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Dating scammer svetlana belonosova


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Name: svetlana belonosova


128/49 stachek prospect st petersbug,russia 198207

Other Comments: profile #9349 activ scammer!

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2012-08-08, 11:24:01
? ? ? ?  

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Dating scammer svetlana belonosova

2012-08-08, 12:48:37
Eddie from Sweden  
Света, любимая, как это может быть возможным для Вас 'стремиться к смешанному ребенку гонки', когда Вы имеете маленький член между вашими ногами и Вы имеете настоящее имя, которое является Борисом? Вы интригующий парень!
2012-08-08, 12:50:59   (updated: 2012-08-08, 12:51:48)
Eddie from Sweden  
2012-08-08, 13:57:51
Miss Marple from United States  
or maybe an shemale?????LOL

2012-08-08, 14:12:18   (updated: 2012-08-08, 14:26:28)
Eddie from Sweden  
Мiss Marple ... в моем опыте, только юный мужчина (возможно умственно отсталый студент?) будет использовать сквернословие как это на общественном форуме, также говорит о 'брить манда'.

Держу пари на 50 рублей, что наш посетитель имеет мужскую идентичность ... вероятно, он также игрушка, кто принадлежит его 'бугор'.
2012-08-08, 14:31:43
OJAS from United States  
A summery on this scammer.

This girl uses her OWN identity, scams in Sankt Petersburg.

First she messed with Klaus, but did she really think others don't visit the German thread?
I posted a link of her arrest in SPB. Dirk posted the full text. She said she has a 'lawyer', Olesya and will put us in jail unless these posts are removed! Dirk and I are still awaiting our extradition papers! :)

She then pretended to be her Australian victim, but Steve Dux immediately confirmed her inability to write Aussie English, she then tried insulting him.

Next she insulted Venezolano in Spanish, the words she chose convinces the language she deserves, NO NEED to treat her like a lady!

She started this round against Miss Marple, and exposes whatever little her brain still has before a total atrophy!
2012-08-08, 14:35:36
Miss Marple from United States  
@Eddie ,det är nog mycket möjligt ,väldigt underligt beteende när jag tänker efter, speciellt med att raka sig i de nedre regionerna
2012-08-08, 15:12:45   (updated: 2012-08-08, 15:13:21)
pirate :x from United States  
Are you serious..?
This person has lost her mind. I've been part of this site for 4 yrs and never seen anyone so stupid......I'm sorry maybe I have.
This scammer has had all the garbage she has been doing eating into her mind.
The idea she has that she can do it all to anyone she wants...she is out of her mind.
I've dealt with you russian scammers before...but you are without a doubt the dumbest of them all....
You will never win.....

2012-08-08, 15:21:05   (updated: 2012-08-08, 15:23:19)
Miss Marple from United States  

I don't have any dark friends and I hate all peoples of colour,even Mexicans ))))))

So the El Tex Mex Gringo guy is no good anymore...did he steel from you too? i thought he was your lover??
2012-08-08, 15:23:49
Eddie from Sweden  
Despite your expert opinion OJAS, I still seriously doubt that this muppet is a woman.

Youtube and twitter are crawling with potty-mouthed trolls like this 'Sveta', and 99.99% are school kids and/or teenagers looking for a bit of negative attention.

I've spent nearly 15 years on the net and I've never seen a real female talk about 'shaved pussies' etc on a forum...that's typical juvenile male behaviour.
2012-08-08, 15:31:31
Eddie from Sweden  
'I have a pierced vagina for those of you who want to klnow it, My mum and dad abused me when I was small, my mum often dropped me on my head, but this is ok, as I still am very beautiful and attractive especially to foreigners who come here to find some fun . If you are nice to me I will even swallow your semen , love, Sveta :)'

I mean, seriously? Typical Boris pretending to be female, surely...and how many English-speaking, female techy scammer whores have you come across in real time?

The arrogant tone of 'her' comments and the bragging about being a criminal low-life reminds me of all the ignorant male scammers I had the misfortune to be in contact with a few years ago.
2012-08-08, 16:37:30
OJAS from United States  
@Perth bros,
If not already there, post in

The more the exposure, the better.

@Eddie et al., who may not have seen this arrest record of SPB police
2012-08-08, 18:05:01
? ? ? ? from Russian Federation  
Marriage Fraud Arrest

ST. PETERSBURG (SPT) — A 21 year-old St. Petersburg woman was arrested Friday, Interfax reported, on suspicion of swindling a 37 year old Australian man out of 270,000 rubles ($11,000) during two weeks in June under the pretence of marriage preparations.

Svetlana Belonosova, who is unemployed, met the Australian man, who has not been named, on the Internet

Watch her in real life....

Svetlana Belonosova Russia scammer

Svetlana Belonosova - Apartment in St Petersburg Russia

Scammer Svetlana Belonosova


2012-08-08, 19:02:59
OJAS from United States  
Thanks 2012-08-08, 18:05:01.

When Dirk posted that full text of her arrest, she said her aunt (Olesya Senich) is / knows a lawyer and was going to put him and me in jail. She herself claimed also to have worked for the prosecutor!

Do you have your suit cases packed?
Are there enough cells in Sankt Petersburg jails? ;)
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