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Dating scammer Tatyana (photos: Raven Riley)


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Name: Tatyana


Russia, Pavlovsk, Lomonosova st. 8, flat 21, post code(zip) -659001.

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This is pictures of Raven Riley.

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2010-02-19, 13:59:57
andy from United Kingdom  
i've talking this person too, gave a name of nancy rodham a nurse working at a hospital in cape coast in ghana,wanting to come to the uk,asks for 5000usd because of a declaretoin leeter from ghana immigration,andy

2010-02-20, 12:07:27
anonymous from United States  
jdtaustin, you can't get this male (99% are males) offline or behind bars. Their governments looks the other way because the scammers bring so much money into their economy. The only way to slow them down is by educating the public!
2010-02-20, 19:33:31   (updated: 2010-02-20, 19:38:30)
anonymous from M÷nchengladbach, Germany  
Hi there, her┬┤s a new one, calls herself Fauzia Osumanu,
32 years of age from Ghana. but she looks much younger.
Tracking the IP┬┤s where the e-mails where sent from you get some results like
Accra in Greater Accra/Ghana
as also in Paris/France
and Cote d Azur/France
even an IP in the US
met her through friendscout24
her e-mail adress:
her face looks familiar
she also writes with no sense
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova
Dating scammer Fauzia Osumanu

2010-02-20, 20:33:04
OJAS from United States  
Danke, Deutschland. Bitte schreibe auch f├╝r die deutschsprachlichen Besucher http://www.delphifa..=101#85610
2010-02-21, 07:51:57
anonymous from Germany  
No Problem, i┬┤ll do it right away
2010-02-23, 14:17:26
anonymous from United States  
Hey you all I have a new scammer and goes by the name of She said she was in U.K. as a fashion designer I will post I.M. and email but she all of a sudden showed up on my im saturday and we started talking I knew right away that it was a scammer for she/he has 2 first name name lol so I decided to play along with it....and today2/23/2010 asked me to help get boxes for to renew passport and paperwork and mentioned money so BEWARE A NEW ONE IS ON PROWL... here is the first im 2/20/2010

