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Dating scammer Lyudmila Balina


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Name: Lyudmila Balina


Kazan Russia

Other Comments:
My favourite I only to come back from the airport. I have many news.
And the most important it, that it I can arrive to you directly from my city. I have learned, that I can sit in the plane directly from Kazan. I am very glad to it.
But it is a little more dear!
I observed various flight of dates. The prices for tickets
In many respects depend on a class of the plane and from which I shall fly and in how many.
I wish to tell, that I, I shall buy the cheapest tickets onboard the plane.
I considered many companies and tried to choose most of all
The best tickets. I should tell, cost of tickets
Includes taxes and tax collections of taxes of the airports. One ticket will take the onboard plane from me
415 American dollars. It really lowest prices. It - not so the high price in comparison with 900 dollars
On higher class. There there are tickets and more dear. For example
It is 2500!!! But such dear places in the plane are not necessary for me.
I shall fly in the cheapest class, if only this plane
Has connected our hearts!!! Mine Rune, in other words I demand
In 830 dollars for my tickets.
Actually my visa is yet ready. I have nothing to do in Moscow it is necessary to arrive to my city to wait the visa but only after I show
Tickets of travel to embassy. I wish to explain once again to you, that I should buy tickets directly here in Russia.
I should prove it my material stability. For me it would be better, if you have bought for me tickets, but it
It is impossible in our case because I receive the visa of the tourist, and I should show in embassy of the receipt on payment from my name.
You understand it? Please, trust me all heart. I promise you, that I shall take all things correctly. I shall arrive to you as I promise. I very much
I wish to arrive to you. I wish to have with you the best life, and I shall not refuse it. We should trust each other.
As soon as I buy tickets, I shall inform you information concerning tickets, that you could meet me. I shall show tickets in embassy
And then it is necessary to wait only when my documents and the visa are ready. And we shall wait our meeting! I promised in embassy, that I shall soon bring tickets. I very much we hope for your help. Please, take all things of soon money as it is possibly fast. I shall not bring your trust,
It would be very good if you have sent me of money as it is possibly fast, that process of reception of the visa has been advanced.
I plan my flight you on September, 7th. Rune, you understand,
It can be day of our meeting!!! I so want that it more soon to arrive!
I would like to arrive to you as it is possibly fast, but anyhow I should wait.
I do a lot of prophetic here. It is very difficult for me, I did not think, that to me will be so one here.
I want, that you have sent me letters often. Thus I shall feel your support.
Please write words of love and tenderness to me more. Well? It very much helps.
You have ordered to me about trust, and I also trust you my heart. I shall take all things correctly here.
I love All of you heart! By the way, I ask, that you used system of translations MoneyGramm or Western Union. You know this system of translations? I shall arrive home and to wait, when you will send money. Then I shall buy tickets of travel and to show in embassy.
I also wish to remind, that you used my name. As I have already written to it
My name Lyudmila Balina.
I looked at bank western union in Moscow.
I also should know, the number of a remittance that receives your money. These are numbers MTSN. Well? Also, to receive your money I require on your full name and the post address.
We already have made much for our meeting. I shall be removed up to the end, and we shall receive our happiness!
I shall wait your letter soon! My heart will break, but I know, it
Soon we shall together. With love, yours Lyudmila.


2008-08-17, 18:18:59   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

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Dating scammer Lyudmila Balina

