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Dating scammer Jessica Adam


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Name: Jessica Adam



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This scammer proports to be a Nigerian citizen whose father had died when she was a young girl and her mother lives in Wyoming, USA. She states that she is a Director of a hotel in Abuja, Nigeria and visits her mother whenever she can get leave. As evidence of her 'good faith' she produced three documents, although NOT all the documents that I requested she produce. However, she did manage to unknowingly produce enough documentation to prove that she is a scammer. I will not disclose what in the documents prove that she is a scammer, I wil leave that to those who enjoy playing 'Find Waldo'. However, there are errors in every document, although very subtle on the passport unless you compare it against another US passport. One error on a particular document is so obvious that I could not help but laugh out loud.

Her motis operendi is the following.

(1) loves you and wants to visit you for at least 2 weeks within the first 2 emails.

(2) states that she will pay for her ticket, but then comes back and says that she can only pay for part of the ticket because it is so expensive. She then asks for you to pay a substantial portion.

(3) if you do pay for part of her ticket, she then comes back and says that her travel agent told her that she is required to bring $1500 with her for Basic Traveling Allowance as per Nigerian law. (Despite the fact that each time she is asked to produce her visa, she produces a US passport. Now, you might ask yourself how a US citizen is required by Nigerian law to carry any amount of money to go back to their own country.)

(4) tells you that she needs money to get her medical tests that is required to be shown by all people leaving Africa.

i would also point out that when she is confronted with the thought that this might be a scam. She states how hurt she is that she should be thought of as a scammer...had no idea what a scammer was....cannot love someone who doesn't trust her..etc.

Also, although she states that she had lived with her mother in the US until recently, her grammar and spelling is so horrible that it goes far, far beyond simply typos. If true, then she would not have passed the 3rd grade. (Ahemm...another hint. Carefully read the language on the supposed official Nigerian document.)


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2008-09-05, 12:10:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-05, 12:10:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-05, 12:10:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-05, 12:10:44   (updated: )
[hidden] from United States  

2008-09-05, 17:35:19
anonymous from China  
Photo used is Model Tiare from Focus Hawaii

2008-09-05, 18:39:21
anonymous from China  
Rose Bellick

Location(s):     Lagos (Nigeria)

E-mail address(es):

Hi dear,
It's really nice to chat with you... However, i think we can really get along with each other... I joined this site to find a serious partner... I have learnt alot about a relationship... I am 28years of age and was born by a Nigerian dad and an American mum in Sherman town, Texas, USA... I lost my mum when i was 3 years of age and i still have my old handsome dad in Nigeria. I schooled all through my life in Nigeria and have a bachelor degree in Business Admin and Customer Relations which i took as a combine course... Moreso about my hobbies, i really love to write love poems, read books, travel, meet new people, love to sing and i really love to cook... I have always learnT to cook cos ever since i lost my mum we have an housemaid who took me as her daugther and taught me alot in the kitchen... I am the only child of my parents and my dad really cherish me alot... I am not that rich neither do i come from a wealthy family but i really thank God for what he made me... I am from an average family, my dad is retired and really hope for the best for me... I hope i have said lot about myself and i think i will like to know more about u too... They are as follows;
1:What is ur name?
2:How old are you?
3:Which country are you from?
4:What kind of job do you do ?
5:Tell me about ur academic status
6:Tell me about ur family background
7:What are your hobbies
8:Are you God fearing
These are likely questions i will love to receive answers from you... Hope to hear from you sooner... bye...
Its me Rose....

2008-09-06, 13:38:26
Yes, as I am trying to get as much information from this guy as possible before I call it quits sometime this afternoon. Here is a sample of our conversation. Please note that I made a mistake with her (his) email address...the correct email address before it changes is This guy also uses the ym id melinascout0107. Different pics, but coincidently she/he tells me to be very careful because he/she had seen that a man had my ym id on his ym list (THAT I DO BELIEVE...GRIN).

Note: I guess someone should inform the govenment of Nigeria that they no longer require visas from US citizens to enter their country...grin

jessy_adam4you : i think i have send you the document
[deleted] : really? already....okay i will look
jessy_adam4you : nope
[deleted] : i hope so
jessy_adam4you : not now....i mean befor
jessy_adam4you : please explane to me again
[deleted] : ohhhhh....then you did need to turn the pages over in your passport to show the nigerian visa
jessy_adam4you : nigeria is free country. there is no need of visa coming in to nigeria it is only when you are traveling out of nigeria that they request for BTA. this is the information i have sent you. in it you would be able to choose may be marriage visa, student visa, visiting visa and so on

