Name: Rose Awal

Email: Rose Is For Real*******Awal Is For Real

PO Box
Acurra Ghana

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Also uses
Awalsakibu Muhammed
Jannie Guevara' This one would come to you after you shut down her IM Identity, and no longer accept IM's from her. This was accompanied by a death threat that read as follows'
'g Death in the morning and at day.s ending'
and the insertion of a pic of child abuse and the last of the message:
'If you would understand them better, then I bid you come with me,. said Aragorn; .for that way I now shall take. But I do not go gladly; only need drives me. Therefore, only of your free will would I have you come, for you will find both toil and great fear, and maybe worse.. .Whither did he go?. asked .omer. '
Appeared on,, and presently as CaringDebraSeek at