2008-08-17, 18:18:59   (updated: )
[hidden] from Norway  

2008-08-18, 01:51:27
anonymous from Norway  
Of couse I never did send any money...thanks to this site:)
2008-08-18, 07:35:42
anonymous from Norway  
Privet Kim!
How are you? Well! My day today has begun well enough. I as usually make for a breakfast. Last night I went to shops. I in general very much like to be at home and to be borrowed affairs on the house. Nevertheless it is necessary to replace for me motor oil in my car. I have passed already sufficient long distance, and now I should make service! I go for work above my car and therefore I should care of the car. Except for my car I the good mistress on kitchen! I like to prepare! I the good cook! I am assured, that you love the Pizza! I do not like to enter into restaurants of fast submission. I to care my health. I try to eat only natural products. I to not drink alcohol it is a lot of. I do not smoke also. The woman should possess natural beauty! I care of my body. I am engaged in sports meets also. I to be borrowed Fitnes! I visit Fitnes-club.
Well, I wish to tell to you, that your life is interesting to me very much. Please, speak me in the greatest possible degree. Well? All we people and I understand you as the person, but we from various cultures, and I possibly do not know some things. I shall be glad to receive news from you about it! Your letters help me to represent your life better. Kim, I would like to ask you about your hobbies. Than you especially like to be borrowed? You like to observe TV? You like to go on shops? YOU play on musical instruments? I know, it anyway you should have a hobby! You love music? I like to listen to various types of music! It possibly depends on my mood. I love classical music! I have many disks of the house! Nevertheless I like to go to cinema. Pity consists in that that I have no many free times to visit cinema and theatre? I already during long time was not at theatre, and I think, that this art! Unfortunately our daily life, we have a lot of work. Therefore not always probably to find there is enough Time to go and take entertainment. You agree with me? We people already adult and to us are specific many other cares. I hope, that my letters from you do not get tired also to you interestingly that I to you I write. I only wish to show you my life and to tell who I such. I can sometimes be very curious! Well?
I have no phone, but anyway I can force you by phone with telegraf, you have telegraf? I think, that we should speak on the Internet before I call by phone.
Usually men suggest to meet to the woman, men suggest to enter restaurant, into cinema. Men the first heart of the offer. I the independent woman. I wish to feel similarly to the woman. Some men do not estimate the woman. Kim, you should look to me first of all concerning the woman. Unfortunately we while is far we have no opportunity to meet. Though I very much would like to see you! Anyway our very unusual acquaintance is interesting to me! It is fair to tell, here in Russia some men offer me friendship. I young and attractive enough. But I to you have already told, that I want serious attitudes, and I wish to create my family outside of Russia.
You very much involve me also to me interestingly to speak with you! I shall hope, that you also wish to speak with me, and it is interesting to you. You now my good friend! Anything to itself! I have the friend in other country! The Internet a remarkable thing!
Please, only be in earnest to me. Well? Possibly you the person of my dream? I with you shall be always frank. I promise you it.
Well, I should come back. I shall possibly close this letter. Write I am fast!!! Send your pictures! I shall wait your letter! Sincerely, Lyudmila.

All is good? I did not receive from you any letters!
I hope that you will write to me.

My name is Lyudmila. I live in Russia. Acquaintance on the Internet now is popular all over the world. I have noticed Your structure. You live in Norway in this good place to live I very much, I love your mysterious country!
Norway is the country of freedom? I never was in Norway However, I know about your country a little. Each person has the right By a good life and you have sufficient freedom to have a worthy life. Everyone has equal opportunities at employment. In Norway I think more Opportunities of a good life. There, where I now live it not the best Place to live and create family. But even in such country I can make Good residing. I like to work, I have family, and I want to Have the best life with good the person whom I shall love also which Will love me. I think, that women, here good enough to be as the wife for Norway. I the woman who estimates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not spoiled by an easy and carefree life.
I looked your structure on the Internet, and you have drawn my attention. We could study each other better. I also wish to draw your attention and therefore I today shall not write much. I only shall tell now, that to me of 29 years. My growth of 170 centimeters. My weight of 58 kg. I hope, that you understand, that I wish to create family, I wish to live in Norway and to have the best life.
I have in this life everything, except for family and existing love. I search for love now. I not the poor woman. I, that concern to middle class in Russia. I have good work, and I have here good money for residing. Except for that I am rich spiritually.
I also wish to speak that my English language is not perfect. I hope that you understand my letter. Excuse if I do not notice some questions. But all that I write to you it I. I do not use any the machine of translation.
I hope, you can see my pictures. Write to me!
With hope, Lyudmila.
ps: I Hope, that you will write to me but if you do not wish to write to me I ask that you spoke me about it at once. I respect with honesty. I hope that you will like my photos.

Good day!
My name is Lyudmila.
I don't have a boyfriend but I dream of meeting him as well as all the girls in the world!! and I will be happy to love and be loved by someone who is smart, merry and understanding person. As for me I can say that i am simple and patient, sincere and honest person , very sociable and with a good sense of humor. I have a nice figure! I liked you profile and I would like to know more about you, I will send you my photo with pleasure!!! And I think that you can become my friend and I will be pleased to recieve your messages!! But I don't have time now to come into the website and that's why I ask you to write me a this email: llyudmas(@)
I will look forward to hear from you!!!

2008-08-20, 07:39:30
anonymous from Norway  

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Dating scammer Lyudmila Balina

2008-08-20, 07:43:18
anonymous from Norway  
Same women send me many emails, and picutres, thanks to this page i was sure she was a scammer, she did to many 'mistakes' to make me send money IM very happy for this site, to help people not to bee fooled
This image was also posted here:
Is this Russian girl scamming me? How to recognize scammers

