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Dating scammer Olga


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Name: Olga



Other Comments:
She lives in the city Arda, but her messages are coming from Yoshkar Ola


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2008-09-14, 20:59:11   (updated: )

2008-09-14, 20:59:11   (updated: )

2008-09-14, 20:59:11   (updated: )

2008-09-14, 20:59:11   (updated: )

2008-09-14, 20:59:11   (updated: )

2008-09-15, 05:03:07
Received: from ([])

X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.00) UNREG / CD5BF9353B3B7091

Olga contacted me.

In this letter I would like to tell a little about myself. My name is
Olga. I am 31 years old. I was born on April, 21st, on a sign on the
zodiac - Taurus. Mine height of 167 centimeters. My weight of 54 kg. I
consider, that at me a harmonous body. But you can estimate it in my
photos. I am blonde With brown eyes. I have lived all life in Russia
and never was abroad. I live in the city of Arda. It is not the big
city, but very silent and cosy. Later I shall try to tell you more in
detail about my city.
It is heavy to me to write letters as before I had no experience of
correspondence. Martin you are the first to whom i write the letter
in the life. I think It interestingly and disturbingly to have the
friend with which it is possible to share opinion, ideas on means of
the Internet. Do you think so? I would like To learn, whether you had
experience of dialogue by letters? And whether you communicate now
with somebody thus? Also I would like to learn about you more
information. What do you love? What qualities of character do you like
in the person? I hope that you will try to answer me my letter
shortly. And I think you will not forget to put a photo to your
letter. In exchange I shall send you my photos. On it I would like to
finish my first and not last letter to you my new friend Martin!

It seems to me, that will not be simple letters us to suffice for our dialogue.
I very much would like to hear your voice. I with pleasure shall call to you if you will leave to me
Your phone number.


After that the usual mails started

In the previous letter I
have not told all about myself. So in this letter I shall try to
correct it. I shall begin the story with the childhood. In family I
was the only child and I was surrounded with caress and care. But
despite of it I have not grown the spoilt child. I think the story of
that As me drove in a kindergarten to you it will be not interesting,
and I at once wish to pass to that age when I have started to visit
school. At school I studied Very well. I dreamed to become nurseries
the doctor. I liked to treat the dolls. I considered that dolls is
small children and to me was pleasant to potter with them. But already
having matured and having passed to the senior classes I had other
predilections. I have started to take a great interest in sports, at
Me already at school there were one of the best parameters on physical
culture. We went with a team from school on various competitions. I
entered in Team on basketball. Were certainly and losses but we always
aspired to improve our result with a team. I still had many letters
with The won games. I have finished school with a silver medal.
Unfortunately constant departures games were a little reflected in my
progress on To some subjects. And I did not manage to leave school on
a gold medal. But I consider a silver medal it is good. Then already I
Has decided to study as the teacher. And I have arrived in Pedagogical
institute, in the city of Kirov. And I have left to study there in
1995. In 1998 ours The institute has won the first place on basketball
among universities. And since that moment I have understood that never
I shall stop to play basketball. It Game on has enticed me so much,
that I came one to a sports hall and simply fulfilled throws on a
basket. In 1999 we began to leave in Other cities on competitions. And
certainly we not always had prize-winning places, but it was very good
time. In 2001 I have finished Institute with the red diploma perfectly
well. Director Pedogogicheskogo of institute has awarded me and our
team with certificates of honour for activity In sports. I till now
recollect this student's life. It was very pleasant time. And in
general the student's life is cheerful young Life. Certainly when I
the first time have arrived to this city, this city very huge has
seemed to me. And first time to me was very difficult To live there. I
lived in a hostel and absolutely nobody knew. But after a while I have
got acquainted with other students. And now me very much does not
suffice This time.
After the ending of institute, I have arrived home. And at once has
found to itself work. I began to be engaged in favourite business. I
have come to a palace of sports. Also it was arranged there with the
trainer. In 2002 I have collected to myself a basketball team and the
beginnings them to train. We have started to play various tournaments.
And certainly not always entered in prize-winners, but children were
very much pleased, that they play this game. It is necessary to be not
only the trainer, but also the psychologist what to train children. It
not so is easy as it seems at first sight. But I love The work and me
which kiddies I like train. I think to you my story about my life has
not strongly bored? I as would like to learn from you, whether one you
the child in family? Tell About the close relatives and about family?
It would be pleasant to me to know it. On it I shall finish this
letter and I hope it have not tired you. I want as it is possible to
tell about myself more in detail. Also I hope you you appreciate it.

Yours Olga!

I told her my parents were deseased so I do not have to go in to these long family stories.
To my surprise her reaction was

And your relatives know about that that you
have got acquainted with me? What opinion at them in this occasion?