12:01:13 PM jane_joel2000: <ding>
12:01:17 PM jane_joel2000: Hello
12:03:02 PM hello
12:03:14 PM do i know u
12:03:31 PM jane_joel2000: No .. I am Jane Joel from United Kingdom and u
12:03:48 PM i am from usa
12:05:27 PM jane_joel2000: Ok ... Can you tell me what are you looking for on the internet here and how many years you have been on here
12:06:02 PM looking for friendship or a relationship and have been on for 5 years
12:06:50 PM and u
12:08:24 PM jane_joel2000: Ohhh ... I am also looking for a long-term relationship that will lead me to marriage and a serious man who need happy family
12:08:55 PM ohhh nice thats great
12:09:49 PM jane_joel2000: Good ... So how many ladies have you met online here and how was your conversation with them
12:11:17 PM 3 very nice conversations basically exchanged emails pics but we decided to be friends
12:12:07 PM so how many guys have u met online and how was your conversations with them ....
12:13:02 PM jane_joel2000: Well i have only met 2guys on here .. but not chatting with anymore .. Because they are looking for a fun and hard games which i am not intrested into ...
12:14:12 PM ohh i see i know what u mean most of them just want to play games or have one night stands etc...
12:14:47 PM jane_joel2000: Are you single and looking or married with kids Dennis ...You are right ...
12:16:13 PM am single and looking to get married but no kids
12:16:15 PM and u
12:16:55 PM jane_joel2000: Cool .... I am also single never been married with none kids ... so can you tell me what you do for a living ?
12:17:24 PM data entry and
12:18:19 PM jane_joel2000: I am a fashion designer here in London ... Are you still chatting with those girl you have in your address book
12:18:54 PM ohh nice...... haven't chatted with them since november...
12:20:31 PM jane_joel2000: Ohhh really
12:20:32 PM jane_joel2000: why
12:21:06 PM they went on trip with there new boyfriends and probably wouldn't be back on for a long while...
12:21:28 PM jane_joel2000: All of them ...
12:22:24 PM all 3 of them turns out they were all from same area and knew each other
12:22:37 PM so they are all gone for a while
12:23:24 PM jane_joel2000: Ok .. have you ever chat with any lady from United Kingdom
12:24:07 PM one who was a model from united states but in a chat room but haven't seen her on here for a long time
12:24:48 PM jane_joel2000: Ok .. Good ... I have some questions to ask from you before i started telling you little about me
12:25:02 PM okay
12:25:16 PM jane_joel2000: Good
12:25:23 PM jane_joel2000: What do you seek for in a relationship?
12:27:40 PM some one who is loving, honest, caring, compassionate, independent, truthful, beleives in god, someone who knows that it takes 2 for a relationship to work, someone who will share household duties....loves sports, loves movies, any kind of music.. walks on beach....
12:28:29 PM jane_joel2000: That's good ... I so much love your answer to that question ...What are the basic qualities you seek for in a woman ?
12:31:46 PM loving, compassionate, beauty inner or outer makes no difference, down to earth, fun, easy going, caring and must love children
12:31:58 PM hard working
12:32:02 PM independent
12:32:05 PM jane_joel2000: Cool Tell me more about your past relationship?
12:34:34 PM 2 relationships one lasted 3 years a momma's girl didn't want to live without mommy being there.....she was 5 yrs younger than me...last relationship lasted 13 yrs and she got tired of not having any money when i paid both her bills and my bills for we had seperate places and i got tired of fitting the bills when she didn't work all the time.....the last ex we had lots in common but the one thing she didn't really want to do was help with paying bills
12:36:31 PM jane_joel2000: Really ... that's bad ... How many years have you been single?
12:37:00 PM 5
12:37:58 PM how bout u
12:38:59 PM jane_joel2000: 3years
12:39:07 PM jane_joel2000: What's being single like?
12:41:12 PM boring most of the time cuz i like to cuddle and have a significant other to talk to when come home.... i have friends i go out and hang with or go to there houses when their wives go out and hang out and we play video games or eat dinner with them and their wives
12:42:59 PM jane_joel2000: Ok ... How do you treat your woman ?
12:44:14 PM treat my women with love and respect as i like to be treated with love and respect and i never never ever hit women
12:44:41 PM jane_joel2000: Really that's good
12:44:53 PM jane_joel2000: Why do you need a woman ?
12:46:27 PM just i am ready to get married and have a family of my own and cuz i love to have sex and someone who i can confide in and cuddle up to every night and spend time with besides my friends and most of my friends dont like coming around any ways cuz i like to hang around my house nude most of the time.....
12:48:13 PM jane_joel2000: You sound funny .... well i know it's very important for a man to feel that way .. ok Can you love this woman ?
12:49:23 PM yes i can and could u love this man?
12:49:50 PM jane_joel2000: Yes i can .. if the man is ready to have a good family with me Lol
12:51:01 PM wells that is good lololol
12:51:25 PM jane_joel2000: Cool so What is love to you?
12:53:46 PM love is when 2 people share commonality and work on non commonality love to me is being there for someone thru thick and then sharing and experiencing everything in life love is being happy contrite responsible and respect
12:54:17 PM jane_joel2000: Cool .. to me is having deep feeling for one and other and it's also an emotion
12:54:26 PM jane_joel2000: Would you hit your lady for any reasons?
12:54:42 PM like i said i never never hit my lady
12:55:07 PM jane_joel2000: Does the distance scare you away from me ?
12:55:42 PM no not at all