2008-08-25, 09:25:48  
It is not true. I am for really. Dont trust men, are lying. Me trust. Mail to me you send please. Maybe we can meet?
2008-08-25, 14:40:35
anonymous from Sweden  
Hello *****!My name is Lyudmila. This letter shows you, that I not live in the Sweden. It is a mistake. I live in Russia. I wrote, that I live in Russia, but it was said anyhow, that I'm from the Sweden, therefore not to be surprised.I live in Russia. The matter is that acquaintance on the Internet now is popular all over the world. I have noticedyour profile. *****, you live in the Sweden and this is a good place to live!I've never been to the Sweden however, but I know about your country much. Each person has the right to a good life and you have enough freedom to have a worthy life. Everyone has equal opportunities.In the Sweden I think more opportunities for a good life. There where I now live is not the best place to live and create a family. But even in such country I can do a good living. I like to work, I have family values and I want to have the best life with a good man, the man who I shall love and who will love me as well. I think that women here are good enough to be the wife of the Swede. I am the woman who appreciates love, fidelity, honesty. I am not spoiled by easy and carefree life. I saw your profile on the Internet and you have drawn my attention. We can know each other better. I also want to draw your attention by myletter and that's why today I won't write much to you. I only willl tell now, that I'm of 28 years.I hope, that you understand, that I want to create a family, I want to live in the Sweden and to have the best life. I achieved in life much, I have got used to go up to the end in achieving the purpose. I have verything in this life except for family and true love. I am searching for love now. I am not a poor woman. I belong to the middle class in Russia. I have a good work and I have enough money for living here. Besides I am rich spiritually. I hope, you can see my pictures. With hope, Lyudmila.Saturday, August 2, 2008

2008-09-05, 22:28:45
anonymous from United States  
My name is Lyudmila.
How are you doing?
I find your profile and e-mail on a site of acquaintances
I wish to find more friend and my love.
If you are real, are interested, answer me, and we can begin the acquaintance.
It is a little about me. On October, 12th 1979 I was born.
I work as the agent under the real estate.
I wish to find the person who can love me which I also the ready will love and care which
will support me in a difficult situation which I will support also.
And I trust, I can have all part what you
Want in the soul mate,
From thousand people which goes here, I find, that you my true
Choice and I hope, that you should feel the same also. It mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!
Really remarkable moment as writes this letter to you, and I pray
That I should hear the good answer and the answer of sweat from you. You can be in
Long distance from me, but I believe, that the love can make all. I
Believe, that the love can move mountain, and the love can turn a life of people to
Remarkable life and sweet one. Well, I wish, that you have written to me in
E-mail also allows conversation and to learn more about each other.
My new friend I ask, that you have written to me on
Because the Internet here is very bad, but on e-mail I can check up mine
Mail easily.
I will be great to read the good letter from you.
Hoping in the God of love and in the power of love I hope to receive news from you.
Thanks for reading of my letter.

2008-09-17, 09:16:52   (updated: 2008-09-17, 09:21:18)
anonymous from Norway  
Hello my dear R love.
> Now is the moment of truth. i will confess to you. i
>have tickets to plane
> to night. And i will love to travel to you. But there is
>a but here. i am
> not really who i said i am. But i still love you and
>wants to travel tonight
> to you. OK?
> i am glad i am wellconnected to ISP's around europe,
>also in scandinavia. So
> it is easy for me to track down men who write to me.
>This is not a bad
> thing, i only wants to meet you in person and hold you.
>So i am coming to
> you to night and i hope you meet me at the airport. It
>will be more effort
> if i have to travel to you in the little place called
>S. Yes R, i hope
> you are not disappointment at me that i know your name
>and where you live.
> You see, i cant afford using money to travel and dont be
>paid back. So i
> hope you can at least pay me when i arrive. i send you a
>real picture of me
> and i hope you still wants me to come. I would like to
>sleep with you in
> your bed. If you dont want me to come you tell as fast
>as possible so maybe
> i can get back some money for the tickets. If its to
>late i must travel
> anyway and i demand you pay your share. About the
>picture, it is old. i am
> looking better now and i have a nice body. If you dont
>pick me up, i dont
> want to knock on the wrong door so please confirm that
>you live in the
> street called r. If you hurry to answer i can send
>you more letters
> with pictures of me so you can se all me (sexy). i hope
>this is good news
> for you.
> Please send answer quick.
> R love you. You with love, yours Igor V.
2008-09-23, 12:46:34
anonymous from Chile  
Estimados les quiero contar que he publicado en facebook el nombre, apellido y fotos de esta muchacha, me gustaria que todos hicieran lo mismo con las diferens mujeres que los engañaron o estafaron... hagan lo mismo para que otros puedan buscar los nombres de estas muchachas en facebook y lean a lo que se enfrentan



2008-09-24, 21:49:49
anonymous from Chile  
Ojo amigos, estos son estafadores profesionales

2008-09-25, 18:35:05
anonymous from Chile  

2009-01-26, 16:05:42
anonymous from Argentina  
parece que hay un chileno que esta enamorado



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