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Dating scammer svetlana belonosova


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Name: svetlana belonosova


128/49 stachek prospect st petersbug,russia 198207

Other Comments: profile #9349 activ scammer!

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2012-08-08, 08:56:09
OJAS from United States  
Svetlana 2012-08-08, 06:38:52
Today I saw a girl who was collecting rubbish, I think maybe I could do something
Yes, ask her if she forgot to collect you!

Paste this on your mirror, next time you scam one http://i904.photobu..OC/ugf.jpg
2012-08-08, 09:21:10
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I am very beautiful
2012-08-08, 09:24:52
anonymous from Russian Federation  
What's happened to my comment? ))))))
2012-08-08, 09:28:58
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Who wants to buy spamming software or email spamming software or access thousands of emails and passwords for a good low price? email me here with your details
yours, Sveta :p
2012-08-08, 10:01:50
anonymous from Russian Federation  
You make comments about flowers on my dress?
Tell me then, what does Olesya tshirt look like? I think we are both very beautiful, in fact we are on the high end of fashionable women here in Russia, I am certainly more attractive than Mila Kunis or Kylie Minogue,I am more smart than Liza Boyarskaya, and Olesya she is better looking than Zhanna Friske,than Alina Kabayeva,than Tatiana Golikova ))))))
2012-08-08, 10:09:35
[hidden] from Russian Federation  
Something strange happened to me today, I was sleeping and when I woke up, there was two of me, one of me is very nice and the other is very bad, who should I choose to be ? mmmm? ))))))
2012-08-08, 10:11:22
Miss Marple from United States  

Of course everyone can get forgiven but you have to ask the victims and all the people you have hurt to forgive you ...
Forgiveness must come from inside...and first you have to stop hating your self ...have you ever met good people that you admire? of course you have ,you meet them everyday but you do not see them as you think you are so much better than them you want to be like them ,but you can not, scam people because you hate your self so much ..
that makes you feel good for an is like an drug makes you high and full of power..until you get them to fall in love with you and that is not what you want...and then you look at the men with hate hate Jezebel..have you ever heard about her?

To earn forgiveness you have to change in and out and that is not just by saying can i seek forgiveness by collecting rubbish...??

the thing is Svetlana i can tell you whatever i want ,whenever i want and you can not do anything about that! That is out of your control and that makes you furious and frustrated and in the same time i am not an man either..that you are crying because of me is only crocodile tears...

Of course i am concerned about all women that gets raped by men every where in the world...but there are men that gets raped by women too and women can be much as evil if not even more evil than men are actually one of them..

Yes, Svetlana you are an CLOWN (Arlekino) and a PARASITE....

2012-08-08, 10:14:36
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I think I will go now, it is enough to sit for many hours at a computer and steal money from stupid Americans , we go now to celebrate ,me Olesya and my brother Viktor ))))))
And after I will think of some new plan :p
2012-08-08, 10:16:27
anonymous from Russian Federation  
I am not evil, I am a beautiful honest angel, god loves me and he loves me for what I do :)
2012-08-08, 10:18:45
anonymous from Russian Federation  
Miss Marple, you are a clown bwah bwah bwah lol ))))))lol)))))) lol)))))) I am sure that you are mental and in fact you was already in the mental hospital in Sweden this I know for sure anyway I go to celebrate now , more money I have today )))))) for free )))))) lol))))lol
2012-08-08, 10:23:47
Miss Marple from United States  
Jezebel was punished by God in the end and so will you too be one day one day or another...i think there are jobs at the circus for you too ,yes you can work as an clown in fact have all the qualifications for that...
2012-08-08, 10:40:43
Miss Marple from United States  

2012-08-08, 11:12:32
? ? ? ?  
Svet, Olesya and her brother of course Viktor
2012-08-08, 11:15:39
? ? ? ?  
First one is Svet etc. Olesya and her brother of course Viktor

2012-08-08, 11:21:05
? ? ?  

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Dating scammer svetlana belonosova

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