So I wrote her

Why would you ask me if my relatives know?

I just told you my parents died.
Thanks a lot!

Her response

Thanks you for the message. How are you doing??? How your mood??? At
me very good mood today as you have written to me.
I do not know about what to tell to you in this letter. But I think to
you it will be interesting to learn about my city. As I already spoke
you I live in city Arda. The city is founded in 1594 as Russian
fortress on coast of the river Volga For protection against attacks of
people from Asia. Around of a fortress in fast there was a small
In June this ancient Russian city of former province Vjatskoj is
especially good. Has already dumped the light-violet crowns a lilac,
But together with a bird cherry roll in white clothes of an
apple-tree. Fragrant lindens then will blossom. All first summer month
in Arda-a holiday of the nature. Who has visited my provincial small
town which has kept merchant private residences and other signs of
olden time, Will for ever leave in it a particle of the heart and will
want to return once again even by all means on coast Jarani. To
return, once again to feel kindness of local inhabitants, to bow to
domes of ancient temples. In Arda not so it is a lot of sights. In my
city there are some ancient temples and churches, with beautiful
architecture: The Blagoveshchensk church (1652), Cathedrals Troitskiy
(1851) and Uspenskiy (1798).
Arda is a small settlement. It is surrounded by very beautiful places.
Around of my city it is a lot of wood. And as it is a lot of living
creatures. In the summer I like to walk on our wood. There it is a lot
of berries and mushrooms. Many people come to us from the next cities
and settlements, that To go to us in a wood behind berries and
mushrooms. As in our area it is a lot of rivers and lakes. And in the
summer many people come on lakes, that To have a rest.
Near to city at us to be the reserve. There there live wild animals.
In this reserve there is a beautiful small lake. On perimeter of lake
Benches are put. In warm weather at this lake it is possible to take
pleasure in beauty of local places.
On coast of the river Volga there is a place which I visit when to me
it is lonely. As there it is possible to meet people which play on a
guitar. I very much I like to listen as play on a guitar. You are able
to play on a guitar??? Can you can play on any other tool??? In a
youth I wished to learn to play on a guitar, but at me it has not
left. If to be fair that at me there was no patience. And it is very
strong Fingers hurted. But I not bad play on a violin.
In this letter I have a little described my territory in which I live.
It will be interesting to me to learn about a place to which you
live??? Where you love To go??? There are at you beautiful places???
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Your friend Olga.

Great friend that is.
So I tried something different and wrote her a poem

I wrote you a poem. Hope you like it.

Iedereen goed opgelet
want dit is je grote kans
luister goed na wat ik zeg
want hier komt de kabouterdans
elke jongen kiest nu eerst
een kaboutermeisje uit
neem haar vast bij de hand
en doe een stap vooruit

Draai een keer in het rond
stamp met je voeten op de grond
zwaai je armen in de lucht
ga nu zitten met een zucht
stap nu rond als een gans
zo gaat de kabouterdans

She must have really liked it, cause she answered

How are you doing??? You missed me??? That have written thanks me.
Your letters very interesting and I am glad that I learn about all of
you more and more.
Today I wish to tell to you about my past. About which I not so like
to recollect. But I wish to be always with you fair. And to tell as I
has made a greater mistake in the life. When I was arranged to work as
the trainer. After a while, to us there has arrived delegation from
other city. And my director has charged to me to meet them. And to
show delegations our Palace of sports and as we train children. When
visitors have arrived, I very well have met them. Has shown ours the
Palace of a grade. Has shown as we train children. I have organized
sports meets between children. And our visitors were very happy with
our methods of training. And there was a banquet in the evening. On
which there was all management and delegation. I have come on a
banquet to check that all will pass successfully. The banquet passed
in our dining room. On this banquet I have got acquainted with the
guy. It called Artem. It at once has very much liked me. It has seemed
to me the nice, clever person. After a banquet it spent me home. And
then next day, Artem has met me from work. And at us with it the novel
after a while was fastened. Approximately in one year we began to live
together. And I have very much grown fond of it. Also thought that I
have found the happiness. Then I have told to myself that I the
happiest girl. And my happiness will be not not taken away by anybody.
But I was mistaken!!! Once me direct to other city on a forum of
teachers of physical culture, on two weeks. To exchange experience
with trainers from other city. And I have told about it to Artem and
it with pleasure has accepted this news. It has told that it is a trip
will go to me on advantage. Artem as has told that for me is a good
opportunity to see new city, to communicate to new interesting people.
But I for that moment did not guess yet, with what purpose it spoke
this all to me. I with fine mood have gone to the business trip. I
have really perfectly spent time. But unfortunately toward the end my
business trip, I strongly was ill. And three days before the
termination of our forum, me have released home. And I did not begin
to inform Artem, that I shall arrive earlier. I wished to make to it a
surprise. And when I have arrived home in Arda. I all over again have
come to the parents. As I have very much become bored on them. I have
a little sat with mum and the daddy. Also has asked my father to
allocate me home. When we with the daddy send to me home, I have
opened a door and have seen Artem with the girl in a bed. I had very
much very strong shock. I have very strongly begun to cry and did not
know that to me to do. My father was a number with me. And it at once
has withdrawn me from this hell. I very much experienced both very
much cried. And approximately in two weeks to me Artem has approached.
I did not wish to talk to it. But it has insisted. And it has told,
that it deceived me all time when we lived together with it. Artem has
told that it has a family and there are children. And with me it was
only, from that they for what that time have sworn with the wife. And
Artem was simply developed and has left. To me was even more sick to
hear these words from it. My heart has been broken. And I thought that
already nobody can win my heart. I simply shall not bear if once again
somebody will deceive me. For me it is very heavy.
After that case I have moved to live to my parents. And more never I
recollect that case which has happened with me. And already I am a lot
of time did not see Artem. In this letter I have written to you about
my last attitudes. I very much would wish to know, you had close
relations with girls??? And why you have decided to search for the
love on the Internet???
Thanks you that were listened with my experiences in occasion of the
past. Write I shall wait for your letter. I still very much ?o?? to
you to tell much.
Your friend Olga.

