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Dating scammer Jessica Adam


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Name: Jessica Adam



Other Comments:
This scammer proports to be a Nigerian citizen whose father had died when she was a young girl and her mother lives in Wyoming, USA. She states that she is a Director of a hotel in Abuja, Nigeria and visits her mother whenever she can get leave. As evidence of her 'good faith' she produced three documents, although NOT all the documents that I requested she produce. However, she did manage to unknowingly produce enough documentation to prove that she is a scammer. I will not disclose what in the documents prove that she is a scammer, I wil leave that to those who enjoy playing 'Find Waldo'. However, there are errors in every document, although very subtle on the passport unless you compare it against another US passport. One error on a particular document is so obvious that I could not help but laugh out loud.

Her motis operendi is the following.

(1) loves you and wants to visit you for at least 2 weeks within the first 2 emails.

(2) states that she will pay for her ticket, but then comes back and says that she can only pay for part of the ticket because it is so expensive. She then asks for you to pay a substantial portion.

(3) if you do pay for part of her ticket, she then comes back and says that her travel agent told her that she is required to bring $1500 with her for Basic Traveling Allowance as per Nigerian law. (Despite the fact that each time she is asked to produce her visa, she produces a US passport. Now, you might ask yourself how a US citizen is required by Nigerian law to carry any amount of money to go back to their own country.)

(4) tells you that she needs money to get her medical tests that is required to be shown by all people leaving Africa.

i would also point out that when she is confronted with the thought that this might be a scam. She states how hurt she is that she should be thought of as a scammer...had no idea what a scammer was....cannot love someone who doesn't trust her..etc.

Also, although she states that she had lived with her mother in the US until recently, her grammar and spelling is so horrible that it goes far, far beyond simply typos. If true, then she would not have passed the 3rd grade. (Ahemm...another hint. Carefully read the language on the supposed official Nigerian document.)

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2009-08-28, 19:14:59
anonymous from Netherlands  
ok here she is again trying got me promised the world this time under

2009-09-17, 04:46:07
anonymous from United States  
Tip ..use face book to scan the name they are using...and send mails to reletives with that same name........
I was also hounted bij Carla Schouten from london....see
She claimed to be the CEO from her company...
And you...already guess....she... needed money because the ATM machine wass broken.
Also she had reserved a ticked to london...

Bad dogs...........

2009-09-17, 06:49:44
anonymous from United States  

Carla Schouten she calls herself now.Living alone in London city...
Her ex and her best girfried...cheated her...And now she is deforced...
Het Father a dutchman and her mother half britisch half india..were killed in a car crash.
She is alone and lives in her parend's House...
She has her own company see the further command p.s no US but Dutch input.

Below some mail contact

Hoi schatje, goed to finally talk to je, today has been a really busy day voor mij, ik went to the shippment company this morning en there was a little problem, thats why it took mij zo long to get down to the flight agency, but ik left the shippment company en went there straight, Ik wil heb to stop here en go back to the shippment company to try en solve this little miscalculation. Take care of jouw self schatje. en ik wil be looking forward to heb a nice time op chat with je later tonight. Ik am Glad that ik am finally leaving here, back to mij sweet bed en nice environment. back to the things ik missed voor 2 weeks nu schatje.

Jouws Only

Danks voor the sorry op the sms, en it feels goed to know that at list je believed mij in something. but right nu things are becoming more unconditional voor mij, because mij mij Lawyer that ik sent a mail to assist mij is out of town, totally out of reach. if je say je believe mij, do help mij, ik truely need it.

Nu ik am putting the word please into it, because ik am sorrounded by blacks.

hoi sweety en hoe was jouw dag yesterday? Ik am sorry that je waited op chat voor mij, Ik was having a really bad connection because the rain here was terrible en thats why ik could niet be op chat all through, ik had to wait at the cyber cafe thinking that the connection wil be goed en better, but the connection was niet goed. Ik left the cyber cafe filled with sadness en unhappiness. Ik felt really disappointed with the way things went with mij yesterday with the chat, because ik know that its niet goed to keep a person waiting, thats why ik rushed down to the cyber cafe nu to send je this mail before going down to the factory. Please accept mij apology

Hoop jouw days yesterday was great, because mij own was niet that goed at the factory en also op the chat connection. But am glad that ik am seeing today alive en healthy. The cafe's Internet connection is nu oke en fine en ik wil be op chat later tonigjt same time. Ik hoop je wil be op chat then to heb a nice time op chat with je.

Ik was zoeking mij foto album en found some more of mij fotos zo ik decided to send them to je. Ik wil be looking forward to get a mail from je if je are going to be op chat later tonight, Doeii voor nu en spreek to je later tonight.


It included the pictures as known here on this site....

Also Tip they never reply on youre....SMS...
2009-09-17, 06:58:07
anonymous from United States  
When ...A am able I will pay Lead.........

See picture below from ticked...

2009-09-17, 09:09:43
anonymous from United States  
Check there invoce in the booking system....

Use name : schouten
Bookingcode :2M4Z3R

And whalla...low and cheep......

2009-12-11, 04:30:14
anonymous from Netherlands  
Scammer yes or no asking for money to come our to the netherlands. she was falling in with me

i must sending money to western union bank
to oyedare opeyemi
city Ile-Ife
State: Osun
country: Nigeria

zipcode: 234036
2009-12-15, 13:18:36
She girl is Sandra Vaguhan she liv in the Nigeria the Lagos she is scammer
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2009-12-15, 13:22:00

2010-01-17, 18:10:30
anonymous from United States  

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