[deleted] : hmmmm
jessy_adam4you : hello honey. hope am speaking
jessy_adam4you : moost of the african coountries according to my agent are free to enter except South Africa
jessy_adam4you : but you have to pay for BASIC TRAVELING ALLOWANCE traveling to any developing country
jessy_adam4you : and as i told you the money is refoundable. if nothing happens after the journey then we are going to be given the money
jessy_adam4you : so it is just to to show that you are prepared for any contigency
[deleted] : so you had to pay BTA when you entered Nigeria?
jessy_adam4you : no, but otherwise when am traveling out of nigeria but not to other african country
jessy_adam4you : are you there m love
[deleted] : oh, you confused me because you wrote 'jessy_adam4you : but you have to pay for BASIC TRAVELING ALLOWANCE traveling to any developing country'
jessy_adam4you : basic traveling allowance mis the full meaning for BTA that i have told you before
jessy_adam4you : basic traveling allowance means the full meaning for BTA that i have told you before
[deleted] : no, I mean that you stated '...traveling to any developing country.'
[deleted] : the key word being 'to'
jessy_adam4you : yes my love. but have you ever heard anything like nigerian visa? nothing like that and that is then same protocol we follow anytime we are coming home. i mean either mean or any of the coligue at work. even the last time i travel in january
[deleted] : no, this is the first time I talked at length with someone living in Nigeria....never chatted about passports and visas before
jessy_adam4you : you can confirm from anybody or anywhere, there is nothing like nigerian visa. so there is nothing like that in my document ever traveling herei followed the same protocol in january when i came home. my agent really made it simple. i just presented all the documents and that was all. and this is the same thing am trying to do.
[deleted] : no, no reason to check..i believe you
jessy_adam4you : i know you always believe me and i believe you too my love
[deleted] : thanks...smooch
jessy_adam4you : thank............honey
[deleted] : well, I have to go eat now...see you in 1-1/2 hours
jessy_adam4you : so when are you going to send the money so that i can come over to you
jessy_adam4you : cos i cant wait to see you
[deleted] : still need a copy of the plane tickets
jessy_adam4you : ok....honey
jessy_adam4you : i will resend it
[deleted] : we now know there is no such thing as a Nigerian visa, but there is still the tickets
jessy_adam4you : yes......i will resend it
jessy_adam4you : ok
[deleted] : but do NOT resend just the summary sheet again....scan each of the should be a packet of about 4 coupons
[deleted] : the one you sent me is 1 of those coupons
jessy_adam4you : may be it's different from one airline to another but KLM airline just gives one and that is the way it has always been
[deleted] : no, the travel agent is not being honest with you...ALL airlines use plane tickets..that is just how it is...I have flown difference
jessy_adam4you : i can even send you the one i used in january if you are in need of it. if you need to see it i can get it to you
[deleted] : no, that one does you no good because you would have already given the airlines the tickets to go and come back to Nigeria
jessy_adam4you : ok, you have used klm before. may be you sent ,e the other 3 ones you are requesting for so that i will show my agent
jessy_adam4you : i think by showing him he would be able to understand what you are explaining my love
jessy_adam4you : i have the scanned copy and that is what i do for almost all my documents
[deleted] : no, as I said, when you go to the airport and board the plane, you have to give the ticket agent at the gate your ticket...the ticket agent pulls it out of your coupon packet and gives you your boarding pass
[deleted] : so when I used KLM, I did the same thing...they took my ticket and gave me a boarding pass to go thru the jetway and onto the plane...then after the flight those boarding passes are just thrown away or left on the plane for the cleanup crew to take
[deleted] : the airline gets paid the money when it takes the ticket out of your coupon packet and gives you a boarding pass
jessy_adam4you : yes i know my love but the same way i scanned the one i sent to you i did the other time i was coming home
[deleted] : so if your travel agent did not give you those tickets, you need to go see your agent and complain
jessy_adam4you : okay my love that is exactly what i will do. i just need you to send the sample copies of those ones you are talking about so that i will be able to show it to him . thanks as you do that honey
[deleted] : yes, but BEFORE you leave Nigeria, you will have been given a full coupon packet of plane tickets...THAT is what I am saying you need to scan
[deleted] : THIS IS THE LAST TIME I SAY THIS....I no longer have my plane ticket packet because I already used the tickets....meaning I turned them into the airlines before I flew
[deleted] : therefore, I have nothing to scan...and besides it was a couple of years ago
jessy_adam4you : okay i heard you love. but he told me that the next thing in line is to get ready for the BTA so that eveything would be completed. or how does it work?
jessy_adam4you : cos that is the way he has always been doing it for me
[deleted] : no, the only thing next is scanning the tickets themselves....then I will take it from there
[deleted] : I have to run now...take care
jessy_adam4you : okay my love. i will tell my agent to do as you said my love.
jessy_adam4you : thanks so much for been with me all these while
[deleted] : take care thanks necessary honey
jessy_adam4you : i hope to see you very soon my love. cos you are the only dream that i see every night
jessy_adam4you : i love you and i will always love you
[deleted] : in that case you need better dreams
jessy_adam4you : ok
[deleted] : ...
jessy_adam4you : take care of your self
jessy_adam4you : bye

2008-09-06, 14:03:21
Here are more pictures of the same person, which I have learned were lifted from a modeling agency in Hawaii and used by this and probably many other guys. I am uploading these pics so that they can be included in the websites database to protect potential scam victims.

2008-09-06, 14:04:09
2008-09-06, 14:06:36
2008-09-06, 14:07:56

This image was also posted here:

2008-09-06, 14:09:01
2008-09-06, 14:10:10

This image was also posted here:

2008-09-06, 14:11:03
2008-09-06, 14:11:59

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Jessica Adam
Dating scammer Jessica Adam

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