By now it is obvious she does not read a word I write, so I simply start to send her copies of messages I recieve from others.
I get no reaction to this whatsoever, so I decide to go a step further.

I reply to her message.
Show me your tits

No more that that.

She replies

Hello my beloved !!!
One thousand and one thousand times I thank you for your lovely
letter. It so is simple, so is alien to any refinement and, meanwhile,
so speaks much. It has especially admired me with that in it your
character as alive, appears At me before eyes, - your character, all
made of noble simplicity, Hardness and advantage.
Let kind angels surround you in the afternoon, whisper you words of
love and happiness, And send you good dreams at night. And I, - I
would like now though for a minute to see you, Long, long to look to
you in eyes, to embrace your shoulders and to kiss you. But is not
present, It is better longer as it is possible longer, to not see
absolutely, rather than to meet on one only minute, And again to
leave. I hope at me there will be millions such minutes with you.
Forgive me for this chatter; the breast washing burns; on eyes there
is a tear: In such silly condition ordinarily it would be desirable to
tell much and nothing is spoken, Or it is spoken very silly. A strange
You know, that my love to you - all happiness of my life. So, there is
nothing to speak about that, Whether I wished to live to us with You
together if it would be possible. But whether it is possible,-
Question which we should answer.
Unique which I can truly love, it you, and I swear to you, that this
love will be eternal,- I swear and give the full report that it means.
Good-bye, I ask you to not deliver to me torture, forcing long to wait
for your letters. I answer you this very day as have received your
letter, and I hope you also write to me soon.
Your beloved Olga

Now I copy random pieces of text I send to her.

I wish she would ask me for money.

2008-09-15, 10:56:44
OJAS from United States  
Thanks Karel :-)
2008-09-17, 14:34:18
Her dad is called Anatoly Stepanovich
Her mother Larissa Dmitrievna

Her height 167 centimeters.
Her weight 54 kg.

She has an ex called Artem. He cheated on her.
Her girlfriends name is Rita. Rita is with a guy named Maksim.
2008-09-21, 04:27:05
Her new mail address:
2008-09-21, 15:57:53
[hidden] from Croissy-sur-Seine, France  
Other mail address:
2008-09-21, 20:27:14
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-09-21, 20:36:57
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
2008-09-21, 20:40:09   (updated: 2008-09-21, 20:45:42)
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
Larissa Dmitrievna


Both parents' names are not complete (Patronyms). There are thousands of possible combinations. Karel, keep the correspondence going. 'Olga' has to give a full name (and other details) in the moneyletter.

2008-09-21, 20:55:42
Dirk from Heerlen, Netherlands  
The tracer on IP (stress on: Could be forged)

IP address:
Reverse DNS:
Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
ASN: 0
IP range connectivity: 0
Registrar (per ASN): Unknown
Country (per IP registrar): RU [Russian Federation]
Country Currency: RUR [Russia Rubles]
Country IP Range: to
Country fraud profile: High
City (per outside source): Yoshkar-Ola, Mariy-El
Country (per outside source): RU [Russian Federation]
Private (internal) IP? No
IP address registrar:
Known Proxy? No


2008-09-23, 10:11:43
From her new mail address

Received: from ( [])
by with ESMTPS id 5sm2089731eyh.2.2008.
(version=SSLv3 cipher=OTHER);
Fri, 19 Sep 2008 11:07:30 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2008 22:03:58 +0400
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v2.00) Personal
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