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Dating scammer Ann Margaret Coleman


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Name: Ann Margaret Coleman


Sand Hotel Lagos, Nigeria

Other Comments:
She tells a tale of a dead mother, cheating father, wicked step mother that stole her inheritance. Also a boyfriend from France that poisoned her. Needs $2065.00 to release $15,000 from a bogus Finance Company (Mac Hall)

Then she asks for money because she is having trouble paying for her hotel. Asks for me to offer her help unconditionally.

It smells like a scam to me

Here is a copy of one of the messages

How are you today?I am new in this dating world ,i don't have anybody in my life right now,am fed up of this lonely life,i want someone by my side that i can call mine,i want a man that will love me with all his heart in which i will do in return,Am happy we are both looking for the same thing,i pray things work out,but it all depends,i have been played several times,i don't want any man to break my heart again.please be 100% real.

Tell me about your past relationship,do you have any kid?do you live alone?do you have your own home?what kind of job do you do?We are now friends now so to get to know each other very well i want you to email me everyday at least twice in a day and tell me all you do everyday,i need a companion,i will always get back to you asap.My full name is Coleman Margaret Ann ,My Mum is British and my Dad is from USA. I 'm 6.2 inches tall, brown eyes, brown hair.

Am unemployed as for now and i lost every thing my left for me to my step mother. As a person i'm sincere, open minded, romantic, and 100% authentic.I don't like to hide behind my finger, i tell everything as it is..I really focus to the real meaning of life and i'm not superficial at all.My experiences in life made me now ready to make something that really worth with a single like me who will understand me,love me, support me, giving his best for the good of our relationship.

I like to workout/exercise (physical fitness), read, travel,going to Beach,go to cinema,cooking,i like music(jazz,hip-hop,rap),i like watching movies during my leisure time(Romantic and comedy) sports especially soccer and basketball,I like all kinds of food, especially food that tastes good. For the meats I like chicken,turkey, beef ,Salad and veal, I don't particularly like,vegetables (hate, squash, sweet potatoes, rutabaga and stewed tomatoes, etc.). I love deserts such as cakes,pies,and ice cream/frozen yogurt.I'm quiet when I should be quiet and at the same timeI possess a lively sense of humor. I like to laugh.and to make people laugh. Laughing is good for ones health. flexible, sensitive, humorous, intelligent, understanding, supportive, sensitive & attentive. I love traveling and I'm adventurous.

I don't want you to hide your feelings so you can tell me anything from your mind,i have a big heart,i will understand,but i just want us to communicate at least twice in a day that is very important,i want you to take care of yourself,please i want an answer to the questions i asked.I attached my picture to this message,i will hope to hearing from you soon.Please tell me more about you what you do,where you live and so on i want you to attach some of your pictures in your next letter.I just want you to know age is just a number so am not bothered with your age so far you have a good heart.

Honesty and open mind is all i seek... and am looking for more than a friend... Age is just a Number , have write simply because i feel i can trust you and have some thing with you ... Am willing to move to any where i can be happy .


2008-08-25, 19:12:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  
2008-08-25, 19:12:39   (updated: )
[hidden] from Canada  

2008-08-25, 19:36:38
anonymous from Canada  

2008-09-25, 19:46:44
anonymous from Mexico  
Last mail of Ann Margaret Coleman... She was trying to get some money, but I found this page, so, I let you this mail... (First mail she sent me was exactly to the message on the top)

Thank you so much for getting back to me ... and also telling more about you every time ... i like to know that i will also love to meet you in person too .. i will love to make you and enjoy the important things in the world together as husban and wife ... But how ? is the question i keep asking my self ... currently am having some personal problem which i told you about in here that i needed helped with .

My dear, I am happy to hear that you had a great weekend,,, In here i didn't haeve a nice one ,.. as i worried about most things... I think about my life and wht have gone through also thinking about you and need to ask you for some help .

i don't know how to say this ... coz i don't want you to think of me wrong ... I will like to know if you can help me with my hotel bill ... also did you have a yahoo im ..

How is your day going so far .

Lots of Love



2008-09-25, 19:49:36
anonymous from Mexico  
The last one...

Am doing fine cool .. it's great reading back from you today ... How are you doing over there hope fine and cool ... Your night hope it went on great ... You don't have to give excuse cuz i understand you need to work and you will be busy ...I just want you to know that am interested in you and will love to get closer to you always .

Well sweetie i need about $735 usd i know this is much but i will appreciate any thing you are able to help me with ... I know i should be asking but am in need of it right now ... In here i don't have a bank account and the best way you can get that to me ... is through western union ... Have you ever heard of that before ... let me knw... so that i can give you the details you need to get that accross to me .

How is your going out there toay .. How is the weather ?

Lots of LOve



2008-10-16, 15:12:19
I was recently contacted by this same person and after a few e-mails, I looked up this type of scam on the Internet and sent her a few links and told her not to e-mail me again. Here is a copy of her last message:

I will reply this email now ... Just becoz i want you to know that am not whom you think and all have said my self is the ture... You will be the second person to think wrong of me ... and that i will say is very bad of you ... Honey i know you must feel now ... But one thing i need you to know is that ... am not trying to get money from you ... i won't be surprise if you read about me on net too .... just becoz am being honest like this ... a fool did post me online and talk shits about me ... after telling me he was going to give me happiness and also will marry me .

I don't know now but i feel bad in here and i will wish the best of luck as you have request ... But one thing i want to say to you ... that you did fail me for thinking wrong of me ... am the lady from Russia and also am not a Scammer ... i feel bad now and i think being honest is putting me into this mess now ... i feel bad real bad now ... Just when i thought of being happy again in my life ... shits did came up and all is going wrong again.

If you read this mail ... i want you to know that am honest with you ... and i will always be.

waiting to read and learn more about you.

Lots of Love



2008-10-16, 15:13:23
anonymous from United States  
Here is another photo she sends as well.

2008-10-16, 15:14:08
anonymous from United States  
And another:

2008-10-16, 15:14:37   (updated: 2008-10-16, 15:15:27)
anonymous from United States  
And yet, one more:

2008-10-20, 12:04:58
It is sad what people will try and do to others.
2008-11-05, 11:04:30
We want to acknowledge your letter and also confirm that we have a client in the name Miss Ann Colemann. I want to believe that you have the Deposit Details from her and i will like to state that before we can proceed on anything you need to send the details to the company then we can start precedures of the claims.

The name of the company is Hall Mac Security and Finance Company Loctaed in Lagos Nigeria and incorporated since 1992.Our website is currently under construction which will soon be in full functioning. You already have the email to the company and also the contact person.

If you have anymore questions regarding anything i will be glad to answer you,please reply with the Details of Deposit so we can get this started with.

Thanks for your Co-operation.


Larry Samith( Custodian Manager).

Hall Mac Security & Finance Company
Lagos, Nigeria
Tell : 234-703-101-1292
: 234-1-744-5605

2009-12-09, 12:12:52
anonymous is another address she uses. Name has changed slightly, also another picture has been used




Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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