12:55:57 PM if u have to travel not at all
12:56:16 PM like i said looking for someone who is independent and trusting
12:56:27 PM jane_joel2000: That's good ... so i think you have try for the answer to the questions i asked from you ... so i think is now time for me to tell you little about me
12:56:46 PM okay great
12:57:18 PM jane_joel2000: Cool ..
1:00:17 PM jane_joel2000: i'm open, sensual, kind, gentle... a different lady,I'm a very family oriented, sensitive and tender person,I want to give all of my tenderness and care to my special man I enjoy nature, seeing the stars at night, listening to the sounds of nature, being near the water, swimming, as I love the ocean and sea,I like traveling, diving, dancing, drawing, skating and bowling, billiards, football (soccer),I enjoy music so much, classical and modern.
1:01:02 PM coool very nice....
1:02:14 PM jane_joel2000: I am very understanding,open minded with a heart of forgiving, loving and caring with sense of humor, hard working with cheerful character,honest,sincere,kind, warm and intelligent with good look as sportswoman,affairs..
1:03:06 PM nice very nice....
1:04:36 PM jane_joel2000: People can't believe it when they see my photographs because I look like my mom,I am a grei like runing on staudays,I was raised with a strike Christian background and taught from a young age to always respect myself and other people.
1:05:37 PM jane_joel2000: People can't believe it when they see my photographs because I look like my mom,I am a grei like runing on staudays,I was raised with a strike Christian background and taught from a young age to always respect myself and other people.
1:08:01 PM jane_joel2000: what happen
1:09:30 PM got booted sorry
1:09:37 PM jane_joel2000: you sign off what happen
1:09:39 PM jane_joel2000: ok
1:15:01 PM jane_joel2000: what happen
1:15:23 PM got booted so had to reboot
1:15:44 PM jane_joel2000: ok
1:18:33 PM did u see what i wrote to you
1:18:52 PM jane_joel2000: what?
1:19:17 PM i am deaf i wear hearing aids would that bother u
1:19:55 PM jane_joel2000: You mean you are deaf
1:20:58 PM yes
1:21:25 PM jane_joel2000: Well is ok with me
1:21:31 PM cool
1:23:38 PM youou have any pics i can see of you
1:24:28 PM jane_joel2000: give me your e-mail address
1:24:35 PM
1:25:28 PM jane_joel2000: Good i will do that now
1:25:34 PM if u are gonna be on i have to go do something and will be back soon....i hope u be still on so i can chat with u some more and i will send what pics i have of me if i can find....okay great
1:25:51 PM oohh okay great
1:27:18 PM i will be back soon
1:29:16 PM jane_joel2000: I am still online ok
3:45:42 PM okay great got your pics nice
4:07:26 PM your beautiful but like i said i love both inner and outer beauty and makes no difference
4:12:22 PM jane_joel2000: Hello .......
4:13:03 PM hello jane
4:13:12 PM jane_joel2000: <ding>
4:13:19 PM hello jane'
4:13:45 PM jane_joel2000: Good hope u got my mail
4:13:57 PM yes i did verry nice
4:15:01 PM jane_joel2000: Good and i will be expecting your reply to the mail
4:15:45 PM and i will reply as soon as i can find a decent picture of me and will reply with letter as well
4:16:47 PM jane_joel2000: That's i will want you to tell me what you love most on the internet here and what you also dislike as well
4:19:22 PM Well the internet is great to connect with people and for research purpose and what i dislike the most is those who want to be lazy in working for a living but instead scam people on the internet....had way to many people asking for money over the internet
4:20:51 PM jane_joel2000: Ohhh that's too bad ... tell me what you think about our conversation
4:21:37 PM great conversations so far.... we can see where this which part of uk are u staying at
4:22:03 PM jane_joel2000: In London
4:22:25 PM denddog1: coool
4:22:41 PM jane_joel2000: do you have anyone here
4:23:42 PM where in london actually no but some of my ancestors are from the united kingdom
4:24:13 PM i am irish,scot, english and german
4:24:30 PM jane_joel2000: In queenspark
4:26:12 PM not in queenspark no i said my ancestors came from the united kingdom
4:27:01 PM jane_joel2000: Ok ... So do you think we can make this
4:27:25 PM we can try to make it if u willing
4:28:29 PM jane_joel2000: Good .. I will by so glad if we could make this real
4:30:05 PM yeah me too
4:30:45 PM jane_joel2000: That's good have ever fall in love on the internet before
4:32:27 PM once the women was a no show
4:32:35 PM woman even
4:34:21 PM jane_joel2000: u said u are deaf
4:34:48 PM yes
4:35:07 PM jane_joel2000: Ok ...You will need to tec
4:35:57 PM jane_joel2000: Tech me some signa so when we truely know ourself much better and we got to one and other wecan use this
4:36:46 PM cool
4:37:10 PM jane_joel2000: Are you going to tech me that
4:37:45 PM well looks like i have one decent pics and the rest our me naked sorry but will try to find good pic and yes i can teach u some sign language never had to learn for i wear hearing aids and read lips but i do know some sign language
4:39:11 PM jane_joel2000: That's good ...
4:39:39 PM yes it is Jane
4:40:01 PM jane_joel2000: ... I will want you to stay online for me , I am still coming to chat with you .. So stay online .. Nice chatting with you
4:40:07 PM well looks like i have one decent pics and the rest our me naked sorry but will try to find good pic
4:40:33 PM jane_joel2000: It's alright
4:40:34 PM okay well nice chatting with you but have to go right now am at library
4:40:44 PM and they are closing
4:40:58 PM jane_joel2000: Ok ...You don't have comp at home
4:41:09 PM computer is being worked on
4:41:51 PM jane_joel2000: Ok..Make sure you reply the mail ok Take good care of yourself \
4:42:05 PM oh i will and u too
4:42:13 PM jane_joel2000: bye
4:42:15 PM bye

