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Dating scammer svetlana belonosova


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Name: svetlana belonosova


128/49 stachek prospect st petersbug,russia 198207

Other Comments: profile #9349 activ scammer!


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2012-08-06, 20:04:01
DOC from United States  

I never knew your resume was so vast....

1. Scammer
2. Gold digger
3. Alcoholic (I know Russians love their vodka)
4. Prostitute
5. Aspiring singer
6. Actress (must have been in the Psycho movie)
7. Aspiring Proctologist
8. Psychiatric patient

BTW Your comments will not be deleted this time...
So everyone can see how delusional you really are....
2012-08-07, 02:22:53
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I love sleeping with African men, in fact I have invited some of them here to fuck me this week, I will try to have as many of them as possible as I am aiming for a mixed race baby )))))) yours, Sveta :p
2012-08-07, 02:25:21
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I have a pierced vagina for those of you who want to klnow it, My mum and dad abused me when I was small, my mum often dropped me on my head, but this is ok, as I still am very beautiful and attractive especially to foreigners who come here to find some fun . If you are nice to me I will even swallow your semen , love, Sveta :)
2012-08-07, 02:52:36
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I am so happy today that I want to share with you my new business details!!!
I am working as scammer on high tech market, I buy spammimg tools from this dealer here, he sells to me very cheaply spamming tools such as, Smtp,Ip,Fullz,RDP with and without AMS )))
I also buy for little money hacking software from this peoples - (yahoo ID- msqlinux)
here is most of what I like to use, UNITED STATES Bank logins, Hacking software and IP changer software, password detective, transfer to any U.S Canadian Australian banks logins, email tracer software,I have F-X scanner,grims pin scanner,HS scanner,NT scanner,SQL scanner, FIND scanner,X-SCANNER CREDIT CARDS )))))) Discovery card credit cards freshly hacked from business websites,email and password hacking software,USA shopadmins, 2012 USA leads updated,all domain inbox I have WESTERN UNION and I can redirect to your location and give you MTCN number with your receivers name ))))))
I love you America ))))))
yours, Sveta :p
2012-08-07, 03:08:13
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Also I want to share with you all my email details, I am such a silly person sometimes, well, it is ok to admit this as I am such a beautiful and qualified lady (DAMA) ))))))
When I was younger,I think 17 I tried to win money on the LOTTERY but it never happened, it was just a dream of mine , to be rich one day and to have a lot of money, so my friend Olesya she showed me the real way to make money and this is the way I know best, it is to work as a scammer.
ok so I will show you how sill I was before,ok? here look at my email contacts ....
and please, don't laugh :)

mariantub! spammer hacker virus group lottery scam scammer friend )) my supplier of malware and hacking software )))))) EL GORDO LOTTERY I NEVER WON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

yours, Sveta :p
2012-08-07, 03:11:51
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Now I have a plan to bring Michael again to Russia, I will trick him to meet me and my friends will kidnap him, we wil drive him to the forest and dispose of him in a shallow grave after first torutring him for pain he caused me )))))) pig ))))))
2012-08-07, 03:13:06
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Today is my day off, I think I will go to beauty parlour and have my vagina waxed as I am working tomorrow :p
2012-08-07, 03:14:24
anonymous from Russian Federation  
All you administrators of this site are so stupid for believing Michael, he is telling lies, you know what he stole money from me,it was many big sum ))))))
2012-08-07, 03:15:10
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Soon the pig will not be alive anymore ))))))
2012-08-07, 04:10:16
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Sveta . I love seeing my name here )))
2012-08-07, 05:10:14
I won't be coming to Russia anytime soon. Got too much going on here.
2012-08-07, 07:01:40
? ? ? ?  
My mum and dad abused me when I was small, my mum often dropped me on my head, but this is ok,

And now everytime you head falls Svet.

2012-08-07, 07:06:24
anonymous from Australia  
''it seems the mask svetlana has been wearing has finally cracked. psychopathic bitch your day is near ''
2012-08-07, 10:01:09
OJAS from United States  
We will not delete Sveta articles, per request by her victim. Her rantings and ravings will stay for everyone to see, lest some new victims give her "business"
2012-08-07, 10:07:48
Miss Marple from United States  

I think I will go to beauty parlour and have my vagina waxed

Your are more stupid than i thought,good luck with waxing your vagina as women do not have pubis hair must be unique ,the only one infact in this world,(monkey????)learn your terminology first ,where you not the one who wants to become an doctor??
you think we admins on this site are silly and stupid for believing in Michael,the fact is i do believe in his story,a women like you are capable to anything ...i am not surprised you are abused ,maybe that is one of few truths you are writing here... so why do you humiliate your self like this? for people who you have never met for real? (besides Michael)you know there are lot of people watching this thread even in Russia,do you really believe anyone thinks you are normal ? i am sorry i am laughing at you as your imagination is outstanding are an CLOWN Svetlana and that is what people will remember about you....

The Psychopath
'I have all the characteristics of a human being: flesh, blood, skin , hair; but not a single, clear, identifiable emotion, except for greed and disgust. Something horrible is happening inside of me and I don't know why. I feel lethal, on the verge of frenzy. I think my mask of sanity is about to slip'

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