdw: so they told me that i have to pay my bill before checking out
9:52:01 PM lianne_verdw: The money i needed will be return back to you on thursday
9:52:21 PM Mac User: well these are things for you manager i suppose
9:52:37 PM lianne_verdw: If you can help me out,I can make the flight down to your place
9:52:45 PM lianne_verdw: Yes but his not around now
9:52:59 PM lianne_verdw: I haven't hear from him since 5 days back now
9:53:16 PM Mac User: can't you call him ?
9:53:25 PM lianne_verdw: I done that
9:53:28 PM lianne_verdw: but no luck
9:54:15 PM Mac User: well i should be understanding that i don't doing this
9:54:31 PM lianne_verdw: Yes
9:54:48 PM lianne_verdw: all i just need to do right now is to pay the money and check out here
9:54:58 PM lianne_verdw: I really need to balance this peoples
9:55:27 PM Mac User: well ok, but that you shouldn't asking to me you know
9:55:58 PM Mac User: the bill from be hotel must be sending to the mangers agency
9:56:03 PM Mac User: and that's it
9:56:26 PM Mac User: you're working for him soo
9:56:34 PM lianne_verdw: Just wait
9:56:39 PM lianne_verdw: calm down
9:56:48 PM Mac User: i'm calm
9:59:07 PM Mac User: i saw already you're adres on a blacklist, so it's not the first time you doing this ...
9:59:22 PM lianne_verdw: I arrived here with my Boss,we got to the hotel and it was a great surprise to me when my promoter told me that we will have to organize hotel for ourself and that we will have to book for one apartment hotel room because he can't afford to get two different room for both us.It was then that i have started suspecting that something iswrong.
9:59:29 PM lianne_verdw: WHAT THE HELL YOU MEAN?
10:00:52 PM Mac User: well, i found you adres on a blacklist
10:00:59 PM lianne_verdw: that what
10:01:14 PM Mac User: what do you mean ?
10:01:19 PM Mac User: that what
10:01:26 PM lianne_verdw: Just tell you cant help me
10:01:38 PM Mac User: ?
10:01:43 PM lianne_verdw: all i need is just 500usd
10:01:46 PM lianne_verdw: to balance up
10:02:00 PM lianne_verdw: i know you're trying to avoid helping me
10:02:10 PM Mac User: nope i don't
10:02:46 PM Mac User: don't u believe me or what
10:03:10 PM Mac User: r looking ?
10:03:18 PM lianne_verdw: that what
10:03:27 PM lianne_verdw: i am not what you said
10:03:40 PM lianne_verdw: stop playing around
10:04:31 PM Mac User: well ok, but you can wwork it out ok
10:06:13 PM lianne_verdw: i dont believe you're telling me this
10:06:34 PM Mac User: well ok, don't believe it then ok
10:06:49 PM lianne_verdw: we you help me or not?
10:06:58 PM Mac User: no
10:07:10 PM Mac User: not for now
10:07:55 PM Mac User: that's it for now ??
10:08:29 PM lianne_verdw: you cant help me with the amount i need?
10:08:46 PM Mac User: can't you read or what ?
10:09:33 PM Mac User: again, that's it for now ?
10:09:45 PM lianne_verdw: whats that
10:10:01 PM Mac User: is that all you wanted to know
10:11:19 PM Mac User: tsssss, this for thinking should be a yes for me
10:11:21 PM Mac User: bye
10:11:23 PM lianne_verdw: :(
10:11:44 PM lianne_verdw: and you let me down
10:11:59 PM lianne_verdw: i have been developing intrest in you
10:12:13 PM Mac User: wel
10:13:22 PM Mac User: hmmmm, maybe i should upload this conversation
10:15:26 PM Mac User: tsss, jee you're quite now

Other Comments:
this is an copy of my conversation against liliianne
Nice scam


2008-07-13, 18:58:25   (updated: )
[hidden] from Belgium  

2008-07-13, 18:58:25   (updated: )
[hidden] from Belgium  

2008-07-13, 18:58:25   (updated: )
[hidden] from Belgium  

2008-07-14, 13:21:19
OJAS from United States  

1) Before posting run picture search of your downloaded pix at the bottom of this page. Among hits choose the top-most link. By posting where the scammer has a dedicated thread, or in the most active thread, (top-most link) it makes it easier for readers to follow the scammer activity.

2) The hits will show existing link(s) if any, under This image was also posted here: Among hits choose the top-most link. By posting where the scammer has a dedicated thread, or in the most active thread, (top-most link) it makes it easier for readers to follow the scammer activity.

3) Next step is to see if it is a celebrity picture http://www.anti-sca..otos.html
3A) If so, logon to http://images.googl..arch?hl=en SafeSearch click No filtering, search the exact phrase of the celebrity name

4) Next open http://www.scammerl..ist_2.html and if she is found, open that page. She may be a celebrity here, step 3A as above
2009-03-16, 11:52:39
She is trying the same thing with me right now. She even used the same exact sentences.
2009-07-28, 16:27:40
Yeap this lianne has done it again, here is a taste of her latest crud. I love busting scams and spam, spammers beware:

Re: It also brightened my day to hear from you.Monday, 27 July, 2009 6:07 PM

From: 'Lianne Der V W' <>

How are you doing today?iam sure you are feeling good and happy always remember that you should put God first in everything you do.Yes i did love the poety you sent to me,and i am waiting to read your mail and also to look at your pictures..I don't have msn now but i can try to get one if possible for me to get...Please try and read it and keep it personaly..i just wanna seize this opportunity to tell you about my dreams for the future and to tell you past of my innermost secret because i think so far i should be able to trust you and also if things go another way at least i will know i have tell you all in me but i believe i should be able to trust you because you sound nice..I have soo many dreams and hope for the future and accordingto Myles Muroe in one of his books,he said and i qoute''dreams are not what can determination to achieve them.If i get out of here as soon as possible if iam goona practise what is on my mind will depend on my husband but my number one goal now is to have a settled home with a loving and caring husband and with healthy children 1 or 2 .tho as you know that its not an easy thing for a girl who has all what it takes to dine with the powerfull and influential people,but i have experinced that and discovered that they can just buy you the best meal at the best restaurant and take you to many places but they can never give you the happiness one realy needed because sooner or later they will be tired of you and dump you for another new girl because they' ve got all it takes to get any type of lady they want.but when one is determined to strike and suffer with a man one love soo much and things get better,it will be difficult for that type of man not to make one Dear i have determined to settle down with a man that will make me happy and if we are happy and comfortable,everything other things will be added by God.And iam sure i have found the man in you.Now i just want you to give me sometime to get thing settled here ok.i will soon leave this South Africa in a couple of days.Stay blessed and if you know you can be the man for me,we can start something henceforth.i hope i can trust you...I don't know how you wish to meet me on my way back home,because am sure i should be out of here this week.
Jade Lianne Paul
2010-04-24, 07:31:03
She is trying the same thing with me right now. She even used the same exact sentences.



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