2010-02-25, 03:33:57
anonymous from United States  
Well the person using Ravens Stolen pics. is at it again. She is now using the E-MAIL address MISSLONE_MARCELL@YAHOO.COM.... After I busted her she still claimed to be Raven... Raven may be a pornstar but at least she has CLASS... She said that she lives in Ghana with her mom, brother and sister named PRINCESS. She didn't ask for money outright, just kinda hinted that it would be nice if she had a Phone card so she could here my sweet voice. It said it was in love with me after 2 days of chatting with her but it took me a week to figure it out on my own and to come back here and check the pics. again. It is calling itself Michelle and using Ibrahim Shaibu at 37 Military Hostpital in Accra 00233 as a mailing address... It is a sneaky one guys so be careful with it if you plan to FUCK with it and have any fun... It is easy to lead at first but it will run away with your heart if you let it. I just hope that this helps someone out and prevents it from getting anything from anyone.... I HOPE IT GETS A VIRUS IN IT'S COMPUTER AND TWAT or DICK which ever it has..... TEASEx3

2010-02-25, 03:47:01
anonymous from United States  
I found another PHISHER FOR YOU GUYS TO AVOID.... She goes by the name Mary. E-MAIL address is PRETTY.MARY2010@YAHOO.COM and @GMAIL. I met her yesterday and today she love me more than anything else and can not live without me. another one of those chicken hawks that swoops in at leaves her pic up long enough for you to read then its gone and it is off to YAHOO to filet you. she wanted$250.00 for a phone card after only 3 hours of chating with each other. This is a sloppy one guys. She is impatant and has no class. She thinks she is a hit and run artist. Well I hit her with a MACK TRUCK!!!!!! HEAD ON !!! Left her frustrated and mad so watch out guys, she is on a war path.... TEASEx3

2010-02-25, 04:00:05
anonymous from United States  
Here is another one to avoid you guys !!!! calls herself ROSELANDBABY10@YAHOO.COM... Name she gave me was Rose Lartey from Accra Ghana LIKE YOU COULDN'T GUESS... She contacted me at singlesnet and sent me a pic of a beautiful blond with a light complection, COCASIAN look. I was busy busting PRETTY.MARY2010 at the time so I let her pass... Well I was in a hunting mood and figured I would look her up and guess what? She was now a multi racial brunett. I will send both pics that I got from her so LOOK FOR MY TEASEx3 logo and it will be her leaning up against a blue sports car, Looks like a tuner car you guys... TEASEx3

2010-02-25, 04:03:49
anonymous from United States  
Sorry guys, I messed up. This is the pic of Rose Lartey as a blonde. Yah Right... TEASEx3
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2010-02-25, 10:11:55
OJAS from United States  
anonymous from United States 2010-02-25, 04:03:49 Update Melissa Midwest Thread http://www.delphifa..=35#138071
2010-03-04, 16:11:59
buggeroff chris from Australia  
also known as christabel, using Christabel Boadi (
Name: Christabel Boadi

Country: Ghana

City: Accra

code: 00233

Address: 345 abeka - lapaz

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Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2010-03-04, 18:55:19
buggeroff chris from Australia  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2010-03-04, 18:57:09
buggeroff chris from Australia  
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Esther Ansomaa from Accra, Ghana

2010-03-05, 18:12:06
Clavie from United Kingdom  
Raven Riley Pics are a regular occurance at AFF guys. She has written/winked at me at least seven times in the last 2 years. Busy girl? Be warned!
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